Hei Cang's death happened in a split-second, so fast that people were unable to react.

It was only when Black Vault's corpse heavily fell to the ground that the crowd finally recovered from the shocking scene from before. The gazes they shot at Ye Xuan were filled with unconcealable shock.

This fellow seemed to have used a leaf to kill him, as if it had already reached the trajectory and distance of Black Voodoo Cult's attack. This instantly killed him.

There was no exception to this.

Seeing Hei Cang lying in a pool of blood, Leng Hongxiao, the experts brought over by the Death God Danube and the rest were shocked. They looked at each other, unsure of what to do.

As for Leng Hongxiao, Death God Danates, and Sun God Allocer, their complexions were also unsightly. Their gazes towards Ye Xuan were filled with undisguised iciness.

Killing intent rose from all directions as boundless energy circulated within his body. It was as if he wished for nothing more than to skin Ye Xuan alive. One must know that Black Vault was his right-hand man and had followed him for many years.

Now that he'd been instantly killed by Ye Xuan, how could he not be enraged?

How could he take this lying down so easily?

"Brat, you deserve to die!"

A voice that seemed to originate from the nine heavens of hell came out from the mouth of the reaper, Danates.


As soon as his words fell, he took a step forward. A gale blew, carrying an unparalleled killing intent, as he charged straight towards Ye Xuan. Wherever he went, one could only see a shadow. It could be said that he was extremely fast.

In just an instant, he appeared in front of Ye Xuan and swung his iron fist that contained an intense killing intent at Ye Xuan.


Seeing that his fist was about to smash onto Ye Xuan's body, Ye Xuan's fist shook violently. His body trembled, and at this moment, he unexpectedly split into three, appearing next to Ye Xuan in a triangular formation to attack him.

Moving like a escaping rabbit, incomparably swift and violent!

A chilling aura blew over them.

The power of this Deathgod, Dana Te, was indeed extremely powerful.


However, Ye Xuan's reaction speed wasn't slow either. The moment the death god's attack closed in, he stomped his legs and leaped up, dodging the attack of the death god. At the same time, his body dove down like an eagle pouncing on its prey.

Borrowing the gravity from the dive, Ye Xuan's right leg was surrounded by a demonic qi. Like a mountain ax, he fiercely cleaved down towards the Death God Danates.


In the next moment, a dull sound of collision rang out.

In the instant that Ye Xuan's whip kick descended, the Grim Reaper Dana Tes actually used his arm to block Ye Xuan's whip kick, allowing him to completely withstand Ye Xuan's strength.

"Kacha …."

He didn't know how powerful Ye Xuan's whip kick was, but it caused cracks to appear on the ground where the Death God Danates stood.


In the instant that he blocked Ye Xuan's attack, the face of the Reaper Danube went cold, and he furiously smashed his fist towards Ye Xuan's lower abdomen.

Ye Xuan's reaction was swift. In the instant that the Deathgod's fist smashed down, his other foot kicked out to collide with the Deathgod's fist.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

A powerful force exploded out, sending Ye Xuan flying backwards from the force of the kick. He retreated a dozen steps before stabilizing himself.

"Brother Xuan, how are you?"

Seeing this, Fang Wujie hurriedly rushed over to Ye Xuan and held him. Words of concern came out of his mouth.

"I'm fine!"

Ye Xuan lightly shook his left leg, which had gone numb from the shock, and raised his head to look at the Grim Reaper, Dana, with a gaze full of undisguised seriousness.

The strength this Death God Danates possessed could not be compared to his, and even Leng Hongxiao was unable to compare to him.

According to Ye Xuan's estimations, this Reaper, Dana, was on the verge of entering the Sovereign King Realm. If he were to add on his sci-fi equipment, his combat strength would be even stronger.

"No wonder you dare to be so arrogant. There are so many people who would fall at your hands. You do indeed have some ability. This god has looked down on you!"

After forcing Ye Xuan back with a single strike, the god of death, Danatus, had a faint smile on his face. He looked at Ye Xuan with interest as he coldly spoke.

"However, this is not the right for you to be so arrogant in front of this god! Today, I shall show you this god's famous death god appearance, so that you can become its nourishment! "

The moment the death god's words left his mouth, monstrous killing intent and astral energy emanated from his body and actually condensed into a huge black death god phantom behind him, causing his aura to flourish even more.

This death god was over three meters tall, and his entire body was surrounded by a black stream of air and ghosts. He held a long death god's scythe in his hand, and appeared sinister and bizarre as he stared at Ye Xuan as if he was looking at a prey he coveted.

As the god of death stared at him, a dense sense of danger filled Ye Xuan's heart, causing all of the hairs on his body to stand up.

This was the Deathgod's Dharma Idol that the Death God Danates had tempered with his astral energy all over his body.

Its attacks were not limited to just its physical body, but also its soul!

If an ordinary person saw this death god, they would be scared half to death and their souls would be sucked away. Even a Martial Saint of the Profound Spirit Realm would have to kneel down and worship it.

He had lost count of the number of people who had died at the hands of his Dharma Idol.

