Ye Xuan and Ruo Yanran couldn't accept the result of the Divine Weapon Dragon Blade being stolen.

The consequences were too great. Not only would it affect Ye Xuan's ability to obtain the Divine Weapon, it would also affect the reputation of the entire Violent Soldiers' Association, Su Hai, as well.

After all, this time's auction would be filled with all the prestigious top families and powers from all over the world. Most of them were here for the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, that was going to appear in the auction.

If the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, was stolen, it would not appear in the auction on time. Then, this vast Su Hai auction would undoubtedly become the joke of the people.

People would say that such a huge alliance of berserk soldiers could not even protect the divine weapon and dragon blade and was stolen away by others.

"Nightblade, something's happened to Hou Kuan. The Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, has been stolen. Quickly block all exits and check out who else has entered this treasury before I and Ye Xuan entered!"

Immediately, Ruo Yanran swiftly recovered her wits. She pressed the communication button on her tactical communications watch and a cold voice came out from her mouth, "Also inform Aunt Hong, Old Yin and the others …"

"Yes sir!"

When Nightblade and Hou Kuan, who were guarding outside the treasury, heard what she said, their expressions involuntarily changed as heavy words came out of their mouths.

"Don't worry, we won't lose it!"

Seeing Ye Xuan's anxious expression, Ruo Yanran reached out her hand and patted his shoulder as she consoled him.

Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head as his gaze swept the surroundings, as if he was trying to find any traces of the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, being stolen.

A moment later, Ruo Yanran received a reply from Nightblade, "Manager Ruo, I had someone carefully investigate the monitoring system. Before you guys arrived, the weapon master, Yun Lan, was led by Old Bai for half an hour! Other than that, the surveillance did not detect any other abnormalities! "

"Alright, I understand!"

Ruo Yanran gently nodded her head and cut off the communication.

After pondering for a moment, he took out his phone and dialed Elder Bai's number.

Very soon, Elder Bai's kind words came through the phone, "Yanran, is there anything wrong with you calling me so late at night?"

"Grandfather Bai, you brought Grandmaster Yun Lan to the Treasure Auction House to see the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade?"

Since the situation was urgent, Ruo Yanran did not chat with Old Bai, but instead went straight to the main topic.

"Yes, I brought her here. You also know that she is the successor of the weapons master, Mo Lin, and the weapons master, Mo Lin, has a deep relationship with our Wild Weapon Alliance. Yun Lan wants to see this Divine Weapon, dragon blade, so I didn't reject it and brought her over to have a look! "What, is something wrong?"

On the other side of the phone, Old Bai was leisurely drinking tea while sitting in the courtyard and playing Go with the weapon master, Yun Lan.

"The Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, is missing!"

Ruyan said in a deep voice.

"What? Divine Weapon Dragon Blade is missing? Stolen?" "That's impossible!"

Old Bai was startled when he heard Ruo Yanran's words. An incomparably stunned voice came from his mouth.

One must know that he and the weapons master, Yun Lan, only took a glance and did not take out the Divine Weapon Dragon Blade from the treasury.

Even the weapon master, Yun Lan, who was playing Go with Old Bai felt a chill in her gaze when she heard Old Bai's words.

"Grandfather Bai, are you sure that the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, was still there when you entered the treasury together with Grandmaster Mist?"

Ruo Yanran's gaze became extremely serious as she spoke in an indifferent tone.

"I'm sure!" Wait in the treasury with Ye Xuan. I'll bring Grandmaster Yun Lan over immediately! "

Old Bai's expression turned grave and he quickly hung up the phone. He brought the weapon grandmaster, Yun Lan, with him as they made their way towards the auction's underground treasury.

"How is it?"

When Ruo Yanran hung up the phone, Ye Xuan turned around and looked at her as he asked in a low voice.

"Grandfather Bai said that he did bring Grandmaster Mist here and saw the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade. However, they definitely didn't bring it out with them!"

Ruo Yanran replied in a low voice.

Ye Xuan took a deep breath and lightly nodded. His expression became extremely cold and solemn.

Naturally, he believed in Old Bai and the weapons master Yun Lan. Clearly, there was some secret behind the theft of the Divine Weapon Dragon Blade.

"In the opinion of the guards here and many other mechanisms, it can be said that it is extremely difficult for people from the outside to barge in. Do you think there is any possibility that it is an internal force that is capable of doing so?"

Ye Xuan pondered for a moment before shifting his gaze to Ruo Yanran.

"Absolutely impossible!"

However, he received Ruo Yanran's affirmative reply.

"If you say it like that, then there must be someone who quietly snuck in and stole the Divine Weapon Dragon Blade! However, from the looks of it, it is extremely difficult for the guards to infiltrate this place. Basically, it is impossible, and if that's the case, I'm afraid that I'll have to rely on other paths to be able to enter this place without being noticed. If that's the case, the other party might have already opened a hole in the ground or a secret door … "

Ye Xuan quickly moved through the treasury. From time to time, he would press his ear to the wall or the floor, then use his fingers to tap on the walls or the floor to listen for sounds. However, he still didn't discover much …

In the end, Ye Xuan's gaze fell onto an ancient painting that was hanging on the nearby wall. He frowned slightly and asked, "What's the matter with that painting?" It doesn't look like there's anything special about it, so why would it hang here? "

It was a painting of an extremely charming classical beauty. She had a beautiful face that could topple nations, long hair, was dressed in white, and held a long sword. From head to toe, she exuded an arrogant and cold aura that could repel a person a thousand miles away, but it was so beautiful that it was hard for anyone to take a single glance at her.

