In the luxurious living room of the Hyatt Hotel.

Jian Xi, the Left Elder, the Right Elder and the others all sat on the sofas with ice-cold expressions. Thinking about the humiliation they had just suffered, their expressions became extremely cold.

They'd actually suffered such a huge loss at the hands of that brat, Ye Xuan. When had they, who were normally on high, ever suffered such humiliation?

They wouldn't let go of this debt so easily.

"When will Leng Hongxiao, Song Xiyuan, Wu Zhongkui, and Yun Wanli arrive?"

Jian Xilai drank a mouthful of tea and placed the teacup down heavily on the tea table. His cold words came out of his mouth.

"Reporting to Sect Master, Patriarch Leng, Patriarch Song, Sect Master Wu, and Sect Master Yun, they have already arrived downstairs and are currently riding on the elevator!"

Hearing Jian Xi's words, a disciple of the Unparalleled Sword Sect replied respectfully.

"Haha …" The Sword Sect Master has not seen him for many years and his aura is nowhere to be seen! "

"Xilai, why did you call us here so urgently at night?"

Just as the disciple from the Unmatched Sword Sect finished his words, a hearty laugh rang out around him.

Following the voice, a disciple of the Unparalleled Sword Sect walked into the hall with four middle-aged men with an extraordinary bearing and a respectful expression on their face.

A middle-aged man, who appeared to be in his fifties and was in high spirits, walked in front. He had long black hair, his tall and slender body was wrapped in a grey fur coat, and wore a pair of black leather gloves. The feeling he gave off was extremely mysterious.

His name was Wu Zhongkui, and he was the current sect head of the Heavenly Shadow Blade Sect.

He had a handsome face and had a head of flowing hair. In his hand was a white folding fan, his slender figure was wrapped in a white coat, and from time to time, he would wave the folding fan in his hand, giving off an extremely refined feeling, as if he was a learned maester. His name was Yun Wanli, and he was the sect head of the Wanxiang Divine Sect.

As for the two dignified middle-aged men that came with Wu Zhongkui and Yun Wanli, they were the current patriarchs of the Leng Clan, Leng Hongxiao and Song Xiyuan.

"Hong Xiao, 10,000 Li, Xi Yuan, loyal …" The four of you are finally here. Quickly, sit down! "

Seeing Leng Hongxiao, Yun Wanli, Song Xiyuan, and the other two coming over, Jian Xi Lai quickly stood up and brought his men over. His face was filled with smiles as he spoke gently.

Under the arrangements from the west of the sword, Leng Hongxiao, Yun Wanli, Song Xiyuan, and Wu Zhongliao had settled down here and sat on the sofa, chatting and laughing.

They were old friends who had known each other for many years. Now that they were walking together, they didn't have any unfamiliarity with each other and seemed to be extremely familiar with each other.

"Xi Lai, let's not talk too much! Tell me, why did you call us here today? "

After chatting for a while, Wu Zhongkai went straight to the point and spoke with a deep tone.

"That's right. Xilai, we are old friends that we have known for many years. If you have anything to say, just say it!"

Yun Wanli, Song Xiyuan, and Leng Hongxiao also chimed in.

"Since everyone has said that, then I won't procrastinate anymore! This time, I've gathered everyone here to discuss how to deal with that darn little brat Ye Xuan. Compared to everyone here, we have quite a bit of enmity with him! "

After hearing their words, Jian Xi Lai pondered for a moment before slowly opening his mouth and saying: "Hong Xiao, Xi Yuan … There's no need to talk about the enmity between your two families and that brat. It can be said that everyone knows that the younger generation of your family has fallen into the hands of that brat! "

"As for your Wanxiang Sect, they must have some sort of enmity with him, right? That brat has completely destroyed the Formless Fist Sect that you have agreed to work with, and has completely destroyed your plans. He even captured that kid, Flying Head, and sent him to the Rampage's headquarters for you to personally go and redeem him! "

"I even heard that when you went to the headquarters to seek justice, you were taught a ruthless lesson by that old woman, the Red Emperor. The Wild Soldiers' Alliance has gone too far!"

As soon as Jian Xi's words fell on Leng Hongxiao, Song Xiyuan, and Yun Wanli's ears, the expressions on their faces gradually darkened. They clenched their fists so tightly that crackling sounds could be heard, while killing intent filled their eyes.

They'd indeed suffered a great loss at the hands of Ye Xuan, that kid, and the Rampage Alliance.

On the other hand, Wu Zhongkui was relatively calm. From the looks of it, there wasn't any conflict or enmity between the Heavenly Shadow Blade Sect and Ye Xuan and the Rampage Alliance.

However, because Jian Xi was once the Saint Daughter of the Heavenly Shadow Sword Sect, and because Wu Zhongliao was the Saint Daughter's brother, he became her brother-in-law, allowing their relationship and strategy to be very close.

