The Heavenly Villa was one of Su Hai's most famous villa areas. It was close to Su Jiang and also close to the Lei Manor. The price here was expensive, and those who could live here were all famous people in Su Hai.

After leaving the auction house, Ye Xuan, Crazy Devil, Lin Feng, and the others didn't return to the Modern House. Instead, Ruo Yanran arranged for them to stay here. This was her private villa.

After all, there were too many people in the Modern House. It was not convenient to sit down and many things could not be compared with this place.

At this moment, Ye Xuan, Li Chunyang, and Mad Demon Lin Feng were sitting in a luxurious and comfortable living room chatting, while Liang Xiaoxiao accompanied Ruo Yanran out for a stroll.

As for Fang Wujie, he bid farewell to Ye Xuan after the auction and disappeared without a trace.

"Young Master Xuan, what did you buy this big guy for? Could it be that you're a puppet master who's proficient in puppet techniques?"

Li Chunyang sat on the sofa and looked at the sturdy and extraordinary looking mechanical puppet standing in the hall. His brows were tightly knitted together as he voiced his doubts.

It was obvious that Li Chunyang was puzzled by the fact that Ye Xuan had spent sixty million to buy this mechanical puppet.

"I'm not a puppet master. As for puppet techniques, I'm not really proficient in them. I'm just a bit knowledgeable!"

Ye Xuan stood up and walked over to stand in front of the mechanical puppet. He stretched out his hand to hit its body, and a light smile appeared on his face.

As Ye Xuan's words fell, his expression gradually became solemn and solemn. His hands extended to form a complex seal, then his gaze trembled as the golden light in his palm fiercely pressed onto the mechanical puppet's chest.

However, no matter how Ye Xuan manipulated the mechanical puppet, it didn't have any reaction. Instead, it stared at him with its blood-colored eyes, causing Ye Xuan to furrow his brows.

Afterwards, Ye Xuan tried out the puppet technique he understood, but it was useless against this mechanical puppet. Only the control method of the Red Emperor and the others could be of use to him, but it only allowed him to do simple things.

"Got it!"

A trace of joy appeared on Ye Xuan's face as if he'd thought of something.


In the next moment, a sharp light flashed in his eyes. Boundless soul force burst out from his body and rushed towards the mechanical puppet, entering his mind.

The method that Ye Xuan was currently using was his Soul Search technique.

If this method could control others, then it could also control this puppet.

As Ye Xuan's soul force continuously poured into the mechanical puppet's head, various memories of his past flashed through Ye Xuan's mind like a movie.

Ye Xuan saw an abandoned little boy being adopted by an old man.

This old man was not ordinary. Not only was he a weapons master, he was also a human body transformation master, a puppet master who loved all sorts of research!

When the old man saw that the boy's martial talent was extremely outstanding, he decided to raise the boy and teach him the method of cultivating. The little boy gradually became stronger and slowly trained him to become an outstanding assassin, who would carry out various assassination missions to help him earn money to carry out his research …

As time passed, the little man grew up and became an assassin that was able to shake the world by stepping into the Void Star Realm. Because of his strong physique and tyrannical martial skills and techniques, people called him Qing Tian.

Once, Qing Tian had carried out a mission as usual, and brought back a large amount of money. However, he hadn't expected that he would be harmed by the old man.

This was because the old man had treated him as his most outstanding work and tool from the very beginning. Now that the time was ripe, he wanted to transform Qing Tian into his most outstanding puppet!

Qing Tian's memories and consciousness were deprived and sealed by the old man. His body was continuously improved and improved by the old man, and he was able to continuously absorb the energy and vitality of the heaven and earth to become strong. He possessed the characteristics of never dying and never aging, and eventually became completely the old man's puppet, becoming the most outstanding puppet in his life.

In the end, the old man passed away due to a serious illness, leaving behind only the automaton puppets as they numbly dragged their bodies around outside …

At this point, the scene came to an end.

"Sigh …"

After Ye Xuan finished looking at the experience of the mechanical puppet, a complex expression surfaced on his face. He couldn't help but lightly sigh.

He tried to control the mechanical puppet, but there was no response.

Ever since the old man's death, there had been no other method that could be completely manipulated.

If he had to say that he had a way, then it would be to unseal the old man's memory and consciousness from that fellow. But if that was the case, then this mechanical puppet would regain its own consciousness and would no longer be a puppet.

Moreover, Ye Xuan didn't dare guarantee that he'd be able to obtain his loyalty.

Even so, Ye Xuan had no choice but to take the risk.

If he succeeded in removing the seal, then Ye Xuan would have a pretty good helper by his side.

Immediately, Ye Xuan turned his head towards Lin Feng and Li Chunyang and said in a low voice, "Next, I'll remove the seal on this guy. Both of you, watch out!"

