When Ye Xuan and his puppets reached the sky, it was already two in the morning.

Lin Feng did not sleep. Instead, he sat in the living room and studied the Divine Sword Stone.

On the other hand, Li Chunyang and Louischana were outside in the garden, sparring with each other. They were trying their best to achieve a breakthrough in their strength in a short period of time.

It had to be said that Li Chunyang and Louischana's cultivation had improved quite a bit in the past few days. Louischana would soon completely recover from her injuries, and by then, her strength would undoubtedly have risen by another level.

Although she had experienced many hardships and hardships in the past few years, her strength had improved tremendously, allowing her to lay a solid foundation for the path of martial arts to grow stronger in the future.

As for Fang Wujie, he didn't know what had happened these past few days. Ye Xuan had managed to obtain the Phantom Sound Tower in the hands of Heaven's Desolate Wing, but that brat still hadn't received any news and hadn't returned.

Ye Xuan hadn't seen him since the end of the auction, nor did he know where he went or what he was up to.

"My lord!"

"Young Master Xuan!"

Li Chunyang and Louis Xana couldn't help but stop their actions when they saw Ye Xuan bringing his puppet back. They hurriedly walked over and greeted him with respectful voices.

At the same time, Li Chunyang and Louis Xana both looked curiously at the puppet, Qing Tian. Li Chunyang couldn't help but ask: "Young Master Xuan, writing about the day in front of the sky doesn't look quite right!"

"He was captured by the Great Empire's female general, Tian You Yi … "Let's go in and talk!"

Ye Xuan led the puppets into the villa.

After that, Ye Xuan recounted his experience and battle with Heaven's Distant Wing to Li Chunyang, Mad Demon Lin Feng, and Louis Xana.

"Haha …" Based on what you said, that You Yi did us a great favor! "

After listening to Ye Xuan's story, Lin Feng couldn't help but laugh loudly.

"So this is to say that this Heaven's Descent has indeed helped us greatly. Previously Young Master Xuan was still trying to figure out a way to subdue the puppet, but now that his consciousness has been damaged and he has acknowledged Young Master Xuan as his master, there is no doubt that there will be less trouble! "

"Furthermore, I see that this puppet, Qing Tian, has become much stronger after a few days of transformation. With such a powerful blood aura, I'm afraid that his battle prowess is equivalent to a Martial King of the Martial King Realm. This has undoubtedly added a large amount of combat strength to our side!"

At this moment, Li Chunyang was also curiously gazing at the puppet, who was holding up the sky, as he asked.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile. He lightly nodded his head, then took out a prescription from his pocket and handed it over to Li Chunyang, "Since this Qing Tian has given me a master, then I can't mistreat him. I must make him stronger! Pure Yang, take this recipe to the black market tomorrow to buy some medicinal herbs. Soak Qing Tian's body in it according to the method written, and let his body undergo a metamorphosis and ascension! "

"Yes sir!"

Li Chunyang received the prescription and respectfully replied.

"In addition, you also have a path of unrestrained refinement, you cultivate the Pure Yang Aura Art and the Sun God Tyrant Body Technique. You can also use this medicinal formula. Everyday soaking in the medicinal liquid can help your muscles and bones to improve and reconstruct themselves."

Ye Xuan continued to speak as if he'd thought of something.

"Thank you, Young Master Xuan!" Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Li Chunyang's face was filled with pleasant surprise. He quickly cupped his hands together and spoke.

"Xia Na, this is a recipe for you. Tomorrow, go to the black market with Pure Yang!"

After that, Ye Xuan passed a prescription to Louisa.

"Thank you, master!"

Louischana clasped her hands in thanks.

"What about you? What did I discover in the past few days after researching the Dao of the Sword? "

Ye Xuan smiled, then turned his head to look at Mad Demon Lin Feng.

"Tsk tsk … This Divine Sword Stone is indeed worthy of being called a divine stone left behind by the Sword Emperor Mikolai. Not only is it his unique understanding and insight into the way of the sword, it also has many exquisite sword moves. These past few days, it could be said that he has benefited me greatly! "

After hearing Ye Xuan's question, Lin Feng lazily stretched his back and smiled.

As he spoke, a sword light flashed across his eyes from time to time!

"That's good then. We need to increase our strength as soon as possible …" We don't have much time left. " Ye Xuan lightly nodded, then spoke in a low voice.

"Indeed... Not long ago, I received news from Adai that the Leng Clan had brought back a large number of experts. Not only the Unparalleled Sword Sect, but the Heavenly Shadow Blade Sect and the Myriad God School have also brought a large number of experts. The manpower movements of the Death Shrine and the Sun God Hall these days is also extremely ordinary! "

"Right now, they are all gathered outside of Su Hai City. There are sentries at every intersection outside of the city, and they have surrounded Su Hai City to the point that not even a drop of water can pass through. Once we leave Su Hai City, we will be surrounded by them!"

Mad Demon Lin Feng also nodded his head with a serious expression as he let out a low and deep sentence.

This time around, if they wanted to deal with the seven great forces at the same time, it would be extremely troublesome. If it wasn't for the Berserker's Association agreeing with them, Ye Xuan wouldn't dare to be so arrogant at once.

"Pure Yang, has there been any news from the Berserker Union?"

Ye Xuan nodded inwardly as his eyes revealed a pondering expression. He turned his head around and his gaze fell onto Li Chunyang.

