Being cursed at by Ye Xuan in front of so many people, the face of the god of death, Dana, couldn't be described as unsightly to the extreme. Her fists were clenched so tightly that crackling sounds could be heard.

When had anyone dared to provoke him like this?


At this moment, the Grim Reaper Dana Tes could be said to be extremely angry.

Violent energy surged through his body as a black death god appeared behind him. With a harsh voice, it came out of his mouth, "Little bastard, do you believe that I won't kill you?"


As the God of Death Dana Tes finished speaking, killing intent flashed in his eyes. He swung his fist and smashed it towards Ye Xuan.

He punched out with his fist that was filled with energy. The ghost spirits roared as the light from his fist transformed into countless evil spirits that charged towards Ye Xuan to tear him apart.

Wherever he passed by, it caused everyone to go pale.


Seeing the fist-shaped ghost that was about to devour Ye Xuan, Mad Demon Lin Feng raised his eyebrows. Cold light flashed through his eyes as his right fist violently smashed forward.

As Lin Feng's fist punched out, the black fist that was filled with an intense madness charged out like a furious black dragon and devoured all of the ghosts that were trying to bite Ye Xuan. Afterwards, the remaining power continued to rush towards the god of death, Danatus.

This sudden turn of events caused the face of the Grim Reaper to change. Extending both of his hands, a ghost shield appeared in front of him, blocking the black Raging Dragon formed from Lin Feng's fist light, lifting up a berserk Qi.

Waiting until the force gradually dissipated, the figure of the Grim Reaper Danates appeared once again in everyone's line of sight.

At this moment, the Grim Reaper Danates' hair was in a mess. Both of his arms were marked with traces of having been sliced by the astral energy, making him look even more pathetic. His expression was extremely unsightly.

Just as he was about to speak, Mad Demon Lin Feng's cold and domineering voice rang out: "This time it's just a warning. If there's a next time, be careful, I might take your life!"


When Lin Feng's words came out, the entire audience was in an uproar as they were extremely shocked.

Everyone couldn't help but blankly stare at the Crazy Devil Lin Feng sitting next to Ye Xuan. Their eyes were filled with deep shock and astonishment. They didn't think that there would be such a powerful expert by Ye Xuan's side that could look down on the Death God Danube and say such words to him.

"Who exactly is this person?" How dare you speak to the Death God Danates in such a manner? "

"There's actually such an expert by Ye Xuan's side. Just who is that guy?"

"You don't even know him? He is the Mad Demon Lin Feng, one of the nine great Demon Kings of the Asura World of the West.

"Insane? one of the three gods and devil in the Demonic Palace? "

Immediately, a deep shock and uproar was emitted from everyone's mouths.

"Damn it, Insane Demon, do you want to die?"

After being treated like that by the insane devil Lin Feng, the killing intent in the eyes of the reaper, Dana Te, surged as the black shadow on his body swam about, and his cold words came out of his mouth.

Perhaps even at his peak, Lin Feng would have been feared by his death god, the insane Lin Feng. As for now, he was not even the least bit afraid …

"I feel like the person who wants to die is not me, but you! If you don't believe me, you can try! "

Crazy Devil Lin Feng coldly swept the Death God Danates a glance, and unhurriedly said.

It was as if he didn't even put a mere death god in his eyes. This was pure contempt.


Having been looked down upon to this extent, how could the Grim Reaper still endure this. He let out an angry curse, his eyes filled with killing intent as he smacked his palm towards the insane devil Lin Feng.

With the slapping of the death god's palm, a huge ghostly hand appeared, bringing with it a strong resentment as it grabbed towards the insane devil Lin Feng.


Seeing that the ghost hand that was filled with resentment was about to land on the body of the Crazy Devil Lin Feng, the Crazy Devil Lin Feng was just about to pull out his sword when an old and dignified cold snort quietly sounded at this moment.

Following this cold snort, a silver colored astral energy rushed out from the second floor like a wave of fire, shattering that ghost hand into powder.

An ancient and imposing figure appeared at the staircase of the second floor.

He was none other than the Silver Dragon who was protecting the order of the auction!

