In the magnificent meeting hall of the headquarters of the Savage Alliance.

Powerful figures that radiated with an intense killing intent sat majestically in the middle of the conference hall. An invisible aura emanated from their bodies and filled the entire conference hall with a tremendous amount of pressure.

However, for some reason, the seat at the head of the conference hall had been empty for the past hundred years.

No one had ever dared to sit, because this seat only belonged to the alliance master of the Berserker Union.

From start to finish, there was only one person who was the head of the Union of Ferocious Soldiers. His name was Lan Feng, and he was a man who could never be replaced.

Even though a hundred years had passed, there had never been anyone who could take his place in the hearts of the members of the Barbarian Union.

Of course, the two seats at the head of the meeting hall were also empty.

They were the exclusive seats for the two original deputy chiefs of the Wild Soldier Alliance. However, thirty years ago, these two deputy chiefs of the Wild Soldier Alliance had disappeared without a trace for some unknown reason.

Below them, there were six Six Star Elders sitting in the darkness, making them look extremely mysterious and unfathomable.

Next were the Bai Clan's Old Master Bai, the Lei Clan's Old Master Lei, the Tyrannical Dragon King's Iron Hammer, Bai Feng and the other important members of the Berserker Union.

There were a total of eighteen seats around the conference table, representing the eighteen core members of the upper echelons of the Violent Soldiers' Union. Other than the three most eye-catching seats, there were five other empty seats.

Even though not all of the higher-ups of the Savage Alliance were present, the conference was still going smoothly.

"The reason why I've gathered everyone here is because I have some important matters to discuss with everyone!"

As this voice that carried a trace of vicissitudes of life rang out, the darkness surrounding one of the six stars that was originally hidden in the darkness gradually dissipated, revealing his original body.

He had a head full of white hair, a benevolent face, and a sense of the vicissitudes of time. On his forehead was a dazzling silver star that flickered with a dazzling light, as if an unfathomable spatial whirlpool was sucking in everyone's eyes and even their souls.

His slender figure was wrapped in a silver robe, and the silver cane in his hand was like a roaring silver dragon. It was filled with a vast amount of power, and when paired with the silver star on his forehead, it made him feel an indescribable majesty.

He was one of the six star elders, Elder Yin. He had an extremely high reputation in the martial arts world and his power was unfathomable. People called him the Silver Emperor and his position was not any weaker than Elder Bai and Elder Lei.

"Silver-old man, don't keep us in suspense. What's going on?"

Looking at the silver haired old man who had revealed himself, the Bai Clan's old man (Elder Bai) said impatiently.

"What is it?" It's all because of that kid you're so optimistic about! "

Hearing Old Man Bai's words, Elder Yin couldn't help but let out a cold snort as he spoke unhappily.

"What do you mean by 'the kid I think highly of'? "It's clear that old man Lei is very optimistic about it. Moreover, he even passed down his Thousand Bird Thunder Technique to that brat …"

Old Bai turned around and looked at Old Lei with a smile.

"What does that have to do with me? I'm just following orders! Besides, I'm not the one who favors him the most, but that one … What can I do? "

Old Lei Tian Jue glared fiercely at Old Bai and argued.

"Which one?"

Hearing Old Lei's words, Old Yin frowned and asked suspiciously.

"Who else could it be? "Of course it's that one!" Elder Lei said in annoyance.

"Which one is it?"

"That's the one!"

"Who is that person?"

"That's the one!"

Very quickly, Elder Lei began to argue with Old Yin and Old Yin. This caused the surrounding people to feel a headache.

Tyrant Dragon King Ironhammer and Bai Feng looked at each other and laughed helplessly, not saying a word.

"The silver-haired old man is asking you who that person is."

The other six stars elders finally could not bear to watch any longer, and another big boss revealed his true form.

She had long fiery red hair, and her slender figure was wrapped in a unique fiery red robe. The skirt of the robe was very short, and only reached her thighs, revealing her long and beautiful legs that exuded a mature charm, causing her entire body to exude the mature charm and noble temperament of a mature woman.

There was a red beauty mole on her forehead, which added to her charm, causing people to become infatuated. "Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu."

As her figure was revealed, be it Old Bai or Old Lei, or Old Yin, or even the extremely calm and composed Tyrant Dragon King Hammer and Bai Feng, their eyes all lit up and they subconsciously gulped.

Her name was Hong Ying, of course most people wouldn't dare to directly call her by her name, let alone call her Elder Hong. This was because her strength was extremely terrifying, and her personality was explosive.

As the words of the Red Emperor fell, she looked at Elder Lei with contempt, waiting for his reply.

"Who else can it be? It was that Lord … It's not like you don't know when that lord put men in his eyes. Everyone is worried about her marriage, but she took good care of that brat. What do you think we can do? "

"However, this kid's performance is indeed extraordinary. The things he does often exceed your expectations, his courage is extraordinary, and his potential is beyond doubt …" And the heaviest of all is the Divine Book of the Way of the Medicine in his hands! "

At the end of his words, Lei Tian Jue's expression gradually became solemn.

"Sacred Book of Medicine?"

Hearing his words, everyone present was shocked, even the six star elders' expressions changed.

Bai Feng's eyes widened and his mouth was wide open with shock written all over his face!

The Tyrant Dragon King's hammer fists involuntarily tightened, and it lost its calm …

The silver haired old man's pupils constricted, shock written all over his face!

The Red Emperor's elegant brows wrinkled and her expression gradually turned solemn!

Perhaps others might not know what the Sacred Book of Medicine was and what it was used for, but they were clear about it.

The Holy Canon of Medicine was an ancient sacred artifact. Not only did it possess heaven-defying medical skills and legacies, it also possessed the supreme martial arts techniques that could allow one to reach the peak of martial arts!

Whether it was the Berserker's Alliance or the western world of darkness, everyone had been searching for the location of the Sacred Book of the Way of Medicine for the past hundred years. However, from the beginning to the end, there was still no trace of it.

Now that they heard that the Sacred Book of Medicine was in the hands of a little brat, how could they not be shocked?

If they could obtain the Sacred Book of Medicine, then they could awaken the four terrifying existences sealed by Lan Feng in the Wanxiang Sea of Darkness in the west due to their injuries. They would be able to fulfill the lord's wish and entrustment when he left Earth.

This was the greatest goal and wish of the Sovereign King Palace and the Berserker Alliance in the past hundred years.