"You dare to behave so atrociously in this old man's territory, do you think that this old man does not exist?"

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As this dignified and ancient voice sounded, the clear night sky was suddenly filled with dark clouds. Three gigantic bolts of purple lightning carrying limitless killing intent struck at Leng Hongxiao. The god of death, Danatus, and the sun god, Allocer, furiously struck down.

This sudden turn of events caused Leng Hongxiao, the Death God Danates, and the Sun God Allocer's expressions to change. They didn't even need to think as they decisively gave up on attacking Ye Xuan and dodged to the side.

In the next moment, purple lightning heavily fell onto the ground, and the sound of the floor exploding followed, sending dust flying into the air.

After the dust dispersed, the three enormous holes that had been blasted apart by the purple lightning appeared in everyone's line of sight.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

At the same time, the sound of footsteps could be heard.

Following the sound of these footsteps, everyone simultaneously looked towards the source of the sound.

Under the ugly gaze of Leng Hongxiao, the Death God Danates and the Sun God Allocer, a vigorous old man surrounded by purple lightning appeared to be walking slowly.

His attire was very casual. A green robe and a pair of cloth shoes made him seem incredibly simple.

He wasn't just anyone else, he was Thunder Lightning Elder!

Elder Lei was resting in the backyard, so when he heard the sounds of fighting, he came over to take a look. However, he didn't expect that the Death God Danates and the others would actually join hands to attack Ye Xuan.

"Old Lei!"

Seeing the arrival of Old Lei, Ye Xuan and Fang Wujie respectfully clasped their hands.

They all had great respect for this respected elder.

"Old Lei, why aren't you bringing him along with you in the Thunder Dominion? What are you doing here?"

The death god's face was ice-cold, his eyes staring coldly at Old Lei, as he spoke coldly.

They were clearly very dissatisfied with the sudden arrival of Old Lei. Therefore, they did not show the slightest trace of courtesy when they spoke.

The Sun God Allocer and Leng Hongxiao stared coldly at Elder Lei, but did not say a word.

"All of you disturbed my cultivation this late at night, so you came to take a look!" I would like to ask you, why do you come to this villa at night? This is not a place where you should be! "

Thunder flashed in Old Lei's eyes. He indifferently swept a glance at the Death God Danates, and authoritative words came out of his mouth.

"This kid stole our stuff, that's why we chased him here! Elder Lei is also a highly respected person in Su Hai. I believe he will uphold justice for us? "

Leng Hongxiao took a deep breath, suppressed the anger in his heart, and spoke coldly while pointing at Fang Wujie.

They were rather fearful of Elder Lei.

It had to be known that Elder Lei's thunder magic was something even the supreme elders of the Leng Clan feared.

Moreover, Elder Lei's position and influence in Su Hai could not be underestimated.

"Stole your things? "Everything has to be evidenced. Do you have any evidence to prove that he stole something from you?"

Elder Lei's brows twitched as his gaze swept across Fang Wujie before landing on Leng Hongxiao. A dignified voice came out of his mouth.

After being questioned by Elder Lei, Leng Hongxiao, Death God Dana Tes, and Sun God Allocer were at a loss for words to reply.

After all, they did not have any evidence to prove that Fang Wujie had stolen their items.

"What is it? He couldn't find any words to say anymore? Although Fang Wujie is the number one divine thief in this world, but I do not think much of your little treasures, and am not qualified for me to steal them! "

Fang Wujie was currently holding his hands up in the air, looking extremely proud as he spoke.

Of course, to him, everything in this world belonged to him as long as it was what he wanted.

"You …"

Seeing Fang Wujie's arrogant attitude, Leng Hongxiao's expression turned extremely cold. Just as he was about to retort in anger, he was interrupted by Elder Lei's cold voice, "Since there's no evidence, then scram!"

"Elder Lei, what's with your attitude?"

The eyes of the Sun God, Allocer, flashed as he coldly spoke.

When had they ever been shouted at like this?


However, just as he finished speaking, Old Lei's expression turned cold. He took a step forward and instantly disappeared from where he stood. When he reappeared, he was already in front of the Sun God Allocer.

The expression on the face of the Sun God, Allocer, changed. Without hesitation, he crossed his arms in front of his body to block Elder Lei's furiously smashing fist.

A dull sound of collision rang out. Powerful energy spread out horizontally, causing the Sun God, Allocer, to turn pale. His body couldn't withstand the power of Old Lei's punch, and he was sent flying backwards like a cannonball.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

God knows how powerful Elder Lei's punch was, but the sun god, Allocer, glided back more than twenty meters after being struck by it. He then retreated more than ten steps before regaining his balance.

Both of his arms were charred black and there was an electric current flashing through them!

Allocer felt his arms go numb.

Elder Lei's power was beyond his imagination.

If it weren't for the fact that the Sun God Allocer used the astral energy to protect his body, he would have probably suffered some serious injuries from Elder Lei's punch.

"Old Man Lei, what's the meaning of this?"

Leng Hongxiao, Death God Danatus also appeared in front of Sun God Allocer with quick steps. Death God Danat asked coldly.

"Old Lei, aren't you being a little too much?"

Leng Hongxiao spoke up at the same time.

Although Old Lei's power was incredibly deep and extraordinary, none of the three of them were ordinary people.

If they were able to reach where they were today, they didn't have much ability. They didn't have many cards in their hands, just that they weren't able to use them yet.

"You all don't have the qualifications to speak to me like this, let the Undying Immortal Emperor behind you all come out and speak!"

Old Lei's expression was cold and his eyes glimmered with a cold light. Cold words came out of his mouth.

"Undying Immortal Emperor?"

Ye Xuan's eyes went cold as he listened to Elder Lei's words.