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, he formed a strange incantation gesture with both hands and an illusory medical scripture appeared in his hands. Ye Xuan chanted an incantation and a large amount of golden characters flew out of the scripture and circled around the mechanical puppet, Qing Tian.


Following Ye Xuan's shout, a large number of golden words transformed into a golden torrent that rushed into the mechanical puppet's body.

"Kacha kacha kacha …"

A sound similar to the shattering of glass rang out from within the mechanical puppet's body. At the same time, a majestic sleeping strength continuously spread out from within his body. The blood color in his eyes also gradually faded away …


Following a furious roar from the mechanical puppet, a violent power surged out from its mouth. With it as the center, the power spread out in all directions.

If it weren't for Mad Demon Lin Feng and Li Chunyang blocking his momentum, the entire hall would have been completely destroyed by the pressure of his aura.


At the same time, Qing Tian swung his powerful iron fist at Ye Xuan, but was forcibly stopped by him.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Powerful energy spread out from Ye Xuan's fist and engulfed his body, causing him to be blasted flying. He retreated a few steps before stabilizing himself.


Seeing this, killing intent flashed in the eyes of Mad Demon Lin Feng and Li Chunyang. They were about to attack Qing Tian, but were stopped by Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan stared at Qing Tian, while Qing Tian's gaze was also staring at him.

"Ahh …"

A large number of memory fragments flashed through Qing Tian's mind, as if they wanted to blow his head off. This caused him to cover his head with both hands as he let out a painful cry.

"How are you?"

Ye Xuan carefully walked to the side of Li Tian and patted his shoulder as he asked in concern.


However, just as Ye Xuan's palm landed on Qing Tian's shoulder, he swung out his arm. Violent energy swept out, causing Ye Xuan to be pushed back.

It had to be said that the power to lift the heavens was indeed wild and powerful.

"Where is this?"

After a long time, Qing Tian finally recovered from the chaotic memories in his mind. He raised his head and directed his gaze toward Ye Xuan as he spoke in a cold and dignified voice.

"Su Hai!" Ye Xuan lightly replied.

"Who are you?"

Qing Tian frowned as he stared fixedly at Ye Xuan.

"I am Ye Xuan, and these two are my friends Lin Feng and Li Chunyang!" We are the ones who unsealed your consciousness and memories and saved you! "

Ye Xuan said with a serious expression.

Qing Tian thought for a moment after hearing Ye Xuan's words. He lightly nodded his head, then cupped his hands towards Ye Xuan and said, "Many thanks!"

"You're welcome. It was just a small effort!"

Ye Xuan replied with a smile.

"Can I go now?"

Mu Tian's gaze swept past Lin Feng and Li Chunyang before finally falling onto Ye Xuan as he asked in a low voice.


Ye Xuan lightly nodded.

"I will remember this friendship. Consider that I owe you a favor!" "Then, goodbye!"

Qing Tian cupped his fists at Ye Xuan before turning around and leaving with large strides.


Ye Xuan said in a low voice, hesitating as he watched Qing Tian leave.

"What else?"

Qing Tian's footsteps paused as he turned around and asked in puzzlement.

"Take this card, password eight six!"

Ye Xuan took out a bank card from his pocket and handed it over to Qing Tian.

"Thank you!"

The bank card said thanks and left.

After a few flashes, he disappeared from the sight of Ye Xuan, Mad Demon Lin Feng, and the others.

"Young Master Xuan, you're letting him go just like that?"

He could not help but ask as he looked at the departing back of Qing Tian.

"Can it be that we're going to tie him up here?"

Ye Xuan replied with a teasing smile.

After pausing for a moment, Ye Xuan continued, "Furthermore, if the three of us want to keep him, it won't be as easy as you think!"

"We spent so much energy to …"

Li Chunyang couldn't help but to ask in a low voice.

"Even if we work together to keep him, so what? Can we make him work for us? Do we even have a grudge?" He isn't a mechanical puppet right now, but a person with his own thoughts. If we let him go, he will remember our kindness! Moreover, with his personality, he might cause quite a bit of trouble … "Don't worry, we will definitely meet him again!"

However, before Li Chunyang could finish his words, Ye Xuan's confident voice interrupted him.

"Young Master Xuan is wise!"

After hearing Ye Xuan's words, Li Chunyang's face was filled with admiration as he spoke.

"Pure Yang, do you think he will let himself suffer a loss?"

Seeing that, Mad Demon Lin Feng could not help but smile, and teased: "Definitely not! Furthermore... The giver is here! "

"The giver is here?"

A trace of doubt appeared on Li Chunyang's face.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

Just as he finished his sentence, the sound of footsteps could be heard.

Following the voice, a handsome man with an extraordinary demeanor appeared in front of the villa with slow steps.

He was none other than the richest man in Philadelphia, Jack Ross!