"Brat, because the three of us were scared just now, tell us, how should we settle this debt?"

Liu Zhihua, Zhang Xiaohua, and Bi Ye walked over to Ye Xuan. Cold light flickered in their eyes, and some of them even pointed their fingers at Ye Xuan's nose, seeming to be superior to him.

"This doesn't concern the three of you. If you don't want to die, then scram to the side!"

Ye Xuan didn't have the slightest expression on his face. He didn't even look Liu Zhi Hua's group in the eye as he coldly spoke.

"None of our business?"

"Because of you, we're all scared to death, what's the matter with us?"

"Brat, do you want to die? Do you know who we are? "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Liu Zhihua, Zhang Xiaohua, and Bi Ye could be said to be angry and angry at the same time. Angry words came out of their mouths.


Ye Xuan's expression changed and a trace of impatience flashed through his eyes.

As soon as the word "f * ck off" came out of his mouth, an invisible aura exploded forth.

"Puchi …"

Liu Zhihua, Zhang Xiaohua, and Bi Ye were the ones bearing the brunt of the impact. They felt as if their bodies were out of control as they were sent flying by a violent force, blood spraying from their mouths.

"You're courting death!"

Only after continuously taking a few steps back did Liu Zhihua and the others stabilize themselves with great difficulty. The intense pain caused deep pain to surface on their faces. Their gazes towards Ye Xuan were filled with dense killing intent as angry words came out of their mouths.

These three fellows were really ruthless. As their words echoed out, they actually ignored the injuries on their bodies and smashed their fists towards Ye Xuan.

"Swish …"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan snorted coldly. He lightly waved his hand and forcefully slashed out. An invisible force spread out and an icy cold aura filled the air.

Under the shocked gazes of the surrounding people, Liu Zhihua, Zhang Xiaohua, and the others were instantly frozen into three eye-catching ice sculptures before they could even reach Ye Xuan.

Gu Xiaoli, Li Wenjiang, and Zhang Wenhai were shocked by Ye Xuan's simple actions.

After easily taking care of Liu Zhihua and the other two, Ye Xuan walked towards Li Wenzhou and Zhang Wenhai with an expressionless face. He said an unquestionable sentence, "My patience is limited. You guys don't need to waste time!"

"Brat, let me tell you, don't go too far! Su Hai Merchant Guild's vice president, Shang Jing, is staying with me. If you continue to cause trouble like this and alarm President Shang Jing, you won't have a good ending! "

Seeing this, Zhang Wen Hai didn't back down. He clenched his teeth and said.

"Merchant view? I've never heard of it. Even if I did startle him, what can he do to me? "

Ye Xuan shook his head as he coldly replied.

"What can I do to you? "Brat, your tone is truly arrogant!"

However, just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, a dignified voice sounded out at this moment.

As the voice rang out, a 50-year-old middle-aged man wearing a pair of thick-framed glasses slowly walked down the stairs under the ecstatic gaze of Zhang Wenhai.

He was thin and had the look of a typical businessman. His hair was a bit gray, and the thick golden frame reflected a bright light under the light.

He was Su Hai Merchant Guild's vice president, Shang Jing.

Behind Shang Jing was an old man in his seventies who seemed very benevolent. He was tall and sturdy with a tough appearance, wearing a black training uniform, and a middle-aged man in his forties.

They were the hall master of Thunderbolt Hall in Jiang-Nan, Liu Yuanpeng, and the hall master of Wild Lion Hall in Jiang-Nan, Tang Wenshan. They were all rather famous and had quite a formidable strength.

It was a pity that ever since the massacre of the family had occurred ten years ago, the Jiang Nan Thunderclap Hall and the Jiang Nan Ferocious Lion Hall had been disbanded and gradually withdrew from the martial arts world.

For some reason, they came to Su Hai to serve the business world and became the business world's right hand men!

Of course, Shang Jing treated the two of them extremely well. He had always treated them with respect and treated them as brothers!

The honored guest Zhang Wenhai was referring to was them.

"President Shang Jing!"

"President of the Chamber of Commerce!"

Seeing the business view slowly walk down the stairs with Liu Yuanying and Tang Wenshan, Zhang Wen Hai and Li Wen Kuan hurriedly walked up to greet them, respectfully speaking from their mouths.

Soon after, the two of them started complaining bitterly with tears and snot running down their faces, "President Shang Guan, you have to uphold justice for us. You brat, you are truly arrogant and do not care about the law. Look at how much you have ripped our son apart …"

"Don't worry, since you have joined our Chamber of Commerce and are a member of our Chamber of Commerce, I will naturally seek justice for you!"

Shang Jing extended his hand to push the glasses frame made of pure gold, his gaze slowly swept across the scene. When they saw Zhang Xiaohua, Liu Zhihua, and Bi Ye, who were frozen into ice sculptures, their eyebrows creased, and they coldly spoke? What was going on? How did Liu Zhihua and the other two nephew become like this? "

One had to know that the fathers of Zhang Lil 'Ye, Liu Zhihua, and Bi Ye were very close to Shang Jing. They were all important members of the company.

"President of the Chamber of Commerce, it was all done by this kid!"

