"That's right, they all died in my hands! What? You want to take revenge for them? "

When Ye Xuan's arrogant and indifferent voice entered the ears of Leng Ao Tian and Song Jiao, their expressions became extremely cold and ugly.

They had seen many geniuses in their lives. Even the young masters of the large families treated them with respect. Who would dare to speak to them like that to Ye Xuan?

It could be said that only the person they saw as arrogant, like Ye Xuan, was Ye Xuan.

Immediately, Leng Ao Tian's gaze chilled. He looked straight at Ye Xuan, killing intent surged from his eyes, and icy-cold words came out of his mouth. However, you are not qualified to be so arrogant in front of this young master! "


The instant Leng Ao Tian finished his words, his entire body exploded forth like an enraged lion. His palm was surrounded by cold air, as if it was made out of cold jade, as he fiercely smashed it towards Ye Xuan's chest.

Frost Jade Hand!

Before Leng AoTian's palm had even arrived, the terrifying palm wind brought along a dense chill that caused people to involuntarily shiver, as if they had fallen into an icehouse.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan's brows twitched and a cold light flashed in his eyes. He was just about to make a move when Li Chunyang stepped in front of him and said in a deep voice, "You're not worthy enough for Young Master Xuan to personally do it!"

The moment Li Chunyang's words came out, scorching pure Yang energy exploded out of his body like burning flames. It condensed into an exquisite armor, making him seem like a fiery god of war.

The moment Leng Ao Tian's fist was about to hit him, a strong battle intent burned in his eyes, and all the Pure Yang Energy in his body was injected into his fist, causing his fist to look like a fire dragon, fiercely smashing towards Leng Ao Tian's palm.

Pure Yang Aura Technique Third Martial Skill: Fire Dragon!


The next moment, a muffled collision sound rang out. It was Li Chunyang's fist colliding with Leng Ao Tian's cold jade hand. Surging power exploded with a loud bang, spreading out in all directions like a formless wave of fire with the two of them as the center.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Both Li Chunyang and Leng Ao Tian were pushed back by the recoil. They had to retreat for a few steps to stabilize themselves.

Li Chunyang felt his blood boiling. A thick layer of ice had formed on his fist just now. Cold air was emitted from his head. It was as if he had just fished out a pond of ice. His arm trembled lightly.

It was clear that with his strength, he would be at a disadvantage when facing off against an expert like Leng Ao Tian. After all, he was three small realms below Leng Ao Tian.

However, Leng Ao Tian was not in a good mood either. Although his reaction and performance weren't as obvious as Li Chunyang's, his palm and arms were burnt by the fire, leaving behind traces of being burned.


As he looked at his arm that had been burned by the flames, Leng Ao Tian's expression became extremely unsightly. It was obvious that he didn't expect Li Chunyang to have such a strong combat strength.

With a violent shake of his arm, the cold air rapidly wrapped around his arm, causing the traces of the flames to gradually disappear.

He raised his head and coldly stared at Li Chunyang as he spoke with a strong killing intent, "You're courting death!"

Following Leng Ao Tian's words, an even stronger aura burst out from his body. His eyes flickered with a murderous intent as he rushed towards Li Chunyang at an even faster speed. He wanted to kill Li Chunyang with his attacks.

Li Chunyang's expression was ice-cold as he watched Leng Ao Tian charge over. His eyes flashed with seriousness. Just as he was about to attack again, he was stopped by Ye Xuan with a wave of his hand. "Leave it to me!"

The instant Ye Xuan's words left his mouth, a demonic intent surged within his eyes. The magic armor on his body appeared, and his entire body surged with lightning. He instantly entered the Bedevilment Dao and the Thunderclap state.


In the instant that Leng Ao Tian struck out with his icy covered palm, the lightning beneath Ye Xuan's feet exploded out. His entire body seemed to have transformed into a ferocious lightning bird that rushed towards Leng Ao Tian, and his fist violently smashed out!

Fierce Ice Mantra: Ice Soul Palm!

Thousand Bird Lightning Formula: Thunder Flame Fist!


In the next moment, an earth-shaking, heavy collision echoed. It was Ye Xuan's fist that collided with Leng Ao Tian's frozen palm.

The terrifying lightning wildly danced around Ye Xuan like snakes, causing his aura to become even more oppressive.

The bone chilling cold turned into waves of cold energy that constantly emanated from Leng Ao Tian's body.

This was a showdown between Lei and Bing!

"Didn't you want to avenge your people? Is that all you have? "

Ye Xuan's eyes flickered with an ice-cold light as he coldly looked at Leng Ao Tian, after blocking Leng Ao Tian's attack.

As Ye Xuan spoke, he clenched his other hand into a fist, which looked like a golden sun carrying destructive energy as it struck towards Leng Ao Tian.

First martial skill of Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique: Burning Sun!


Leng Ao Tian's face became unsightly. He didn't have any intention to dodge. His other hand was instantly covered in ice. With a violent force, he smashed towards Ye Xuan's fist without fear, colliding with his fist and blocking Ye Xuan's attack.

"Your ability is only mediocre!"

After blocking Ye Xuan's attack, Leng Ao Tian coldly said.

"Really?" Would you please look up? "

The corner of Ye Xuan's mouth curved into a mocking smile as he coldly spoke.

Third martial skill of the Sun God's Tyrant Body Technique: Buried Soul!


Leng Ao Tian's expression changed when he heard Ye Xuan's words. An intense sense of danger filled his heart, causing him to subconsciously raise his head to look towards the sky.

