"Which one of you is Ye Xuan? I'll trouble you to come with us!"

As this extremely discordant voice sounded out, ten middle-aged men in black suits appeared in their line of sight, causing Ye Xuan to slightly narrow his eyes.

These middle-aged men in black suits were tall and sturdy and strong. One could tell that they had been trained to do this. They were well-organized and did not look like normal hoodlums. They gave off an oppressing aura, causing Zhao Da Hai, Wang Da Chun and the rest to look serious.

"Who are you people? What exactly do you want to do? "

Guard Captain Zhao Hai took a deep breath and suppressed the fear in his heart. He stepped in front of everyone and spoke in a low voice.

"You're Ye Xuan?"

However, just as he finished speaking, the leading man in the suit charged out and instantly appeared in front of Zhao Da Hai. Before Zhao Da Hai could react, he grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up, cold words coming out of his mouth.

"I... I'm not Ye Xuan. I'm his team leader! "

Being lifted up into the air by the leading man in the suit, Zhao Da Hai felt as if all his strength had been sucked out and he gritted his teeth as he spoke!

"Release the captain!"

The other members of the security team also shouted!

"If it's not Ye Xuan, why are you licking around?" Get lost! "

The leader's expression turned cold. He clenched his hand into a fist and smashed into Zhao Da Hai's abdomen. A large amount of blood sprayed out of his mouth. At the same time, he was sent flying.


Zhao Da Hai's face was pale white, he heavily smashed in front of the security guards and spat out black blood, completely losing the strength to stand up.

This guy was really ruthless!

"Captain Zhao, how are you?"

"Captain Zhao, hold on! I'll call the doctor over right away..."

Seeing this, everyone immediately held Zhao Da Hai's body and anxiously said.

"Cough cough …" Brother Xuan, quickly leave. These fellows are definitely from the underworld … "Also, quickly call the police!"

Zhao Da Hai didn't pay attention to the intense pain that he was enduring. He turned his head around and whispered to Ye Xuan, who had an ice-cold expression.

Hearing Zhao Da Hai's words and seeing his pained expression, Ye Xuan's fists couldn't help but clench.

He could not help but think of the time when he had been ambushed by four other Emperors, when his beloved women and beloved subordinates had fought to the death to cover his escape.


Ye Xuan didn't listen to Zhao Da Hai's words and ran for his life. Instead, he walked step by step towards Zhao Da Hai without a single ripple on his face.

"Older brother Xuan, what are you doing here?" Hurry and drive away, we'll stop them! "

Seeing this, Wang Da Chun and the other security guards led by Xiao Wu also spoke up.

Although they didn't spend a lot of time with Ye Xuan, their time with him was as pleasant as ever. Furthermore, Ye Xuan respected them from the bottom of his heart and didn't look down on them. This moved them.

"I appreciate everyone's kindness!" "Don't worry, I'll be fine. These bastards won't be able to hurt me!"

Hearing everyone's words and looking at their desperate expressions, Ye Xuan was moved. These fellows valued friendship so much that he lightly shook his head.

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, he quickly walked over to Zhao Da Hai and took out a silver needle from his watch and inserted it into Zhao Da Hai's body, suppressing his boiling blood.

After finishing all of this, Ye Xuan stood up and walked towards the dozens of men in suits with ice-cold killing intent in his steps.

"You are Ye Xuan?" I advise you not to think about resisting and to obediently come with us! "

Looking at Ye Xuan, the man in the lead suit coldly spoke.

His name was Wang Tao, and he was nicknamed Da Xiong. He was the Branch Lord of the Raging Dragon Gang and possessed quite a bit of strength and skill. He had come to find Ye Xuan because he'd been asked by their boss to invite him to their headquarters.

"You don't have the right to speak to me like that. It would be better if the people behind you were to talk to you like that …"

Ye Xuan was expressionless as he coldly said, "In addition, I'm afraid you won't be able to leave this place unscathed after injuring my friend …"

"Haha …" What a joke! It seems like if I don't give you some pain, you won't obediently come with us! Brothers, what are you all standing there for? give him a good lesson! "

Killing intent flashed in Wang Tao's eyes when he heard Ye Xuan's words. After being in the underworld for so long, no one dared to speak to him in such a manner. Since they didn't give him face, he immediately shouted!

"Dong, dong, dong …"

Following Wang Tao's words, over a dozen of his subordinates rushed out like ferocious tigers, attacking Ye Xuan!

"You overestimate yourself!"

Seeing this, a cold light flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes. Killing intent flashed in his eyes as he took a step forward and charged towards the incoming thugs.



"Puchi …"

"Ahh …"

The next moment, the scene that made Zhao Da Hai, Wang Da Chun, and the others dumbstruck quietly happened.

