"Ye Xuan, do you have a cold?"

Looking at the coughing Ye Xuan in the video, Su Xiaomeng couldn't help but frown as she asked with a puzzled expression.

"No... It's just a little uncomfortable. "

Ye Xuan turned his head to the side, not daring to look at the alluring scene in the video.

After not seeing her for a while, Ye Xuan felt that Su Xiaomeng had grown much larger, causing people to spurt out blood. Just looking at her through the screen of his phone made him want to bury his head and feel her softness.

"A little uncomfortable? Where are you uncomfortable? "

Su Xiaomeng asked in concern after hearing Ye Xuan's reply.

As the words left her mouth, perhaps she felt that this position wasn't too comfortable. She placed the phone in front of her and then laid down on the bed. One hand dragged her chin, making her look extremely adorable.

As Su Xiaomeng moved, the softness in front of her pressed down on the bed, revealing a large area of snow-white skin and the unconcealable snow-white ravine ….

At least three fingers.

"It's not uncomfortable anywhere. It's just that I feel a bit uncomfortable when I see you!"

Ye Xuan took a deep breath and suppressed the restlessness in his heart. He turned around to look at his phone's screen and lightly spoke.

"What do you mean a little uncomfortable when you see me? "You sound as if I'm the one responsible for your discomfort!" Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Su Xiaomeng spoke with extreme dissatisfaction.

Ye Xuan could only helplessly smile but didn't reply.

Originally, his discomfort was caused by this little girl, Su Xiaomeng, but he couldn't just say it out loud, right?


When Ye Xuan saw the video of Su Xiaomeng lying on the bed with her chin in her hands, and the snow-white dress in front of her that couldn't be concealed, he couldn't help but gulp. His mouth was parched and his throat emitted a gulping sound, causing him to quickly cover his mouth with his palm.

It was truly rare for him to be in such a sorry state, and it was rare for him to see Ye Xuan's current state of hunger. The appearance of thirst.

After all, this fellow had always been calm and collected, being able to hold his ground even when facing beautiful women.

However, Ye Xuan didn't have much resistance towards the current Su Xiaomeng.

Su Xiaomeng, who was wearing a lace pajamas, not only had a natural loveliness and foolishness, but also the sexiness and maturity of a mature woman. With every frown and smile, every action of hers was tempting.

Especially her baby-faced appearance, it was impossible for others to not like her.

"Ye Xuan, what are you doing?"

Su Xiaomeng looked at Ye Xuan, who was covering his mouth with his hand all of a sudden, and asked in a displeased tone.

"Nothing, I was just a bit hungry, it was my stomach that was growling just now!"

Ye Xuan silently wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth and bitterly smiled.

As he spoke, this fellow took out a Crossing Disaster Gold Needle and silently stabbed it into his thigh. The icy cold energy entered his body through the silver needle and pressed down the restless flames in his heart, making him feel slightly better.

"Where are you living in Su Hai? I'll order a takeout for you! " Su Xiaomeng winked at him and smiled.

"No need, I'll eat with them in a while!" Ye Xuan lightly shook his head. His gaze, however, would inadvertently sweep over the beautiful scene that was revealed under Su Xiaomeng's snow-white neck.

There was no helping it, this was the so-called "masculinity"!

"Ye Xuan, is Su Hai fun?" When are you coming back? "I've been bored to death these past few months. If this goes on, I'll probably go crazy from being shut down …"

Su Xiaomeng pouted, revealing a bored expression.

"This place is not bad, I think after finishing all the work here, I'll be back in a month." Ye Xuan rubbed his temples as he spoke in a low voice.

"Ah?" There's still a month? " Su Xiaomeng was shocked, her expression was one of shock and dissatisfaction.

"No, you should come back earlier. It's so boring for me to be home by myself during the holidays. Why don't you come back earlier, okay?"

After that, Su Xiaomeng said coquettishly as she kicked, twisting her waist and swaying her body.

