"That's right!"

Looking at the shocked expressions of the crowd, Elder Lei lightly nodded his head and spoke in a deep voice.

"Is this true?"

When he saw Elder Lei nod his head, Elder Yin couldn't help but ask once more.

"Even if it isn't absolutely true, it should be close enough!"

Elder Lei smiled and replied upon hearing Old Yin's question.

"What basis?"

The Red Emperor's eyes lit up and he asked.

"Old White, it's better if you tell them!" Elder Lei lazily stretched his body, sipped a mouthful of tea and raised his head to look at Elder Bai.

"That lord had personally tested me before. She was the one who told me!"

Old Bai spoke calmly.

"Then why don't we …"

The silver haired old man quickly spoke.

"You think we're that kind of people?"

However, before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Old Bai's cold voice.

Towards this, Elder Yin could only smile in embarrassment.

They are indeed not that kind of people. If they were to kill people for their treasures, wouldn't it ruin the reputation of the Ferocious Weapon Association and the Sovereign King Palace, as well as Lord Lan Feng's glorious reputation as the tyrant who left Earth?

"Then what should we do now?"

The Red Emperor's eyes flickered with a sharp light as he spoke in a low voice.

"Since that lord has told you this news, what other orders does he have?" The other four six star elders hidden in the shadows also asked at this moment.

"No matter the cost, establish a good friendship with Ye Xuan. Protect his safety. Help him raise his strength and gain his trust!" Right now, his strength is too low, so there is no way for him to help you. Only when he has mastered the Sacred Book of Medicine to the extreme will he be able to wake up the four lords who are sleeping at the Wanxiang Sea! "

Old Bai took in a deep breath, his dignified words flowing from his mouth.


The Red Emperor, Old Silver, Bai Feng, and the Tyrant Dragon King, Tie Chui, all nodded with solemn expressions when they heard his words. A low and deep voice was emitted from their mouths.

Old Bai and Old Lei nodded in satisfaction at the crowd's reaction. Their gazes immediately landed on Old Bai as they smiled and said, "Old Silver Old Man, you still haven't said why you called us here."

The silver haired old man thought for a while, then said in a deep voice, "Actually, it's not that big of a deal … …" It was that brat who took care of Song Yinghao, Leng Yanrui, and the rest of the Wushuang Sword Sect.

"I just received news from Nightblade. The Leng Clan, Song Clan, and the Unparalleled Sword Sect are enraged. They brought all their experts out and are now rushing towards our Su Hai. They will definitely demand justice from us!"

"On the other hand, the Heavenly Shadow Blade Sect and the Wanxiang Divine Sect have been very close to that old bastard Jian Wuji. If they come to an agreement with the Unparalleled Sword Sect and join hands with the Leng Song Family to deal with our Berserker Union, it will undoubtedly be troublesome!" Furthermore, the Death Shrine and the Sun God Hall have begun to make some moves recently... "

At the end of his words, the silver elder's expression gradually turned solemn.

Although the Rampage Alliance was powerful and was the most powerful force in China, dealing with so many forces at once was still a huge pressure, especially when the core members of the Rampage Alliance were not enough.

"Besides, the activity in the underground cave has been getting more and more intense. We have been spending a lot of people to suppress the underground cave. Every year, there are many casualties …"

The Red Emperor let out a soft sigh as well.

In this world, many things weren't as simple as they appeared on the surface.

The people only saw the bustling and lively nature of the world and the stability and tranquility of the world. However, they could not see the hidden dangers or the huge dangers that the entire human race would face.

"In these hundred years of chaos, it is fortunate that Lord Tyrant appeared out of nowhere, swept across everything, united the entire clan, and defended against the enemies! Right now, a new crisis is coming, but that lord is not here. It's just that our path is in danger … "

The silver-haired elder also spoke with a dejected expression.

"Enough, the silver-haired old man …" Don't complain about it here. We have time to prepare! The most important thing right now is to take care of the situation in front of us... "

Seeing this, Elder Lei glanced at Old Yin and said unhappily.

Pausing for a moment, Elder Lei continued, "All these years, as we have focused most of our forces and forces on the underground foreign forces, we have rarely interfered in the matters of the martial sects and big families, causing them to gradually become more daring and act recklessly. Even the Leng and Song families dare to challenge us publicly, I think it's time to teach these guys a lesson and reestablish the banner of the Wild Soldiers Alliance!"

"As for the Death Shrine and the Sun God Hall, they have been hiding in Su Hai for so many years. It's about time to teach them a lesson! What do you think? "

Elder Lei's words were filled with undisguised bloodlust and killing intent.

"From my point of view, it's time to teach them a lesson and set an example for the other sects and aristocratic families. It's time to make an example of them!"

Cold light flashed in Old Bai's eyes as he coldly spoke.

"As the saying goes, we have to settle things outside our borders. I agree with old geezer Lei's suggestion!"

The Tyrant Dragon King's Hammer also agreed at this moment.

"Many sects and aristocratic families have indeed been arrogant and despotic! I fully agree with Elder Lei's suggestion! "

At this moment, Bai Feng also quickly spoke up.

"What about you?"

Old Lei nodded slightly before he raised his head. His gaze landed on Old Yin and the Red Emperor.

"We completely agree, but the Leng Clan, Song Clan, and Unparalleled Sword Sect are not weak. Adding the words of the Wanxiang Divine Sect, Heavenly Shadow Sword Sect, Death Shrine, and Sun God Hall are a little tricky …" After all, the old fellows behind them will not stand idly by the sidelines! "

The beautiful face of the Red Emperor creased as he spoke in an ice-cold tone.

"It's about time for us old bones to show our faces and let them know who the owner of this land is. Otherwise, they might even think we're old!"

Just as she finished speaking, the six stars elder who was hidden in the darkness spoke out coldly.

"Hehe …" "Since you've said it like this, then let's do it like this!"

The Red Emperor nodded lightly and stretched lazily, revealing her perfect figure and walking out of the conference hall while twisting her provocative body …

"I'm a bit tired, excuse me for a moment!"

"I don't think you're tired, but you're deliberately finding an excuse to leave and find that brat, right?"

Elder Lei snappily said as he watched the Red Emperor leave while wiggling his fiery body.

"Haha …" Old Man Lei, based on your words, I merely want to see what kind of ability this brat, who has received such high praise from all of you, has! "

The Red Emperor chuckled and said without turning his head.

"Sigh... "You, we have so many mature and steady men here, yet you chose to turn a blind eye to us. You like young people, it's truly a waste of the deep affection we have for you …"

"Sister Hong, don't play too much. Be careful of that adult. If he finds out, you won't live a good life!"

"Red, I got a bottle of three hundred year old female red today, would you like to drink with me?"

Elder Lei, Elder Bai, and Old Silver all spoke with a dejected expression as they looked at the background of the Red Emperor.

Before they could finish their words, a guard hastily ran in and reported with a respectful expression.

"Reporting to my lords, the sect master of the Wanxiang Divine Sect has arrived!"

"Let's go and take a look!"

It was the fifth fragment of the night, and the monthly ticket ranking was only slightly more than ten votes away from the fifth. Brothers, please place your monthly tickets in the hands of the War God. Thank you!