Under his unsightly gaze, a huge palm with an earth-shattering might came crashing down on him like a Buddha lord suppressing the Great Sage Sun Wukong.

"Damn it!"

Leng Ao Tian cursed in rage. His feet exerted force, and just as he was about to retreat, Ye Xuan sneered. With a stomp of his feet, black demonic qi surged out from the ground, transforming into black vines or venomous snakes that wrapped tightly around Leng Ao Tian's legs, causing him to be unable to move at all.

"Enjoy it!"

Ye Xuan sneered. He exerted force through his feet and retreated to open up a distance between him and Leng Ao Tian.

"Brother Ao Tian, be careful!"

Seeing that, Leng Qing Guo's face changed, and immediately shouted.

Just as Ye Xuan pushed out the range of the palm that was approaching, the palm formed from his boundless soul force and Supreme Yin Yang Qi violently slapped onto Leng Ao Tian.

An earth-shaking explosion resounded at that moment.

"Kacha …."

Under the shocked gazes of the surrounding people, the hard ground immediately crumbled and caved in due to being unable to endure the force of the palm's suppression. Numerous hand-sized crack lines surfaced, lifting the dust into the sky.

Powerful energy swept out in all directions, and dust flew everywhere!

Everyone stared blankly at the dust that filled the air. Their faces were filled with shock. Shock and fear filled their mouths as they said, "What a terrifying sudden attack. Is that Leng Ao Tian dead?"

"That Ye Xuan is so powerful, so scheming, no wonder Leng Tianlong fell at his hands."

"That Leng Ao Tian was able to withstand such an attack from Ye Xuan. I wonder what his outcome is now?"

"In my opinion, even if he didn't die, he would still be severely injured!"

The martial skill that Ye Xuan had just used had indeed broadened the horizons of many of the people present.

Even Phantom Blade Haotian, Leng Qingguo, Song Baiyang, and Yunfei had extremely ugly expressions on their faces at this moment. Their gazes were fixed on the dust cloud.

"Big brother Jiao Yang, big brother Ao Tian will be fine, right?"

Leng Qingguo could not help but ask in a low voice.

"Don't worry. Although this boy's attack is incomparably powerful, it can't hurt Ao Tian!"

Song Ziyang replied indifferently.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Just as Song Tianyang finished his sentence, a gust of cold wind quietly swept across the plaza and blew away the dust that filled the air, revealing the scene in the middle of the dust.

A hand imprint that was five meters large and two meters deep appeared in the center of the square. Leng Ao Tian, who originally endured Ye Xuan's attack, walked out of the hand imprint in an unharmed manner.

He had a head full of long hair and an aura of astral armor that was formed from the cold energy of the Arctic Frost, his entire body exuding a noble and cold aura. He held a silver longsword in his hand, as if he was an icy god of war who had just emerged from hell.

This guy took a full blow from Ye Xuan, yet he ended up unharmed?

"As expected of the Leng Clan's number one expert. He actually bore such a ferocious attack without being harmed in the slightest!"

"Isn't this fellow's strength too terrifying?" The martial skill that Ye Xuan just used, even a three star Martial King would be smashed into meat paste. He's actually completely unharmed! "

"This is the true strength of Leng Ao Tian?"

"At this moment, not only is Leng Ao Tian not injured, he has become even stronger!"

Looking at the imposing manner of the Icily Arrogant Heaven, the surrounding people were all shocked. From their mouths came a flabbergasted voice.

Many of the women present were flattered by Leng Ao Tian's powerful strength, treating him as a god in their hearts.

"It's actually fine? It's fake, right?

Even Fang Wujie could not help but retort.

On the other hand, Ye Xuan, Mad Demon Lin Feng, and Li Chunyang's expressions didn't fluctuate at all. Their gazes towards Leng Ao Tian were filled with undisguised indifference.

"Ye Xuan, is this your strongest attack?" If that's the case, then you have truly disappointed this young master! "

Icily taking out his silver sword, Icily pointing it at Ye Xuan, he spoke in an indifferent tone.

His whole person could be said to be extremely sharp, handsome and cool!

"Stop acting. He's handsome in less than three seconds!"

Ye Xuan coldly swept his gaze over Leng Ao Tian as he lightly said.

"What did you say?" Leng Ao Tian was shocked, his face turned cold, his eyes filled with killing intent.


Ye Xuan didn't pay attention to Leng Ao Tian. Instead, he calmly counted.


"Hey …" Is there something wrong with Ye Xuan's head? He's actually counting at this time? "

"Who knows? Who knows what he's up to!"

The surrounding people couldn't help but shake their heads as they looked at Ye Xuan, who was counting by himself, and Icily Arrogant Sky. They couldn't help but mock him.

Just a moment ago, they thought that Ye Xuan was a bit handsome, but now, when compared to Leng Ao Tian, he was incomparable.

Furthermore, this fellow was obviously extremely handsome, and he said that the other party wasn't as handsome as him for more than three seconds!

"One!" "Ugh!"

When Ye Xuan counted to one, a scene that caused the surrounding people to be astonished suddenly occurred.

"Wow …"

Leng Ao Tian, who was originally overbearing, suddenly paled. His body trembled and he spat out large mouthfuls of blood...

Not only that, the originally fierce and powerful aura of Leng Ao Tian also weakened rapidly at this moment, causing the surrounding people to be stunned and stupefied.

The heck, what is going on?