"Little bastard, This King will kill you today!"

As the voice filled with killing intent fell, the Asura King's eyes flashed with a fierce light. The skulls around its body danced in the air and the ten thousand ghosts roared, charging towards Ye Xuan like a peerless fiendish demon that had unshackled its shackles.

When had a dignified Asura King ever been humiliated like this, and suffered such a humiliation?

If he didn't kill Ye Xuan today, then where would his face as an Asura King be?

Wouldn't it make the world laugh and become the laughingstock of the world if word got out?

He would never be able to swallow this anger.


Wherever the Asura King passed by, energy would dance in the air. A violent killing intent filled the air, causing everyone to tumble and crawl to the side to avoid it. They were afraid of being caught up in the Asura King's anger.

"How dare you!"

Looking at the Asura King that charged towards Ye Xuan with murderous intent, the Red Emperor's eyes flashed with a cold light as he shouted.

As her delicate voice faded, the force below her feet tore through the air like a dancing fairy. She instantly appeared in front of Ye Xuan, and the moment the Asura King's fist, which brought along with it a myriad of ghosts and ghosts, smashed over. Her pure white hand was sent flying in a circle of pink qi, colliding with the Asura King's fist.


A dull sound of collision rang out. A terrifying energy spread out in all directions, creating a violent wind that blew over the entire auction hall. The Asura King and the Ruby Sovereign were both forced back by this powerful force.

"Today, This King will definitely kill this little bastard. Whoever blocks my way will die!"

The Asura King's killing intent surged. It let out a roar as the astral energy throughout its entire body surged. Energy surged as it charged toward Ye Xuan at an even faster speed.

"Asura King, you are too presumptuous!"

Seeing this, the Silver Emperor's eyes flashed with a cold light. He stepped forwards, his figure becoming like a ghost as he appeared in front of the Asura King. His withered palm reached out and collided with the Asura King's.


At the same time, a cool breeze blew. The Ruby Sovereign appeared next to the Asura King, his slender white jade hands impolitely pressing down on the Asura King's chest.

"Puchi …"

A powerful energy swept out in all directions. The Asura King felt as if it had been struck by lightning. It spat out a mouthful of black blood. Under the combined efforts of the Ruby Sovereign and the Silver Emperor, his body was sent flying backwards like a broken kite.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

After retreating several steps, the Asura King finally managed to stabilize himself with the help of the Dark Moon and the Asura. Raising his head, he looked at Ye Xuan, who was standing in front of the Ruby Sovereign and the Silver Emperor. Killing intent surged in his eyes as he coldly said, "Are the two of you really going to protect that damned little bastard?"

"Silver Emperor, Red Emperor … Are you all openly going against the Undying Immortal Emperor?

The Dark Moon and Shura coldly spoke at this moment.

"The auction house refuses to engage in private duels. This is a rule!" But you, Asura King, have broken the rules of our auction house. This is the Rampage Alliance's territory, not a place for you to make a living! "

"Perhaps others will be afraid of you, Asura King, or the Immortal Emperor behind you. Since you are here on orders from the Immortal Emperor, then just follow our rules and don't act presumptuously here! "

The Emperor's entire body surged with Supreme Qi. His body strangely floated in the air, as he spoke out loud.

"Of course, if you want to cause trouble here, we will accompany you!"

The Silver Emperor spoke in a cold voice.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

As his words fell, with the Tyrant Dragon King Hammer, Nightblade, and Hou Kuan leading the other Rampage Alliance elites, they surrounded the Asura King and the others.

"Damn it, you all …"

"Lord Asura King, don't be angry!"

Seeing this, the Asura King was enraged. It wanted to attack again, but it was stopped by the dark moon and Asura beside him.

"Lord Asura King, that boy really deserves to die a thousand times for his crimes, but this is after all, the Wild Soldier Alliance's territory. If we really fight, we won't be able to gain the slightest advantage, so you should just bear with it for now. When we obtain the Divine Weapon Dragon Blade and the auction ends, we will have plenty of opportunities to deal with that boy!"

"If you're worried, I guarantee that Dark Moon will make him kneel before you tonight and beg for mercy!"

"Dark Moon is right. Lord Asura King, please calm your anger. There is nothing good that can come from fighting here. Our primary goal is still to obtain Divine Weapon Dragon Blades!"

At this moment, the Shura also advised.

"Good!" This King will give you two face and let this brat go first! "

The Asura King clenched its fists so hard that crackling sounds came from it. It stared fixedly at the Red Emperor and Ye Xuan, and gnashed its teeth in anger.

As his words fell, he sat back down in his seat with monstrous anger.

"Brat …"

The Red Emperor fiercely glared at Ye Xuan as he walked up the auction platform.

As for the people present, after a brief moment of shock, they gradually returned to their senses. Their gazes towards the Asura King were filled with sympathy and pity, and their gazes towards Ye Xuan were filled with admiration and adoration.

This fellow's' one with one 'technique was truly formidable. Even a character like the Asura King had been angered by him to the point of spitting out three liters of blood, and ended up in such a miserable state.

"That damned bastard Ye Xuan!" "He is so arrogant to have this bitch, the Red Emperor, backing him up …"

"I never would have thought that even the Asura King would fall into his hands and suffer a great loss …"

"Could it be that there really is a cultivation method called 'one with one with the person'? Even the Asura King spat out blood from that fellow's mouth, and its seven orifices spouted out blood from anger …"

"That bastard Ye Xuan is really despicable to the extreme. I've never seen such a shameless person!"

