"Who gave you the guts to cause trouble in my Wild Soldier Alliance?"

As the cold voice sounded out, a giant handprint condensed from fiery red astral energy charged out of the headquarters building with an unstoppable force. It struck towards the two people that were attacking Ye Xuan, Savage Tiger and War Wolf.


This sudden turn of events caused Ye Xuan's gaze to go cold. Without even thinking, he moved to the side to dodge the palm imprint, causing it to pass by him and attack the Violent Tiger and the War Wolf.

"Damn it..."

Seeing the huge palm imprints flying over, Savage Tiger and War Wolf's expressions became extremely cold and ugly. A rich sense of danger filled their hearts, causing them to involuntarily let out an angry curse.

In their current state, the two of them had no way of dodging the palm strike. They gritted their teeth and activated the True Divine Spirit Qi in their bodies, waving their fists as they used all their strength to smash at the palm strike, causing sand to fill the sky!

Bone Crusher Mad Sand Fist!


"Puchi …"

Kuang Hu and Zhan Lang were only able to endure for a short while before they were engulfed by the huge palm imprint, causing them to uncontrollably retreat under the force of the palm imprint. A large amount of blood sprayed out of their mouths, and in the end, they were ruthlessly smashed into a small mountain not far away, resulting in a deafening explosion.

The mountain shattered, creating an enormous palm print!

On the other hand, Savage Tiger and War Wolf were covered in blood, lying lifelessly on the mountain wall!

All of their bones were shattered, their clothes were torn apart, and their bodies were covered in blood; they were just like a dead person!



Seeing the miserable gazes of Savage Tiger and Battle Wolf, the expressions of many experts from the Song Family could not help but change. Their gazes were filled with undisguised fear and shock. Their throats rolled and they could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

It had to be known that Savage Tiger and War Wolf had extraordinary strength. They were Seven Star Martial Kings and Eight Star Martial Kings, and possessed especially strong battle prowess. They were the two people with the strongest battle prowess other than Song Xiyuan.

However, right now, they were severely injured from just a single palm strike. How could this not make them feel shocked and horrified?

Even Song Xiyuan's pupils contracted. His heart skipped a beat as he was shocked by the power of this palm.

From his eyes, he could naturally tell that this was just a casual palm from which he was about to attack his owner.

To be able to severely injure Savage Tiger, who was a Seven Star Martial King, and War Wolf, who was an Eight Star Martial King, with one palm, was truly frightening. The opponent's strength had probably reached the peak of a nine star Martial King, or even a Martial King.

There were indeed hidden dragons and crouching tigers in the Violent Soldiers' Alliance.

Even Ye Xuan was violently shocked by the miserable state of the Savage Tiger and War Wolf. He turned around and looked towards the headquarters of the Barbarian Alliance.

The alluring Red Emperor leisurely puffed out a cigar from his mouth as he puffed out smoke. He had an extraordinary temperament as he walked out of the building along with numerous members of the Berserker Union …

With every step they took, a formless, fiendish aura spread out from their bodies. When they arrived before Song Xiyuan and his group, the fiendish aura emitted from their bodies could be said to be extremely powerful. They were like primal beasts that had charged out from hell one after another as they roared furiously …

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Under the domineering aura of the Red Emperor and the others, the aggressive Song Family experts were filled with terror. They subconsciously swallowed their saliva and couldn't help but take a few steps back …

Only Song Xiyuan was not intimidated by the Red Emperor's power and stood straight on the spot.

However, his expression was extremely cold and unsightly.

He never expected that the Red Emperor, who was one of the six star elders, would actually be alerted and walk out of it.

Others might not know how terrifying this woman was, but he knew it very well.

This woman had once annihilated a super sect out of anger!

"How is it? Are you two okay? "

The Red Emperor's gaze swept across the scene before walking over to Ye Xuan and the injured guard. His eyes flickered with an icy cold light as he looked at the injured guards. Worry filled his voice.

"He won't die yet!" Ye Xuan replied in a low voice.

As for the guard, because of his heavy injuries, he was unable to speak.

It wasn't until the Red Emperor placed a healing pellet into his mouth that he felt much better.

Only after doing all that did the Red Emperor turn around and place her ice-cold gaze on Song Xiyuan and his men. She spoke with an ice-cold tone, "Song Xiyuan, I ask you, who gave you the guts to cause trouble in my Wild Soldier Alliance?"

When he heard the Hong Ye's words and felt her ice-cold gaze, Song Xiyuan's expression turned serious. An immense pressure filled his heart.

He raised his head and looked straight at the Red Emperor as he spoke in a neither humble nor haughty voice, "Senior Red Emperor, there's no way that we would cause trouble in front of the Rampage Alliance. We've only met Ye Xuan here and we need to settle some personal grudges!"

"Then how do you explain my men being injured?"

The Red Emperor pointed to the wounded guard and spoke with a cold expression.

"Senior Ruby Sovereign, that was just an accidental injury. It was really an accident …"

Song Xiyuan quickly explained.

"Accidental injury?"

