The next morning, when the morning sunlight spilled in from the window, the sleeping Ye Xuan gradually opened his hazy, sleepy eyes.

When he opened his eyes, the first thing that entered his line of sight wasn't the ceiling above him. Instead, it was an incomparably beautiful face that caused Ye Xuan to jump in fright.

"You … Why did you come out? "

Looking at the exquisite face in front of him, Ye Xuan subconsciously took two steps back as he exclaimed in astonishment.

The beauty that stood in front of him was none other than the beauty that Ye Xuan had saved from the Immortal Immortal coffin. She was the self-proclaimed Star King.

Ye Xuan had Li Chunyang ask Elder Yin if he had any information about the Star Realm Great Emperor, but he didn't find any results.

Currently, the Star Realm Great Emperor was wearing a white immortal dress as he gracefully stood in front of Ye Xuan's bed. His entire body was emitting a strong immortal aura, as if he was a fairy that had descended to the mortal world.

Little White was like a docile little kitten squatting on the shoulders of the Star Realm Great Emperor as it tenderly looked at Ye Xuan, its little face filled with humanity and innocence.

Last night in the inner space of the Demon Dragon Ring, Little White and the Star King had a fierce fight over their territory. In the end, Little White was defeated and became the little pet on the shoulder of the Earth Star Realm Emperor.

Ye Xuan didn't understand how the Star Realm Great Emperor had opened the Immortal coffin and exited the ring.

"There is nothing in this world that can trap me!"

Looking at Ye Xuan's stupefied expression and hearing his puzzled words, the Star Realm Emperor coldly said.

"Then... Before … Senior... Would you please turn around? I need to get dressed. "

Hearing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help smiling bitterly as he wrapped himself in a blanket and stammered.

"What is it? "Are you afraid I will molest you?"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words and looking at him curled up on the bed with a blanket wrapped around his body, the Star Realm Emperor said in a bad mood.

After a pause, she continued, "Also, do not call me Senior. I am not that old!"

"If he's not called senior, then what's he called?"

Ye Xuan smiled bitterly.

"Didn't I tell you? Call me the Great Emperor of the Star Realm!"

A cold light flashed through the eyes of the Star Realm Emperor.

"We don't need to call it that, do we? "How tacky, can you change your address?" Ye Xuan extended his hand to rub his head as he said this in an innocent and difficult manner.

"Then call me your majesty!" The Star Realm Great Emperor said after thinking for a moment.

"Your majesty?"

Ye Xuan looked at the Star Realm Great Emperor and felt that it was strange when he heard her address him. He bitterly smiled and said, "Based on our past relationship, this address isn't too good. Can't we be a bit more intimate?"

"Alright, you can call me Ah Zi from now on!"

The Star Realm Great Emperor coldly swept Ye Xuan with his gaze and said impatiently.

"Ah Zi?" Your surname is Zi? "

Hearing the words of the Star Realm Great Emperor, Ye Xuan's gaze went cold, and his eyes flickered with a glimmer of wisdom.

"Alright, I came out for some fresh air. I should go back to sleep. Don't bother me if there's nothing else!"

The Star Realm Emperor didn't pay any attention to Ye Xuan. He yawned, lazily stretched, then transformed into a streak of light that flew into the ring.

As if he'd thought of something, the Great Emperor of the Realm's illusionary words entered Ye Xuan's ears. "From now on, this place is my temporary residence. Don't throw trash in!"

"Trash? What kind of rubbish is this? "

"Boom! Boom!"

Just as Ye Xuan was puzzled by the words of the Star Realm Great Emperor, a violent aura spread out from within the ring. A large number of items flew out and filled the room, causing the entire room to be in a mess.

These were all items that Ye Xuan had stored in the ring.

"This …"

Looking at the messy room, Ye Xuan couldn't help but reveal a helpless and bitter smile. He finally understood what the Star Realm Great Emperor meant by trash.


Fortunately, Ye Xuan still had another storage ring, the Void Demon Ring from the Demon Emperor's treasure. With a single thought, the Void Demon Ring released a dazzling light and a boundless suction force, sucking in all of the items into the Void Demon Ring.

After doing all of this, Ye Xuan stretched lazily, washed up, and walked out of the house.

"Master, you're awake? I just made breakfast for you, eat it while it's still hot! "

Just as Ye Xuan walked out of the room, Louis Xana walked out of the kitchen with a fragrant breakfast in hand, smiling as he spoke.

"Alright, it's been hard on you, little Nana!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded, then sat at the dining table and started to eat his breakfast.

"Pure Yang, take a walk with Shaina for the next few days and spar with her to increase your strength. I'll be taking care of weapon master Yun Lan first!"

After eating breakfast, Ye Xuan bid farewell to Li Chunyang before driving his Blackpeak Warship towards the Weyers Hotel in the center of Su Hai City. He'd arranged to meet the weapon master, Yun Lan, there.

From the moment he walked out of the villa, Ye Xuan had felt a spy on him. On the way to the Weyers Hotel, Ye Xuan had been followed, causing Ye Xuan's expression to become extremely cold and unsightly.

Clearly, these were all spies from the Leng Clan, the Song Clan, the Unparalleled Sword Sect, and the Death Shrine. After all, they didn't choose to leave after the auction ended, but chose to stay in Su Hai and wait for Ye Xuan to leave the city to settle his scores.

As long as Ye Xuan didn't leave the city, they wouldn't leave for a day.

After all, if they were to make a move against Ye Xuan right now in Su Hai City, the commotion he would cause would be too great. When the time came, the authorities would even be alerted and make an appearance.

As a result, they could only temporarily endure their killing intent as they prepared and discussed to deal with Ye Xuan and the Rampage Alliance, secretly raising their strength.