"I originally thought that the Asura King would be able to deal with that boy, but I never imagined that it would end up in that boy's hands …"

Leng Hongxiao, Death God Danates, Sun God Allocer, Leng AoTian, Song Xiyuan and the others who were chased out of the auction hall stood in the plaza outside, watching the live broadcast of the scene on the big screen. Their eyes were all filled with rage, and from their mouths came a furious voice.

Their hatred for Ye Xuan had long since reached an incomparable degree.

They originally thought that the Asura King's arrival would give that brat, Ye Xuan, a ruthless lesson. They never thought that the Asura King would suffer such a huge loss.

Such an outcome was extremely infuriating and hard to accept.

Of course, Ye Xuan and the others didn't know about Leng Hongxiao and the others' anger. Now, all of their attention was once again focused on the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, on the stage.

The Red Emperor wore a smile as he faced the crowd. He spoke in a clear voice, "Previously, Ye Xuan bid ten billion for this godly dragon blade. Is there anyone here who wants to bid higher than him?"

"10 billion?"

As the Asura King heard the Ruby Sovereign's words, its eyes flashed with a cold light, and its eyebrows furrowed together.

Obviously, he didn't expect Ye Xuan to offer a price of ten billion. Of course, he didn't know that there were over 110 billion in Ye Xuan's bank account. After all, he wasn't present during the previous auction.

"13 billion!"

After a short period of silence, Kindred of the Great Han Empire was the first to speak.

"15 billion!"

At this moment, the Duke of Ying Prefecture, York's Bo Li, also spoke in an indifferent tone.

"18 billion!"

The Great Empire's Tian You Yi coldly called out a price after a moment of silence.

However, they, who were originally full of confidence and were determined to obtain the godly weapon, didn't have the confidence and strength they had at the start. This was because Ye Xuan had over eleven billion on him, and even the combined assets of all three of them couldn't compare to that.

Now, while they were bidding, they were also thinking of other methods.

"A hundred …"

The Asura King wanted to bid, but it discovered that if this continued, the price of this divine weapon would reach 20 billion!

Although the Undying Emperor had said that he would pay whatever price to obtain the Divine Weapon dragon blade, in the Asura King's opinion, 20 billion was not worth it. After all, the Divine Weapon dragon blade was already in a semi-damaged state …

Even though it contained the most advanced technology in the world, the price was too high and the price had to be paid.

"20 billion!"

Even so, the Asura King could only grit his teeth and speak at this moment.

This was because he had no other choice. If he didn't succeed in obtaining the Divine Weapon, he wouldn't be able to cross paths with the Immortal Emperor.

"23 billion!"

Kindred clenched his teeth and called out the price. This price was already near the limit that he could accept.

"23 billion!"

At this moment, Yorkbury spoke in a low voice.

Deep in his heart, he had already decided to give up on this Divine Weapon Dragon Blade.

Too expensive, he couldn't afford it!

Normally, if it was sold outside, it would be hard for him to sell the Divine Weapon Dragon Blade at such a sky-high price. He felt that it wasn't worth it and decided to use other methods to sell it.

"25 billion!"

His gaze was fixated on Ye Xuan, who was similarly calling out a price.

"30 billion!"

Ye Xuan indifferently said without raising his head.

"Does this bastard really think that money is so easy to earn?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's bid, the Philadelphia richest person in the corner had a face full of pain.

As Ye Xuan's voice rang out, the originally noisy crowd quietened down once more. Even the Asura King, Kindred, Yutang, and Yorkbury all fell silent at this moment, no longer calling out a price.

Ye Xuan's price had obviously exceeded the limits of what they could afford.

"Your Majesty, I have a suggestion. I wonder if it's appropriate to say it?"

After a moment of silence, his gaze landed on the Red Emperor as he spoke with a deep voice.

"Your Excellency, Tian Youyi, please speak!"

Upon hearing the words of the Heaven's Desolate Wing, the eyes of the Red Emperor landed on him as he lightly nodded his head.

"Money and the like are just numbers to everyone. Presumably, the owner of this Divine Weapon Dragon Blade is also the same. So … How about a different auction? For example, exchanging an item for an item. I think the owner of this Divine Weapon Dragon Blade would also agree with it! "

You Yi said with a serious face.

"Exchange for items? Good idea! Your Excellency's suggestion is not bad, I agree! "

"There is no way to measure true treasures by their value. The method of exchanging items for items is the best!"

"That's right, This King also agrees with this proposal!"

Hearing the suggestion of Heaven's Longevity, the eyes of the Asura King, Yorkbury, and Kindred lit up as they echoed his words.

Perhaps they weren't prepared enough to defeat Ye Xuan in terms of wealth, but in terms of treasures, they were able to defeat Ye Xuan.

As for Ye Xuan, his expression turned extremely grim and unsightly after hearing their suggestion.

Although he had quite a few treasures on his body, there weren't many treasures that he could take out. There was undoubtedly a huge gap between him and these treasures.

Hearing the words of the others, the Red Emperor frowned and fell into a long silence.

A moment later, the two of them looked at each other before speaking in a low voice, "We are unable to make a decision regarding this matter. We need to discuss this with the person who wielded the Divine Weapon …"

"There's no need to discuss it, just do as they say!" In exchange for something, whoever takes out this treasure will be able to move me, so this Divine Weapon Dragon Blade will belong to them! "

However, just as the words of the Red Emperor fell, an illusory voice rang out quietly.

Following this voice, a tall figure shrouded in darkness walked out from a box on the second floor.

His tall and straight body was wrapped up in a long black robe. His entire body was surrounded by a black energy flow, making him look like a demon hidden in the darkness. People could clearly see his appearance, and could only conclude that he was a man.

He was the owner of the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade!

The Red Emperor addressed him as Mister Chu!