The Extreme Yin Mysterious Ice Grass was one of the most precious medicinal herbs in the world and was ranked among the eight great divine medicines in the world. It grew in the extremely cold and deep underground glaciers and was formed from ordinary Mysterious Ice Grass constantly absorbing the coldest energy and essence in the world over a long period of time.

If an Ice attribute martial artist were to use the Extreme Yin Ice Grass, not only would it allow his strength to increase by a level, it would also allow the power of the Ice attribute martial skill he cultivates to be even more powerful and tyrannical, causing the ice attribute of the Astral Qi they cultivate to have a qualitative change and leap in power; this was something that was rarely seen in thousands of years.

Zenith Yang Inferno was one of the most precious medicinal herbs in the world. It was one of the eight great divine medicines in the world. It loved heat energy and usually grew deep underground in the heat of the zenith. The center of the volcano was located in the center of the lava, and it was slowly growing while absorbing the most scorching energy in the world. It contained a vast amount of Supreme Yang Energy.

If a martial practitioner that cultivated a fire attribute cultivation technique were to consume this Supreme Yang Inferno and completely absorb its boundless medicinal effects and energy, then not only would his strength greatly increase, the power of the fire attribute cultivation technique he cultivates would also receive an overall increase. The flame attribute Qi he cultivates would also possess the supreme yang energy capable of burning the world.

Regardless of whether it was the Ji Yin Ice Grass or the Supreme Yang Inferno Jiao, they were both Natural Oddities. Heaven and Earth treasures could only be encountered by chance and not sought after.

The quality of the Extreme Yin Ice Grass and Supreme Yang Fire on the jade plates on the auction tables had reached the pre-historic level. They were probably at least a thousand years old, and the energy they contained was beyond everyone's imagination.

Looking at the Extreme Yin Ice Grass and Supreme Yang Fire on the jade plate on the auction table, Ye Xuan's mood had long since become unfathomable.



He didn't know.

He only knew that if he had the help of the Extreme Yin Ice Grass and the Zephyr Inferno, it would be extremely easy for Ye Xuan to break through to the fourth level of the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique and reach the Dragonize Realm!

One had to know that the Yin-Yang Tyrant Body Technique relied on the absorption of the Supreme Yin Yang Qi in order to cultivate. The Extreme Yin Ice Grass and the Supreme Yang Inferno truly contained a tremendous amount of yin and yang energy.

Ye Xuan was even able to use the Supreme Yin Qi and Supreme Yin Qi of the Extreme Yin Ice Grass and Supreme Yang Fire to form a pair of ice and fire Yin Yang Eyes.

Thus, no matter what price he had to pay, he had to obtain this Extreme Yin Ice Grass and the Supreme Yang Fire.

With them, Ye Xuan's strength would break through and enter the Dragon Transformation realm, becoming even more powerful.

Combined with the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, Ye Xuan was confident enough that he could return to the Western Asura World.


Ye Xuan took a deep breath and tried his best to suppress the excitement in his heart. He maintained his calm so that there wouldn't be any differences between the two of them.

He looked around and found that the entire auction venue was in an uproar.

"My god, it's the Absolute Yin Mysterious Ice Grass, Zephyr Inferno Jiao?"

"These two things are rarely seen in a thousand years. It can be said that they are very useful to warriors who practice Ice and Fire attributes!"

"Seems like it, but I'm afraid the competition for this thing will be very cruel!" The Leng Clan cultivates ice attribute cultivation techniques, whereas the Sun God Allocer cultivates fire attribute cultivation techniques. They will definitely not let this opportunity slip by! "

"Hehe, I never would have thought that I would be able to see such a divine medicine in my lifetime!"

All sorts of comments came out from people's mouths.


Leng Ao Tian looked even more agitated as he turned around and spoke to Leng Hongxiao.


Leng Hongxiao suppressed the excitement in his heart and nodded slightly.

He had already been stuck in the Star Realm for many years. If he had the Extreme Yin Frost Grass, then he would have completely broken through his bottleneck and entered the Martial Saint Realm, becoming a Martial Monarch.

Therefore, he definitely wouldn't let go of this Extreme Yin Frost Grass easily.

"I never would have thought that there would be such a heaven and earth divine medicine, the Supreme Yang Ardent Flame, in this auction. It seems like I didn't come here for nothing this time!"

The Sun God, Allocer, gazed at the blazing flames of the Supreme Sun. His eyes were filled with a burning passion as he muttered to himself.

"Allocer, your luck is not ordinary. With the help of this Supreme Yang Fire, I'm afraid your strength will rise to another level, right?"

Hearing the words of the Sun God, Allocer, the god of death turned his head and smiled.

"It's more than just a step!"

The face of the Sun God, Allocer, was filled with smiles.

He was similarly determined to obtain this Supreme Yang Inferno.

The Red Emperor, who was standing below the stage, looked at the noisy scene below. His exquisite face was filled with smiles as he gently pressed down with his hands. The originally noisy scene instantly became quiet.

