The headquarters of the Raging Dragon's Association was located in the most bustling and quiet garden in the northern district of Xinghai City.

There were members of the Raging Dragon's Association guarding the front and back of the door. Entering and leaving the door required a strict investigation, and the security was especially tight, as if it was the emperor's palace.

From far away, one could see the eye-catching words "Kuang Long" on the three-story villa. In the whole Galaxy, it held a very important position, and usually, there were many wealthy merchants who came to pay a visit.

After all, the Wild Dragon Society was the underground ruler of the entire northern region. There were many things that they could not deal with on the surface.

There were four major gangs in the Starsea Underground World: the Wild Dragon Society that governed the North District, the Wolf Gang that ruled the South District, the War Tiger Society that ruled the East District, and the Shadow Snakes Association that ruled the West District.

The strength of the Savage Dragon Society was originally ranked first among the four major clans, but after the rapid rise of the War Tiger Gang and the Evil Wolf Gang, he was now ranked last among the four major clans.

No one knew how strong the Shadow Snakes were. They only knew that the Shadow Snakes had only sent one person to destroy a medium-sized family in Galaxy.

When Ye Xuan arrived at the headquarters of the Raging Dragon Gang, two guards from the Raging Dragon Gang, who held axes in their hands, surrounded him and blocked his path.

"Brat, hurry up and f * ck off. This isn't a place you should be!"

This member of the Savage Dragon Clan was indeed despotic!


However, just as they finished speaking, Ye Xuan's fist smashed onto their stomachs.

"Plop …"

Along with a dull sound of collision, the two Raging Dragon Association guards spat out a mouthful of blood and then fell onto the ground with a loud bang.

"Kid, what are you doing?"

The sudden unexpected change caused the expressions of the other few Raging Dragon Association guards to involuntarily change as they cried out in a stern voice.

"Nothing, I'm only here to flatten this Wild Dragon Society!"

Ye Xuan was expressionless as he coldly and indifferently said!

"You're courting death!" "Kill him for me!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's reply, the guard captain coldly shouted.

"Puchi …"

However, before they could even finish speaking, they felt their vision blur. They were struck by a massive force and then crashed to the ground!

"Clang clang …"

Ye Xuan kicked open the main door of the Raging Dragon Club and directly walked inside …

"Who dares to invade my Raging Dragon's Association?"

Just as Ye Xuan arrived at the garden in front of the main entrance to the Raging Dragon Club headquarters, a two meter tall, middle-aged man rushed out with a large number of guards, blocking his path as he let out an explosive shout!

His name was Bai Yu and he was nicknamed Dafei. He was the head of security for the Wilddragon Society and possessed an extremely high status and strength. Compared to Wang Tao, who went to the entrance of the hospital to look for Ye Xuan, he was a lot more powerful.


Ye Xuan's face was frosty, and his eyes flashed with a cold light. He didn't answer in the slightest, but instead, he took a step forward and headed straight for the numerous Raging Dragon Guilds that were blocking his path.

"You're courting death!" Those who barge into my Wild Dragon Association, kill! "

Seeing this, killing intent shot out of Dafei's eyes. He released a furious roar as he led his subordinates to charge towards Ye Xuan and launch a fierce encirclement.

These fellows were truly ferocious and valiant. Their strength was explosive and their speed was extremely fast. They were even stronger than the guards outside by a grade.

Some of them knew some simple fighting techniques, some simple fist techniques, some of them even knew some simple sabresmanship techniques, some simple sabresmanship techniques, and some staff techniques …

A large group charged forward to surround Ye Xuan, causing a trace of astonishment to flash through Ye Xuan's eyes.

In the end, he was still a member of the headquarters of the Wild Dragon Gang, and his standards were much higher than those of the bullies he encountered outside.

However, it still didn't enter Ye Xuan's eyes …

In the instant that the guards pounced over, Ye Xuan's body was like a nimble ape that dodged their attacks, and at the same time, his body borrowed the force of the impact to spin. His right leg formed a whip as it fiercely swept out with incomparable strength …

A strength that surpassed a thousand jin, breaking through ten thousand enemies!

"Boom! Boom!"

Along with the muffled sound of the collision, a dozen or so guards were swept by Ye Xuan's whip kick on the spot. Their mouths sprayed out large amounts of blood, and their bodies were like kites with their strings cut as they flew into the crowd or the flower beds on the side, unable to get up.