"Go! "Nightmare!"


Along with the cold voice of the Reaper, the enormous simulacrum of the Reaper let out an ear-piercing screech as it filled the sky with ghosts, transforming into a gust of black wind that swept towards Ye Xuan. When it was less than three meters away from Ye Xuan, he suddenly raised the reaper's sickle in his hand and hacked it towards Ye Xuan.

"A mere Death God Dharma Idol dares to attempt to attack me?"

The demonic energy around his body surged, lightning coiled around his body, and the magic armor on his body appeared. He instantly entered into a state of lightning, opening the third level of the Bedevilment Realm, causing his aura to rise bit by bit!

An enormous figure of a devil god appeared behind Ye Xuan.

He held a huge sword in his hand, and it exuded a monstrous devil aura. It was filled with supreme might, as if it was the supreme devil king of this world. It made people feel fear in their hearts, and they could not help but want to kneel down and worship it.

This was Ye Xuan's Devil Lord appearance.

With his breakthrough in strength, he was now able to unleash many powerful martial skills that he previously could not use. The Devil Lord's Dharma Idol was one of them.

This Devil Lord technique wasn't only formed by Ye Xuan's own astral energy, demonic energy, and soul. It also contained the faith and devotion others had for him, which is also known as the power of incense.

The more people who were convinced by the Demon Lord, the stronger the faith energy they gathered, the thicker the incense, and the stronger the Demon Lord's Dharma Idol was.

The Devil Lord's Art that Ye Xuan condensed at its peak was three hundred meters wide and peerlessly powerful. Even the Azure Emperor's Art couldn't compare to it.

After reaching a certain level of cultivation, not only did one absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth or the energy of heaven and earth, one also needed the power of faith - the power of incense!

This was also one of the reasons why many powerful experts would establish their own power and establish their own sects.

Along with the fall of Ye Xuan, the number of people who believed in him dwindled, and the joss stick was gradually declining. Coupled with his current strength being below its peak, the Devil Lord's Dharma Idol was only thirty feet tall.

However, it was this ten-foot-tall Devil Lord Dharma Idol that scared the death god, which Danates was so proud of, to the point of forcing him to piss his pants.

"Woo …"

After Ye Xuan revealed his Devil Lord's Dharma Idol, the Deathgod's Dharma Idol that was slashing at him seemed to have met its most terrifying natural enemy, as it completely lost all of its dignity. Ye Xuan let out a scream of terror, turned around, and ran, transforming into a cloud of black smoke that poured into the body of the Death God Danutus and disappeared without a trace!

They arrived quickly and left even faster, causing the surrounding people to stare with wide eyes.

This was especially true for the members of the Death Shrine who were well aware of the prowess of the death god's Dharma Idol performed by the Reaper Danates. They widened their eyes and mouths, looking at each other in dismay, at a loss of what to do.

They originally thought that once the Death God Danates used his death god body, Ye Xuan would die without a doubt, but they never thought that things would end like this.

The death god was scared to the point of peeing?

Moreover, that kid called Ye Xuan was actually able to display something similar to a Dharma Idol, and it was even stronger than the Death God Daunitz's Death God Dharma Idol.

"A thirty feet tall Dharma Idol?" How is that possible? "

"This kid is obviously only at the Star Realm. How can he condense a Dharma Idol?" This is simply impossible! "

"This Dharma Idol looks familiar!"

The faces of Leng Hongxiao, the Death God Danube, and the Sun God Allocer changed when they saw Ye Xuan's extraordinary Devil Lord appearance. Their eyes were filled with deep shock as they uttered astonished words.

Only at their level of strength would they know more about martial arts.

To condense a Dharma Idol and use a Dharma Idol to attack a Martial Monarch was something only Martial Emperors at the Martial Saint level could do. Currently, Ye Xuan's breakthrough to the Void Star Realm only made him a Martial King in their eyes, yet he was able to use a Dharma Idol.

"It seems like this kid has a lot of secrets!"

After a brief period of shock and astonishment, the Sun God, Allocer, quickly recovered from his shock. His gaze towards Ye Xuan was filled with undisguised greed and passion as he coldly spoke.

"Do it! Take him down first!"


As soon as Allocer finished speaking, he, Leng Hongxiao, and the Deathgod of Death, Dana Tes, actually completely disregarded their status and attacked Ye Xuan, besieging him.

Violent auras spread out in all directions. They were like three fierce tigers that were hunting down food as they charged towards Ye Xuan.

A thick sense of life-and-death danger filled Ye Xuan's heart, causing his expression to become even uglier.

This fellow was truly shameless, actually attacking him together.

If it was a one on one fight, Ye Xuan wouldn't be afraid at all. Now that the three of them have teamed up, Ye Xuan can only put his life on the line!


Ye Xuan took a deep breath and slowly exhaled the thick turbid air. The demonic energy in his body poured endlessly into the ground. Just as he was about to make a move, his dignified and ancient voice quietly sounded out at this moment.

"You dare to behave so atrociously in this old man's territory, do you think that this old man does not exist?"