The mysterious boulder was around two meters tall, two meters long, and two meters wide. It was in the shape of a cube, and there were many engravings of mysterious, ancient, blood-colored characters on it. Under the reflection of the light, it flickered with a dazzling brilliance, as if it contained some kind of mysterious power.

It was obvious that this mysterious boulder was extraordinary.

However, when you look carefully, it's difficult to find any secrets or discoveries on it. This is because the ancient and mysterious words written on it are not modern words, nor is it Oracle Bone Text, but rather it's even older, as if it spans countless times over, making it impossible for you to understand it.

"Isn't it just a broken stone carved with incomprehensible words? Do you even want to auction it?"

"This stone seems a bit old. What is written on it?"

"Could it be that there's some kind of heaven-shaking secret behind this giant boulder?"

"I don't understand, it's not like I'm an archaeologist, I don't care what secrets he has, I'm not interested!"

"Who can understand this thing? Hurry up and change it to an auction item!"

When the crowd carefully examined the mysterious boulder, they were somewhat disappointed when they did not discover anything. There were words of dissatisfaction coming out of their mouths.

Even Ye Xuan didn't notice anything.

However, he could feel that this stone was by no means simple. He could even feel a mysterious power and law hidden within it. However, this mysterious power was faintly discernible and was unpredictable. The laws were even more difficult to touch.

Hearing the discussion of the people below the auction stage, a faint smile surfaced on the Red Emperor's exquisite face. A captivating voice came out from his mouth, "This mysterious stone is from Mount Olympus!"

As the words of the Red Emperor fell, everyone present could not help but be shocked. They instantly became quiet.

Mount Olympus, located in the western dark world, was the location of the Heavenly God Palace, the second power in the western dark world. Fifty years ago, a natural disaster broke out and the earth's crust changed, causing the entire Mount Olympus to be engulfed by the sea, to sink into the sea and disappear without a trace.

After all, the Heavenly God Palace's position in the western dark world was second only to the Sovereign King Palace. Not only was the Heavenly God Palace's founder, the Sword Emperor Mihawk, one of the four emperors of the western dark world, he was also a sworn friend of the Sovereign King Palace's founder, Tyrant.

He had been obsessed with the path of the sword his entire life. He pursued the pinnacle of the path of the sword. Looking at the entire world, no one could compare to him in terms of the way of the sword.

A hundred years ago, the Sword Emperor Mi Hawk and Tyrant Lan Feng left Earth together for the vast universe. They disappeared without a trace. However, everyone in the Heavenly God Palace knew about them.

It was rumored that his shocking Sword Truth, which was similar to that of the Weeping Ghost, had been cultivated on Mount Olympus.

Nothing that has been unearthed from Mount Olympus for so many years is ordinary.

How could it not be shocking and astonishing that this mysterious rock had originated from Mount Olympus, which had long since disappeared?

No wonder people had such reactions.

Even Ye Xuan and Lin Feng's eyes burned with passion.

The black flames in Mad Demon Lin Feng's eyes surged, as he carefully sized up this mysterious boulder.

Ye Xuan had also opened his Fire and Ice Yin Yang Eyes!

As Ye Xuan and Mad Demon Lin Feng used different methods, the mysterious boulder on the auction stage quietly changed.

The blood-red characters that were originally branded on the giant rock now looked like little swords in Lin Feng's eyes, as he rapidly demonstrated different sword moves and sword techniques.

As for Ye Xuan's Ice-Fire Yin Yang Eyes, it was completely different from what Lin Feng had seen before. He didn't see the person demonstrating the sword skills or sword skills, but instead, he saw the mysterious map that was formed by those characters.

As for the others, their eyes were carefully sizing up the mysterious boulder, but they didn't discover anything like Ye Xuan or Lin Feng.

Seeing that the people below the auction platform had begun to be interested in this mysterious boulder, a tempting smile appeared on the Red Emperor's face. She extended her long, white, jade hand and gently stroked her bangs as she spoke in a bewitching manner.

"According to what we know, this mysterious boulder came not only from the Olympus Mountain Range, but also from the seclusion of one of the Four Emperors of the Dark World, the Sword Emperor."

"Rumor has it that before he left Earth, he carved his entire life's comprehension of the way of the sword onto this mysterious boulder. As long as he comprehended the words on the mysterious boulder, he would be able to comprehend Lord Mi Hawk's shocking sword dao. That's why we call it the God Stone of Swords!"

