The next morning, when the morning sunlight shone down from the horizon, Su Hai had already entered a state of turmoil within the city. There were people everywhere, and the streets were filled with carts and horses.

Because today was the day Su Hai's auction would begin, countless people headed towards Su Hai's auction to participate.

Even those who did not have the right to enter the auction house could watch the entire broadcast from the big screen outside of Su Hai's auction house.

Since the auction had yet to begin, the plaza outside the auction house was already packed. With the auction place as the center, the three kilometer area around the center of the auction house had already been filled to the brim with traffic.

One could only imagine how great the influence of Su Hai's auction was.

On the huge plaza, there were all sorts of stalls. On the stalls, there were all sorts of weapons, treasures, medicinal plants, and other things. All sorts of hawking sounds kept coming from the stalls.

"Don't miss out on the chance to pass by. All of the treasures in the auction are here!"

"Sell weapons! Sell weapons! All kinds of divine weapons, ten percent off!"

"Peerless divine medicine, rejuvenated, no need for 998, as long as 99.8 I can bring it home!"

"Falling Feather Pill, beauties, come and take a look!"

All of a sudden, the huge square became a temporary exchange market.


Just as everyone was picking out various items, an earth-shattering dragon roar suddenly rang out at this moment.

Following the appearance of this dragon roar, everyone could not help but subconsciously raise their heads to look in the direction of the dragon roar.

Under their incomparably shocked gazes, a Six-Winged Flying Dragon that was completely covered in black-green scales whizzed over from the distant horizon, scaring the people on the plaza away as if they were fleeing for their lives.


In the end, the enormous Six-Winged Flying Dragon landed steadily on the plaza. No one knew just how powerful it was, but its sharp claws left deep footprints on the hard ground as cracks continued to spread in all directions.


Sharp figures flew over from the back of the Six Winged Flying Dragon.

"Then... That's Ye Xuan? "

"There's also Mad Demon Lin Feng and the Supreme Wind Sect's leader, Li Chunyang!"

"The woman beside Ye Xuan is Shui. She's so beautiful!"

"And that kid beside him, I don't think I've ever seen him before!"

Looking at the five figures that jumped down from the back of the wyvern, the surrounding people began to discuss amongst themselves.

The ones who'd arrived on the Wyvern were none other than Ye Xuan, Li Chunyang, Mad Demon Lin Feng, Liang Xiaoxiao, and Fang Wujie.

Because the road was too blocked, they could only show off their way to the auction house.

"Little White!"

Ye Xuan firmly landed on the ground and ignored the shocked gazes of the surrounding people. Ye Xuan turned his head to Lil 'White, who was standing on his shoulder, and lightly spoke.


As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, Whitey's golden claw stretched out and lightly grabbed at the mutated flying dragon. A miraculous scene quietly occurred.

The originally ferocious and extraordinary mutated flying dragon shrunk at a speed visible to the naked eye. Finally, it turned into a green dragon tattoo and imprinted itself onto Whitey's golden claw.

This miraculous scene caused the surrounding people to be extremely shocked. Their gazes towards Ye Xuan were filled with shock and admiration.

"Doctor, Feng, let's go!"

After doing all of this, Ye Xuan brought Little Doctor Liang, Mad Demon, Lin Feng, and the others directly to the auction place.


"Cough cough …"

However, Ye Xuan and the others didn't even have the time to take a few steps when muffled sounds of collisions rang out.

A weak figure in a sorry state, as if struck by a powerful force, flew out of the stall like a cannonball and heavily smashed into the ground in front of Ye Xuan and the others.

This was a delicate woman around twenty-eight to twenty-nine years old. Her long hair was in disarray, her clothes were in disarray, her pretty face was completely devoid of blood, and she was incomparably pale. One of her hands was tightly grasping a piece of ancient jade, while the other was holding onto a mouth while coughing violently.

"Mother, mother …" How are you? "

"Mom, do you feel any pain?"

A three or four-year-old little girl scrambled from a nearby stall to run in front of the delicate woman. She extended her hand to wipe the blood from the corner of her mouth, and words of concern came out from her mouth.

Little girls have to be pitied.

"Little Mama … It's fine, don't worry, be good and don't cry! "

The delicate woman said lovingly as she reached out her palm to stroke the little girl's little head.

"Scram, you slut …" "Our young master has set his eyes on your jade. Hurry up and hand it over!"

However, just as the delicate woman's voice faded, two aggressive bodyguards rushed over at this moment. They pushed away the little girl and grabbed the delicate woman, snatching the ancient jade in her hand. Words that could not be doubted were emitted from their mouths.

"No, let me go. This piece of jade is something my husband left behind when he was still alive. I won't sell it!"

