Ye Xuan's eyes flashed. He originally thought that Liu Yuanying would stop because of this, but he didn't think that not only did he didn't have any intention of stopping, he took advantage of the moment when Ye Xuan was distracted to launch a surprise attack at him.

Liu Yuanyuan's palm emitted a dazzling sparks and emitted a thick fog of sulfur. His palm created afterimages as it shot towards Ye Xuan's chest.

The air exploded!

This was the Jiangnan Thunderbolt hand that Liu Yuanpeng cultivated in. Its destructive power was extremely great, comparable to the might of gunpowder!

Once someone was hit by his Gangnam Thunder Hand, their internal organs would be severely injured, and they would die on the spot. It could only be described as fierce and powerful.

However, Ye Xuan still maintained his calm in the face of Liu Yuanying's powerful attack. Not a single ripple could be seen on his face, and only a cold light flickered in his eyes.

Since Liu Yuanpeng wants to die, Ye Xuan can grant his wish.

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The instant Liu Yuanying's Jiangnan Thunderbolt struck over, the demonic qi in Ye Xuan's right hand surged. He clenched his fist into a fist and smashed forward like a black dragon.

Devil Dragon's Strength - Devil Dragon's Fury!


"Puchi …"

In the next moment, a dull sound of collision rang out.

Liu Yuanying's figure suddenly froze. His attack stopped and he spat out a large amount of blood. His entire body flew out like a cannonball, heavily smashing into the ground in the distance.


However, this fellow was also a ruthless person.

He furiously roared, completely disregarding his own injuries. Like an enraged wolf, he suddenly crawled up and charged at Ye Xuan.

The moment he rushed out, his arm jerked and a sharp sword came out from his sleeve and fell into his hand. Then, he swiped his finger across the sword's body.

The sharp sword emitted a blinding light, as if it was ignited by gunpowder. A large amount of smoke was emitted from the blade, and it abruptly pierced towards Ye Xuan's heart.

His speed was as fast as lightning piercing through the night.


In the blink of an eye, Liu Yuanpeng arrived in front of Ye Xuan. Seeing the sharp sword in his hand about to pierce into Ye Xuan's body, a cold and sharp figure appeared in front of him along with the cool breeze.

With one hand, he grabbed Liu Yuanying's sword, and with the other, he clenched his fist into a fist and punched Liu Yuanying heavily in the face.

"Puchi …"

The dull sound of the collision and the sound of bones being dislocated rang out. Liu Yuanying was sent flying once again.

This time, he was no longer able to get up from the ground. Instead, he was severely injured, lying on the ground with his last breath.

"Cough cough …"

Dark black blood flowed from the corner of Liu Yuanpeng's mouth. He raised his head with great difficulty to look in Ye Xuan's direction, but discovered that a young man had appeared beside Ye Xuan.

He had a handsome face and exuded a noble aura. He was dressed in custom-made clothes and had the demeanor of a young noble. People couldn't help but look at him twice.

He was none other than Lin Haonan, who had been informed by Gu Xiaoli to come over.

"Young Master Xuan, I'm sorry for being late, I've scared you!" Are you hurt? "

After injuring Liu Yuanying, Lin Haonan didn't pay any attention to him. Instead, he turned around and looked at Ye Xuan with a respectful face.

Hearing Lin Haonan's words, Ye Xuan lightly shook his head. He smiled and asked, "Why did you come here?"

"Well, I heard from my cousin that you were in some trouble here, so I came to take a look!"

Lin Haonan rubbed his head, smiled, and said: "Young master Xuan, please rest first, let me handle this!"

His father, Lin Zhenghao, had told him that he and his brother, Lin Tianjie, would be following Ye Xuan in the future. Naturally, they had to get closer to Ye Xuan, but they didn't dare to be too deliberate.

"Kid, who are you?"

Seeing the sudden appearance of Lin Haonan, Zhang Wen Hai and Li Wen Kuan frowned and had serious expressions on their faces. Zhang Wen Hai could not help but ask at this moment.

"You're asking me who I am?"

A cold smile appeared on Lin Haonan's face when he heard Zhang Wen Hai's question.

"That's right, who are you to dare meddle in other people's business? Do you know that this is the vice president of Su Hai Merchant Guild, Shang Jing!? "

With Shang Jing supporting him, Zhang Wenhai was not afraid of Lin Haonan and pulled out this huge piece of skin.

"You are the vice president of Su Hai Chamber of Commerce, Shang Jing?"

Lin Haonan's eyebrows raised as his gaze fell on Shang Jing.

He had occasionally heard his father mention this business scene and heard that this fellow had some background and reputation in the business world.

"That's right, I am Shang Jing! May I know who you are? "

Shang Jing took a step forward, his eyes carefully sized up Lin Haonan as he solemnly said.

He felt that the young man before him looked familiar, as though he had seen him somewhere before, but he couldn't remember where.