As the voice of the Red Emperor sounded, the atmosphere of the entire auction became even more heated and heated.

What kind of person was the Sword Emperor?

The peerless expert of one hundred years ago, the world's greatest sword hero, the number one swordsman in the world!

There were even rumors saying that a certain Monarch of the Sovereign King's Palace was the disciple of the Sword Emperor, Mi Hawk!

In terms of sword dao, no one could compare with him!

Today, the God Stone of the Sword Dao actually contained the Sword Emperor Mi Hawk's insights into the Dao of the Sword. How could this not cause people to feel excited and excited?

If they were able to comprehend the Dao of the Sword on the Sword Dao Divine Stone, how many people in this world would be able to contend against them?

This was a shortcut to becoming the world's top powerhouse!

Moreover, even if they could not comprehend it, even if it was a treasure within their clan, it was still possible!

After all, what if their families, their clansmen, could comprehend it?

Regardless of whether it was the people from the Sun God Hall, the people from the Death Shrine, or the Leng Clan, the Song Clan, the Unparalleled Sword Sect, the Wanxiang Divine Sect, or the Heavenly Shadow Saber Sect, they were all in a frenzy.

This was especially so for the Peerless Sword Sect. They were sword sects, and their focus was on cultivating the sword, and they were obsessed with the sword.

If they could obtain the God of Swords' Stone and comprehend the Dao of the Sword above it, they would not even have the slightest fear when facing Mount Shu, who had long since disappeared.

In the eyes of the people from the West Sword Sect, this was a tremendous opportunity for their sect to rise to prominence.


After a short moment, Ye Xuan and Lin Feng withdrew their gazes from the Sword God Stone.

The two of them exchanged glances. They could see the smiles on each other's faces.

Ye Xuan smiled and asked, "Feng, what did you see?"

"Countless sword techniques, over a hundred sword moves! "What about you?"

Insane Demon Lin Feng replied with a smile.

"It seems like what we saw was different. I saw a mysterious map!"

Hearing Lin Feng's words, Ye Xuan was stunned. He didn't expect Lin Feng to see something different.

After that, Ye Xuan turned around and his gaze fell onto Li Chunyang. He asked, "Chunyang, what about you?"

"Pure Yang stupidity, without Young Master Xuan's talent and vision, all I see of the divine stones of the way of the sword is just what is displayed on the stage, and it doesn't seem like there's anything special about them!"

Li Chunyang replied with a wry smile.

"It looks like we'll need to study this item after we've bought it!"

Ye Xuan and Mad Demon Lin Feng looked at each other and smiled.

"The starting price for the Sword God Stone is one hundred million. There is no limit to the price. Let the auction begin!"

Following the Red Emperor's bewitching voice, the noisy scene turned silent.

Everyone was shocked and shocked by the starting price of the Sword God Stone.

This starting price of one hundred million was something that many people couldn't afford to play with. They stopped in their tracks and watched as the others spent their money to fight for it.

"One hundred and fifty million!"

"110 million!"

"118 million!"

"112 million!"

After a short period of silence, the intense bid continued at this moment.

Many people drooled over the divine stone of the way of the sword, which contained the Sword Truth through the lifetime comprehension of the Sword Emperor Mi Hawk's Sword Truth. If one could comprehend the true meaning of the Sword Truth on it, then it would undoubtedly change the trajectory of their lives, so no matter how expensive this thing was, they would not be willing to give it up so easily.


He didn't know if it was a deliberate search for existence or if it was for some other reason, but a chubby little guy in the corner who was missing his front teeth ate a potato chip while making a long noise …

Unfortunately, that fatty's voice was quickly drowned out by the crowd.

"My Unmatched Sword Sect wants this God's Stone of Sword Truth. If anyone wants to fight with us, they'll just have to fight with our Unparalleled Sword Sect!" One hundred thirty million! "

"Sword Sovereign, our Myriad God School has also studied the way of the sword. In order not to hurt our relationship, I think we should compete fairly! One hundred forty million! "

"Sect Master Wu is right, my Sun God Hall is quite satisfied with this Divine Sword Stone, let's compete fairly! One hundred forty-five million! "

"Fair competition is excellent. The divine stones of the Dao of the Sword are acquired by the highest bidder. One hundred and fifty million!"

