"Sovereign King Realm, Martial King of his generation, and the supreme elder of the Leng Clan?" "It's nothing more than that!"

Ye Xuan's face was filled with disdain as he looked at Leng Guofeng, who'd fainted from anger, spitting out a mouthful of blood. His cold voice sounded out.

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, looking at the unconscious Leng Guofeng, and then looking at the indifferent Ye Xuan, everyone present was stunned and shocked.

Their gazes towards Ye Xuan were filled with undisguised admiration and worship.

To be able to make the sect leader of the Unparalleled Sword Sect, Jian Xi, and the Great Master of the Leng Clan, Leng Gu Feng, vomit blood and faint on the spot.

"This guy's mouth is so poisonous!"

The Red Emperor couldn't help but exclaim in admiration. She really couldn't find the appropriate words to describe Ye Xuan.

After Leng Gu Feng had been made to vomit blood and faint due to Ye Xuan, no one dared to compete with him in the Heavenly Demon Dance anymore.

After all, Ye Xuan had an imposing aura and was in the limelight. No one would be willing to be his enemy.

As for those who disliked Ye Xuan and had enmity with him, they weren't too interested in the Heavenly Demon Dance and wanted to make things difficult for Ye Xuan, but they were afraid that he wouldn't continue bidding. In the end, they could only watch as Ye Xuan received the Heavenly Demon Dance.

"We have a lot of treasures. Friends that haven't been bought need not be discouraged and gather. Let us invite the next item for auction onto the stage!"

As Ruo Yanran's melodious voice rang out, under the shocked gazes of the crowd, a gigantic Magical Beast corpse was painstakingly carried up to the auction stage by sixteen Spirit Traveling Profound Realm martial practitioners.

This was a dragon-headed tiger-like magical beast. Its entire body was covered in a dark red hair, and even though it had already died for a long time, its entire body was filled with a vicious aura that emitted an unparalleled killing intent and baleful aura, causing people's souls to feel a sense of oppression and fear.

As the Magical Beast was auctioned off on the stage, an invisible might permeated the entire auction house, causing people to feel extremely uncomfortable. Some of the stronger people had cold sweat continuously from their foreheads.

One could imagine how powerful and tyrannical this dragon-headed tiger-like magical beast was when it was alive. Even Martial Kings of the Martial King level would respect it slightly.

"What a terrifying magical beast. It's been dead for so long, and yet it's still radiating such power?"

"Rumor has it that the Sovereign King Palace possesses ten great ferocious beasts. Could it be that this demonic beast is one of them?"

"Forget it, although the demonic beasts are strong and fierce when they are alive, they are definitely not comparable to the ten ferocious beasts of the Sovereign King Palace. "From what I see, this magical beast's body is covered in bullet marks. It must have been attacked by the army, and most likely by an alien from the Devil's Cave!"

This magical beast is called the dragon and tiger beast, a hybrid of the dragon and tiger races. Its entire body is a treasure, whether it be its skin, bones or even its teeth, they are all excellent materials for forging weapons and armor.

As they looked at the corpses of the Magic Beasts on the auction stage, the people there were interested and discussions were coming out of their mouths.

Ye Xuan curiously examined the corpse of the demon beast.

Unknowingly, Whitey also came out from his Demon Dragon Ring. It's small round eyes curiously looked at the corpse of the magical beast on the auction stage as it waved its little golden claws towards Ye Xuan. There were even chattering sounds coming from its mouth.

"You want this magical beast corpse?"

Ye Xuan's brows furrowed as he looked at Xiao Bai waving its little golden claws around, while he asked in confusion.

"Ji ji …"

As if it understood Ye Xuan's words, Xiao Bai chirped a few times and obediently nodded its head.

"Understood!" I'll take a picture of it. "

Ye Xuan extended his palm to stroke Lil 'White's head as he spoke with a doting expression.

"Ji ji …"

Lil 'White happily rolled around on Ye Xuan's thigh when it heard what Ye Xuan said.

Seeing that everyone was almost done discussing, Ruo Yanran, who was on the stage, smiled and said, "Just as everyone has said, the name of this magical beast is Dragon Tiger Beast. This magical beast is a hybrid of a dragon and a tiger, and it is an adult Martial King equivalent to a human Martial King.

"Not only that, his fur, teeth, and monster cores are all excellent materials for forging weapons and defensive equipment. Even if there's a price, it's hard to find. I hope everyone won't miss the opportunity to bid!"

"The starting price for the corpses of the mutated beasts is 20 million. Let the auction begin now!"

As Ruo Yanran's words fell, the intense auction started once again. All kinds of bidding sounds resounded endlessly. After all, this was a Magical Beast that had the blood of a dragon and tiger flowing within its body.

"Twenty-one million!"

"23 million!"

"Twenty-five million!"

"27 million!"

Ye Xuan frowned as he faced the rising prices.

He didn't expect that the number of people bidding this time was far more than the number of people bidding for the Immortal Dancing Technique. After all, its value was greater.

Moreover, he had already bid on many things just now. If he were to make a move now, it would inevitably arouse the displeasure of many people.

"Why don't you let me do it?"

As if he knew what Ye Xuan was thinking, Mad Demon Lin Feng, who sat beside him, smiled as he spoke.

"That's for the best!"

Hearing Lin Feng's words, Ye Xuan smiled and nodded.