This sudden turn of events caused the face of the Grim Reaper to become extremely ugly. He clenched his fist until it made 'ka ka ka' sounds. Just as he was about to open his mouth to speak, the old and powerful voice of the silver-haired old man quietly sounded: "What? "Danates, weren't you here to participate in the auction? Are you here to tear down my auction?"

Hearing the silver-haired old man's words and feeling his ice-cold gaze and bottomless aura, the face of the grim reaper, Dana Te, became extremely ugly. He knew how powerful this silver-haired old man was and it was not the time to go against him.

Immediately, he forcefully suppressed the anger and killing intent in his heart, bitterly smiling as he said, "Silver Emperor, where are your words coming from? How would I dare to come and take down your position?"

"That's good. If anyone dares to cause trouble in the auction again, even if you do not give face to this old man, I will not give him any face!" Once this matter was over, there would be no next time! Do you understand what I mean? "

The silver-haired old man stared coldly at the grim reaper, Danates, as he coldly spoke.

"Of course I understand!"

From the silver-haired old man's words, the face of the Grim Reaper Danator turned extremely gloomy. However, he forced a smile, not daring to reveal too much of his displeasure.

"It's good that you understand! Hope that this matter will not affect your mood and experience in this auction! I shall now announce the continuation of the auction! "

The silver-haired old man nodded his head in satisfaction and spoke with a deep voice.

As the words of the silver-haired old man fell, the conflict between the frenzied Lin Feng and the Death God Danates came to an end, and the auction continued.

In the end, no one bid anymore and the incomplete treasure map fell into Ye Xuan's hands.

"Your life and that treasure map are both mine. Now let's just let you kick that treasure map in your pocket for a while!"

Looking at Ye Xuan, who was carefully examining the treasure map, the eyes of the god of death, Dana Tes, flickered with killing intent as he spoke in an ice-cold voice.

Ye Xuan didn't participate in the next auctions. Instead, he examined the incomplete treasure map in his hands, as if trying to find some useful clues.

However, Ye Xuan didn't have much of a discovery and gain.

"Ye Xuan, what's that in your pocket?"

Liang Xiaoxiao was also curiously studying the map with Ye Xuan. Her gaze suddenly flashed and landed on Ye Xuan's pockets because there was something inside that was emitting a faint green light.

Ye Xuan was also surprised when he heard Little Doctor Liang's words. He quickly took out the item in his pocket and discovered that it was the piece of ancient jade that the mother and daughter had given him.

At that time, Ye Xuan didn't care about this ancient jade, but now that he looked carefully at it, he noticed that it was extremely ancient and unique. It was shaped like a crescent moon, and there was even a lifelike dragon carved onto it.


Just when Ye Xuan and Liang Xiaoxiao were bewildered by the ancient jade, an invisible suction force quietly erupted from the ancient jade. Under Ye Xuan's stupefied gaze, the incomplete treasure map on the sheepskin scroll in his hand was strangely sucked into the ancient jade and disappeared.

After the light from the ancient jade gradually dispersed, the incomplete treasure map that was drawn on the sheepskin scroll in Ye Xuan's hand disappeared without a trace. It was completely absorbed into the ancient jade.

Such a miraculous scene caused Ye Xuan and Liang Xiaoxiao to be dumbstruck.

Clearly, they didn't think that the treasure map would actually have a connection with Gu Yu.

Ye Xuan took the jade and carefully examined it, but didn't discover anything.

After some fruitless research, he did not continue to study the item. Instead, he carefully put away the ancient jade and once again directed his gaze onto the auction platform.

"8 million, for the first time!"

"8 million, the second time!"

"8 million! Third time! Deal!" Congratulations to Lady Lin for obtaining the thousand-year Beauty Nourishment Ginseng! Next, we will invite the next item up for auction. I believe that there will be many people who will be interested in it! "

The Red Emperor who was on the stage said with a smile.

As her words fell, heavy footsteps quietly sounded at this moment. The entire auction house seemed to be trembling, causing everyone present to be filled with curiosity.

Under the shocked gazes of the crowd, the eight robust middle-aged men carried an ice coffin with unique design, carved with ancient characters and formations, up to the auction platform.

Inside the ice coffin lay a woman with a head of white hair and a face that could topple nations.

