"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, the rustling of footsteps came from the two sides of the corridor.

Under the serious and ice-cold gazes of Ye Xuan and Li Chunyang, an old man wearing a blood-red robe with a cold and ancient complexion walked out from the two ends of the corridor. He emitted a dense, evil aura, and wore a red robe.

In each of their hands was a blood-red long sword and a red long sword. Sharp invisible sword Qis would occasionally spread out from the scabbards, bringing people a deep sense of danger.

They were two law enforcers of the Unparalleled Sword Sect, and they were in charge of discipline and discipline in the Unparalleled Sword Sect. They had extremely strong powers, and their status was much higher than some of the Elders in the Unparalleled Sword Sect.

Very few people knew their real names. The disciples of the Unparalleled Sword Sect all called them the Red Deacon and the Black Deacon.

"Red Deacon, Black Deacon!"

Those disciples of the Peerless Sword Sect who had luckily managed to escape the calamity stuck their heads out and looked at the red deacon and black deacon who were slowly walking out. Immediately, their mouths were filled with excited and joyful voices.

Others didn't know how powerful this red-black deacon was, but they were well aware of it. After all, they had received quite a few punishments from the two deacons within the sect.

Looking at the messy corridor, at the severely injured disciples of the Unparalleled Sword Sect lying on the ground on their last breaths, the red and black deacon's expressions could be said to be extremely ugly.

Their ice-cold gazes slowly swept past Ye Xuan and finally fell onto Li Chunyang. Their eyes flickered with a cold light as the Red Deacon's venomous voice sounded out, "I thought it was you who dared to cause trouble here. So it's you, a trash bastard whose cultivation was expelled from the sect!"

"Li Chunyang, we did not go and settle the score with you, yet you actually have the guts to come knocking on our door. Who gave you the courage to do so? It seems like you haven't had enough suffering back then! "

The Black Deacon tightly grasped his sword as he coldly spoke.

They were one of the culprits that had threatened Li Chunyang with death. They were like small marrows in the same mountain with Jiang Anshi, and during his days in the Unparalleled Sword Sect, Li Chunyang had been tormented by them many times.

"Black dog, red dog …"

Seeing the black and red deacons walk out, Li Chunyang's eyes flashed with a strong and fierce light. His fists were clenched so tight that 'ka ka' sounds could be heard, and ice-cold words came out of his mouth.

"Boom! Boom!"

As Li Chunyang finished speaking, scorching pure Yang energy surged out of his body like burning flames. Finally, it condensed into a flaming armor on his body, causing his aura to rise bit by bit, just like an angry fire god.

"I didn't expect that trash bastard to have stepped into the level of the Void Star Realm and become a Martial King. Back then, we should've secretly become a damn trash bastard and completely kill you in the cradle!"

Feeling Li Chunyang's imposing manner and hearing his words, the Black Deacon's eyes flickered with a cold light as he spoke sinisterly.

"In the past, this old man was kind and let you go. Now, it seems that was a mistake! Today, let us correct this wrong decision! "

"Li Chunyang you damned bastard, if you had obediently stayed in the Gale Sect, we wouldn't have had the leisure to care about you. It's a pity that you were dishonest and actually wanted to court death, and now you have obediently delivered yourself to us." Li Chunyang, you damned bastard, if you had obediently stayed in the Gale Sect, we wouldn't have had the time to care about you.

The red deacon also had a hideous expression as he wildly laughed.


As the sound of their voice faded, a violent force exploded from beneath their feet. They were like two evil spirits that'd emerged from hell and charged towards Ye Xuan and Li Chengyang one after the other …

"Young Master Xuan, you should rest by the side. Leave these two old things to me!" I have accounts to settle with them! "

Ye Xuan's face was ice-cold, and killing intent surged in his eyes. Just as he was about to attack, Li Chunyang spoke in a low voice.


Ye Xuan was slightly surprised when he heard Li Chunyang's words. A trace of surprise flashed through his eyes. He looked at Li Chunyang's firm expression and felt the resolution within his words. Then, he lightly nodded his head and moved to the side.

However, Ye Xuan's eyes were filled with worry.

This black deacon and red deacon both had the strength of 5-star intermediate Martial Kings. And not long ago, Li Chunyang had just entered the 3-star level. They were two full realms above Li Chunyang, and they were two against one.

Ye Xuan was worried that Li Chunyang wouldn't be able to support him.

Li Chunyang, you bastard, you are truly arrogant. You actually want to fight us alone? "He is really overestimating himself!"

"Since you are so anxious to die, we will kill you first!"

When Li Chunyang's words entered the ears of the Black Deacon and the Red Deacon, their faces were filled with sinister smiles. They decisively gave up on attacking Ye Xuan and charged towards Li Chunyang.

The two of them surrounded Li Chunyang one in front of the other. They swung their fists that were intertwined with countless sword qi towards Li Chunyang angrily. Their fists had not even come close, when the wind from their fists blew Li Chunyang's hair to the point it stood erect.

How could he not be strong? How could he not be fierce!

The two of them were displaying the infamous Unparalleled Sword Qi Fist of the Unparalleled Sword Sect. When the sword Qi gushed into the fist, it had an astonishing killing power.

