"Brother Ao Tian, brother Jiao Yang …"

"Big Brother Ao Tian, Big Brother Jiao Yang!"

Seeing Leng Ao Tian and Song Jiao, Leng Qing, Yun Feiyang and the others revealed expressions of joy and excitement.

"Brother Ao Tian, Brother Jiao Yang!"

Even Ghost Blade Haotian respectfully cupped his fists towards the two of them.

"Leng Ao Tian, Song Poyang, why have they come out of the demon lair at this time?"

Bai Feng frowned slightly as he watched Leng Ao Tian and Song Jiao arrive. His eyes flashed with a serious expression as he spoke in a low voice.

"What is it? Are they very powerful? "

On the other hand, Fang Wujie had a look of ignorance as he asked in puzzlement.

"He's very strong, he can be considered to be someone who stands at the peak of the younger generation!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head as he spoke in a low voice.

He had seen the information of Leng Ao Tian and Song Jiao before and knew that these two were characters that the Leng and Song Families had nurtured with all their might. Even the current heads of the Leng and Song Families did not have the strength and cultivation of these two when they were their age.

"That's right. These two fellows have been training and fighting in the devil lair for years, and have been through countless baptisms of blood and fire. It's extremely troublesome and troublesome. Even if I were to face them, I don't have much confidence. I must not be careless!"

Bai Feng also said with a grave expression.

"From the looks of it, these two have at least entered the realm of high grade Martial Kings. Their strength is at least at the Seven Star rank!"

Li Chunyang also spoke in a deep voice at this moment.

On the other hand, Crazy Devil Lin Feng's eyes narrowed, he sized up Leng Ao Tian and Song Jiao with interest, but did not say anything as he smiled.

Clearly, these two fellows were not his food!

Seeing the arrival of Leng Ao Tian and Song Jiao, the expressions of the surrounding people changed. They felt an unprecedented amount of fear and shock from their bodies. It was as if these two fellows were ferocious beasts that had walked out from hell itself.

The sounds of discussions could be heard from their mouths, "Who are these two fellows? What a terrifying aura, it's just like a devil from hell, inexplicably causing one's heart to palpitate! "

"Under their auras, the rotation speed of the astral energy in my body has slowed down!"

"Their strength is probably far above White Wind. Just who are they?"

"You don't even know this? If I remember correctly, their names should be Leng Ao Tian and Song Jiao! "

"What?" It was them? Weren't they cultivating in the demon cave all this time? Why did they suddenly run out? "

The atmosphere surrounding the scene quietly changed with the arrival of Leng Ao Tian and Song Jiao. The two of them first exchanged a few pleasantries with Yun Feiyang, Leng Qing Guo, and Gui Dao Haotian before turning around to gaze at Ye Xuan, their eyes flickered with undisguised killing intent.

Leng Ao Tian coldly said, "You're that Ye Xuan?"

Before Ye Xuan could reply, Leng Ao Tian continued to ask, "Did you kill Sky Dragon and the others?"

At this moment, Song Jiao asked coldly: "Did my brother, Song Tianyang, die in your hands?"

Their bodies emitted a dense killing intent that they didn't try to conceal. It could be seen how deep their hatred for Ye Xuan was. They wished that they could hack Ye Xuan into a thousand pieces.

After all, their brothers and clansmen had all fallen into Ye Xuan's hands.

"That's right, they all died in my hands! What? You want to take revenge for them? "

Ye Xuan leisurely took a drag from his cigarette, slowly exhaling the thick smoke. He spoke in a relaxed manner, as if he didn't place any importance on Song Jiao and Leng AoTian and completely ignored them.

It wasn't that Ye Xuan was arrogant, but that he had the qualifications to do so.

After all, he was the Demon Lord who stood at the peak of the pyramid of world experts in his previous life.

This Song Jiao and Leng Ao Tian were indeed strong, but they weren't strong enough to make Ye Xuan treat them seriously, nor did they make him afraid because he had enough cards in his hand.

Not far from the auction house was an apartment hotel. In one of the rooms in the hotel, Leng Hongxiao, Song Xiyuan, Jiexi, Yun Wanli, and Wu Zhongkai were sitting outside on the balcony, sipping tea and quietly watching the scene in the square.

"Sect Master Yun, your Young Sect Master has been beaten to such a state, don't you want to go out and take a look?"

"That fellow has always been an arrogant master. Having someone with his spirit is not a bad thing! On the other hand, I heard that your Unparalleled Sword Sect's Young Sect Master was lost by someone? "

Hearing Jian Xi's words, Yun Wanli raised the teacup to his mouth and took a sip as he spoke, neither slow nor slow.

"Hmph. I've wanted to expel that evil creature from the school since a long time ago. Otherwise, how could I have chosen a new young school head?" Jian Xilai snorted coldly as he said unhappily.

"Oh, really? May I know who the new young master is? Your son who has always been unwilling to inherit the position of sect master? " Yun Wanli asked with interest.

"Alright, you two have been arguing for the rest of your lives, so stop it!"

Seeing that Jian Xi and Yun Wanli were about to start a fight, the sect head of the Heavenly Shadow Blade Sect, Wu Zhongliao, couldn't help but advise, "Let's quietly watch the show!"

He paused for a moment before sighing with admiration and said, "Honorable Nephew Ao Tian and Young Nephew Jiao Yang, Hong Xiao and Xi Yuan were called out from the Demon Cave. I can see that their auras are extremely rich and pure, and I'm afraid they are among the top Martial Kings, at least a Seven Star Martial King. I'm afraid in a few years they will catch up to us, these old bones."

"That's right. With the two of them here, even if Bai Feng is here, he won't be able to suppress them!" This time, I'm afraid that brat Ye Xuan is going to suffer! "

"Let's just quietly wait for the good show!"

Jian Xilai and Yun Wanli both nodded in agreement when they heard Wu Zhongkui's words.

Leng Hongxiao and Song Xiyuan exchanged a glance when they heard this. They could not help but smile while mumbling something.

"I hope Ao Tian and Jiao Yang, those two brats, will not disappoint us!"

If even Leng Ao Tian and Song Piyang weren't able to deal with that little bastard Ye Xuan, then they, the old geezers, would have no choice but to deal with him.

However, that kind of situation wouldn't happen, right?