"Next, let's invite the first item of this auction!"

Under the Red Emperor's magnetic and sexy voice, a sweet looking maid held a jade plate in both hands and walked up to the auction stage while twisting her mature and provocative body.

On the jade tray she was holding, there was a translucent, cold jade box. Inside the box was ice that was five fingers wide, three feet long, and two fingers thick.

The crystal was translucent, containing a boundless amount of energy. It was emitting a dense, cold aura.

As Ruo Yanran opened the jade box, a strong cold energy emanated from it, causing the temperature of the entire auction house to plummet. Smoke curled up around the stage, making it look like a paradise on earth.

On the other hand, the Red Emperor and Ruo Yanran were like beautiful fairies from the immortal realms, graceful and noble.

"Is that Black Ice Iron?"

"What a dense cold air, what a big piece of black ice iron!"

"If such a large piece of Black Ice Iron is used to make a weapon, then its might must be extraordinary!"

"Tsk tsk, Black Ice Iron, this is a good item!"

As they looked at the items in the jade box, everyone present was pleasantly surprised. Their eyes were burning with excitement as words came out of their mouths.

"Black Ice Iron?"

Hearing the discussion of the surrounding people, the corners of Ye Xuan's mouth couldn't help but curve slightly. His gaze towards the cold jade box became extremely passionate.

This wasn't some Mysterious Ice Metal. This was clearly the Myriad Xuan Ice that Ye Xuan wanted to use to forge a new Dragon Blade.

However, the Frost Iron and the Ten Thousand Year Freezing Ice were very similar. Unless it was very difficult for a professional to differentiate them, even an appraiser might not be able to.

It was not strange that people now considered that Ten Thousand Year Old Xuan Bing to be a Black Ice Iron.

Although the Mysterious Ice Iron was a rare material in time, the Myriad Xuan Ice was much more precious than others.

The Mysterious Ice Iron was formed by absorbing enough cold energy over a period of one hundred years in a place with a dense cold energy.

The Mysterious Ten Thousand Year Ice was formed by the accumulation of extremely cold yin energy between the heaven and earth over a period of thousands or even tens of thousands of years. The purity of the extreme cold yin energy it contained was at least several hundred times that of the Mysterious Ice Iron.

If it wasn't for Ye Xuan's deep understanding of Black Ice Iron and Black Ice, he wouldn't have been able to recognize them so easily.

Currently, Ye Xuan only hopes that the Red Emperor, Ruo Yanran, and the others wouldn't recognize the Ten Thousand Year Freezing Ice, but instead auctioned it off as Black Ice Iron. This way, the price he would have to pay would be much less, and even the competition would be much less.

While the people below the auction platform were discussing about the Mysterious Ice Iron, Ruo Yanran took a step forward and pressed her hands down, causing the originally noisy auction venue to gradually quiet down. A crisp and pleasant voice came out from Ruo Yanran's mouth, "As you can see, this is a piece of rare Mysterious Ice Iron, and we determined that it has existed for over a thousand years. It has reached the absolute rank and is named as the top grade Mysterious Ice Iron!"

"Its purity and hardness far exceed the Mystical Ice Iron found in the past, making it the perfect weapon to forge. Especially for cultivators who use it to make divine weapons, it can be said to be godly help! I hope everyone present will not miss this opportunity! "

"The starting price of the highest quality Frost Iron is five million. Each bid should increase the price by at least a hundred thousand. Let the auction begin!"

As Ruo Yanran's words fell, the entire place instantly entered into an uproar. The sound of bidding continued to resound unceasingly.

"Five million one hundred thousand!"

"Five million three hundred thousand!"

"Five million eight hundred thousand!"

"6 million!"

In just a short moment, the price of this top grade Mysterious Ice Iron had passed the six million mark. Moreover, it was still rising. It could be said that the competition was fierce.

However, the true elders were not interested in the top quality Frost Iron. After all, their strength and scope had reached a certain level, and the top quality Frost Iron was not enough to move them.