In the past few days, it had always been Li Junyang who was in charge of contacting the Berserker Union.

"There isn't much movement on the side of the Wild Soldiers Alliance. These days, they have all gone all out to help the weapons master Yun Lan prepare to recreate the dragon blade. I heard that even the God of Weapons, Lord Flynns from the Dark West, was invited by them."

Li Chunyang pondered for a moment and then said.

"Flans, the God of Weapons? Looks like I did not find the wrong person. I'm afraid that only Grandmaster Mist would be able to get this elder to make a move on me! "

Ye Xuan was shocked at first, but then he smiled and said, "God of Weapons Frances is from the same generation as Tyrant Lord Lan Feng. He participated in the improvement of the Divine Weapon Dragon Thrust. Back then, when I invited someone to forge the dragon blade, the Demonic Palace sent someone to invite him, but he rejected them all! Now that he's involved in the creation of the new Dragon Blade, the success rate will undoubtedly increase … "

Ye Xuan was filled with anticipation towards the new dragon blade.

"Oh right, my lord …" Lei Xiaoyu from the Lei Clan and Bai Feng from the Bai Clan came to see you earlier today! "

Li Chunyang spoke in a deep voice as if he had thought of something.

"Alright, I got it. I'll contact them in the day tomorrow!" It's already getting late, let's all rest early! "

Ye Xuan yawned, lazily stretched, and walked towards his room.

"Qingtian, I'll leave the matter of the guard at night to you!"

"Understood, Master!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the puppet dragged its huge body out of the room.

After washing up in his room, Ye Xuan didn't immediately go to sleep. Instead, he took out the Illusory Sound Tower to study.

With a thought, a strand of his soul force entered the first level of the pagoda.

Following the influx of soul force, the scene in front of Ye Xuan's eyes quietly changed.

In his eyes, he saw a magnificent palace. A sexy beauty was lying leisurely on the throne of the palace, looking at him with great interest.

Ye Xuan's body was surrounded by a dense cluster of mysterious, ancient golden characters. They seemed to have formed a unique array, dazzling him and exuding an invisible, dangerous aura.

A clear yet tempting voice came from the sexy beauty on the throne: "Young Noble, you only need to learn the written martial skills and break the formation to enter the next level of the pagoda. "As for your servant, I shall be at your mercy then …"

As she spoke, the beautiful woman extended her slender, snow-white hands to gently stroke the high, soft skin on her chest, revealing a large area of her snow-white skin. It could be said to be extremely alluring, causing an inexplicable flame and impulse to surge within Ye Xuan's heart.

However, his will was firm. Naturally, he would not be tempted by this beauty. Instead, he began to carefully study the words flying around him.


However, in the next instant, a resplendent golden light exploded out of the text without any warning. The text turned into a series of sharp sword rays that struck at Ye Xuan, causing his expression to change slightly.

The formation was quietly activated at this moment.

Ye Xuan was only able to endure for a brief moment before being strangled to death by this formation.

Ye Xuan, who was originally sitting cross-legged on the bed, felt a sharp pain in his head. He slowly opened his eyes.

The wisp of soul force that he poured into the pagoda had already been cut off from him.

Ye Xuan's heart was unwilling to accept this. He once again sent a strand of his soul force into the pagoda, but it was still destroyed by the formation.

In the end, Ye Xuan could only temporarily give up on studying this pagoda and put it away.

After all, it consumed an enormous amount of soul force. Even if Ye Xuan's soul force wasn't ordinary, it still wouldn't be able to withstand so many of these torments.

Lying on the bed, Ye Xuan took out his phone and looked up information about the "Star Realm Great Emperor" on the internet. Unfortunately, he didn't find anything.

I'm afraid that the status of the Undying Immortal Coffin's Great Emperor, Ye Xuan, won't be lacking for the time being.

Afterwards, Ye Xuan opened WeChat.

Since he was usually too busy and didn't have many people on WeChat, Ye Xuan rarely used it.

Now that he looked at his phone, Ye Xuan noticed that there were dozens of unread messages. Among them, the ones that sent him the most were Su Xiaomeng, then Lan Wanting, then Liang Xiaoxiao, then Yi Yi … Only there was no Leng Qingcheng.

The majority of these messages were about Ye Xuan being concerned about him and asking him to take care of his health.

Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile as he read the message. After pondering for a moment, he quickly replied to them.

Perhaps because it was too late, he did not receive a reply.

Just as Ye Xuan was about to put down his phone and go to sleep, Su Xiaomeng called him.

Ye Xuan thought for a moment. He didn't refuse and pressed accept.

As Ye Xuan pressed the accept button and the video call connected successfully, an incomparably beautiful scene appeared in Ye Xuan's line of sight.

Su Xiaomeng was lying on the bed in a purple lace nightgown, holding her cellphone in one hand and resting her head on the other.

The collar of the purple lace pajamas was originally very low, and the mountain peak on Su Xiaomeng's chest could be said to be luxurious and tall. In addition, with her hand holding the phone as she lay on her side, the two peaks on her chest revealed a large amount of snow white.

In addition to her adorable baby face, it was enough to make people spurt blood.

"Cough cough …"

Even the usually calm Ye Xuan couldn't help but have an urge to cough and quickly turn his head to the side.

This girl communicating with him like this was asking for his life!