She scanned the surroundings and said in a melodious voice, "I believe that everyone already has some understanding of the effects and effects of the Absolute Yin Ice Grass and the Supreme Yang Fire, so you don't need me to introduce them to you, right? According to the request of the person who entrusted them, the Absolute Yin Mysterious Ice Grass and the Zephyr Inferno would not be auctioned off separately, but would instead be auctioned off together! "

"What?" Are you sure you didn't make a mistake by not auctioning it separately? "

When they heard the words of the Red Emperor, the people who had descended from the stage all frowned without leaving a trace. They could not help but open their mouths and speak.

In response to their words, the Red Emperor ignored them and continued to speak, "The Ji Yin Ice Grass, Zephyr Inferno's starting bid is eighty million, and each bid increase should not be less than one million. Let's start the bidding right here!"

As the words of the Red Emperor fell, the entire scene turned deathly silent.

However, this deathly silence merely lasted for a moment before it was broken by a continuous number of bids.

"Eighty two million!"

"83 million!"

"85 million!"

"Eighty eight million!"

One had to say, there were a lot of tycoons present. Even if the bidding prices of the Extreme Yin Ice Grass and the Supreme Yang Inferno were extremely high, there would still be a steady stream of people fighting over them.

In just a short period of time, the price of these two divine medicines had reached one hundred million, and it was still continuing to increase.

"150 million!"

Just as the crowd was engaged in an intense competition against the Absolute Yin Mysterious Ice Grass and the Zephyr Inferno, a powerful voice quietly sounded out at this moment. It reverberated across the plaza, causing everyone present to be stunned.

They subconsciously turned their heads to look at the source of the voice. It was a middle-aged man, sitting in the corner at the back, wearing black sunglasses to cover his face and appearing extremely low-key, who was calling out a price.

When they saw the sunglasses-wearing man, shock surfaced on many of their faces. Evidently, none of them had expected that the fellow sitting in the back would possess such a background and offer such a high price.

Very few people knew his identity. His name was Jack Ross, and he came from Philadelphia!

"160 million!"

Just as Jackroth finished his words, Leng Hongxiao, who was already impatient to start bidding, spoke up.

"170 million!"

The Sun God Allocer also spoke up at this moment.

"200 million!"

Old Bai and Old Lei glanced at each other. Old Lei was also participating in the auction.

The reason they were participating in the auction was because they didn't want the Extreme Yin Ice Grass and the Supreme Yang Fire to fall into the hands of Leng Hongxiao and the Sun God Allocer. This was because once these two items fell into their hands, their strength would soar and rise by leaps and bounds.

That result was not what they wanted to see.

"210 million!"

The eyes of the Sun God, Allocer, flashed as he said in a cold voice.

"230 million!" Leng Hongxiao was also a kind person.

"300 million!"

However, from Philadelphia, Jack Roth's bid increase was even more overbearing and crazy.

Hearing Jackroth's bid, killing intent surged in Leng Hongxiao and the Sun God Allocer's eyes. They turned their heads and looked at Jackroc, and said in a low voice, "Friend, please give us some face. This Absolute Yin Ice Grass and the Grand Sun Inferno are of great use to us …"

"The face is something that you earn by yourself, not something that others give you!"

However, before Leng Hongxiao and company could finish their words, they were interrupted by Jack Ross's cold voice.

This guy didn't give them any face at all.

"He has a temper. May I know your noble name?"

The killing intent in the Sun God's eyes surged as he coldly spoke.

"Philadelphia, Jackroth!"

Jack Ross slowly took off his sunglasses to reveal his handsome yet aged face.

"The richest man in Philadelphia, Jack Ross?"

Hearing Jackroes' words, the faces of everyone present could not help but change. Their gazes at him were filled with undisguised shock.

Apparently, he hadn't expected that the richest man in Philadelphia, Jack Ross, would be here.

Jack Ross was not only the richest man in Philadelphia, he was also the richest in the world. He held the world's largest financial group in his hands, and his rallying power and influence could not even be compared with the Patriarchs of the top aristocratic families.

It was said that there were hundreds of assassination organisations working for him alone!

"This guy actually came here?"

Hearing Jackroth's words and looking at his handsome and unique face, Ye Xuan was stunned. Surprise filled his voice as he spoke.

"Damn it, why didn't this guy greet me when he came here?"

Mad Demon Lin Feng could not help but curse at this moment.

"Lord Madman, Young Master Xuan, you know that Jack Ross?"

Li Chunyang couldn't help but ask when he saw the expressions of Ye Xuan and Mad Demon Lin Feng.

"Of course, that guy owes us too much!"

Ye Xuan and Mad Demon Lin Feng replied in unison.

As if sensing their gazes, Jack Ross turned to them and grinned, revealing two rows of white teeth.

After that, Jackroes turned his head and his gaze landed on the Sun Gods, Allocer and Leng Hongxiao. With an impatient expression, he said, "That's enough, don't waste anymore time. Hurry up and bid!"

