At 10 PM in Su Jiang Park, on the Star Seizer Tower!

Mr. Chu was standing on the top floor of the Star Seizer Tower, facing the Sujiang River, with his hands behind his back.

Looking at the raging Su Jiang, many thoughts flashed through Mr. Chu's mind.

He did not expect that after so many years, he would still be able to see that poem.

And only two people in this world knew of that poem. One was him, and the other was Chu Qingxin.

One must know that three years ago, he had already received news of Chu Qingxin's death. In order to find out the whereabouts of Chu Qingxin, he had even resigned from his position as the Chu Clan's Patriarch and went to the Western Asura World to personally inquire.

However, in the end, they had nothing. They did not receive any news of her whereabouts.

Who would have thought that he would see that poem in this auction?

This gave rise to a glimmer of hope in the depths of Mr Chu's heart. Perhaps he had given his all and decided not to die!

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

After a long wait, Sha Sha's footsteps finally sounded.

As the rustling of footsteps sounded out, Ye Xuan walked to the top of the Star Seizer Pavilion.

"Junior Ye Xuan greets Mr. Chu!"

Ye Xuan respectfully clasped his hands as he looked at Mr. Chu, who was standing with his hands behind his back.

"It's good that you're here!"

Mr. Chu didn't turn around to look at Ye Xuan. He calmly looked at the surging Su Jiang as he spoke.

Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head before striding to Mr Chu's side. He gazed at the flowing Su Jiang and didn't say another word.

The two of them seemed to maintain a tacit understanding of each other, maintaining their silence. Neither of them wanted to easily break it.

At the foot of the mountain in the center of Sujiang Park, there were two groups of people hiding in the forest on both sides of the river.

They were General Kindred from the Great Han State and Duke of the Shadow Country, York, from the royal family.

Right now, they were really hiding in the forest and coldly staring at Mr. Chu and Ye Xuan from afar. Their eyes were glinting with a cold light.

The reason they came here was obvious. It wasn't to deal with Mister Chu or Ye Xuan, but to obtain the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, from Ye Xuan.

They'd also heard what Mister Chu had said when he left during the auction, so they'd long since snuck over to ambush and steal the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, in order to kill Ye Xuan.

As for that Mr. Chu, they did not plan to attack him.

Mr. Chu stood on top of the Star Plucking Pagoda and gazed at the flowing Su Jiang. Seeing that Ye Xuan hadn't spoken for a long time, he couldn't help but ask, "Do you know why I gave you the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, to come here?"

"Is it because of that poem that this junior wrote?"

Ye Xuan replied in a low voice.

Mr. Chu lightly nodded his head, and after a long while, he mustered up his courage to ask, "This poem was originally written by me for her mother, and was later handed over to her by her mother … She and I are the only people in the world who know. Counting the time, she has left home for 3,966 days. Is she still well? "

Following Mr. Chu's words, the black stream of air surrounding him gradually dissipated, revealing his true appearance.

He looked to be only forty or fifty years old, but his temples had already turned white. His resolute face revealed a stern and dignified look, but at the same time, it was also filled with the vicissitudes of life. Even though his body was very robust and strong, it was filled with an unconcealable sense of sorrow and exhaustion.

Hearing Mr Chu's words and looking at his gray temples, Ye Xuan's heart suddenly shook. His gaze towards Mr Chu was filled with deep guilt and self-blame.

From the information in Mr. Chu's words, Ye Xuan was able to deduce the relationship between Mr. Chu's identity and Chu Qing's heart.

He was most likely Chu Qing's father.

Chu Qingxin was Ye Xuan's previous Demon Consort, his beloved wife.

From a certain point of view, the Mr. Chu in front of him could be considered as Ye Xuan's father-in-law.

Ye Xuan didn't know how to answer Mr. Chu's question.

Some things, some things he really couldn't say.

Feeling Ye Xuan's silence, Mr. Chu's gaze couldn't help but dim. He muttered under his breath, "Back then, her mother had infected me personally. In order to prevent her from being sad, I hid this from her mother." I heard that the Arctic Mountain in the depths of the Otherworldly Demonic Cave has a divine medicine that can cure all kinds of illnesses, so I went out to search for medicine there … "

"When I returned, Snowfall was already seriously ill and had passed away. As for Qingxin, she had misunderstood me and blamed me for not taking care of her mother normally … In her sorrow, she left the family and went out alone. In order to prevent me from finding her, she went to the Western Asura World. Later on, I heard that she mixed in with a young genius from the Western Asura World. "

"So, I personally went to the Western Asura World to secretly observe that brat for a period of time. I felt that he had a good character and owed you a great debt, so I returned to the clan without having to worry about him. "Later on, I heard that he ascended to the throne of one of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors of the Western Asura World, becoming a Demon Lord and marrying into a wife. I was secretly happy in my heart!"

"It's just that I never thought that the four Emperors of the Western Asura World would actually join forces against that brat Demon Lord. In the end, the Demon Lord was betrayed by a traitor and died wholeheartedly in order to save her. The Demon Lord also fell because of that."