This breathtaking kick caused many of the guards that rushed over to be shocked. They never expected this fellow to be so fierce!


At this time, Dafei rushed out of the crowd like a galloping rhinoceros.

The instant he was less than three meters away from Ye Xuan, he stomped his feet and leaped more than three meters into the air. Borrowing the momentum of the falling force, his enormous body pounced towards Ye Xuan like a fierce tiger.

He extended his right arm and clenched it into a fist. The elbow on his right hand carried a heavy force from Mount Tai as it violently smashed towards Ye Xuan's head.

This strike was truly fierce and domineering!

Even Ye Xuan was slightly surprised. He didn't expect this big guy to borrow strength!

"Brat, go and die! Heavy Elbow Strike! "

In the blink of an eye, Dafei got closer and closer to Ye Xuan. Looking at Ye Xuan's face, he let out an explosive shout. His elbow carried an extremely powerful force as it smashed towards Ye Xuan at an even faster speed!

"Not bad, to think that you would know a bit of strength... But it's full of holes, and cannot enter my eyes! "

Ye Xuan's cold face couldn't help but reveal a slight smile when he saw this, and his calm voice sounded out!

"Boom! Boom!"

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, the energy in his body circulated and poured into his right leg. The moment Dafei's elbow smashed onto the ground, his whipping leg abruptly howled and kicked out …

The Wind God was enraged!

"Boom! Boom!"

"Puchi …"

A dull sound of impact rang out. Dafei's attack didn't even have time to land on Ye Xuan before Ye Xuan's powerful whip kick struck his lower abdomen. Ye Xuan's mouth sprayed out a large amount of blood, and he flew out like a dead dog, smashing heavily into the crowd.

"Quick... Notify the dragon. Master Long... Just … Just say that a strong enemy has invaded... "

Brother Fei's face was filled with terror as he looked at Ye Xuan, who was walking over. He endured the pain coming from his body as he spoke in a weak voice!

"Puchi …"

Just as he finished speaking, he could no longer hold on. A mouthful of black blood sprayed out from his mouth and he fainted on the spot!

"Kill …" "Avenge Brother Fei!"

At the sight of this, many Raging Dragon Guilds furiously roared as they pounced towards Ye Xuan like hungry wolves. A timid guard even snuck towards the Raging Dragon Guilds headquarters to report to them …

"A bunch of ants!"

A trace of impatience flashed through Ye Xuan's eyes as he looked at the numerous Raging Dragon Guardsmen that were charging over. He took a step forward and forcefully swept his gaze over the crowd that was in his way …

In the luxurious hall of the Raging Dragon's Association headquarters, a middle-aged man sat lazily on a throne.

He was dressed in a large black trench coat and had a head of glossy red hair. He looked to be in his forties with his legs crossed and a Daphne cigar in his mouth. As he exhaled, he enjoyed the massages of the beauties around him.

If anyone from the underworld saw him, they would definitely recognize him.

He was the leader of the Wild Dragon Association, Master Long. He had an extraordinary position and authority in Star Sea City.

A seductive looking young man with light green hair, wearing a white suit, and a cold looking man with a bald head, a eye-catching scar on his head sat in a chair on both sides, leisurely enjoying the red wine in his cup!

They were the second in command and the third in charge of the Wild Dragon Association. Their names were Qing Yu and Kuang Ba, and they were extremely powerful. There were very few people in the entire Star Sea City who could fight against them head on.

"Big Brother, I really don't understand why you asked Wang Tao and those guys to invite that trash, Ye Xuan, over."

After gulping down the red wine, Kuang Ba raised his head and looked at Master Long with a puzzled expression.

"Because that guy has some sort of secret on him! [That guy is the most popular one...]

Master Long took a drag from his cigar and slowly exhaled the thick smoke as he spoke.

That Kuang Ba still had more questions to ask, but he was interrupted by Master Long, "You'll know when Wang Tao brings him over …"

"Dragon …" Master Long, something terrible has happened. A strong enemy has come to our doorsteps, and Brother Fei has been killed! "

Just as Elder Long finished speaking, a Berserk Dragon Gang guard hastily ran over to report.

"What?" Just bring me to see what's going on! "

The expressions of Lord Dragon, Kuang Ba, and Qing Yu involuntarily changed when they heard the words of the guard. They opened their mouths and spoke in a deep voice.

However, just as they finished their words, an icy cold voice quietly rang out at this moment.

"There's no need to look, I'm already here!"