In the Western Asura World, the Immortal Emperor had the same status as the ancient emperors.

In the ancient era, the Immortal Emperor Order was equivalent to the emperor's Gold Medallion for saving one's life. In fact, its effect was even greater than the Gold Medallion for saving one's life. After all, the Gold Medallion for saving one's life could only save one's life when one of the ministers made any mistakes.

However, not only did this medallion contain the inheritance of the Immortal Emperor's cultivation technique, it could also be used as a protective talisman to block attacks from experts. It could also make the Immortal Emperor agree to any condition, allowing him to do anything for him.

With the Immortal Emperor Token, he would be able to do whatever he wanted in the Western Asura World.

One could only imagine how useful this Immortal Emperor Token was.

Although the Ancient Buddha sariras, primordial medicine, and the Illusory Sound Treasure Pagoda were all treasures of the world and each had their own great uses and potential, allowing one to become even more powerful, the Immortal Emperor Token was also extraordinary, and its value was similarly enormous.

"The Asura King really put in a lot of effort. He actually even took out the Immortal Emperor Token! "Ah Xuan, this time, I'm afraid it won't be so easy to obtain the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade!"

Seeing the Immortal Emperor Token that was emitting a golden light, the Crazy Devil Lin Feng's expression turned ugly as he spoke.

In the Western Asura World, this thing was basically an unassailable existence. The only thing that could be compared to it were the tokens of the other two emperors.

Even the Five Emperors of the Asura World had to treat the medallion seriously, not daring to defy it.

"Don't forget that this place isn't the Western Asura World. Although the Immortal Emperor Token is extraordinary, it isn't so enjoyable in the outside world!"

Hearing Mad Demon Lin Feng's words, Ye Xuan calmly spoke.

"But the note you wrote is incomparable to the treasures you took out earlier …"

Mad Demon Lin Feng said with a helpless expression.

"If my guess is correct, then the outcome may not be certain. Just wait and see!"

Ye Xuan's face didn't have the slightest fluctuation as he lightly said this.

At this time, he could only take a gamble. If he really couldn't make it, then he would only be able to forcefully seize the Divine Weapon dragon blade.

Mister Chu, the Immortal Emperor personally created this medallion, a total of three medallions. Not only do these medallions contain the inheritance of the Immortal Emperor, they are able to withstand the attack of a peak Martial Monarch, but they can also make the Immortal Emperor unconditionally help you fulfill a wish, even if you want to live in the Western Asura World and create your own kingdom!

Looking at Mister Chu carefully inspecting the medallion, the Asura King laughed as he spoke.

"Phew!" I got it! "

Hearing the Asura King's words, Mister Chu took a deep breath. He calmed his restless mood and calmly said these words.

As the sound of his voice faded, he placed the medallion back into the treasure box.

Subsequently, his gaze fell onto Ye Xuan's treasure box.

"If I'm not wrong, then the last treasure box is Young Master Xuan's, right?"

"What kind of treasure do you think Young Master Xuan can take out?"

"Who knows? But with Young Master Xuan's status and performance, the treasures that you took out shouldn't be too bad! "

"Tsk tsk, we've really broadened our horizons this time. I hope that Young Master Xuan's treasures will not disappoint us!"

Dense anticipation surfaced on the faces of everyone present as they looked at the last treasure box that had yet to be opened. Words of discussion were emitted from their mouths.

Obviously, everyone had high expectations towards the item that Ye Xuan took out.

While they were speaking, Mister Chu had already opened the treasure box.

Following the opening of the treasure box, a scene that caused everyone present to be astonished silently occurred.

It was because there were no extremely precious treasures in the treasure box. Instead, it was a folded piece of paper.

"Holy shit, what the hell is going on?" A note? "

"How did you get past the first selection?"

"That Ye Xuan actually only placed a note on it!"

"What kind of trick is this?"

"F * ck, this note is blinding my titanium dog eyes!"

"This young master Xuan really doesn't follow common sense!"

Looking at the slip of paper within the treasure box, everyone at the scene burst into an uproar.

"What the hell? Is that kid crazy? "

Even the Great Han Empire's Kindred and the Ying Family's York were stunned.

"It's not a trick, but that guy can't take out any treasures, so he can only put a slip of paper in order to trick us!"

The Asura King coldly laughed as it looked at Ye Xuan with disdain.

"Interesting. Does that kid think that a slip of paper he wrote can compare to the treasure we took out?"

You Yi also laughed coldly. She stretched out her pure white hand to caress her face as she teased him.

"What the hell is going on in this kid's gourd?"

Even Old Bai and Old Lei, who sat nearby, were puzzled. As they looked at Ye Xuan's calm expression, their brows tightly knitted together.

They really didn't understand how Ye Xuan put a note in there.

Of course, the one who was confused was the Red Emperor. After all, Ruo Yanran didn't tell her that the letter Ye Xuan placed inside was a slip of paper.