Seeing Leng Hongxiao, Song Xiyuan, Yun Wanli, and the others didn't retort. Jian Xi Lai continued, "Actually, dealing with that kid, Ye Xuan, isn't that difficult. The problem is the Barbarian Alliance that has been protecting him!"

"That's right, if it wasn't for the Rampage Alliance protecting him, that kid would have died a long time ago!"

"I wonder what kind of virtue and ability does that kid possess to actually be able to obtain the favor and support of the Savage Alliance and make them not hesitate to offend us, these aristocratic families."

"That old woman, the Red Emperor, even said that only people of the same generation can make a move against that kid, Ye Xuan. If anyone else dared to make a move against him, then they definitely wouldn't be the slightest bit courteous!"

Leng Hongxiao and Song Xiyuan's faces were ice-cold. Killing intent filled their eyes and angry, indignant words came from their mouths.

"It seems that the Rampage Alliance is determined to protect that little bastard!"

A cold light flashed through Jian Xilai's eyes as he said in a cold voice, "Since they are heartless, then don't blame us for being unjust!"

"I've already sent a message to the few great elders and the ancestor within the sect. We plan to make our move against the Barbarian Weapon Alliance after the auction ends. I wonder what you think?"

Hearing Jian Xi's words, Leng Hongxiao, Song Xiyuan, and Wu Zhongliang could not help but sink into a long silence.

Just as they were about to speak, a cold, ghost-like voice rang out from behind them, "How can such things be absent from our Death Shrine and Sun God Hall? Am I right, Allocer? "

"That's right. Our Sun God Hall has long been unhappy with the Berserker Union!"

An illusory answer came from the hall.

Following the appearance of this voice, a gust of wind blew past the outside of the hall, causing the wind chimes hanging in the hall to emit an incomparably clear sound, as if an anxious and beautiful tune had just sounded out at this moment.

After the strong wind stopped blowing, the anxious and wonderful music played by the wind chimes gradually disappeared. It was unknown when, but two slender and mysterious figures had already appeared in the hall.

It was as if one of them was hiding in an endless darkness, making people unable to see his face and appearance clearly. All they could see was a blurry black shadow.

The other person seemed to be hidden in a blinding white light, blending in with the white light and similarly causing people to be unable to see his face and appearance. All they could see was a blurry white shadow.

They were Death God Danates of the Death Shrine and Sun God Allocer of the Sun God Hall!

Looking at the Death God Danates and the Sun God Allocer who came with the wind, regardless of whether they were from the west or west, Wu Zhongkui, Leng Hongxiao, or Yun Wanli could not help but shiver. Their eyebrows were knitted together and their gazes were filled with undisguised coldness and solemnity.

Only Song Xiyuan's expression was calm. The expression on his face did not fluctuate too much, as if it was within his expectations.

"Patriarch Song, Sword Sovereign … I hope you are not displeased with the two of us for coming so presumptuously? "

The gaze of the god of death, Danates, and the sun god, Allocer, slowly swept across the people in the hall. Finally, their gazes landed on Song Xiyuan and Jian Xi Lai.

"How can we be displeased with the arrival of the two lords, Danates and Allocer? However, may I know for what reason the two Masters have come here so late in the night? "

Jian Xilai's face was filled with smiles as he laughed heartily.

They knew very well that the Death Shrine and the Sun God Hall hid a huge amount of power. For them to be able to become an existence in Su Hai that was only second to the Rampage Alliance, it must be because they had extraordinary methods and trump cards.

"Actually, it's nothing much …" Our main purpose for coming here this time is to discuss with you all how to deal with the Barbarian Alliance! "

Hearing Jian Xi's words, the Grim Reaper Danates lazily stretched for a bit and said at a moderate pace.

"Deal with the Berserker Union?"

When the words of the Grim Reaper Danator fell into the ears of Leng Hongxiao, Yun Wanli, and the others, a look of astonishment surfaced on their faces.

Clearly, they didn't expect that the Death God Danates and the Sun God Allocer would come here with the intention of joining forces with them to deal with the Rampage.

"That's right. Didn't you all want to make a move on them?" To be honest, we have tolerated them for a long time! "

Without a doubt, they were extremely satisfied with the expressions on their faces. The Sun God Allocer nodded slightly, an indifferent voice coming out from his mouth.

"Is it the two of you, or is it the Emperor behind you?"

Xilai and Leng Hongxiao looked at each other and nodded slightly. Their gazes fell on the Sun God, Allocer, and the God of Death, Danates. Their eyes flashed with a solemn light.

The corners of the mouths of the Sun God Allocer and the Death God Danates curled up slightly. The Sun God Allocer stretched lazily, a low voice coming from his mouth.

"What do you think?"