Now, the price of the corpses of the mutated beasts had been pushed to the 80 million level.

Not only the Wanxiang Sect, but the Song Clan were also participating in the auction. The Death Shrine and the Sun God Hall were also bidding.

The price of eighty million yuan was exactly what the Sun God, Allocer, had bid for.

What he was interested in was the blood that flowed in the body of this strange dragon and tiger beast. If he could refine and absorb its blood, then his strength would undoubtedly rise to a whole new level.

"One hundred million!"

Immediately, the expression of the insane devil Lin Feng turned cold as he shouted in a deep voice.

"120 million!"

The Sun God Allocer frowned as he spoke in a cold tone.

"150 million!"

Mad Demon Lin Feng did not care and said without raising his head.

He never had any concept of money. He never touched money and was also a spendthrift. After all, even when he spent money, it was someone else who paid for him. For example, Ye Xuan or the richest man in Philadelphia, Jack Ross.

"180 million!" The face of the Sun God, Allocer, was ice-cold.

"200 million!" Mad Demon Lin Feng lowered his head and touched the fingertip blade in his hand, opening his mouth at a moderate pace.

"Insane demon, what do you mean?"

The Sun God Allocer finally could not hold it in and spoke with a furious expression.

"What kind of thing are you? What do I mean, I need to explain it to you?" A cold light flashed in the Crazy Devil Lin Feng's eyes, the tip of his fingers glinted with a dazzling light.

He was also a very proud person. Although the Sun God Allocer's strength was not ordinary and his reputation was great, the Crazy Devil Lin Feng did not place him in his eyes.

"Stop being so f * cking cocky here. Do you think you're still that crazy demon from before?" Killing intent surged in the eyes of the Sun God, Allocer, as scorching flames blazed around his entire body.

"You can try!" Lin Feng played with the fingertip blade in his hand, ignoring the murderous look in the Sun God's eyes.

"230 million!" Seeing this, the Sun God Allocer said coldly.

"300 million!"

Lin Feng did not even bat an eyelid.

"Holy shit!" "Awesome!"

"This Mad Demon Lin Feng is truly worthy of being with Ye Xuan. His way of speaking and his actions are just too domineering. Even his spending money is the same!"

"Tsk tsk, I also want to follow big brother Xuan. Look at that Li Chunyang, ever since he followed big brother Xuan, he has been very popular!"

"I wonder what kind of conditions I have to follow Young Master Xuan, can I join?"

Seeing Lin Feng's cold and overbearing appearance, the surrounding people all had faces of worship as they discussed amongst themselves.

"You are ruthless!"

The sun god, Allocer, was so angry that his face turned pale. He finally spat out a few harsh words, no longer raising the price.

In the end, the corpse of the strange dragon and tiger beast was successfully taken away by Mad Demon Lin Feng, causing people to sigh in admiration towards Ye Xuan's group for their wealth.

"The next item to be auctioned is no stranger to all. It is the weapon that was once used by one of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors of the Asura World - the Dragon Blade!"

Everyone's gaze once again gathered on the auction stage after the Red Emperor's extremely enchanting voice sounded out.

"Rumor has it that the Demon Lord had invited ten world-class weapons masters back in the day to work together to create the Dragon Blade. It has a powerful destructive ability similar to the Dragon Thrust that Tyrant Lan Feng used before, allowing it to be ranked second on the Asura World Divine Weapon List and third on the World Divine Weapon List!"

"Without a doubt, this is a real godly weapon that can greatly increase a person's strength. I believe that many of my friends will participate in this auction because of this weapon!" "Next, let us ask our staff to hand over the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade!"

As the words of the Red Emperor rang out, under the expectant gazes of the surrounding people, a servant girl brought the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, onto the auction stage and appeared before them.

The Dragon Blade, which had perfectly fused the characteristics of the saber and sword, was like a quiet sleeping dragon as it quietly floated within the transparent, cold jade vat that was filled with an unknown liquid.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that the Divine Weapon had experienced a great battle, but even though the Divine Weapon Dragon Blade looked somewhat damaged and had countless cracks on it, it was still unable to conceal its sharpness.

Moreover, it seemed to have a life force of its own as it breathed in and out of the cold jade vat. There were many tiny bubbles coming out of the cracks on the surface of the vane.


Perhaps it was because it sensed the attention from the outside world, the small golden dragon formed by the mysterious dragon suddenly opened its scarlet dragon eyes at this moment. A destructive force from the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, spread out without any warning, causing the expressions of everyone present to change drastically.

"This weapon is alive, not dead?"

"What a terrifying aura, this … What kind of divine weapon is this? "

"No wonder the Demon Lord was so famous back then. With the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade in my hand, I was able to make a name for myself!"

"This Divine Weapon dragon blade's design is too cool!"

All of a sudden, a flurry of discussions came from the mouths of the people.

The atmosphere in the entire auction venue had reached an unprecedented peak. Everyone wanted nothing more than to obtain this godly weapon, this earth-shattering godly weapon.

"The starting bid for the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, is one billion yuan. Let's start the bidding now!"

The Red Emperor and Ruo Yanran were extremely satisfied with the atmosphere at the scene. At this moment, he even laughed heartily and spoke.

As the Red Emperor's domineering words resounded throughout the entire auction venue, the entire auction venue was in an uproar.

This would be an unprecedented and intense battle.