The next morning, when the morning sunlight shone through the window, Ye Xuan had already woken up.

Perhaps it was due to his rebirth that this body underwent such a change. A night of rest and replenishment of energy caused Ye Xuan's body to recover an enormous amount of strength, far beyond what ordinary people could compare to.

After finishing breakfast, Ye Xuan called a taxi and went straight to the Wolf Gang division's division.

The Evil Wolf Gang was one of the four famous sects in Star Sea, and Black Wolf who owed Ye Xuan one million was the Branch Lord of the Evil Wolf Guild.

By the time Ye Xuan arrived at the Evil Wolf Gang division, it was already 10: 30 in the morning.

After relaying the reason for their arrival, a beautiful receptionist led Ye Xuan to a sofa in the hall and sat down. "Mr. Ye, please wait a moment. I'll go inform the boss right away."

As the beautiful receptionist finished her sentence, she took the elevator upstairs to the office.

In the luxurious office upstairs, Ye Xiaokang, who looked bruised and covered in bandages, was sitting on the sofa facing a man with one leg crossed, lazily lying on the boss' chair as he puffed out a cloud of complaint.

This man looked to be around 30 years of age. He had a resolute face and a short beard. He had a black wolf tattoo on his arm and a golden necklace the size of a thumb around his neck. He appeared quite extraordinary.

A few burly bodyguards stood behind him quietly like javelins, giving him the bearing of a big boss.

He was actually the Black Wolf that Ye Xuan was looking for.

"Brother Black Wolf, I know you have a good relationship with that trash Ye Xuan, but I must take revenge!" No matter how much it costs, I'll buy Ye Xuan's life! "

After a complaint, Ye Xiaokang respectfully handed a gold card in front of Black Wolf, and spoke with a venomous expression.

Even though Ye Jianxin had already ordered all of the major companies to ban Ye Xuan, he still couldn't vent his anger out, so he had come here early in the morning!

"Heh heh... Brother Ye, you must have misunderstood something, I have nothing to do with that trash. "Don't worry, I'll take his life for you."

Looking at the golden card that Ye Xiaokang handed to him, Black Wolf was full of smiles.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

Suddenly, a crisp knock on the door sounded. A female secretary came in and respectfully said, "Boss, a man called Ye Xuan came downstairs and said he's your friend and wants to see you."

"Haha, it really is a good deal. I didn't think that before I went to look for that boy, he would deliver himself to the door!"

Just as he was about to say something, the black wolf reached out its hand and patted his shoulder confidently, "Don't worry, Brother Ye. You can just watch the show from the side. See how I'll make that brat pay."

"Go, bring that kid here."

Not long after, Ye Xuan was led to the office by the female secretary.

Ye Xuan's handsome face didn't waver in the slightest as he looked at Ye Xiaokang, who was being protected by the members of the Evil Wolf Gang, and then looked at Black Wolf, who sat on the boss's chair and breathed in clouds and mist.

There was no need to think about it. Ye Xuan knew Ye Xiaokang's motive for coming here to look for the black wolf.

"You're looking for me?"

Black Wolf placed his feet on the desk in front of him. He swallowed a mouthful of smoke and exhaled. His gaze towards Ye Xuan was filled with contempt, as if he was looking down on him from above.

"I'm looking for you to repay the one million that you owe me."

Ye Xuan coldly replied with an expressionless face.

"One million, don't tell me you have gone crazy in the hospital? When did I, Black Wolf, owe you money? "

Black Wolf had a playful expression as he heard Ye Xuan's words. He coldly said, "Bullsh * t! My Black Wolf Head is up to no good. Brat, you have guts!"

"Brother Black Wolf, what are you wasting time with him? Get our brothers to get rid of him!"

Looking at the fearless Ye Xuan, intense hatred surfaced on Ye Xiaokang's face. He couldn't help but open his mouth to speak.

As he spoke, Ye Xiaokang took out a bank card from his pocket and handed it over to Black Wolf.

This guy is rich.

"Kill me? Ye Xiaokang, do you think that they alone have the qualifications to kill me? "

Hearing this, Ye Xuan sneered.

Ye Xuan's words entered the Black Wolf's ears, causing him to have a face of amusement. He looked at Ye Xuan as if he were looking at an idiot.

"Haha …" You, trash, I'm afraid you are truly insane, to actually say that we do not have the qualifications? "

"This is so funny!" What were they still standing there for? mince him for me and feed him to the dogs. Let him know whether or not we have the qualifications! "


As soon as Black Wolf finished speaking, the seven members of the Evil Wolf Gang simultaneously swung their fists and charged at Ye Xuan.


The strength of these seven members of the Evil Wolf Gang couldn't be compared to that of the security guards. Their movements were swift and fierce as they went straight for every vital point on Ye Xuan's body. With a single glance, one could tell that they were professional thugs.

Seeing this, a cold light flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes. He stomped his feet on the ground and leaped up.

In the instant that the members of the Evil Wolf Gang attacked, he flapped his wings and flew more than two meters high, dodging their attacks. At the same time, he suddenly turned his body in the air, shifted his weight, and used the momentum to sweep out with his right leg.

This series of actions was completed in an instant without any hesitation!