The Red Emperor sneered, his eyes flashing with a cold light. He spoke with a cold and emotionless voice: "I'll just say that he was accidentally injured by you guys! "Since he accidentally injured us, we might as well apologize to him!"

"You want me to apologize to a small guard? Senior Red Emperor, you sure are forcing me to do something! "

When Song Xiyuan heard the Emperor's words, his expression became even uglier. He then spoke with displeasure.

No matter what, he was still the head of the family. The Red Emperor actually wanted him to apologize to a guard of the Berserker Union. If news of this got out, wouldn't it be a joke?

"What is it? "You don't want to?"

The Red Emperor raised his eyebrows and a cold light appeared in his eyes. An invisible killing intent quietly spread out from him.

He took a deep breath and clenched his fist so hard that it made a cracking sound. He turned his head and looked at the many experts from the Song Family before saying angrily, "Who was the one that accidentally injured this brother just now?" Hurry up and come out to apologize! "

"Bro, I'm really sorry for injuring you accidentally just now. I hope you don't mind!"

Upon hearing Song Xiyuan's words, an expert from the Song Family walked out. He bowed and apologized to the soldier.

No matter what, he was still a powerful Martial King. Now that he had to apologize to a carefree Heavenly Realm Martial Ancestor, he could not help but feel dissatisfied. However, due to Song Xiyuan's prestige, he could only lower his head and apologize solemnly.


Seeing the Song Family expert solemnly clasping his hands in apology, that Berserker snorted coldly in disdain.

"Senior Red Emperor, my men have already apologized to your men! You just injured two of my subordinates, shouldn't you apologize to them now? "

Song Xiyuan's gaze was cold as he looked at the Red Emperor and said, "Scram!"

"Alright, let the two of them come over!"

The Red Emperor glanced at Song Xiyuan and spoke coldly.

"Hmm …"

Song Xiyuan lightly nodded his head, indicating for the heavily injured Kuang Hu and Battle Wolf to step out, and then walked over to the Red Emperor.

"Senior Ruby Sovereign, you truly are a wise man. Apologize!"

Song Xiyuan sneered.

It wouldn't be a loss to make the Red Emperor apologize!

"Swish …"

However, just as he finished speaking, a cold light flashed in the eyes of the Red Emperor. He viciously waved his sleeves and a cold light appeared. Under Song Xiyuan's shocked and furious gaze, the heads of Savage Tiger and War Wolf, who were waiting to apologize, suddenly flew up and rolled to the side of Song Xiyuan …

Bright red blood gushed out from their broken necks as their bodies collapsed powerlessly onto the ground. The bright red blood quickly dyed the ground red.

Savage Tiger and War Wolf both died on the spot!

"If you want me to apologize, those two aren't qualified!"

The cold and domineering voice of the Red Emperor reverberated throughout the world.

The scene was dead silent. Everyone blankly stared at the corpses of the Savage Tiger and War Wolf lying in a pool of blood. Their eyes were wide open and their mouths were wide open. They had faces of shock that could not recover for a long time.

They had thought that the Red Emperor would apologize to Kuang Hu and the Battle Wolf, but he had never thought that the Red Emperor would kill them in front of Song Xiyuan.

It was tyrannical to the extreme.

Even Ye Xuan was deeply shocked by the Red Emperor's domineering methods.

Although he knew that it was impossible for this woman to apologize to Savage Tiger and War Wolf, he didn't expect her to directly take their lives.

Only the members of the Barbarian Alliance who were extremely familiar with the Red Emperor's character were not shocked by this scene. Instead, they had a calm expression, as if they had expected this to happen.

"The Red Emperor, you …"

Seeing the two dead people, Kuang Hu and Zhan Lang, Song Xiyuan's fists were clenched so tightly that crackling sounds could be heard. The violent killing intent in his eyes burned uncontrollably as he spoke furiously.

"What's wrong with me?"

The Red Emperor ignored Song Xiyuan's angry look. Instead, he leisurely took a puff on his cigar and elegantly exhaled the thick smoke as he spoke, neither slowly nor slowly.

"You killed two of our trusted aides for no reason at all. Isn't that a bit too overbearing?"

Song Xiyuan resisted the urge to attack as he shouted angrily.

"Domineering? If it wasn't for the sake of old fogey Song, I would kill all of you! "

The Red Emperor stretched lazily, revealing her perfect figure. He said impatiently, "I'm tired. If you don't want to die, then take your men and scram. If there's anything that you need, then come find me yourself!"

When he heard the words of the Red Emperor and saw how light she looked, Song Xiyuan's anger reached its peak. His killing intent boiled. He wanted nothing more than to cut this woman into a thousand pieces.

It had to be known that Savage Tiger and War Wolf had followed him for many years, serving him loyally.

However, he suppressed the thought with reason. He took a deep breath and said coldly, "Red Emperor, my Song Family will remember this debt. I will repay it a hundred times over!"

"Take this kid away!"

As soon as Song Xiyuan finished speaking, two Song Family experts immediately charged towards Ye Xuan, attempting to take him away.

Seeing this, the Red Emperor's brows twitched as he spoke in an unhappy tone.

"I only told you to leave, I didn't say that you should bring him with you!"