Seaside Pavilion was located on the western edge of Su Hai City near the Rain Sea. It was one of the villas near the Rain Sea, but for some reason, this villa had been bought many years ago by others. Very few people could enter here.

However, he didn't expect that Tian Youyi was actually living in the Seaside Pavilion.

When Ye Xuan arrived, it was already 11pm. He easily avoided the guards of the villa complex and silently snuck in.

Very quickly, Ye Xuan arrived at Coastal Pavilion, villa number 1.

Although it was already the wee hours of the night, the villa was still lit up.

The villa's door was tightly shut, and there were no guards or guards at the entrance. It was likely that Youji Yi liked the quietness that day, so he removed the guards installed inside.

It's very easy to enter the villa. Ye Xuan leaped onto the balcony on the second floor, pushed open the sliding glass door, and entered the villa.

Entering the villa, Ye Xuan saw a living room that was decorated in a classic way.

The lights and televisions in the living room were off, which meant there was no one there.

Ye Xuan walked out of the living room and prepared to walk down the stairs to the hall. The fragrance of shower gel wafted up from the tip of his nose, followed by the sound of water splashing.

Immediately, he gave up on his plan to head downstairs. Instead, he changed his direction and headed towards the source of the fragrance and sound of the water.

Not long later, Ye Xuan arrived at the bathroom on the second floor.

The bathroom door was ajar, leaving a small crack. Ye Xuan lowered his head like a leopard cat and looked through the crack.

What appeared within Ye Xuan's line of sight was an extremely alluring scene.

There was a bathtub in the bathroom, and inside the bathtub lay a sexy and beautiful woman.

She had long, wet hair and a face that captivated people. The clothes that had wrapped around her slender body had long since been stripped off, leaving her naked in the bathtub.

Unfortunately, there was too much foam in the bathtub. Her seductive body was covered by the foam, revealing only her seductive shoulders.

As she lay in the bathtub, kicking water with her legs, her straight, slender, snow-white, and beautiful legs were faintly discernible. They were filled with a unique charm that caused Ye Xuan's throat to move and he subconsciously gulped down his saliva.

The beauty that was playing in the bathtub was none other than the female general of the Great Empire, Tian Youyi.

She was an extremely pure beauty in the Empire, graceful, charming, and with her attractive posture and actions of bathing in the bathtub, there was no need to mention how energetic she was.

Such a beautiful scene was hard to come by.

Even Ye Xuan couldn't help but to silently stand outside the door. He couldn't help but want to take a few more glances to see if he could enjoy this rare luck with women.

Under Ye Xuan's gaze, the Desolate Heaven Wings slowly stood up from the bathtub. It then let go of the bubble bath and elegantly rinsed off the foam on its body.

As the hot water washed over her, her perfect figure was exposed to Ye Xuan's gaze, causing his heart to burn and his throat to go dry.


He took a deep breath and suppressed the restlessness in his heart. Suddenly, he thought of a good idea that would restrict Yellowwing.

Immediately, he took out his phone and soundlessly recorded the scene of Heaven's Descent bathing.

After that, he no longer had any lingering feelings towards the beautiful scene in the bathroom. Holding the phone, he turned around and walked downstairs to the living room. He leisurely sat on the sofa and turned on the television.


With such great hearing and hearing, the sudden sound of TV downstairs made her shiver. Her face turned cold and without a second thought, she quickly put on her bathrobe and headed downstairs.

When she went downstairs to the hall and saw Ye Xuan sitting on the sofa, her expression couldn't help but change. Her eyes flickered with a cold light as she coldly said, "Why is it you? How did you get here? "

"Why, are you curious about my appearance here?" Or do you think I should be sent to hell by your two subordinates? "

Ye Xuan raised the cup of red wine on the tea table and gently sipped on it as he looked at the seductive appearance of the beauty coming out of the bath. A calm voice sounded from his mouth.

"What about the people from the Northern Palace?"

The killing intent in his eyes surged as he looked at Ye Xuan's carefree and unperturbed appearance.

"Of course he died! They want to kill me, but am I supposed to keep their lives? "

Ye Xuan put down his wine cup and coldly replied.

Although Tian Youyi knew that the fact that Ye Xuan was able to arrive here meant that Ye Xuan was very likely to have already killed Bei Gong Ye and Bei Gong's pupils, hearing Ye Xuan's reply caused Tian Youyi to feel shocked and shocked in his heart. At the same time, a surge of anger welled up within him!

