Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Mr. Chu slowly opened the box containing the treasure.

Inside the treasure box was a nine foot long Western Sword with a pitch-black blade. On its surface were carvings of mysterious patterns.

As Mr. Chu held the Western Sword in his hand again, the mysterious patterns on the sword seemed to have come alive at this moment, circling and dancing around the Western Sword. It could be said that the strange phenomena were as if a great treasure had just been unearthed.

Not only that, the cold feeling from the handle of the Western Sword not only made his thoughts more clear and lively, but also made him feel as light as a feather.


whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

With a flick of his finger, a large amount of sharp sword Qi flew out from the sword, slicing through the air, making it hard for people to open their eyes.

This Western Sword could be said to be as sharp as mud and as sharp as mud.

"This sword is not bad. What is its name?"

asked Mr. Chu in a low voice, raising his head and looking at York.

"This sword is called Blacktooth, it is the treasure of our Shadow Nation's royal family. It was created by the most famous God of Weapons, Frances, from the Heavenly Crystal Black Stone and the True Dragon Fang in the last century. It is incomparably sharp, and ranked thirty-six on the World Ranking Divine Weapon.

"Although Divine Weapon Dragon Blade is ranked higher than Blacktooth, he was still damaged. And, this Blacktooth is completely undamaged, it is enough to exchange with Divine Weapon Dragon Blade for an equal price!"

At this moment, the Duke of the Shadow Country, Yorkbury, stood up and spoke.

From his point of view, the value of Divine Weapon Dragon Blade was indeed extremely high and had great power. However, it was already in a half-damaged state, so it was fair for both sides to exchange it with this Black Tooth Dragon Blade.

Therefore, Yorkbury still had a certain amount of confidence.

"It's actually Blacktooth! He's ranked 16 on the World Divine Weapon Ranking, and he was even forged by the weapon god of the western dark world, Frans!"

"This Blacktooth is indeed a good sword. He has three forms that can be changed. He can adapt to any country's people!"

"It's still possible to trade Black Fang for the semi-damaged Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade!"

"This really is a good sword. It's a pity that I can only watch!"

After hearing the introduction, everyone started to talk about it.

"Unfortunately, I never use a sword …"

Just as a certain Mr. Chu was about to exchange the Divine Weapon Dragon Blade for this Blacktooth, he slowly placed it back into the treasure box and tossed it to Yorkbury, causing him to be stunned for a moment with a stunned look on his face.

Of course, Mr. Chu did not care about the stunned Yorkbury. Instead, his gaze fell on the treasure box presented to him by the female general of the Great Han State.

This treasure box was made from a unique piece of cold jade. When it was placed there quietly, it emitted waves of cold air, causing people to feel a strong sense of curiosity towards its contents.

When Mr. Chu extended his palm and slowly opened the treasure box, a pagoda that was surrounded by countless dense images of fairies appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

Outside of the pagoda, there were many celestial fairies dancing with the music playing from inside the pagoda, causing people to be unable to extricate themselves from the enchanting music and the dancing poses of the fairies.

"Ding ding ding …"

Following the release of the beautiful music from the pagoda, the hearts of everyone present calmed down. All their worries had been forgotten, and their cultivation techniques and the Supreme Force in their bodies started to circulate, as if they were listening to the beautiful music and watching the beautiful dance …

From time to time, a golden light would flash within the pagoda, emitting a mysterious power that seemed to be able to suck in a person's soul.

The tower had a total of thirty-six floors and every floor contained a mysterious power. When someone tried to channel a strand of Spirit power into the tower, the scene in front of them changed once again.

They discovered to their astonishment that they had arrived at the first floor of the pagoda. Aside from the mysterious and ancient characters on the first floor, there were also ancient martial skills as well as a peerless beauty.

She had a beautiful face that could topple nations. She wore a sexy lace dress that revealed her snow-white jade neck, sexy shoulders and straight snow-white legs.

She quietly laid on the bed, revealing her captivating and perfect figure. Her voice was filled with enticement as she said, "My lord, these ancient characters floating in the air are my Great Han State's rare sword techniques, if you can successfully cultivate it, then I will be yours. I'm fine with what you want to do, but not only can you enter the next layer …"

This soul attracting voice coupled with the woman's fiery figure and expression was truly hard to resist.

This caused many people to be completely engrossed in the pagoda.


It was only when Mister Chu closed the treasure box that the crowd finally recovered from the miraculous scene from before. The gazes they used to look at the treasure box were filled with an unprecedented burning desire.

It had to be said that the treasures taken out by this Great Empire's female general, Tian Youyi, were simply too attractive.

Even Ye Xuan, Mad Demon Lin Feng, Fang Wujie, and Li Chunyang were intoxicated by the news.

"What is it, and what does it do?"