As for Ye Xuan, after hearing Ruo Yanran's introduction, he heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed like he was the only one who knew the secret of this piece of superior quality black ice. He knew that it was actually a piece of ice of a higher grade and worth ten thousand years.

"10 million!"

Following the appearance of a loud and clear voice, the originally intense bid instantly became quiet at this moment.

It was Leng AoTian who started the bidding at this moment.

He was currently lacking a suitable weapon. If he were to use top grade Mysterious Ice Iron to forge it, it would undoubtedly increase his battle prowess.

After a short period of silence, there were still people who were not willing to give up on this piece of Peak Grade Frost Iron and clenched their teeth to participate in the auction!

"Eleven million!"

"11.5 million!"

"Twelve million and eight hundred thousand!"

Seeing that the auction was still going on, an impatient look flashed across Leng Ao Tian's eyes. He shouted out coldly, "Fifteen million!"

When his voice fell into the people's ears, it caused them to tightly frown. A helpless and bitter smile involuntarily surfaced on their faces.

The price of fifteen million had already exceeded the limits of their tolerance and Leng Ao Tian was determined to obtain this top grade Mysterious Ice Iron. If they were to raise the bid again, the price would likely be even higher, allowing them to ultimately choose to give up and not offend Leng Ao Tian.

Seeing this, the corners of Leng Ao Tian's mouth lifted slightly into an arc. A complacent smile surfaced on his face.

"18 million!"

However, at this moment, an ice-cold voice rang out quietly.

Seated at the side, Lin Tianjie chose to bid.

"Brother Tianjie, what do you mean by this?"

Lin Tian Jie's sudden bid caused Leng Ao Tian to frown, his gaze turning extremely cold as he coldly spoke.

"I'm also interested in this piece of top quality Frost Iron. Let's compete fairly. The highest bidder will get it!"

Lin Tian Jie's eyes flashed as he replied with a smile.

The reason he'd called out a bid at this moment wasn't because he was interested in this piece of Peak Grade Frost Iron. Instead, when he carefully observed it, he noticed that Ye Xuan seemed to have been sizing up this Peak Grade Frost Iron.

After all, his father Lin Zhenghao had told him to follow Ye Xuan in the future, so he wanted to take this opportunity to build a better relationship with Ye Xuan.

"If someone with a high price obtains it, I want to see who can compete against who!" Twenty million! "

Upon hearing Lin Tianjie's reply, Leng Ao Tian's expression turned cold as he coldly spoke.

"30 million!"

Lin Tianjie also did not give in, his tone filled with determination.

"Thirty five million!" Leng AoTian clenched his fists so hard they made 'ka ka ka' sounds.

"40 million!"

Lin Tianjie was even more domineering, treating money like dirt.

"50 million!"

A fire rose from the bottom of Leng Ao Tian's heart.

"60 million!"

Lin Tianjie smiled indifferently and said impolitely.

"70 million!"

Leng AoTian did not give in, and the two of them clashed.

Such a bid increase caused everyone to be shocked and shocked. It could be said that they were spending a huge sum of money just like that.

"80 million!"

Lin Tianjie's face was still filled with smiles.

"You …"

Leng Ao Tian's face was ice-cold. This price was no doubt beyond what he could bear.

Even though he was the young master of the Leng Clan, his clan would not pay for the items that he auctioned.

"Little Tian, it's just a piece of Black Ice Iron. Just let him be!"

Just as Leng AoTian was about to bid, Leng Hongxiao spoke up.

"Lin Tianjie, I will remember this debt. You are ruthless!"

Leng Ao Tian snorted coldly and said unhappily.

Lin Tianjie only smiled at him, but did not say anything.

When Ye Xuan saw this scene, his brows furrowed. He was hesitating on whether or not to raise the price. In the end, after thinking for a moment, he chose to give up.

After all, if he were to raise the price at this moment, Leng Hongxiao and the others would definitely follow suit. Furthermore, with his relationship with Lin Tianjie, it would not be very competitive at this point in time.

