As the words of the Red Emperor fell, the whole auction hall burst into an uproar. Everyone was shouting and screaming with all their might. It could be said that they were extremely excited.

What they were excited about was not that the auction was about to begin, but that the Red Emperor would be the host and auctioneer of the auction. This was a huge benefit for those fans, even more than winning the lottery of five million.

This meant that they had plenty of time and opportunity to admire their goddess.

It had to be said that the influence and popularity of this woman, the Red Emperor, was incomparable to that of ordinary people.

Even the audience outside the auction hall, who were gathered in front of the live broadcast projection screen, were cheering excitedly. Their gazes towards the Red Emperor were filled with a burning passion.

When they came out of the auction, most of them were after the Red Emperor.

Ye Xuan was flabbergasted as he looked at the scene, which had instantly exploded. His gaze towards the Red Emperor was filled with a hidden sense of shock. He'd underestimated the influence and popularity of this woman.

He turned his head to look at the Crazy Devil Lin Feng, Li Chunyang, and Fang Wujie beside him. However, he discovered that these three fellows were also affected by the atmosphere, and they were staring at the Red Emperor with fervent expressions as they screamed out loud.

Even Little Doctor Liang, who was sitting beside him, was shouting loudly.

Even Old Bai and Old Lei, who were nearby, had expressions of fanaticism on their faces.

One could imagine just how great the influence and popularity of the Red Emperor was.

This woman was truly irresistible.

Currently, Ye Xuan's mind was filled with the scene of the night the Red Emperor tested him.

Only when the Red Emperor lightly pressed down with his hands did the clamoring crowd quiet down. Ye Xuan also recovered his wits.

A charming smile hung on the Red Emperor's charming face. Her gaze slowly swept below the auction stage, causing people to have the illusion that she was looking at them, causing them to lower their heads in shame.

Seeing this, the Red Emperor could not help but smile. He retracted his gaze and smiled: "Next, let us invite the first item of today's auction onto the stage!"

As the words of the Red Emperor fell, a beautiful staff member wearing white clothes walked up the auction platform barefooted with light steps. She twisted her waist and carried a jade plate to the side of the Red Emperor.

Following the appearance of this beautiful female staff member, everyone's gaze involuntarily landed on the jade plate that she was carrying.

On the jade plate, there was an extremely old and aged sheepskin scroll, and on the sheepskin scroll, there was an incomplete map.

The map was covered with all kinds of ancient runes and complicated topography, making it look extremely mysterious.

If one looked carefully, they would feel a sense of dizziness, and an illusion of being sucked into the picture arose from the bottom of their heart, causing everyone to be filled with curiosity towards it.

Even Ye Xuan became a bit more interested. With a single thought, his boundless soul poured into the map like a flowing spring.

In an instant, the scene before his eyes strangely changed. It was as if he was in a vast and boundless world, and a giant golden dragon was flying above his head.

Just when Ye Xuan was about to use his soul force to observe his surroundings, his boundless soul force was completely devoured. It made his vision go dark, and the soul force that poured into the incomplete map instantly lost contact with him.

There was something strange about this map.

"This map is not simple! "I feel dizzy just by looking at it for a moment..."

"Indeed. It only took a moment to give rise to an illusion!"

"I saw a beauty dancing in the picture..."

"The Red Emperor, stop keeping us in suspense. Hurry up and tell us what exactly this map is."

At the same time, there were all sorts of discussions around him, as if they were talking to the Red Emperor urgently.

Seeing that, the Red Emperor smiled and extended her white jade hands to grab the map. She then looked at the crowd and smiled, "It seems like everyone is very interested in this map. As for the location of the treasure and the specific contents of the treasure, because the map is incomplete, and there's only half of it, we are unable to make an accurate judgement. However, the friend who entrusted us to auction said that this map originated from the Western Asura World, so we believe that the treasure contained in the map should be in the Western Asura World, and it is definitely a great treasure, comparable to the Dragon Emperor's treasure that once shook the world! "

"A treasure that is comparable to the Dragon Emperor that can shake the world?"

The scene could be said to be in an uproar as they heard the words of the Red Emperor. Everyone stared blankly at the map in blood and their faces burned with passion.

Everyone knew that his name had once shook the world. It was precisely because he had obtained the Dragon Emperor's treasure that the tyrant who founded the Palace had soared into the sky and dominated the entire world.

Right now, this treasure map contained a treasure that was comparable to the Dragon Emperor's treasure, how could this not make people excited?

"That's right, it's comparable to the Dragon Emperor's treasure that can shake the world! The person who obtains this treasure map will be under the heavens. The starting price of this treasure map is ten million, and the bid increase will be no less than one hundred thousand! "

The Red Emperor nodded affirmatively as words of seduction came out of his mouth.