"Lin Family, Lin Haonan!"

Lin Haonan swept a glance at Shang Jing and coldly replied.

"The Lin Clan's third young master, Lin Haonan?"

After hearing Lin Haonan's words, whether it was Shang Jing, Zhang Wenhai, or even Li Wenzhou, all of their expressions couldn't help but change. Their gazes at Lin Haonan were filled with undisguised shock and amazement.

Although they were merchants, they knew that Su Hai had three big families, and the Lin family was one of them.

They had heard of Lin Haonan's name before, and knew that he was the third young master of the Lin Clan.

Especially when Shang Jing heard Lin Haonan's name. He had seen Lin Haonan at a banquet before, no wonder he had an impression of Lin Haonan.

They did not wish to offend or provoke the Lin Family at all.

Even if Shang Jing was the vice president of Su Hai Merchant Guild, he was no exception. One must know that the head of the Lin Clan, Lin Zhenghao, was also the honorary chairman invited by Su Hai Merchant Guild.

As long as the head of the Lin Clan, Lin Zhenghao, said something, his business would be done for.

At this moment, Shang Jing's face was filled with smiles. He quickly walked up to Lin Haonan, and said apologetically: "So it's Third Young Master Lin, Shang Jing had eyes but failed to recognize Mt. Tai."

"Third Young Master Lin, why didn't you inform us when you came here? I'll get someone to arrange it for you!"

"That's right, Third Young Master, please sit down quickly so that we can all apologize for you!"

At this moment, Zhang Wen Hai and Li Wen Kuan also revealed the fawning faces of the merchants that they excelled in.

These guys turn on their faces faster than they turn on their books.

"Cousin, you're finally here …"

At this moment, Gu Xiaoli walked over to Lin Haonan's side and said with a smile.

"I've already asked you to take good care of Young Master Xuan, but look at you …"

Lin Haonan snappily said as he looked at Gu Xiaoli, whose face was covered in dirt.

"You know that I don't have any martial talent. I can't fight at all. It's not easy to drag you down …" Gu Xiaoli scratched his head in embarrassment.

"Cousin?" This … Is this Lin Sanjiu really your cousin? "

Hearing the conversation between Gu Xiaoli and Lin Haonan, Li Wenzhou and Zhang Wenhai were both stunned, and words of disbelief came out of their mouths.

Especially Zhang Wenhai. Gu Xiaoli had told Third Young Master Lin that he was his cousin long ago, but he never believed him. He never expected that everything Gu Xiaoli said was true.

This Third Young Master Lin was really his cousin.

"Nonsense, do you think I'm lying when I have nothing better to do?"

Hearing Zhang Wenhai's question, Gu Xiaoli said in a bad mood.

"This... Young Master Gu, it was all a misunderstanding just now, don't be angry … "

Seeing this, Zhang Wen Hai's face was immediately filled with smiles. He then said a few words of sincere apology.

"That's right, Young Master Gu, don't be angry. What happened just now was really a misunderstanding. I'm really sorry, we apologize to you …"

Li Wenzhou also echoed.

These guys caused Ye Xuan to feel cold on the side.

"Humph!" Don't try to get close to me here! "

Gu Xiaoli snorted coldly. This feeling of being flattered was something to enjoy.

After a pause, Gu Xiaoli continued: "Moreover, you shouldn't apologize to me, you should apologize to Young Master Xuan instead. He is my older cousin's esteemed guest!"

"Right, right, right..."

Hearing Gu Xiaoli's suggestion, Li Wenzhou, Shang Jing, Zhang Wenhai, and the others had expressions of deep understanding. Only now did they recall Lin Haonan's incomparably respectful appearance towards Ye Xuan.

They immediately nodded their heads before turning around and clasping their hands at Ye Xuan. "Young Master Xuan, we have eyes but we didn't recognize you. We didn't know that you were Third Young Master Lin's friend. If I were to offend you, I hope you would forgive us!"

"Young Master Xuan, you're too magnanimous, don't bother with us!"

Ye Xuan only coldly swept his gaze over Zhang Wen Hai. Shang Jing, Li Wen Kuan, and the others didn't say anything.

"Apologize? Look at yourself, does it look like you're sincerely apologizing? Kneel in front of me! "

Upon seeing this, Lin Haonan's expression turned cold as he sternly shouted out.


Upon hearing Lin Haonan's words, Zhang Wenhai, Shang Jing, and the others could not help but be stunned.

When did they ever kneel down and apologize?

"What is it? "You don't like it?"

Seeing their reaction, Lin Haonan was displeased: "Since you don't know how to apologize? "Then I'll teach you today!"



As Lin Haonan's words fell, the force on his right leg swept out like a bolt of lightning, kicking Zhang Wen Hai, Shang Jing, Li Wen Kuan, and the others' legs.

"Ahh …"

Powerful energy exploded in all directions, followed by the sound of breaking bones and the screams of Zhang Wen Hai, Shang Jing, and Li Wen Kuan.