The delicate woman struggled violently, but to no avail. How could she be stronger than two big bodyguards?

"You bunch of bastards, let go of my mom. Let go of my mom. I want to tell my dad that she's a special forces soldier …"

Seeing that her mother was bullied by the bad guys, the little girl who was pushed to the ground got up with difficulty and rushed in front of the two bodyguards to pull their clothes.


However, her small body was kicked away by the bodyguard.

"I'm going to fight you guys, you bunch of bad guys!"

The little girl did not compromise or give up. Instead, she rushed over and bit at the bodyguard's palm.

"Ahh …"

The bodyguard was in pain, he suddenly swung his arm and threw the little girl away.


At the same time, another bodyguard punched and kicked the weak woman. In the end, he threw away 100 pieces and took away the jade. It was useless letting the mother and daughter hold their heads and cry on the ground.

This scene caused Ye Xuan and the others to feel a chill on their faces, making them look extremely ugly. Just as Ye Xuan was about to open his mouth to speak, Little Doctor Liang, who was beside him, had already rushed to the front of the mother and daughter pair. How are you? Would you like me to send you to the hospital? "

The delicate woman did not speak, but just sat on the spot as if she had lost her soul.

That piece of jade was what her husband had left her.

And her husband, a Special Forces soldier, had died on a mission outside the city, leaving the two of them to each other's lives.

In the distance, a young man and woman watched this scene with interest, their faces filled with smiles.

The young man and woman were the owners of the two bodyguards. The man's name was Wu Xiaohua, and he was a core disciple of the Myriad God School.

As for the woman, her name was Zhang Wenwen, and she was a Zhang family member in the southeast region.

That delicate woman brought a little girl to set up a stall to sell trinkets, but the family heirloom jade she was wearing was noticed by Zhang Wenwen, which led to this scene of forced selling.

"Senior Brother Wu, what you want!"

After beating the mother and daughter pair up, the two bodyguards walked up to Wu Xiaohua and Zhang Wenwen and handed the jade to Wu Xiaohua with respectful words.

"Darling, do you like it?"

Wu Xiaohua put the jade on Zhang Wenwen's neck and said with a smile.

"I like it!"

Zhang Wenwen held Wu Xiaohua's arm tightly and said coquettishly while twisting her delicate body.

"As long as you like it! Let's go, the auction is about to start! "

Wu Xiaohua nodded lightly, stretched out his hand to touch Zhang Wenwen's powdery cheeks, teasing her.

As his words fell, he swaggered towards the auction venue with Zhang Wenwen in tow.

"Return my husband's things!"

Seeing that Wu Xiaohua was about to leave with his men, the delicate woman suddenly stood up with the strength and courage that came out of nowhere and rushed towards Zhang Wenwen like a madman.

"You're courting death!"

Seeing this, a trace of impatience flashed across the eyes of Wu Xiaohua's two bodyguards. Killing intent overflowed in their hearts, and like two ferocious tigers, they charged towards the weak woman, swinging their iron fists towards her.

With this punch, even if that frail woman didn't die, she would still rest on the bed for the rest of her life.

One had to say, these two bodyguards were really ruthless.

As for Wu Xiaohua and Zhang Wenwen, they didn't even look at them as they chatted affectionately.

"Too much!"

Seeing this, killing intent flashed in the eyes of Ye Xuan, Mad Demon Lin Feng, Li Chunyang, and the others. They wanted to take action, but Fang Wujie was the first to rush out.


Seeing that the two bodyguards were about to hit the weak woman with their iron fists, Fang Wujie strangely blocked in front of her and grabbed onto the two bodyguards' fists with both of his hands.

"You …"

This sudden turn of events caused the two bodyguards' faces to change. They were just about to speak when Fang Wujie's eyes flashed with a cold light, and he forcefully pulled with his palms!

After which, he abruptly loosened his grip, clenched his hands into fists and fiercely smashed them on the two bodyguards' chests.


"Puchi …"

The two bodyguards looked as if they had been struck by lightning. Their faces turned pale and blood spurted out of their mouths like two dead dogs. They hit Wu Xiaohua and Zhang Wenwen hard on the ground, making their expressions change.

"Wu... Senior Brother Wu … "

A hoarse voice came out of the two bodyguards' mouths. However, before they could finish their words, they fainted because of their heavy injuries.


Wu Xiaohua's face turned ice-cold as he looked at his two men who had fainted. He clenched his fists so hard that they cracked. He could not help but let out an angry curse.

After which, he turned his head around and directed his gaze onto Fang Wujie. With an ominous glint in his eyes, he spoke with a stern expression.

"Kid, who are you? You dare to hurt my people, are you tired of living? "