In the dark night, Ye Xuan drove the dragon battleship like the wind as he sped towards the villa.

After leaving the coffee shop this afternoon, Ye Xuan found a place to drink and chat with Lin Haonan and Lin Tianjie.

As for Lin Haonan's cousin Gu Xiaoli, the matter of him wanting to look for a medical company to work with was settled under Lin Haonan's guidance, and he obtained the opportunity to work with Ye Xuan in the Divine Medicine industry.

After all, there were many ways to sell the medicines produced by the Divine Pharmacy. Su Hai was one of them.

Gu Xiaoli was Lin Haonan's cousin. Ye Xuan gave him an opportunity to cooperate with the Divine Medicine industry on his behalf, testing him.

If this Gu Xiaoli agreed to all aspects of the deal and did all the right things, then he could be a good partner.

In addition, with Lin Haonan and the Lin Clan managing and supervising the market for him, perhaps the Divine Medicine Industry could take this opportunity to successfully open up the medical market in Su Hai.

Gu Xiaoli could be said to be extremely happy to have the opportunity to work with the Divine Medicine industry, and he was extremely grateful to Ye Xuan.

Moreover, this guy even took in the waitress, Xiao You, and the male waiter that Ye Xuan saved, so they could work at his company.

For this, Little You and the male waiter similarly expressed their heartfelt thanks to Ye Xuan. After all, all of this was because of Ye Xuan.

After experiencing this series of events, Ye Xuan's relationship and relationship with the two brothers, Lin Haonan and Lin Tianjie, became increasingly close.

In front of Ye Xuan, Lin Haonan and Lin Tianjie didn't act so restrained and reserved anymore, which made Ye Xuan quite satisfied.

"Help, help me …" "Someone come, help …"

"Someone come quickly, who is going to save my child? Save me …"

As Ye Xuan was driving his Blackpeak Battleship back to the villa, he suddenly heard a heart-wrenching cry for help when he passed by the Su River Bridge. His gaze couldn't help but go cold as he turned around to look at the source of the cry.

He saw a middle-aged couple standing by the bridge with a pained look on their faces, shouting for help.

Unfortunately, no car stopped to inspect or help them along the way.

As the cars continued to pass by, the couple's expressions gradually became lax. Their expressions also gradually became desperate, making people feel particularly sorry for them.


In the next moment, a scene that caused Ye Xuan to feel anxious silently occurred.

However, they saw the heartbroken couple climb up the fence of the bridge and jump towards the flowing Su Jiang, wanting to commit suicide.

"Damn it!"

This scene caused Ye Xuan's expression to change. Without even thinking, he cursed and quickly pulled over to the side. He opened the car door and grabbed at the middle-aged couple that were about to jump towards Su Jiang.

"Swish …"

Unfortunately, Ye Xuan's movements were too slow. When he rushed to the railing of the bridge, he only grabbed onto the corner of the couple's clothes.

With the sound of his clothes being torn, Ye Xuan felt his grip on his clothes lighten.

It was obvious that the middle-aged couple's clothes had been torn and fallen into the flowing Su Jiang.

Ye Xuan didn't hesitate at all as he bent over and peeked under the bridge.

The ones that appeared in his line of sight wasn't the middle-aged couple that fell towards Su Jiang, but the robe that fell towards Su Jiang and the two swords that flashed a dazzling light.

They reflected a dazzling brilliance under the moonlight and brought along a sharp killing intent as they pierced towards Ye Xuan's throat, causing a strong sense of danger to surge within Ye Xuan's heart.

This sudden turn of events caused Ye Xuan's face to slightly change. Without even thinking, he abruptly tilted his head to the side and dodged the two sharp swords' attacks.

When the attack missed, the sharp sword suddenly spun around and stabbed towards Ye Xuan's throat, causing Ye Xuan's feet to suddenly exert force. His body spun as he dodged to the side.


When Ye Xuan dodged the attack and stabilized himself, he raised his head to look in front of him and saw a man and woman standing on the fence of the bridge with swords in their hands.

The man was standing on the fence with his sword in hand, while the woman was standing on his left shoulder with the sword in hand.

This couple was the middle-aged couple from before. However, they had shed their disguise and looked much younger.

They were not natives, but from the Empire. They were famous assassins under the Empire's female general, Tian You Yi. They were Beichen's disciples — Bei Gong Ye and Bei Gong Tong!

Their purpose in coming here was naturally to listen to the command given by Yutang to assassinate Ye Xuan.

They originally thought that their camouflage wouldn't reveal the slightest flaw. That attack just now was something that they could've done in a single strike due to Ye Xuan's desperation. However, they didn't expect that they'd still miscalculated.

"Bei Chen's One Slash? You guys are from the Great Empire, did Heaven's Desolate Wing send you here? "

Ye Xuan's eyes flickered with an ice-cold light as he looked at the man in one with Bei Gong Ye and Bei Gong Tong. His cold voice sounded out.


Bei Gong Ye and Bei Gong Tong didn't reply. Instead, they let out angry roars, and their feet abruptly exerted force. One in front, one behind, they turned into two streaks of light as they charged towards Ye Xuan.


Seeing this, Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. He snorted disdainfully, and a cold light flickered in his eyes. He didn't have the slightest fear as he attacked Bei Gong Ye and Bei Gong Tong intensely.

Ye Xuan's right hand clenched into a fist as demonic qi filled the air, whistling through the air as it smashed forward.

The power of his left palm burst out as the chilling cold spread out in all directions!

The light of his fist flashed as he channeled the power of his palm. It was an imposing manner!

Facing Ye Xuan's counterattack, a killing intent flashed in Bei Gong Ye and Bei Gong's eyes. They fiercely swung the swords in their hands, causing sword qi to shoot out like a rainbow!

