"Three cuts, right? Haotian, how about you let me take three hits from you! "

When the sonorous and powerful voice of Bai Feng entered the ears of Phantom Blade Haotian, it caused his face to turn ice-cold. A cold light flashed in his eyes. Obviously, he did not expect that Bai Feng would barge out and stir up a disturbance.

Ghost Blade Haotian's eyes flashed with a cold light. He looked straight at Bai Feng and coldly said: "What? Bai Feng, are you going to stand up for this boy as well? "

"Come out? Haotian, you think too highly of yourself. Do you think Young Master Xuan needs me to stand up for him? "It's just that this is my territory and I have no choice but to take care of your troubles!"

Bai Feng laughed coldly and replied lightly.

"Tell me, what do you want?"

Ghost Blade Haotian's face was ice-cold. He forcefully suppressed the anger in his heart and said with a deep voice.

"I won't make things difficult for you for your father's sake, so apologize to Young Master Xuan. You should just admit your wrongs!"

Bai Feng's eyes flashed as he said something unquestionable.

"For me to apologize to him, Bai Feng, is there something wrong with your head?"

The Ghost Blade Haotian coldly smiled and raised the Blood Drinking Ghost Blade in his hand to point at the white wind.

"What is it? "You don't want to?"

Bai Feng raised his eyebrows and his expression turned cold.

"Why should I? Bai Feng, don't rely on your lowly status to think that you're a level higher than others. You can bully others as you like! Maybe others will respect you for that, but I, Haotian, will not! "

"You want me to apologize to this kid, right? But I have a condition! "

As the young master of the Heaven Shadow Saber Sect, Ghost Blade Haotian also had his own pride, so he naturally wouldn't fear Bai Feng in the slightest.

"What condition?" Bai Feng asked.

"If you can withstand three of my strikes, I will apologize to this kid! If you are unable to receive my three slashes, then I want you to make that brat kneel in front of me and apologize! "

Ghost Blade Haotian's eyes slightly narrowed, a strong fighting spirit burning in his eyes.

His years of bitter training in the Heaven Shadow Saber Sect had allowed him to master his sabre technique and increase his strength greatly. In addition to the Heavenly Shadow Berserker Blade that he cultivated, it caused his personality to be extremely bloodthirsty.

He had long since heard that Bai Feng's strength was extraordinary. He was the number one of the Bai Clan, the leader of the younger generation in the Savage Alliance. He had wanted to experience it for himself a long time ago.

"Young Master Xuan, what do you think?"

Hearing Ghost Blade Haotian's words, Bai Feng lightly smiled, then turned his head around to look at Ye Xuan for his opinion.

After all, Ye Xuan's identity was extraordinary, so he didn't dare to secretly make the decision.

"I believe you, just do it!"

Ye Xuan indifferently smiled as he patted Bai Feng's shoulder and replied with a smile.

Bai Feng nodded his head lightly, his gaze sweeping past Phantom Blade Hao Tian, and finally landing on Yun Feiyang and Leng Qingguo at the side. His eyes flashed with a cold light, "I can agree to your conditions, but if you lose, then I want them to kneel and apologize to Young Master Xuan in front of everyone!"

"Flying, falling … What do you think? "

Gui Dao Haotian's expression was ice-cold. He turned his head around and his gaze landed on Yun Feiyang and Leng Qingguo.

This was a gamble that concerned their reputation.

After hearing the words of Ghost Blade Haotian, the gazes of Leng Qingguo, Yun Feiyang and the others gradually turned serious. Although they understood the strength of Ghost Blade Haotian, Bai Feng was not someone easy to deal with.

If the two of them were to fight to the death, with Ghost Blade Haotian's character, he would probably win. But if it was only three moves, both Leng Qingguo and Yun Feiyang did not have much confidence in Ghost Blade Haotian.

In their opinion, it was impossible for Ghost Blade Haotian to defeat Bai Feng in three slashes.

Thus, regardless of whether it was Leng Qingguo or Yunfei, the two of them lowered their heads and did not reply. Instead, they entered a state of silence.

"Haotian, it seems like they don't have any confidence in you!"

A playful smile involuntarily surfaced on Bai Feng's face when he saw this. He coldly laughed and spoke.

"Otherwise? I will receive three slashes from this brat. If I accept it, will that little sister called Leng Qingcheng marry me? "

Fang Wujie teasingly said as he stared at Leng Qingguo with shining eyes.

"You want to die?"

Leng Qingguo's face was cold as he said in a stern voice.

"I'd be happy if I could die on your belly!" Fang Wujie joked.

"You …"

Just as he was about to speak out, Phantom Blade Haotian waved his hand and interrupted him: "Enough, Qingguo, don't lower yourself to this madman. I will make him suffer a fate worse than death!"

"Hey, hey, hey …" Haotian, do you want to bet or not? If you don't want to bet, then apologize obediently to Young Master Xuan! "

Bai Feng yawned, stretched lazily, and said impatiently.


Ghost Blade Haotian's eyes flashed with a blood-red light as a furious voice came out of his mouth.

"However, it seems that Yunyang and Leng Qingguo do not trust you and are not willing to be your wager. After all, if you lose, they will have to kneel and apologize in front of everyone!"

The corner of Bai Feng's mouth curved into a smile as he spoke in a mocking tone.

Ghost Blade Haotian's expression was cold as he clenched his fist so hard that it made 'ka ka' sounds. There was also a burning rage in his heart.

It was obvious that he did not expect Yun Feiyang and Leng Qingguo to trust him so much.

Although defeating Bai Feng in three slashes was indeed extremely difficult, it wasn't as if he didn't have any confidence, but these two didn't trust him.

They all say that they're not afraid of god-like opponents, but they're afraid of pig-like teammates!

Ghost Blade Haotian was slightly injured at the bottom of his heart.

He stared angrily at Bai Feng and was just about to speak when his candid laughter suddenly rang out, "Bai Feng, they're not too worried about Haotian. How about I bet with you? "I think it would be nice to go down and fly away."

As the hearty laughter rang out, the crowd automatically opened up a path.

The two young men with extraordinary auras walked over slowly.

One of them had a grave and stern expression. His eyebrows were like swords, and his eyes were like stars. He wore silver armor, and held a silver long sword in his hand like a victorious general. He possessed a sharp and unique aura that could captivate others.

His name was Leng Ao Tian, he was the number one of the Leng Clan's younger generation, his status and position far exceeded that of the deceased Leng Tianlong. He had been training arduously in the Otherworldly Demonic Cave, receiving letters from his family, and received news of the death of Leng Tianlong and the others.

The young man that came with Leng Ao Tian had a gentle expression, wearing a pair of black framed glasses, his eyes squinted into a thin line, a dangerous light flashed in them from time to time, his slender body was wrapped in a purple suit, giving off a noble aura, giving off an extremely dangerous feeling, making thousands of young ladies lose their way.

His name was Song Piyang, Song Tianyang's blood brother. Like Leng AoTian, he had been cultivating in the demon's lair for many years, and it was only because he had received a letter from his family that he came out of it.

It could be said that both Leng Ao Tian and Song Jiao stood at the peak of the younger generation's pyramid. Whether it was their status, prestige, or influence in the younger generation, they were all in no way weaker than Bai Feng.

This was because they were all the chosen ones of this era.