By the end of Mr. Chu's words, there was too much regret and self-blame, "If I had known that they would encounter such a thing, I would not have left and returned to my family, but stayed with them in the dark …"

"All these years I've been secretly investigating her whereabouts, but there wasn't any trace of her. I thought she was really dead, but I didn't expect to see this poem at the auction, so a ray of hope rose in my heart. I thought she was still alive, but I didn't expect that … "Sigh …"

Mr. Chu let out a long sigh and raised his head to look at the vast stars in the sky, not saying a word.

Hearing Mister Chu's words, Ye Xuan's guilt and self-blame grew even stronger.

No wonder he had felt like he was being watched by others for a period of time, allowing him to avoid danger even when he was in danger. He didn't expect that all of this was due to the man in front of him secretly observing and helping …

It was he who did not take good care of Chu Qing's heart. It was he who had let down this man whose love was like a mountain.

"Yes. "I'm sorry!"

A low voice came out of Ye Xuan's mouth.

"Sigh... Forget it! "

Mr Chu lightly shook his head. He withdrew his gaze from the stars in the night sky and patted Ye Xuan on the shoulder. Then, he turned around and walked down the stairs with large strides …

"Where are you going, sir?"

Looking at Mr. Chu's dejected figure, Ye Xuan couldn't help but ask.

"Keep looking for her until I see her corpse!"

Mr. Chu answered without looking back.

"You mean you didn't see her body?"

Hearing this, Ye Xuan's gaze went cold as he asked in a low voice.

If she didn't see the body that she had fallen in love with, did that mean that if she did, she might still be alive?

"No. So I have to find her and take her home. "

Mr. Chu replied flatly.

A wave of hope rose in Ye Xuan's heart.

If he could miraculously survive, then would he be able to live as well?

At that moment, he followed and walked side by side with Mr. Chu.

Along the way, neither of them spoke.

Mr. Chu didn't even ask how Ye Xuan knew about this poem.

The two of them quickly walked down the mountain. When they arrived at the bridge that crossed Su Jiang, both Mr. Chu and Ye Xuan stopped in their tracks. However, at this moment, a calm voice sounded out from Mr. Chu's mouth.

"Mice that are hiding in the dark, come out after waiting for so long!"

Hearing Mister Chu's words, they looked at Mister Chu and Ye Xuan who were standing in the middle of the bridge. General Kindred of the Great Han Kingdom and Duke York of the Shadow Nation, who were hiding in the forest on both sides of the bridge, couldn't help but shiver.

They did not expect that this Mr. Chu's perception would be so astonishing and powerful. Even though they were trying their best to conceal their own aura, they were still able to detect it.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

In the next moment, they led their men out of the forest and surrounded Mr. Chu and Ye Xuan.

The Great General Kindred had brought a total of five people with him on this trip. These five people were dressed in black, wore a veil, covered their mouths and noses, held a long blade in their hands, and exuded a strong murderous aura. They were famous experts of the Great Han Nation, known as the Five Tigers of the Han Nation.

As for the Shadow Country's Duke, York Burberry, he brought a total of three people with him. They wore 21st century French style clothes, and held western swords in their hands. Their sharp, blood-red eyes flickered with a cold light, and they looked at Ye Xuan and the others like vampires filled with the desire to suck the blood from the bodies of Ye Xuan and the others dry.

They were the well-trained assassins of Yorkbury, and his trusted men. They were known as the Demon Three Swordsmen!

Following the encirclement of Ye Xuan and Mister Chu with the Devil Three Swords, an intense murderous aura pervaded the air, causing the atmosphere to turn cold and somber. It caused Mr. Chu and Ye Xuan to frown, and their eyes flickered with a cold light.

Kindred and Yorkbury were both extremely powerful, and with the addition of the Five Tigers of Han State and the Three Swordsmen of the Demons, it was no doubt a thorny problem.

Furthermore, Ye Xuan and Mr. Chu clearly felt that there were people secretly watching them. It was evident that there were people who hadn't shown themselves yet and were planning to sit back and watch the fight, reaping the rewards!

"Mr. Chu, we have no intention to make you our enemy." Mr. Chu, we have no intention to make you our enemy.

Looking at the cold face of Mr. Chu, Kindred smiled and said.

"That's right, Mr. Chu. You can leave at any time. Our target is Ye Xuan!"

At this moment, Yorkbury also smiled and said.

This Mr. Chu's strength was unfathomable, and they had never thought of provoking him.

"And if I don't?"

A sharp light flashed in Mr. Chu's eyes as he coldly replied.

"If Mr. Chu insists on wading into this muddy water, then we can only offend Mr. Chu. If Mr. Chu is harmed, I hope that Mr. Chu will forgive us!"

Yorkbury said, neither humbly nor arrogantly.


Mr Chu snorted coldly as he looked deeply at Ye Xuan before walking away.

Mr. Chu's action was undoubtedly a great relief to Kindred and Yorkbury.

Seeing that Mr. Chu was about to pass by Kindred, his entire body surged with a violent aura. It brought with it a ferocious force as it violently smashed towards Kindred's head. Cold words came out of his mouth.