With Lin Haonan's help, their legs broke and they knelt in front of Ye Xuan.

"What is it? You want me to teach you what to say? "What do we do?"

Seeing them grimace in pain, but without any sign of apologizing, Lin Haonan's eyes flashed with killing intent, and he spoke with a cold tone.

"Xuan... Young Master Xuan, we have eyes that fail to recognize Mount Tai. Offending you, I hope that you, Sir, can be magnanimous and forgive our collisions and offenses! "

After hearing Lin Haonan's words, Shang Jing forcefully endured the pain from his broken leg. He gritted his teeth as hoarse and painful words came from his mouth.

In his eyes, a thick, venomous look flashed.

He could bow down and bow down to Lin Haonan, but what kind of thing was this Ye Xuan that made him apologize like this?

He was unwilling!

He couldn't do anything to Third Young Master Lin, couldn't he do anything to Ye Xuan?

For the sake of Third Young Master Lin, he temporarily swallowed his anger. At that time, he definitely wouldn't let Ye Xuan off.

"Young Master Xuan, since you're so magnanimous, please spare us!"

Zhang Wenhai and Li Wenzhou also coldly said at this moment.

"You should not apologize to me, but they …"

Ye Xuan lightly said as he pointed at the unconscious male waiter and the female clothing clerk, Little You.

After hearing Ye Xuan's words, Shang Jing, Zhang Wenhui, and Li Wenzhou couldn't help but be dumbstruck.

Ye Xuan wanted them to apologize to the two waiters?

Was he thinking that they didn't lose enough face?

However, what Ye Xuan said wasn't wrong. If it wasn't for Li Wenzhou's moment of disgust, how could things have turned out like this?

The two attendants were indeed victims.

"This …"

"This... "This..."

Shang Jing, Zhang Wenhai, Li Wenjiang, and the others were hesitating and did not take any actions to apologize.

How was it possible for them to apologize to two lowly attendants?

"F * ck!"

Looking at their expressions, Lin Haonan was on the verge of erupting into a rage. A fierce light flashed in his eyes, and he once again lashed out with his leg.


"Puchi …"

A dull sound of impact resounded. Shang Jing, Zhang Wenhai, Li Wenjiang, and the others were all kicked by Lin Haonan's whip kick. They vomited blood and were sent flying like three cannonballs …

Not only that, Lin Haonan even took out his phone to make a call, "Ah Liu, help me check the companies and properties of Shang Jing, Zhang Wenhai, and Li Wenjiang. I want them to have nothing at all during the night!"

Shang Jing and the rest of them were truly unorthodox, causing Lin Haonan's heart to be filled with doubt. The fire was huge.

"Haonan, let's go!"

Hearing that, Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head and lightly said.

After Ye Xuan finished speaking, he turned around and walked out of the coffee shop.

Lin Haonan's previous call had made him rather satisfied.


Hao Nan quickly followed.

"Cousin brother, young master Xuan …" Wait for me here! " Gu Xiaoli followed.

"Hold on..."

As if he had thought of something, Lin Haonan's footsteps paused. He turned around and pointed at the waitress, Little You, and the injured one.

"Bring the two of them along!"

When Ye Xuan heard Lin Haonan's words, Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head. He didn't pause any longer and disappeared into the coffee shop.

Not long after Ye Xuan, Lin Haonan, and the others disappeared from the coffee shop, three luxuriously dressed middle-aged men rushed over with large amounts of bodyguards.

These three middle-aged men were the fathers of Zhang Xiaohua, Liu Zhihua, and Bi Ye.

When they saw the messy coffee shop, Zhang Xiaohua, Liu Zhihua, Shang Jing, and Bi Ye lying not far away, their expressions couldn't help but change.

They ordered people to help Zhang Xiaohua and the others up, and immediately went in front of Shang Jing to help him up. From their mouths came respectful words: "President Shang Jing, what happened?"

Shang Jing spoke with a venomous expression.

"This bunch of damned bastards, I will make you all wish you were dead!"


As Shang Jing finished speaking, his face turned pale and a large amount of black blood spurted out of his mouth. He closed his eyes and fainted on the spot …

When Shang Jing woke up, he was lying on the sickbed, staring blankly at the ceiling, as though he was a vegetable, his eyes empty and lifeless …

He had just received news that his company had closed down and he had lost everything!

He had just received news that his company had closed down and he had lost everything!

As for the person called Ye Xuan, Shang Jing completely knew his identity.

He was the one who had caused such a huge commotion in Su Hai, the one who had caused the entire Unparalleled Sword Sect, Leng Clan, and Song Clan to suffer losses and become the distinguished guest of the Mad Warrior Union … Ye Xuan …

This result made Shang Jing completely give up. He didn't even have the courage to seek revenge on Ye Xuan.

He knew that he was completely finished.