"Bang, bang, bang …"

In the next moment, muffled sounds of collision rang out. Seven members of the Evil Wolf Gang were swept by Ye Xuan's whip kick, and they flew out like artillery shells. They damaged the chairs in the room and smashed into the surrounding walls.

As for Ye Xuan, he firmly landed on the ground. He appeared to be calm and collected, as if everything that happened just now was just a casual action of his.

The demeanor of an expert was revealed!

"This... Brother Black Wolf, this brat suddenly became so good at fighting, no … Will there be any problems? "

Seeing this scene, Ye Xiaokang cautiously said as he swallowed his saliva and hid behind the black wolf.

"Don't worry, little brother Ye. The bodyguards behind me are retired commandos. They can easily deal with trash like Ye Xuan … …" Black Wolf leisurely took a puff on his cigar and lightly said.


As the black wolf spoke, the two bodyguards behind him let out angry roars. They leapt out of the cage like fierce tigers and charged straight towards Ye Xuan.

His swift movement left behind two afterimages in the air, allowing the flustered Ye Xiaokang to gradually relax.



However, just as the black wolf finished its sentence, a dull thud was heard.

Under their shocked and disbelieving gazes, Ye Xuan's figure flashed as if he'd teleported to the two bodyguards that were attacking him. He smashed his fists on their chests, causing their bodies to freeze, then flew back even faster towards Ye Xiaokang and the others.

Ye Xiaokang and Black Wolf were shocked by the sudden turn of events.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Ye Xuan expressionlessly walked in front of Black Wolf and did not even look at them. Instead, he extended his hand and slowly reached for the cigar on the table, wanting to take a drag.

"F * ck!"

Taking advantage of the opening of Ye Xuan's actions, a cold light flashed through Black Wolf's eyes. After all, he was a ruthless person in the underworld. He furiously cursed, and a sharp dagger appeared out of nowhere in his hand as he fiercely stabbed towards Ye Xuan.


"Kacha …."

However, the moment the black wolf made its move, Ye Xuan's movements became even faster. He suddenly grabbed the ashtray on the table and smashed it onto the wolf's head.

The sound of an ashtray shattering and a melon opening could be heard at the same time, causing Black Wolf to shudder. Dark red blood flowed out from his head and cheeks.

That movement just now was just to test the strength of the black wolf!

When Ye Xiaokang, who was beside him, saw this scene of violence, he was scared senseless. A large amount of pale yellow liquid flowed out from his lower body.

Ye Xiaokang pissed his pants on the spot.

"Puchi …"

A mouthful of fresh red blood sprayed out from the Black Wolf's mouth. He gradually recovered from the pain and looked at Ye Xuan with undisguised horror.

Ye Xuan expressionlessly picked up a cigar and placed it in his mouth. Black Wolf trembled as he picked up the lighter and lit up the cigar for Ye Xuan.

This fellow was quite tactful!

Ye Xuan sucked on his cigar and slowly exhaled the thick smoke onto the face of the black wolf. An unquestionable voice came from his mouth. "Return the money!"

At this moment, Ye Xuan was like an unparalleled monarch that ruled the world.

His dominating aura made Black Wolf unable to put up even the slightest resistance.

The black wolf never dreamed that Ye Xuan, who had become a vegetable after waking up, would become so powerful and ferocious. Compared to the Ye Xuan from before, it was like a completely different person. It caused endless waves to surge within the black wolf's heart.


He swallowed his saliva with difficulty and quickly took out a bank card and a black handbag from the safe. He handed them over to Ye Xuan as respectful words came out of his mouth, "Ye …." Young Master Ye, I'm returning 1 million in the card to you. The password is 6 8, and this handbag has 200,000. It can be counted as interest for all these years. "

"Upward Path!"

Ye Xuan put the bank card in his pocket and nodded in satisfaction.

Following which, he turned around and his gaze landed on Ye Xiaokang.

"Xuan... Older brother Xuan, I was really wrong! I was wrong in everything. I shouldn't have offended you. Please, spare me … "I promise I will never go against you again …"

Feeling Ye Xuan's gaze, Ye Xiao Kang couldn't help but shiver and immediately knelt down before him with tears flowing from his eyes.

However, Ye Xuan remained unmoved as he coldly said, "Ye Xiaokang, this is only the second time that you've gone against me. I'll let you live! "Black Wolf, chop off one of his fingers for me!"

In the Western Asura World, he was known as the Devil Lord, and it was already lenient to cut off a finger of Ye Xiaokang. After all, this was China, if this was Western Asura World, Ye Xiaokang would have long been a dead man.

"This …"

Black Wolf was stunned after hearing Ye Xuan's words. He had a face of hesitation. He obviously didn't expect Ye Xuan to be so fierce.

This Ye Xiaokang was a member of the Ye Family. Once he made a move on Ye Xiaokang, it would mean that he was enemies with the Ye Family.

What a sinister plot, what a scheme of separation!

"Yes sir!"

Sensing Ye Xuan's cold gaze, Black Wolf suddenly gritted his teeth. He picked up the sharp dagger and slashed it towards Ye Xiaokang's hand, chopping off one of his fingers.

"Ahh …"

Fresh blood splattered everywhere, while the bloodcurdling screams of a pig being slaughtered could be heard from Ye Xiaokang's mouth …

Ye Xuan didn't even spare him a glance as he carried his bag and walked out of the room.

No one dared to block his way ….