"I plan to treat this stone as my family's treasure!" One hundred sixty million! "

Even the Unmatched Sword Sect, Wanxiang Divine Sect, Death Shrine, Sun God Hall, Leng Clan, Song Clan, and many other forces were bidding as well, causing the price of the divine stones to skyrocket.

Ye Xuan and Mad Demon Lin Feng exchanged glances. Ye Xuan indifferently said, "Three hundred million!"

The moment the three hundred million came out, everyone's gazes couldn't help but go cold. Their gazes fell onto Ye Xuan, and killing intent filled their eyes.

At this moment, Jian Xi Lai spoke coldly: "You little b * stard, you dare to come out and cause trouble again? I think you really want to die! "

"I am only competing fairly. How can you call this creating trouble? "Sister Hong, you must avenge me!"

Ye Xuan couldn't help but coldly laugh when he heard Jian Xi's words. His wronged gaze descended onto the Red Emperor who was on the auction stage.

Facing Ye Xuan's wronged gaze, the Red Emperor had an expression of helplessness. He turned around and his gaze fell onto Jian Xi Lai as he coldly said: "Jian Xi, pay attention to your words. If there is a next time I revoke your Unparalleled Sword Sect's bid, kick them out of the auction venue!"

"You …"

The words of the Ruby Sovereign caused Jian Xi to be angry and frustrated. However, there was nothing he could do. After all, this was someone else's territory. Everything was up to him.

"Moreover, your Unparalleled Sword Sect can't possibly be so poor. Even a poor kid like Ye Xuan can't be defeated, right?"

The Red Emperor lightly teased.


The words of the Red Emperor entered the ears of Jian Xielai and the others. They were so angry that they almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

This caused the crowd to feel a chill run down their spines!

Is Ye Xuan still called a pauper?

In these few auctions, this boy had spent a great deal of money, spending a great deal of money like dirt, and had bought a great deal of goods. He was simply wealthy to the extreme, yet the Red Emperor had called him a poor boy.

If Ye Xuan was called a poor kid, then what were the rest of them?

However, even Jian Xi and the others didn't understand how Ye Xuan could be so rich.

Furthermore, spending money didn't hurt at all, and there wasn't even a hint of a frown on his face.

"310 million!"

After a short period of anger, Jian Xi Lai spoke with a cold voice.

"400 million!"

Ye Xuan said without raising his head.

Even Jiansi felt a bit apprehensive at such an increase in the price.

"410 million!"

Just as Jian Xi Lai was hesitating to increase the bid, one of the Great Elders of the Leng Clan took part in the auction and spoke with a deep voice.

"430 million!"

The Sun God, Allocer, similarly did not give up on the Divine Sword Stone. After all, he was also quite interested in swordsmanship.

"450 million!"

The sect head of the Wanxiang Divine Sect, Yun Wanli, also spoke up at this moment.

"460 million!"

Song Xiyuan was also vying for the divine blackstone.

They had all reached a certain level of strength, and it would be difficult for them to advance any further. If they could comprehend the profoundness contained within this divine Sword Stone, then they would definitely advance another step.

They didn't care about giving up some money in exchange for increasing their strength.

"500 million!"

Jian Xilai similarly did not give up and similarly chose to compete.

"800 million!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan frowned. A trace of impatience flashed through his eyes as he lightly spoke.


When his words came out, everyone present couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

An increase of 300 million in one go was a bit too much.

It was obvious that Ye Xuan wanted to eliminate people who weren't firm in their resolve.


Song Xiyuan glared fiercely at Ye Xuan and chose to give up.

"I would actually like to see how much money you have! "Humph!"

The sun god Allocer also chose to give up.

"Brat, you don't need this Divine Sword Stone, why don't you give it to me?"

Killing intent surged in the eyes of the supreme elder from the Leng Clan as he coldly spoke.

As the sound of his voice faded, boundless spiritual power surged out from his body and transformed into an azure ferocious beast that charged towards Ye Xuan to tear him apart.

This old thing actually ignored his pride and bullied the weak. At this moment, he openly attacked Ye Xuan.

Even if he couldn't kill Ye Xuan, he had to make Ye Xuan into a fool. It could even be said to be extremely vicious.