Two enormous sword energies rushed towards Ye Xuan from his left and right, completely breaking his attacks.

The sharpness of Beichen's One Slash was fully displayed at this moment.

Ye Xuan didn't panic in the slightest when his attack was broken.

In the instant that their attacks whistled towards him, wind and lightning surged beneath Ye Xuan's feet as he dangerously avoided their sharp swords. At the same time, he leaned back and swung his right leg forward, carrying a powerful whip kick towards Bei Gong Ye.


"Puchi …"

In the next moment, a dull sound of collision echoed out.

Bei Gong Ye was whipped by Ye Xuan's whip kick, and his body spun as he flew out.

After being hit by Ye Xuan's fist, the Northern Palace disciple spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying.

The two of them retreated a dozen steps before stabilizing themselves. They raised their heads and looked at Ye Xuan with undisguised seriousness.

The short exchange of blows allowed them to deeply understand how powerful Ye Xuan was.

Normal attacks didn't have any effect or threat towards Ye Xuan. They could only use powerful killing moves.

Bei Gong Ye and Bei Gong Tong looked at each other and nodded slightly.

Immediately after, energy surged from their bodies as they wildly channeled it into the swords in their hands, causing their auras to rise bit by bit. The swords in their hands began to shine with a dazzling brilliance.

Not only that, as they activated their sword techniques, strange phenomena also appeared around them.

An illusory tiger appeared behind Bei Gong Ye, its fierce gaze staring fixedly at Ye Xuan. It roared furiously at Ye Xuan, then transformed into a ray of light and charged into Bei Gong Ye's sword, causing the light emitted by the sword to become even more dazzling. The sword intent became purer, and the killing intent became denser, as if it possessed the might of a tiger!

The white wolf had a tall stature and was wrapped in long white fur. It looked extremely valiant and valiant as it coldly stared at Ye Xuan, revealing its sharp fangs. After roaring at Ye Xuan in protest, it similarly transformed into a dazzling ray of light and charged into the sword in his hand, causing the sword in her hand to shine a bit brighter.

At this moment, Bei Gongye and Bei Gongzi both unleashed a secret technique of Bei Chen's One Slash.

Secret technique of One Slash: Tiger Hunt!

Secret technique of One Slash: Wolf Slash!

Looking at the powerful strikes from Bei Gong Ye and Bei Gong Tong, Ye Xuan didn't stop them. Instead, a hint of interest appeared in his eyes as he indifferently said, "It's said that Bei Chen's Secret Technique is extraordinary. Today, I'll experience it for myself!"

"Chi! Chi!"

Just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, Bei Gong Ye and Bei Gong Tong turned into two rays of light, one in front of the other, as they charged towards Ye Xuan.

Sword lights, sword shadows, tigers, wolves, and so on!

From afar, it looked as if a fierce tiger and a white wolf were pouncing towards Ye Xuan and biting him. Sparks flew in all directions before disappearing without a trace.

"Huff, puff …"

When everything returned to normal, Bei Gong Ye and Bei Gong Tong had already shifted positions. The longsword in their hands returned to its scabbard, their backs facing Ye Xuan as they panted heavily.

Beads of sweat the size of beans dripped down their cheeks.

Clearly, their previous attack had consumed a great deal of energy.

This is your Bei Chen's One Slash Secret Skill? This power is too small, even my defense has not been broken! "

Just as Bei Gong Ye and Bei Gong Tong were about to lose their lives, Ye Xuan's cold, playful voice rang out.

This sudden voice caused both of their expressions to change. Subconsciously, they turned around to look at Ye Xuan, only to find that he was still standing in his original spot, completely unharmed.

A gold saint armor appeared on the surface of Ye Xuan's body and emitted a dazzling light. With a thought from Ye Xuan, the armor gradually disappeared without a trace.

This golden armor was naturally the Golden Dragon Sacred Armor that Ye Xuan obtained!

It was exactly Ye Xuan who had activated it just now, thus rendering the attacks of Bei Gong Ye and Bei Gong Tong ineffective.

"This... How is that possible? "

As they looked at Ye Xuan who was completely unharmed, shocked words came out of Bei Gong Ye and Bei Gong Tong's mouths.

They never thought that their secret technique would be ineffective. Furthermore, their attack just now had clearly landed on Ye Xuan's body. They definitely wouldn't be mistaken.


Just as they finished speaking, Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. He reached out with both of his hands, and a powerful suction force exploded out, attracting Bei Gong Ye and Bei Gong Tong to his side. He held them in midair, and no matter how hard they struggled, it was of no avail.

A voice that couldn't be doubted came out of Ye Xuan's mouth. "Tell me, where are the Heaven's Desolate Wings?"

"You … You. "Don't even think about finding out where the general is …"

Bei Gongye endured the pain and clenched his teeth as he spoke.

However, just as he finished speaking, the force in Ye Xuan's hand twisted and broke his neck, causing his body to burn into nothingness.

"If you want to die like him, you can choose not to tell me!"

Ye Xuan turned his head around and his gaze fell onto Bei Gong Tong as he coldly spoke.

"Will... "General, she's at Coastal Pavilion, villa 1!"

Looking at the now dead Beitang Ye, his eyes filled with terror, he told him about the location of the Wings of the Heaven.

"Thank you!"

Just as she finished speaking, Ye Xuan grabbed her hand and exerted force. The power surged as he twisted her neck, incinerating her into nothingness.

Soon after, Ye Xuan expressionlessly piloted his Black Edge Battleship towards the Seaside Pavilion.

With the protection of the Golden Dragon Sacred Armor, Ye Xuan wasn't afraid of the Distant Wings of Heaven.

It was time to settle the score between him and Heaven's Descent.