She looked to be around twenty years old with her eyes closed tight. She was dressed in a white classical long robe as she quietly lied in the coffin, like a sleeping fairy, her entire body exuding an ethereal aura. She could be said to be a peerless classical beauty, and it was difficult for people to take their eyes off her just by looking at her.

However, no one could feel any signs of life from her body.

It was quite possible that she was dead, and that the only thing in the coffin was her body.

Looking at the ice coffin on the auction platform and the sleeping beauties within, the crowd went into an uproar. No one had expected that there would be such an item in the auction.

Immediately, a flurry of discussions could be heard from the mouths of the crowd.

"Holy shit, ice coffin, beautiful woman?"

"Such a magical ice coffin can actually isolate my spiritual power!"

"The beauties in the ice coffin are simply too beautiful, I want to buy them to be my wives!"

"Buy it as a wife? I might already be dead! "

"Tsk tsk, this auction really didn't come in vain. To be able to see such a magical ice coffin, and there is such a beauty inside."

It had to be said that after the appearance of the ice coffin and the beauty, everyone's attention was focused on them.

"This... Would there be such a thing in the auction? "Ye Xuan, is the celestial sister dead?"

Liang Xiaoxiao stared blankly at the goddess lying quietly inside the ice coffin, and words of shock came out of her mouth.

This was quite a huge blow to her.

Hearing Little Doctor Liang's words, Li Chunyang and Crazy Devil Lin Feng's curious gazes fell onto Ye Xuan, quietly waiting for his reply.

As for Fang Wugou, he was staring at the beauty inside the ice coffin with a burning gaze, as if his soul had been lured away.

"There are many mysterious ancient formations carved on top of this ice coffin, it can isolate a person's spirit and soul, making it impossible to carefully examine them. I'm also not sure if the beauty inside the ice coffin is still alive!" However, as of right now, I can't feel any life energy from it … '

Ye Xuan observed it for a moment and smiled bitterly.

After that, Ye Xuan turned around and directed his gaze onto Fang Wujie. He asked in a low voice, "Wujie, did you find anything?"

He knew that Fang Wujie was more professional in this area than he was.

"This ice coffin is not simple, there are 999 different array formations carved on the outside, and the energy of heaven and earth is being absorbed in an unending stream!" The beauty in the ice coffin is very strong, very beautiful! "

Fang Wujie looked at it for a while, then spoke with a deep tone.

Pausing, he continued, "No matter what, I want to get this ice coffin! If such a beauty were to fall into someone else's hands, I cannot accept it! "

A captivating smile appeared on her exquisite face, and extremely alluring words came out from her mouth: "I believe everyone is interested in this auction item, so let me introduce it to everyone!"

This ice coffin is called the Immortal Immortal Coffin. It has 999 different formations carved on the outside that continuously absorb the energy of the world. There are 999 different formations carved on the inside that transform and absorb energy, causing the inside of the coffin to be filled with rich spirit energy, vitality, and energy.

"If you are severely injured, you can quickly recover from your injuries. If you are close to death, you can always hold on to your last breath and wait for a chance to rescue them. Cultivators who cultivate within have twice the results with half the effort. Their cultivation speed is more than ten times faster than in the outside world! "

"It is both a cultivation accelerator and a life saving divine tool! However, due to the passage of time, the Immortal's Coffin lost its magic, making it impossible to open! "

The Red Emperor's voice entered everyone's ears, causing them to look at the Immortal Coffin with fiery eyes.

Some people couldn't help but ask, "Senior Red Emperor, then who is the beauty inside the Immortal's Coffin?"

The Red Emperor sighed lightly and said with a helpless look on his face, "We have no way of finding out her identity even after flipping through all the ancient books in the annals of history. However... It is highly probable that she is still alive. "

"Still alive? Wouldn't it be a huge fortune if I bought this coffin? "

"Haha, buy a coffin, give it to a beauty!"

Hearing the Ruby Sovereign's words, the people present grew even more excited, their eyes shining.

The Red Emperor smiled and didn't say anything else. He waved his hand and said with a heroic spirit.

"The starting price for the Immortal Coffin is 30 million, and each bid increase must be no less than 1 million. Let the auction begin!"