"Eleven million!"

"Eleven million two hundred thousand!"

"12 million!"

"Twelve million five hundred thousand!"

… ….

Just as the words of the Red Emperor were finished, various kinds of bidding sounds resounded in succession.

In a short period of time, the price of the treasure map had skyrocketed to 15 million.

Of course, there were a few people who weren't in a rush to participate in the auction. They were carefully examining the treasure map, such as Ye Xuan, the Death God Danates, and the Sun God Allocer.

"18 million!"

Just as everyone was competing intensely, a voice filled with energy rang out at this moment, causing the noisy scene to instantly become quiet.

Everyone simultaneously looked towards the source of the voice. It was Leng Hongxiao participating in the bid at this moment.

The person who called out the price just now was him.

Seeing Leng Hongxiao participate in the auction, everyone fell into deep thought. After all, Leng Hongxiao was the head of the Leng Clan. Regardless of whether it was in terms of wealth, material resources or strength, he was not someone an ordinary person could compare with.

If they wanted to bid with him, they had to consider it!

"20 million!"

However, there were still people who weren't willing to give it a try and shouted while clenching their teeth.

"Twenty-one million."

However, just as he finished his sentence, Leng Hongxiao raised the price again.

It was obvious that he was determined to obtain this treasure map.

"Patriarch Leng is bidding twenty-one million, is there any higher price?"

Seeing this, the Red Emperor's eyes looked all around and he could not help but ask with a smile.

However, no one made another bid!

This price was already beyond what many people could accept. After all, this treasure was incomplete and its location was most likely in the Western Asura World.

That was a place many people didn't want to set foot in. No one wanted to bid anymore!

"Twenty-one million going once!"

"Twenty-one million twice!"

"Twenty-one million!"

In response to this, the Red Emperor could only helplessly smile. This price could be considered to have met the requirements of the person who entrusted them. Just as the Red Emperor was about to announce the owner of this incomplete treasure map, his indifferent voice suddenly rang out.

"Twenty-five million!"

As the voice sounded out, everyone's gazes descended onto the person who spoke. However, Ye Xuan spoke up at this moment.

Ye Xuan was also extremely interested in this treasure map with residual blood.

"26 million!"

However, just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, the god of death, Dana Tes, spoke up.

"27 million!"

At this moment, the Sun God, Allocer, also called out a bid.

"28 million!"

Leng Hongxiao's eyes flashed when he saw this. He didn't expect that not only Ye Xuan would be bidding at this moment, but even the god of death, Dana and the sun god, Allocer, would be bidding at this moment.

"30 million!"

Ye Xuan's brows rose as he coldly said.

"31 million!"

"32 million!"

The god of death, Danates, and the sun god, Allocer, followed.

"You guys go argue, I don't want it!"

Leng Hongxiao sneered and stopped raising the price.

"40 million!"

Ye Xuan's expression went cold.

"Brat, this treasure map god wants it. If you don't want to die, then be tactful! Forty-one million! "

When he saw Ye Xuan raise the price, the killing intent in the reaper's eyes surged as he threatened.

As for the sun god, Allocer, he stopped bidding.

Don't come using such low-class methods to threaten me. Besides, what I hate the most is the threats of others, if you want it, then bid. It's best to use money to smash me to death, if you can't smash me to death, then I will have to smash you to death! Fifty million! "

Ye Xuan replied with a cold smile. "I didn't even give the Death God Danates the slightest bit of face."

"Brat, are you seeking death? Fifty-three million! "

The eyes of the grim reaper, Dana Te, gleamed as he spoke in a cold tone.

"Only 3 million?" To think you call yourself a god of death, aren't you ashamed of yourself? Sixty million! "

Ye Xuan ignored the ice-cold gaze of the Reaper, Danator, and lazily stretched as he teased.


When his words entered the ears of everyone present, they were stunned. They didn't think that Ye Xuan would actually dare to speak to the Death God Danates like this.

"68 million!"

Death God Danates clenched his fists.

"80 million!"

Ye Xuan provocatively glanced at the Death God Danates.

"Brat, you are ruthless!" God of Accounts, take note of this! "

The Grim Reaper's hands clenched into fists. His face was ashen to the extreme. Ye Xuan's price was beyond what he could accept and he could only give up.

Ye Xuan looked at the god of death, Dana, disdainfully as he softly spat out two words.

"Poor. "Scram!"

Since the god of death, Dana, didn't give Ye Xuan face, then why would he give him face?

[Both sides are mortal enemies. Why should I care about others' feelings as long as I feel good?]