In the end, this piece of top grade Mysterious Ice Iron had fallen into Lin Tianjie's hands.

Lin Tian Jie let out a long sigh of relief after the Red Emperor made his decision. He turned his head to look at Ye Xuan with a smile on his face as he said, "Young Master Xuan, I know you're very interested in top-grade Mysterious Ice Iron, so I intentionally bid for this to gift to you. I hope that Young Master Xuan will take care of me in the future!"


Lin Tian Jie's words caused the entire audience to be in an uproar.

Who would've thought that the object that Lin Tianjie spent so much effort to obtain was for Ye Xuan, to curry favor with him!

"Puchi …"

Leng Ao Tian was so angry that he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Hearing Lin Tianjie's words, Ye Xuan was stunned. It was clear that this exceeded his expectations.

Lin Zhenhao, who was sitting next to Lin Tianjie, also laughed and said: "Young Master Xuan, this is a bit of kindness from Tianjie and Haonan, you can accept it! In the future, the two brothers will have to rely entirely on you! "

It was obvious that Lin Zhenghao had communicated with Lin Tianjie and Lin Haonan so that they could follow Ye Xuan in the future.

"Many thanks to Tianjie and Clan Head Lin. Since it's like this, I'll respectfully accept it!"

Ye Xuan already understood Lin Zhenghao's intentions. He didn't refuse and replied with a smile.

"Haha …" As long as Young Master Xuan likes it, it's good enough, it's an honor for Tianjie and Haonan! "

Lin Tianjie and Lin Haonan also laughed as they spoke.

"Don't call me young master Xuan, just call me big brother Xuan!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile in recognition of Lin Tianjie and Lin Haonan.

These two brothers' martial talent was already exceptional and their strength was not weak. If they carefully trained to accompany him to travel in the Western Asura World, then they would definitely have some achievements.

"Older brother Xuan!"

As soon as Ye Xuan's words entered their ears, Lin Tianjie and Lin Haonan were filled with wild joy.

"Lin Zhenghao, is this how you raise your son?" Such a promising future! "

When Leng Hongxiao and the others saw this scene, their expressions turned ugly. Leng Hongxiao even teased them.

"I, Lin Zhenghao, am not someone you can discipline. Besides, I don't think your son is that promising!" Right now, your Leng Clan is about to go extinct, right? "

Hearing this, Lin Zhenghao sneered and said in a provocative manner.

"You …"

Being rebelled against by Lin Zhenghao, Leng Hongxiao was both angry and angry, but he could not find any effective words to retort.

"Everyone be quiet, our auction will continue next!" We have the second item for the auction! "

Seeing that, the Red Emperor could not help but smile, and continued to host the auction.

As the words of the Red Emperor fell, under everyone's gaze, four robust men carried an iron cage onto the auction stage.

There was a person locked in the iron cage!

A woman exuding a strong sense of menace.

On her left ear hung a dagger-like earring, and her slender and graceful body was wrapped in a black leather coat. The leather coat had an eye-catching wolf's head imprinted on the chest, causing her entire person to look cold yet at the same time filled with a kind of ruthlessness.

Her hands and feet were bound by chains, and her left hand was imprinted with the mark of a slave.

She ignored everyone's looks as she sat in the iron cage eating the meat and drinking the wine. She was filled with a heroic and free air, yet no one dared to provoke her. It was extremely eye-catching.

This woman not only had a sexy figure and beautiful looks, but also had the air and boldness of a man, causing people to inexplicably like and admire her.

At the sight of this woman, Ye Xuan and Mad Demon Lin Feng's expressions couldn't help but change. Their bodies trembled as they clenched their fists until they let out kacha kacha sounds, and a violent killing intent uncontrollably spread out from their bodies.

This was because the female slaves in the iron cages were none other than former core members of the Demonic God Palace. They were important friends and even relatives.

Her name was Louis Xana, a core member of the Demonic Palace. She had once served as an executive instructor of the Demonic Palace.