Mister Chu raised his head and set his gaze on Yutang's body.

Its name is the Illusory Sound Treasure Pagoda, and it is one of the five great treasures of the Great Empire. Not only does it contain the souls of the thirty-six supreme beauties of the Great Empire, it also contains a rare martial skill and sword technique.

"As long as you succeed in learning the sword techniques on each level, you can gain the favor of beauties and do what you want. Then, you can enter the next level! Not only can the sound it makes calm the heart, it can also immediately enter a state of cultivation and increase the efficiency of cultivation. At the same time, it can also cultivate spiritual force, causing it to evolve towards soul force! "

You Yi stretched lazily, revealing her sexy body perfectly.

Looking at the alluring appearance of the Prometheus, everyone's eyes were burning with passion. Some people could not help but ask: "Then Sir Tian You Yi, out of the thirty-six beauties in the Illusionary Sound Treasure Pagoda, are you one of them?"

Once he said that, everyone's eyes couldn't help but shine, as they set their greedy and passionate gazes on Tian Youyi.

This woman was simply the best in the world. No man would be able to resist her, and they all wished to be intimate with her!

"Of course, this general will be waiting for you on the 34th level!"

Hearing that, Tian You Yi couldn't help but smile. He stretched out his pure white hands to caress his exquisite face, and said like an orchid, as words that could captivate souls came out from his mouth.

Her expression and actions, along with her words, were enough to ignite the flames in the depths of one's heart. It was a completely different story, one that would cause one to be deeply engrossed in it.

Even Ye Xuan, Mad Demon Lin Feng, and the others, who had always been calm and collected, had an instant of absent-mindedness and impulse.

"Tsk tsk … This Illusory Sound Treasure Pagoda is truly a treasure! "

Fang Wujie's face was burning as he praised with glowing eyes.

He had already decided that after the auction, he would go and buy this pagoda.

"This Illusionary Sound Treasure Pagoda is indeed a rare item in this world. It is extremely interesting!"

Even Mr Chu sighed in admiration.

As a man, he was naturally interested and fond of this sort of thing. Sometimes, it was hard to resist such a thing.

However, people with status such as his naturally had self-control and self-control, and did not rashly make a decision.

"Mr Chu, look at this Phantom Sound Tower …"

Hearing Mr. Chu's words of praise, Tian You Yi stretched out his white jade hand to gently stroke the bangs on his forehead, teasing him as he spoke.

As for the Shura King, Yorkbury, and Kindred, they all looked at Mr. Chu with grave expressions, afraid that if he agreed, they would lose their chance.

"Let me take a look at the two remaining items first!"

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Mister Chu's indifferent voice.

The two remaining items were naturally the Asura King and Ye Xuan's.

Mister Chu took the Asura King's treasure box and opened it.

Following the opening of the treasure box, what appeared before everyone's eyes was a golden token emitting a thick golden light along with an emperor's true qi.

There were nine golden dragons engraved on the badge, and mysterious golden words were revolving around the badge, as if they contained mysterious laws.

Even if it was lying quietly inside the treasure box, it would still find it difficult to conceal the majestic Emperor's Qi that filled the world.

"What exactly is this command token? Why do I feel an invisible pressure from it?" It's as if you want me to kneel down and kowtow to you! "

"This token contains too many mysteries, it dazzles me!"

"This... Could it be the Immortal Emperor Token of the Immortal Emperor? "

"Immortal Emperor Token?" "No way, he actually took out the medallion?"

Looking at the medallion within the treasure box that exuded the aura of an emperor, the shocked voices of the people around could be heard.

"That's right, this is the Immortal Emperor Token of the Immortal Emperor!"

Hearing the words of the crowd, the Asura King spoke with an arrogant expression.

The Immortal Emperor Token was a token personally crafted by the Undying Emperor. There were a total of three tokens, and each of them were combined with his cultivation technique and blood essence. This token was used by him as a reward to those who had achieved great merits. Not only did it represent an incomparable status and identity, it also represented the Immortal Emperor. It could even be used to protect one's life, and was enough to defend against an all-out attack from a peak Martial King.

Taking out this token would allow the Immortal Emperor to help him fulfill a wish unconditionally.

With this medallion, he would be able to run rampant in the Asura's World and become the ruler of a region.

Who would have thought that the Asura King would actually take out the Immortal Emperor Token?

"This fellow actually took out the Immortal Emperor Token!"

Even the gazes of Ye Xuan and Mad Demon Lin Feng were filled with unprecedented seriousness.

This Immortal Emperor Token was simply far more powerful than the Azure Emperor Token that Ye Xuan had created back then. There was no way to compare it at all …

With the appearance of the Immortal Emperor Token, Ye Xuan's struggle for the Divine Weapon and Dragon Blade would probably become extremely weak.