Seeing the black deacon and red deacon's fists come at him with fierce killing intent, Li Chunyang's eyes flashed with a cold light. The wild and violent energy within his body howled as he poured into his fists, causing his fists to seem like a black hole surrounded by flames, emitting a thick sense of crisis.

Then, he suddenly dodged to the side and smashed out angrily.

The first martial skill of the Sun God's Tyrant Body Technique: Divine Fury!

The number one martial skill of the Pure Yang Aura Technique: Fire God!


In the next moment, deafening collisions occurred.

The terrifying energy spread out in all directions from the center of Li Chunyang and his group, creating an invisible wave of fire in the corridor.

"That trash bastard actually blocked our attacks?"

"He blocked the two of us? How is that possible? "

Being forced into a corner by Li Chunyang's attack, Black Deacon and Red Deacon were both stunned, their mouths were filled with incredulous shock as they spoke.

They never would have thought that the trash bastard they bullied, tortured, humiliated, and scolded back then would be blocked by their attacks by a single person, despite having his cultivation destroyed and his tendons severed.


In the instant that they were shocked, Li Chunyang's eyes burned with flames, his waist straightened, his arms shook, and words filled with boundless fury came out of his mouth.

"Boom! Boom!"

As his words fell, an even more terrifying and formidable power swept out. Terrifying pure Yang astral flames erupted from his fist like a volcano, sweeping towards the black and red deacons!

"Puchi …"

In the next moment, the black and red deacons' faces changed dramatically. Being struck by Li Chunyang's sudden burst of strength, their mouths sprayed out a large amount of blood, and they were sent flying like two artillery shells.

In the instant that the black and red deacons were sent flying, a fierce light flashed in Li Chunyang's eyes. His killing intent exploded as the force under his feet exploded. He suddenly chased after the black deacon.

In just an instant, Li Chunyang had caught up to the Black Deacon. The Pure Yang energy on his fist burned fiercely, and transformed into a fierce flame tiger. He swung his fist and smashed towards the Black Deacon's face: "Old thing, this fist is back to you!"


"Puchi …"

Seeing Li Chunyang's fist, which was like a fierce flame and ferocious tiger, coming towards him, the black deacon's face was ice-cold. He had no time to draw his sword to block and could only watch as Li Chunyang's fist, which was full of anger, smashed onto his chest.

When his fist landed on the black deacon's chest, even his own fist was scratched, black blood gushed out from the black deacon's mouth, his entire body was like a cannonball as it was sent flying backwards, crashing into the wall at the end of the corridor.

"Huff, puff …"

Li Chunyang gasped for air in large mouthfuls and was about to attack Black Deacon once again, but the Red Deacon who was knocked back by him rushed in front of him with endless killing intent.

At this moment, however, the red deacon's entire body was surrounded by sword qi, and under his whip kick, it gathered onto his leg. Along with his whip kick, it rushed towards Li Chunyang, tearing apart the air wherever it went.

At this moment, the red deacon's leg was like a shining sword, incomparably sharp!

Unparalleled Sword Qi Leg!

Upon seeing this, Li Junyang let out a breath of impure air. The pure Yang energy inside his body swirled and wrapped around his right leg. He then abruptly turned around and kicked out!

Channeling Yang Qi Leg!


In the next moment, a dull sound of collision rang out. Li Chunyang's whip kicks collided with the red deacon's whip kicks. A terrifying energy surged out from the point of collision like an ocean wave, causing their bodies to freeze in place.

"Go to hell, useless bastard …"

However, the Red Deacon still had the advantage of flying high in the air. At the moment his attack was blocked, his other leg aimed at Li Chunyang's chest with the intent to kill and kicked him.


Li Chunyang's face was icy cold. After being lashed by Honored Disciple Hong, he was sent flying as if he was hit by a truck. A sweet taste filled his throat.

However, when he flew out, Li Chunyang opened his mouth and spat.

He turned the blood that was originally spraying out from his mouth into his weapon, causing it to turn into a blood arrow and shoot towards the Red Deacon like lightning. It struck the right side of his chest …

"Puchi …"

The Red Deacon's body was hit by the blood arrows that were spewing out of Li Chunyang's mouth. A large amount of blood sprayed out from his mouth before he fell heavily onto the ground some distance away …


Li Chunyang's body fell heavily onto the ground, making a dull sound.

In a moment of crisis, he relied on his rich combat experience to fight against the Red Deacon and wound both sides.

"Keke, little bastard, it's time for your death …"

However, just as Li Chunyang's body hit the ground, he didn't even have the time to stand up before his ice-cold voice resounded in his ears.

"Boom! Boom!"

As this ice-cold voice sounded in Li Chunyang's ears, the black deacon, who had been sent flying by him, suddenly appeared above his head and pulled out his black sword …

The resplendent sword light illuminated Li Chunyang's eyes. A thick sense of danger filled his heart, causing his expression to become extremely unsightly.

The black deacon brandished the long sword overflowing with sword light and furiously chopped down at Li Chunyang.

"Myriad Swords Slash!"

A cold light flashed in Ye Xuan's eyes as he watched the scene. His eyes narrowed into a thin line.