"Patriarch Leng, why don't we join hands and take down this Extreme Yin Ice Grass and the Supreme Yang Fire together? You can keep the Extreme Yin Ice Grass, and I'll keep the Supreme Yang Fire! "

Hearing Jackroth's words, Leng Hongxiao and the Sun God, Allocer, had extremely ugly expressions on their faces. They clenched their fists so hard that 'ka ka ka' sounds could be heard, and the Sun God, Allocer, also suggested.

In terms of wealth, they could not compare to Jack Ross. They could only work together, and that was a good idea!


Leng Hongxiao agreed to the sun god's suggestion on the spot.

"350 million!"

The sun god, Allocer, bid.

"360 million!" Jackroes spoke lightly.

"380 million!" The face of the sun god Allocer was so gloomy that it seemed as though water could drip from his face.

"400 million!" Jack Ross said casually.

"500 million!"

The Sun God Allocer gritted his teeth and said.

Jack Luo frowned and fell silent, as if he was considering whether the Extreme Yin Ice Grass and Supreme Yang Inferno were worth it for him to raise the price again.

Seeing that Jack Rose had fallen into silence, the sun god Allocer secretly let out a sigh of relief. It seemed like that guy wasn't unconcerned about money.

"Six hundred million!"

However, at this moment, Ye Xuan's cold voice sounded out.

"Damn it, you …"

Ye Xuan's sudden voice made the faces of the Sun God, Allocer, and Leng Hongxiao darken. The killing intent in their eyes surged as they couldn't help but curse.

This damned bastard had come out to cause trouble again at this time.

"Enough nonsense, let's raise the price!"

However, before they could finish their words, Ye Xuan's cold voice interrupted them.

"650 million!"

Killing intent filled the Sun God Allocer's heart. He stared fixedly at Ye Xuan, whereas Leng Hongxiao coldly spoke.

"Seven hundred million!"

Ye Xuan said without raising his head.

"70 million!"

The eyes of the Sun God, Allocer, flashed fiercely, and words of fury escaped his lips.

"800 million!"

Ye Xuan raised his eyebrows. He'd underestimated the determination of these two fellows towards the Absolute Yin Ice Grass and the Zephyr Inferno.

"900 million!"

Right now, the Sun God Allocer and Leng Hongxiao were certain that Ye Xuan was here to cause trouble. Their voices were practically squeezed out from the gaps between their teeth.

Feeling the gazes and determination of the Sun God, Allocer, and Leng Hongxiao, Ye Xuan frowned as he looked at the Extreme Yin Ice Grass and Supreme Yang Fire on the auction stage.

The price of nine hundred million was indeed a bit high; even he felt that it was rather taxing.

If he invested too much money into it now, the bidding for the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, would become extremely sluggish.

"900 million, first time!"

Seeing this, the Red Emperor, who was on the auction stage, frowned and spoke in a deep voice.

"900 million, the second time!"

Leng Hongxiao and the Sun God Allocer could not help but quietly sigh in relief when they heard the words of the Red Emperor.

"The 900,000th place …"

Seeing that the Extreme Yin Ice Grass and the Supreme Yang Inferno were about to fall into their hands, Jack Ross, who was no longer bidding, shouted, "One billion!"

The sudden voice of Jackroes caused Leng Hongxiao and the Sun God Allocer's expressions to turn cold. Their gazes were filled with undisguised killing intent as they coldly spoke.

"Jackroes, are you intentionally making an enemy out of our Sun God Palace and the Leng Clan?"

"So what if you are an enemy. I, Jack and Rose, have never been afraid of anyone!"

Jack Ross said indifferently as he reached out to touch the emerald ring on his finger.

"You …"

Leng Hongxiao was about to speak when he was interrupted by the icy voice of the sun god, Allocer. "It seems that I must invite the emperor to your Philadelphia! One billion and ten million! "

"Are you threatening me? It's a pity that I, as a person, am least afraid of being threatened! I want this Extreme Yin Ice Grass and Supreme Yang Fire. One billion and one hundred million! "

Jackroth gave a faint smile and lazily stretched as he spoke at a moderate pace.

"Jackroth, you're a cruel one! We will remember this debt! "

In the end, Leng Hongxiao and the Sun God Allocer had no choice but to give up.

After all, if it was a competition of wealth, no one would be a match for Jack Ross.

As for Ye Xuan and Mad Demon Lin Feng, they looked at each other and didn't bid anymore …

Since the Extreme Yin Mysterious Ice Grass and the Supreme Yang Fire were in his hands, it was equivalent to him being in their hands …

After all, their relationship with Jack Ross was extraordinary.

With the Extreme Yin Mystic Ice Grass and the Supreme Yang Fire falling into the hands of Jack Ross, the auction that day ended with the crisp and moving words of the Red Emperor …

Everyone was still looking forward to the auction tomorrow.

As for Ye Xuan and the others, they directly headed towards the delivery area …