"Yanran, what's going on? What the hell is that kid doing? "

The Red Emperor turned his head and his gaze landed on Ruo Yanran as he asked softly.

"Aunt Hong, I'm also not sure what Ye Xuan is doing. I can only wait and see."

Ruo Yanran softly replied.

The Red Emperor gently nodded his head as his gaze fell upon Mister Chu. He discovered that Mister Chu was similarly stupefied, and could even feel a trace of displeasure from his gaze.

"A note, interesting! Could a piece of paper be able to exchange for my Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade? "

Looking at the slip of paper lying quietly in the treasure box, Mr. Chu gave a cold smile. A few indifferent words came out of his mouth.

As his words fell, he stretched out his hand with great interest and took the paper in his hand. Then, he slowly opened it …

As Mr. Chu slowly opened the slip of paper, Ye Xuan's heart also became nervous.

"Boom! Boom!"

When Mr Chu opened the note and read the flamboyant words written on it, his expression changed from calm to lost control of himself in an instant. A violent and terrifying aura unreservedly spread out from his body, spreading in all directions and causing a fierce wind to blow across the entire auction house, making it hard for anyone to open their eyes …

Looking at Mr. Chu who had instantly lost his composure after reading the letter, and feeling his terrifying and powerful aura, the people at the scene were all shocked and astonished.

They were shocked by Mr. Chu's strength and astonished by his lack of control.

They did not understand why the calm and tranquil Mr. Chu would instantly lose his composure after reading this piece of paper.

What was written on the slip of paper?

At that instant, everyone's hearts were filled with strong curiosity.

"Seems like I made the right choice!"

Looking at the Mr. Chu that instantly lost his composure, Ye Xuan let out a long sigh of relief from the bottom of his heart.

"Older brother Xuan, what exactly did you write on that note?"

Seeing this, Fang Wujie curiously asked.

Ye Xuan smiled, but didn't say anything. His dignified gaze descended onto Mr. Chu.

He speculated that this Mister Chu in front of him was most likely from the same family as his former demonic concubine, Chu Qing Xin. He even had a deep relationship with him, and just now, he had written a poem on the note that Chu Qing Xin had once given him.

Although Chu Qing didn't tell Ye Xuan what this poem meant at that time, he knew that it might be of great use.

Unexpectedly, Ye Xuan had used this one.

"I've fallen in love with you. It seems like you've helped me once again!"

His mumbling voice resounded within Ye Xuan's heart.

On the auction stage, after a short period of shock and losing his composure, Mr. Chu calmed down from his fluctuating emotions and gradually came back to his senses.

He looked at the piece of paper in his hand and scanned his surroundings. He then asked in a cold tone, "Who wrote this piece of paper?"

"Mr. Chu, I wrote this note!"

Ye Xuan muttered to himself for a moment before slowly standing up after hearing Mister Chu's words.

"The Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, is yours! I'll wait for you in Sujiang Park at 10 o'clock tonight! "

Looking at Ye Xuan who stood up, Mr. Chu's eyes flickered with a cold light, and unquestionable cold words came out of his mouth.

As Mr Chu finished speaking, he did not even glance at the treasures before turning around and striding out of the auction place, disappearing from everyone's sight …


When they heard Mr. Chu's words, the entire venue was in an uproar. Words filled with confusion and astonishment came out from the mouths of the people present.

"Damn, are you kidding me?!" With just a slip of paper, you managed to deceive a Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, into getting your hands on it? "

"This... What was going on? Can anyone tell me why Ye Xuan used a slip of paper to obtain the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade? "

"Could it be that the information in that note is even more valuable than the Divine Weapon?"

"Holy shit, my big brother Xuan is awesome. A single slip of paper was exchanged for the Divine Weapon Dragon Blade!"

"Young Master Xuan is mighty and does not follow the usual path!"

"This is too amazing! My Young Master Xuan is simply too cool!"

"There are so many treasures that Mr. Chu didn't choose, but he actually chose Ye Xuan's note. He's worthy of being my idol, Young Master Xuan!"

Although everyone had their doubts about Mr Chu choosing Ye Xuan's paper and giving him the ownership of the Divine Weapon, most of them were shocked.

He obviously didn't think that Ye Xuan would use such a method to gain Mister Chu's approval and obtain the ownership of the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade.

Whether it was the grandmist medicine, the Illusory Sound Treasure Pagoda, or the Immortal Emperor Token, they were all extraordinary objects in this world. But in the end, they couldn't compare to a slip of paper that Ye Xuan had written.

At this moment, everyone's gazes towards Ye Xuan were filled with shock, but most of them were filled with adoration.

"How... How could this be? "Mr Chu..."

As the Asura King heard Mister Chu's words, it froze on the spot. It sat on its seat in a daze, dispirited words flowing out from its mouth.

"That brat actually used a piece of paper to compare our treasures?"

Desolate Wing, Kindred, and York were equally shocked and confused. They had no idea what was going on.

They had lost.

He was completely and utterly defeated.

He lost with a stupefied expression!