The couple, Bei Gong Ye and Bei Gong Tong, were Tian You Yi's right-hand men. They had followed her for many years, and had helped her accomplish many great things, and they were also one of the most influential people in the empire, and they were considered top experts in the empire. They had also killed many Sky Star Realm martial kings.

After all, last time she'd personally tested Ye Xuan's strength, but she didn't expect that she would still lose. The fact that both of them had fallen into Ye Xuan's hands caused You Yi to feel heartache inside.

"I tried to test your strength, they are both extraordinary, and are all from Bei Chen's faction, how could they be in your hands? Could it be that you intentionally hid your true strength from me back then? "

You Yi coldly asked as she stared coldly at Ye Xuan.

"If you have to blame something, you can only blame them for their lack of skill and you for not being able to probe out my true strength!"

Ye Xuan yawned, lazily stretched, and replied with a smile.

"You …"

In the end, all he could do was sigh lightly. Helpless, he said, "I didn't think that even they weren't a match for you. "It seems that I have underestimated you …"

However, the words of You Yi suddenly changed and became extremely sharp. "However, even if you kill them, don't think you can leave this place alive!"


As the words of Heaven's Desolate Wing fell, a terrifying force spread out from her body in all directions.

The storage ring on her hand flashed, and the Illusory Sound Treasure Pagoda appeared in her hand, making her aura even more oppressive. The intoxicating illusory sound spread out from the Illusory Sound Treasure Pagoda, causing one to be unable to extricate themselves from it.

Not only that, there were also many fairy holding longswords that flew out from the pagoda, circling and dancing around the Heaven's Desolate Wings.

They only needed a single thought from the Wings of the Heaven to attack Ye Xuan.

Following the appearance of the Illusory Sound Treasure Pagoda, intoxicating illusions spread out. The entire room was stirred up by a strong wind, and many items within the room started to strangely float at this moment …


"Kill Ye Xuan!" You Yi let out a stern shout. At this moment, the fairies surrounding her all wielded Immortal swords as they shot towards Ye Xuan with dazzling killing intent.

"Swish, swish, swish …"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan's expression couldn't help but change. His expression turned cold, and the force from his entire body surged out. The cold aura spread out, and his right hand slapped the tea table.

Frost Domain!


Following Ye Xuan's action, a dense, cold aura spread out and froze everything within three meters of him. The many fairies that flew out of the pagoda to attack him were all frozen into eye-catching ice sculptures.

The power of one palm strike was so strong!

"Ding ling ling …."

Seeing Ye Xuan's powerful hand, You Yi's expression went ice-cold. The Illusory Sound Tower in his hand shook like a bell, causing the demon's voice to become even more excited.

"Kacha kacha kacha …"

At this moment, fine cracks appeared on the ice that had frozen the fairies. There were even signs of it being shattered.



In the next moment, sword energy whistled through the air, causing the ice to shatter. The many fairies brandished their celestial swords to attack Ye Xuan once more.

The sword qi was oppressive and cold, causing Ye Xuan to frown.

He then waved his hand and lightly said: "Tian You Yi, don't be in such a hurry to make a move. When I came in just now, I saw a beautiful scene and recorded this beautiful scene on my phone. Do you want to take a look first?"

As he spoke, Ye Xuan switched on his phone to broadcast the video he'd just recorded.

When he heard Ye Xuan's words, his gaze turned cold as it fell onto Ye Xuan's phone.

When she saw the video of her taking a bath that was being played in her hand, killing intent surged out of her eyes. She could not help but scold angrily, "You … "Shameless!"

"Mighty Sky!"

A huge explosion sounded out as Tian You Yi's words were spoken. A huge body smashed through a certain room on the second floor and rushed out, landing beside Tian You Yi in a stable manner.

The floor shattered and dust filled the air.

He was tall and muscular, but his eyes were lifeless.

He was none other than the puppet that recovered its consciousness with Ye Xuan's help!

However, Ye Xuan didn't expect that the current puppet, Li Tian, would become a helper of Sky's Longwing and be of use to him!

"Mighty Sky!"

Ye Xuan said in a low voice as he looked at the puppet that stood by his side.

However, the puppet's eyes were empty, and it had no reaction. It was like a killing machine standing beside Tian Youyi.

It was obvious that this puppet, Qing Tian, had lost his consciousness and was being controlled by Heaven's Descent.

"What did you do to him?"

Ye Xuan asked in a low voice as he looked at the pair of empty eyes that didn't have any reaction at all.

"I'll tell you when you die!"

However, what Ye Xuan replied to him was the ice-cold, heartless words of Heaven's Desolate Wing.

"Qing Tian, kill him!"