Ruo Yanran had a faint smile on her face when she heard Ye Xuan's question, and said in a low voice, "This painting has been around for a long time. Rumor has it that the person in the painting is the palace master of Frozen Cloud Asgard, and that she seems to have an extremely deep connection with our Savage Alliance.

Just as Yanran finished speaking, Ye Xuan leaped over the wall and arrived in front of the fresco. He extended a hand to lift up the painting, revealing the stone wall behind it. He placed his hand on the stone wall, then pressed his ear against it and tried his best to listen …

However, he still did not discover anything that made his gaze extremely cold and unsightly.

In the end, Ye Xuan's gaze fell onto the dragon-slaying formation that was emitting bursts of coldness.

Looking at the watermark on the corner of the pond, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with wisdom. He asked, "Where did the water in the pond come from?"

"It's from the Rain Sea, why are you asking this? You don't think someone's going to sneak in here, do you? There are formations and traps laid inside! "

Ruo Yanran thought for a while before replying.


Just as she finished speaking, Ye Xuan jumped into the pond.

"Sigh, you …"

Seeing this, Ruo Yanran's expression couldn't help but change. She was just about to speak, but was interrupted by Ye Xuan. "Don't worry, I'll be fine. I'm just going to take a look."

Falling into the pond, a bone-chilling coldness instantly assaulted him, causing Ye Xuan to raise his eyebrows. A wisp of demonic flame emerged from his body to envelop him, causing him to feel slightly better.

Not only were there large amounts of mechanisms and concealed weapons within the pool, powerful formations were even laid. If one was even the slightest bit careless and touched the mechanisms, they would die here.

Fortunately, Ye Xuan was a master of this area. He carefully avoided all kinds of concealed weapons, bypassing the formations, and continued to dive deeper into the pond.

As Ye Xuan continued to dive deeper, the water temperature became colder and the water pressure became heavier. The number of creatures at the bottom of the pool gradually increased. Not only were there various types of precious fish species, there were also sea beasts that were fed at the bottom.

"Roar …"

Ye Xuan saw a water python that was dozens of feet long sitting at the bottom of the pond. It was in the state of molting and evolving, and from time to time, dignified howls would come from its mouth, causing its expression to be filled with pain and malice.

Ye Xuan saw a sharp claw slowly grow from under its stomach, causing him to be extremely astonished.

This guy is sloughing off the flood dragon?

Ye Xuan didn't dare to linger and continued to dive deeper.

Ye Xuan quickly arrived at the bottom of the pond. At the bottom of the pond, there was an incomparably large tunnel. The tunnel was filled with all kinds of concealed weapons and traps.

The water in the pool was brought in through this tunnel.

Ye Xuan immediately swam into the tunnel.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

After Ye Xuan entered the tunnel, the densely-packed mutated swordfish in the tunnel were shocked and agitated. They were like sharp knives that were thrown out as they charged towards Ye Xuan with intent to kill.

Looking at the incoming mutated swordfish, Ye Xuan's gaze went cold. He'd seen wounds on many swordfish that were very deep and fresh. It was obvious that someone had entered this place and received an attack from the mutated swordfish.

"Boom! Boom!"

Seeing the numerous mutated swordfish howling towards him, Ye Xuan's heart stirred. Boundless devil flames surged out from his body and engulfed the incoming mutated swordfish, causing them to be completely terrified. The scene inside the tunnel clearly appeared in his line of sight.

There were all sorts of concealed mechanisms and weapons along with large amounts of human bones. It was obvious that these human bones were left behind by thieves who had entered this place to steal items.

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

Just as Ye Xuan was about to swim towards the end of the tunnel, the ring on his hand suddenly trembled. It flashed with a dazzling blood-red light, causing Ye Xuan's brows to furrow as a trace of astonishment flashed through his eyes.

He didn't expect the ring, which he'd always been trying to break, to have such a reaction. This caused Ye Xuan to be both surprised and happy.

Clearly, the Demon Dragon Ring had sensed something.

Under the Devil Dragon Ring's guidance, Ye Xuan quickly swam towards the end of the tunnel. As he continued to advance, the reaction of the ring became denser, and Ye Xuan's qi and blood couldn't help but boil.

Very quickly, Ye Xuan arrived at the end of the tunnel. A door filled with spikes and numerous small holes appeared in Ye Xuan's line of sight!

The light emitted by the ring on his hand stopped flickering. Instead, it kept on glowing, as if it was hinting at something to Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan's gaze became serious as he looked at the door full of spikes and small holes. He quickly looked around before finally landing on the mechanism on the wall.

After musing for a moment, he quickly pressed down on the mechanism!

"Clang clang!"

As Ye Xuan pressed the button, the tightly shut door abruptly opened.

He was just about to walk forward when a strong sense of danger suddenly appeared in his heart, causing his expression to change.


Just as he was about to retreat, a bloody mouth appeared without any warning and started tearing towards him!

This was a pitch black devil dragon that was covered in black flames.

"Boom! Boom!"

The Black Demon Dragon opened its mouth and swallowed Ye Xuan before he could even react.

The door that was initially opened slowly closed at this moment.