Ye Xuan didn't attack his pursuers. Instead, he used his outstanding driving skills and terrain to easily shake them off.

By the time Ye Xuan arrived at the Weyers Hotel, it was already half past nine in the morning. The weapon master, Yun Lan, was already waiting for him there.

The Weyers Hotel was quite famous in Su Hai. Its environment was extremely elegant, and the room Ye Xuan and the others had booked was facing the sea of rain. From the window, one could see the scenery of the sea.

Right now, the weapons master, Yun Lan, was elegantly lying on a chair by the window. While tasting the tea in the cup, he was also gazing at the endless scenery of the rainy sea, appearing exceptionally relaxed.

Perhaps it was to hide her identity, but she had taken off her white dress and classical attire. Instead, she had changed into a set of bright silver casual clothes, revealing her sexy figure, wearing black sunglasses, and her temperament. It could even be said that she was a goddess of the modern age.

As she lazily reclined on the chair, her snow-white slender legs were revealed, exposing the air and giving off a unique scent and enticement that caused Ye Xuan to be unable to resist taking a few more glances.

"Master Misty Cloud, I'm really sorry. I met a few flies following me on the way. I came late to get rid of them!"

An apologetic smile surfaced on Ye Xuan's face as he looked at Yun Lan, who was lying on the chair. He spoke in a low voice.

"Have you brought the items?"

Yun Lan didn't continue on this topic. Instead, she directly got into the main topic. Her gaze fell onto Ye Xuan as she asked in a low voice.

"I've brought them all!"

Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head. The Void Magic Ring in his hand flashed, and he took out his Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, Eternal Dragon Tooth, Myriad Manifestation Ice, and Void Magic Flame.

They floated quietly in the air, causing a huge change in the temperature of the room, as if it was separated into two parts.

On one side was a blazing fire and on the other a bone-chilling ice!

Looking at the four items, Dragon Blade, Eternal Dragon Tooth, Mysterious Ten Thousand Year Ice, and the Void Magic Flame, the weapon master Yun Lan, who was originally lazily lying on the chair, suddenly sat up. She took off her sunglasses to reveal her exquisite face.

After that, she bent down and carefully observed the immortal dragon whiskers and the ten thousand year old Xuan Bing. Her eyes were full of excitement and admiration, as if she was admiring a piece of art.

As the weapon master, Yun Lan, bent over to observe, her collar slightly drooped, revealing the seductive scene beneath her snow-white neck. Ye Xuan was stupefied, and didn't dare to look any further. He hurriedly turned his head to the side and praised in his heart, "So big, so white!"

"Indestructible Dragon Tooth, Void Demon Flame, and Myriad Profound Ice! These three are all of the highest quality!"

A moment later, the weapon master, Yun Lan, retracted her gaze and said with a satisfied expression, "As for this Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade is the best amongst the best!"

Pausing, the weapons master Yun Lan sighed and said, "It's just that the internal damage to this Divine Weapon is too great, it's impossible to repair. It's a pity! "

"A pity? There would be gains and losses! If it isn't damaged, Master Mist, how did you get the chance to forge a new weapon? How could he have the chance to create a Dragon Thrust that surpasses Master Mo Lin's? "

Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile when he heard the words of the weapon master Yun Lan.

"Kid, although your words are not very pleasing to the eye, but there is no way for me to refute you!"

Hearing this, an alluring smile involuntarily appeared on the face of the weapons master, Yun Lan. She stretched out a pure white hand to caress the bangs on her forehead, smiling as she spoke.

"How long will it take to produce it?"

Ye Xuan lightly asked as he smiled and turned around to gaze at the boundless sea of rain.

"I have a new idea and a new idea. It might take a long time, but the new dragon blade I created will be even more powerful!" The weapons master Yun Lan thought for a moment and said.

"There's no problem with the time, I can wait!" "But how long do you need? You have to give me a time limit!" Ye Xuan replied in a low voice.

"One month! All the preparations and most of the components have been completed, and I can finish it within a month! "

The weapon master, Yun Lan's eyes were filled with anticipation.

"Good!" Then I will wait for you for one month! " Ye Xuan nodded his head lightly. He took out a design blueprint from the Void Magic Ring and passed it to the weapon master Yun Lan. "This is the blueprint of this old Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade. It might be helpful to you!"

"Thank you!"

The weapons master, Yun Lan, lightly nodded her head. She kept the blueprints and the Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, and other items into her storage ring, smiling as she spoke.

Her dream and wish was to design and create a weapon that surpassed her master, the weapon master Morin. Now that Ye Xuan gave her the chance to fulfill her dream and wish, how could she not be happy and grateful to him?

As a true weapons master, being able to produce outstanding and perfect works was the greatest meaning of their lives.

"I wish you success!"

Ye Xuan replied with a smile.

As his words faded, he didn't linger any further. He strode out of the hotel and disappeared from the sight of the weapons master, Yun Lan.

Not long after Ye Xuan left, a sharp and slender figure appeared within the room.

He was none other than the killer Feng Xin!


He walked up to the weapons master, Yun Lan, and spoke with a respectful expression.

"Is everything ready?"

The weapons master, Yun Lan, asked in a low voice.

"Everything is ready, Master Frans and the others are also here!"

The killer Feng Xin replied respectfully.

If anyone in the outside world heard the name Frans, they would be surprised because he was from the same era as Tyrant Blue Wind. He was his friend and once the famous weapon god of the western dark world!

"Then, let's go!"

Hearing the killer's reply, the weapons master, Yun Lan, lightly nodded her head.

Afterwards, she quietly left under the lead of the killer Feng Xin …