Zhang Wenhai extended his finger and pointed at Ye Xuan.

"Yuanpeng, call Old Zhang, Old Liu, and Old Bi over. After all, their son has been informed that something has happened to them!"

Shang Jing instructed.

"Yes sir!"

Liu Yuanying nodded slightly. He took out his cell phone and made a call.

Only after giving out instructions did Shang Jing turn his head around and place his gaze onto Ye Xuan. His voice was cold and dignified as he said, "Brat, you said that you'd shock me. What can I do to you?"

"That's right!" Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head and lightly said.

"Then, let me tell you the answer now! Will you die miserably? " A cold light flashed in Shang Jing's eyes.

"Am I going to die a terrible death? "What a joke!" Ye Xuan didn't mind and lightly shook his head.

After pausing for a moment, Ye Xuan continued, "Let me remind you in good will that this has nothing to do with you. Don't think that you're smart.

"Am I going to die a terrible death? You remind me? Kid, do you know who I am? " Shang Jing coldly looked at Ye Xuan as if he'd heard a joke.

"I have no interest in who you are. Get out of the way!"

Ye Xuan frowned as a trace of displeasure flashed through his eyes.


Shang Jing laughed coldly and retreated to the side.


The instant Shang Jing finished speaking, Tang Wenshan took a step forward and stood in front of Ye Xuan, blocking his path.

In the next second, Tang Wenshan clenched his fist tightly as the force throughout his entire body surged. He clenched his iron fist and carried a formidable force as he fiercely smashed it towards Ye Xuan's chest.


"Puchi …"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan's eyes narrowed, and a cold light surged within them. He didn't have any intention to dodge, and instead allowed Tang Wenshan's fierce fist to smash onto his chest.

A muffled explosion rang out, and Tang Wenshan felt as if his fist had smashed into a steel wall. He could feel an intense pain, as if his hand bones were about to shatter from the impact.

Just as he was about to exert his strength once again, a terrifying force exploded out, causing his face to turn pale. He spat out large amounts of black blood and was sent flying by the powerful force.

Tang Wenshan, who was sent flying a dozen steps back, shattered a coffee table before barely managing to stabilize himself. He raised his head and looked at Ye Xuan with a gaze full of undisguised seriousness and shock.

Ye Xuan wasn't injured at all, and he didn't even move an inch.

The onlookers were also shocked by the scene that was playing out in front of their eyes.

No one expected that Ye Xuan wouldn't even move. It was one thing for him to forcefully endure Tang Wenshan's punch and even injure him.

"It seems that the Golden Dragon Sacred Armor is quite useful!"

A faint smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he gazed at Tang Wenshan, who had been injured to the point he spat out blood, and he muttered to himself.

The reason why he hadn't attacked back just now was because he wanted to test the defensive capabilities of the Holy Golden Dragon Armor. The result was beyond his expectations, making him extremely satisfied.


The attack just now didn't have any effect, causing Tang Wenshan to only feel humiliated. He let out an angry roar as the astral energy within his body surged and he fiercely charged towards Ye Xuan.

When he was less than five meters away from Ye Xuan, he suddenly leaped into the air, his legs revolving with a violent blue aura as he sent a lightning-fast kick towards Ye Xuan.

This was Tang Wenshan's famous ultimate skill — Heaven's Destruction!


However, when faced with Tang Wenshan's furious attack, Ye Xuan only lightly waved his hand.

"Boom! Boom!"

A terrifying Supreme Qi spread out in all directions along with Ye Xuan's wave of his hand, causing sand and rocks to fly about. Tang Wenshan, who was attacking him, was sent flying like a kite with its string cut, heavily smashing into the faraway bar.

Although Tang Wenshan was rather famous in the martial arts world, his strength and Ye Xuan's were on completely different levels.

"This... This … "So fierce?"

Looking at Tang Wenshan who was sent flying like a mosquito by Ye Xuan, everyone present had faces of shock and amazement as they gasped in surprise.

The originally calm Merchant Shop was shocked by Ye Xuan's move.

Only Liu Yuanpeng, the original head of the Southern Thunderclap Hall, still had a calm expression. His gaze towards Ye Xuan was even more serious and cautious.

To be able to send Tang Wenshan flying with a single slap with just the strength of his True Divine Spirit, Ye Xuan's strength had probably already stepped into the Void Star Realm and became a Martial King.

Even Liu Yuanying admitted that he was not confident when facing him.

"Mr. Manager, what should we do now?"

Looking at the imposing Ye Xuan, Zhang Wenhai and Li Wenjiang couldn't help but shiver, and they couldn't help but ask Shang Jing.

"What are you afraid of? Are you scared just like that? Seeing how useless you two are, hurry up and call for someone! "

Shang Jing said in a bad mood as he looked at Zhang Wenhai and Li Wenjiang's frightened expressions.

After which, he turned his head and set his gaze on Liu Yuanyu as he spoke in a low voice.

"Yuan vulgar, I will leave that brat to you!"

The instant Shang Jing's words left his mouth, Liu Yuanyu charged towards Ye Xuan with a strong killing intent as fast as lightning.

However, at this moment, a cold and angry voice rang out.