Following the continuous muffled sounds of collisions, under their incomparably shocked and shocked gazes, every time Ye Xuan swung his fist or whipped his leg, the thugs that surrounded him would be blasted away, kicked away, and sent flying …

They didn't even see how the thugs would surround Ye Xuan. They only saw Ye Xuan wave his fist and whip them around like dead dogs, which caused muffled sounds and wails to ring out as they crashed onto the ground.

In just an instant, the tens of thugs that were surrounding Ye Xuan were easily defeated by him.

This fierce scene not only shocked Zhao Da Hai, the captain of the security team, but also the security manager, Wang Da Chun, and many other security personnel, shocking Wang Tao. He didn't expect Ye Xuan's skills to be so amazing and his strength so terrifying.

This completely exceeded his expectations and imagination.

"Now it's your turn!"

After easily taking down Wang Tao's subordinates, Ye Xuan raised his head and directed his gaze onto Wang Tao as he coldly spoke.

"Brat, don't be so arrogant!" You weren't even born when I, Wang Tao, was awesome! Die! "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Wang Tao looked at his brother who was put down on the ground and wailing in pain. Killing intent surged within Wang Tao's eyes, and incomparably furious words came out of his mouth!

"Mountain Splitting Fist!"

As soon as Wang Tao finished speaking, his entire body exploded forth with force and energy. He was like a ferocious tiger that had just left its cage as he charged towards Ye Xuan. His frightening speed set off a gust of wind …

In just an instant, he arrived in front of Ye Xuan. Clenching his right hand into a fist, he viciously smashed down onto Ye Xuan's face with the power of the Splitting Mountain Axe.

Before the fist even closed in, a sharp gust of wind blew past and caused Ye Xuan's hair to flutter!


However, Ye Xuan merely smiled. He didn't care at all. The moment Wang Tao's fist came smashing over, he suddenly extended his palm and precisely grabbed Wang Tao's fist, blocking his domineering and powerful attack!


Thick astonishment appeared on his face, and before Wang Tao could react, Ye Xuan's hand that was holding onto his fist pulled his body over. At the same time, Ye Xuan's right shoulder moved towards Wang Tao's body with great force.

Stick close to the mountain!

It was one of the most common fighting moves. It did not have any fancy tricks or fancy tricks, but it was simple and violent!

"Puchi …"

Wang Tao's body was struck by Ye Xuan's shoulder, causing muffled sounds of collision to ring out. A large amount of blood sprayed out of his mouth …


Ye Xuan loosened his grip on his fist and exerted force with his foot. He leaped over a meter high and used his right leg as a whip to fiercely whip Wang Tao's face with the force of his body's rotation.

Wang Tao's face was hit and a thunderous sound rang out. He spat out a large amount of shattered teeth and blood. His body could no longer stand and he landed heavily on the ground, producing an incredibly dull sound …

This beautiful combo could be said to have deeply shocked Wang Da Chun, Zhao Da Hai, and the rest of them, leaving them with their mouths wide open and their eyes wide open. Their faces were filled with shock and astonishment.

Ye Xuan was simply too powerful. Even Wang Tao and his underlings were inexplicably shocked and terrified …

"Cough cough …"

Wang Tao struggled to stand up, but Ye Xuan's foot was already on his face …

Ye Xuan's gaze was ice-cold as he looked at Wang Tao, who had submitted to him, and said indifferently, "Tell me, who sent you?"

"Pfft …" Do you think you are worthy to ask me, Wang Tao? Kid, let me tell you, Master Long of the Raging Dragon Gang is my big brother! "Now, obediently release me, kneel down and beg for forgiveness, then come with me for a trip. I can let you go if you don't mind, otherwise, you will die an ugly death!"

Wang Tao coldly stared at Ye Xuan as angry words came out of his mouth.


However, just as he finished speaking, Ye Xuan's palm strike landed on his body, causing him to faint.

Ye Xuan then strode over to a subordinate not far away from Wang Tao. His icy gaze descended onto Wang Tao as he coldly said, "Tell me, who sent you here?"

"Yes …" It was Master Long of the Raging Dragon Guild who sent us here... He … He's currently waiting for us at the headquarters of our Wild Dragon Guild to bring you back... "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and feeling his gaze, that lackey hurriedly spoke in fear.

"Manager Wang, Little Wu …" I'll leave it to you guys to call the police. I have something to do, so I'll be leaving first! "

With these words, Ye Xuan drove the Mercedes-Benz G10 at an extremely fast speed towards the Raging Dragon's headquarters …

He didn't provoke the Raging Dragon Gang, but the Raging Dragon Guild actually bullied their way to find him. Did they really think Ye Xuan was a soft persimmon that could be easily bullied?

He had endured for too long. There was no need to endure any longer!

It was time to prove himself!

Ye Xuan had already made up his mind to teach the Raging Dragon Gang a lesson!

He wanted to make an example of this!