Back then when the Demonic Palace was facing a crisis of destruction, Mad Demon Lin Feng requested for help from Jack Ross. It was the Undying Emperor who stopped their rescue army.

It could be said that the destruction of the Demonic Palace was definitely related to the Immortal Emperor.

Now that Ye Xuan heard the Immortal Emperor's name, how could he not be shocked?

Furthermore, from Elder Lei's words, the ones behind the death shrine and Sun Temple seemed to be the Undying Emperor.

"Old Man Lei, since you know that the one standing behind us is the immortal immortal emperor, then you should know the outcome of offending us, right?"

After being exposed by Old Lei's words, the Sun God Allocer and the Death God Danates were not surprised by this. Instead, they opened their mouths to speak with a cold smile.

After all, with the methods of the Berserker Union and the Sovereign King Palace, it wouldn't be difficult for them to find out who their backers were through the information network.

And the reason why the Death Shrine and the Sun God Hall were second only to the Rampage Alliance in power was because of the Immortal Emperor behind them.

Moreover, it wasn't just the Undying Immortal Emperor that stood behind them, but the Undying Immortal Pavilion that he commanded!

Becoming enemies with them, meant becoming enemies with the Immortal Emperor.

If they were to start a war with them, it would mean that they would start a war with the Undying Immortal Pavilion.

This was also the reason why the Violent Soldier Alliance had always allowed the Death Shrine and Sun God Hall to take root in Su Hai.

Before elder Lei could reply, the Death God Danates continued saying, "Although we can't do anything to your Barbarian Union right now, with that lord's strength and methods, it shouldn't be too difficult to subvert your Lei Family!"

"Old thing, if you don't want to die, then obediently scram to the side. Otherwise, your entire Lei Family will suffer the wrath of that lord!"

A cold and untamed voice came out of the mouth of the grim reaper.


However, just as they spoke, a cold glint flashed in Old Lei's eyes. Thunder rumbled as a powerful force swept through the area, causing Old Lei's foot to forcefully stomp and a powerful force to spread out. Two lightning dragons covered in lightning had appeared from the ground in front of the Death God Danatus and the Sun God Allocer without any warning and bit towards them, causing their expressions to change greatly.

"Puchi …"

In the next moment, a dull sound of collision rang out.

The two of them vomited a mouthful of blood as they were struck by the lightning dragon. They were sent flying backwards and heavily smashed into the ground, causing dust to fill the air.

After the dust had settled, the god of death, Danatus, and the sun god, Allocer, their hair disheveled and their bodies charred black, looked extremely pathetic.

It was only when their bodies shook and suddenly exerted their strength that the dust on their bodies dispersed.

They raised their heads and stared furiously at Elder Lei, a violent killing intent blossoming in their eyes. The astral energy in their bodies surged crazily, and their clothes instantly lit up with a dazzling brilliance.

"Old thing, you're courting death!"

"Old thing, do you really think we're afraid of you?"

As the words of the sun god, Allocer, and the grim reaper, Danates, fell, an even more berserk aura spread out from their bodies, causing their aura to rise bit by bit …

It was clear that these two were going to fight with Elder Lei.

"Heh heh... How can I not be the only one to fight? "

Seeing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but sneer and step out at this moment.

His strength had been raised and broken through. Previously, when he was fighting the Death God Danates, he wasn't satisfied. Now that he had an itch, he wanted to have a good fight and test out how strong his current body's firepower was.

After all, if he didn't force himself, sometimes he wouldn't even know it himself.

A cold gleam flashed across Leng Hongxiao's eyes as well. Killing intent radiated from him as he prepared for battle.

"Why did the big guy come here so late at night instead of sleeping?"

Just as both sides were in a stalemate, a light laugh rang out at this moment.

Following this laughter, a slender figure appeared on top of a tree by the side of the road.

He was dressed in white, and in his hand was a sword with a unique design. He had the demeanor of a sword immortal of his generation.

He was none other than the leader of the Unparalleled Sword Sect - Jian Xi!

"Xi Lai!"

Looking at the coming sword, the faces of Death God Danates, Leng Hongxiao, and Sun God Allocer lit up in delight.


Just as they were rejoicing over the arrival of Jian Xi, two slender figures leapt out from the side, landing beside Jian Xi.

They were the head of the Song Family, Song Xiyuan, and the sect master of the Heaven Shadow Saber Sect, Wu Zhongliao!

With the arrival of the west side of the sword, the situation of Wu Zhongkui, Song Xiyuan, and the others had undoubtedly quietly changed.

Regardless of whether it was Jian Xi, Wu Zhong Kui, or Song Xi Yuan, they were all top-notch experts. Even Elder Lei and Ye Xuan wouldn't be able to handle the three of them, including the Death God Danates, Sun God Allocer, and the others.

However, whether it was Elder Lei, Ye Xuan, or Fang Wujie, not a single ripple could be seen on their faces. They were as calm as a spring.

This was especially true for Ye Xuan. His eyes flickered with excitement and he seemed eager to give it a try.

In his eyes, Wu Zhongkui and the others were all rare sharpening stones for Jian Xi who came before him.

"Let's go. The supper is ready!"

Jian Xi Lai glanced at Ye Xuan and Elder Lei with an ice-cold gaze as he indifferently said.

"Hong Xiao is leaving … If it's too late, the wine will be gone! "

Song Xiyuan also said with a smile at this moment.

"Hmph, you guys got lucky today. I'll let you guys off for now!"

When they heard the words of Jian Xielai and Song Xiyuan, Leng Hongxiao, Death God Danates, and the others frowned without leaving a trace. Their eyes flashed with wisdom as they left like the wind, disappearing into the night after leaving behind those harsh words …

To be exact, they didn't leave, but fled.

Because, from afar, Mad Demon Lin Feng and the Red Emperor were quickly rushing over … …