As Su Xiaomeng moved, the two mountains in front of her that were not covered in purple lace started to shake violently. Ripples appeared around her, making her look extremely attractive.

Su Xiaomeng was originally adorable and lovable beyond compare. Her act of coaxing and the softness she emitted caused Ye Xuan to be unable to resist, as it was extremely life-threatening.

The guy didn't notice that a sexy dark figure had quietly opened the door and snuck into his room.

"Alright, I promise you. Come back as soon as possible!"

In the end, Ye Xuan could only helplessly agree to Su Xiaomeng's request.

Pausing for a moment, Ye Xuan continued, "If you get bored everyday, can't you still play games? Why don't you play games every day now? "

"The current game isn't fun at all. The guild leader hasn't been online for a long time, so I don't know what to do!" I want you to play with me! " Su Xiaomeng shook her head, pouting as she acted like a spoiled child.

"Sure, I'll definitely accompany you when I come back and have fun."

Ye Xuan had nothing to say in response, so he could only reply in this manner.

"Oh yeah, is your sister okay?"

Ye Xuan hesitated for a moment before asking.

"Now that the Divine Medicine industry is on the rise, she is extremely busy every day and doesn't have time to accompany me! "Humph!"

Su Xiaomeng was fuming. There was a lot of resentment in her heart.

"Then remember to tell her to take care of her health and rest up!" Ye Xuan lightly nodded.

"Tsk, you only just remembered now that you're pretending to care about me. What did you do earlier?" Su Xiaomeng rolled her eyes at Ye Xuan and snappily said.

Then, she began to complain, "You have not given us any news in the past few months that you have been at Su Hai. You have not called us nor replied us with any messages. You are really a busy man."

"I just don't have the time, there's so many things here that I can't busy myself with..."

Ye Xuan had a bitter smile as he helplessly said.

"Busy? "I can see that you have a cut. In your heart, there's no such thing as' my sister 'or' me '!" Su Xiaomeng puffed her cheeks in anger.

"How could that be? "I am really too busy, I won't lie to you..." Ye Xuan replied with a bitter smile.

"Big Brother Xuan, it's already so late. We should go to sleep."

However, just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, a voice that carried a strong charm and was exceptionally melodious quietly sounded in his ear.

As the charming voice sounded out, a sexy and seductive figure appeared behind Ye Xuan and appeared in the video frame on Ye Xuan's side.

She had the delicate cheeks of an imperial beauty and a face that could charm all living things. Her slender figure was wrapped in an azure long skirt that revealed her shoulders, revealing her sexy shoulders and captivating collarbones.

The neckline was very low, shaped like a V, revealing a large area of soft white on his chest.

As she slowly sat on the bed and leaned forward, more and more beautiful sights were revealed, tempting to the extreme.

She looked at Su Xiaomeng on the video and the corner of her mouth rose slightly. She turned around to look at Ye Xuan as she asked, "Brother Xuan, who is this woman? Isn't she too young?" "So you like this taste?"

"Ye Xuan, you bastard!" I never want to see you again! "

Looking at the sexy and well-behaved beauty in the mirror, Su Xiaomeng angrily hung up the video.

This sudden change undoubtedly caused Ye Xuan to be dumbstruck.

Obviously, he hadn't expected that there would be such a beautiful woman in his room. Furthermore, she had purposely stirred up a relationship between him and Su Xiaomeng, causing such a big misunderstanding between them.

At that moment, Ye Xuan quickly turned around and looked behind him. What appeared in his line of sight was a dagger that carried an intense killing intent as it stabbed towards him, and a beautiful face that could captivate souls.

The beautiful lady who had barged into his room was none other than the female general of the Empire, You Yi.

"Chi! Chi!"

A strong sense of danger filled Ye Xuan's heart, causing him to tilt his head to the side. His body rolled, dodging the sharp dagger with great danger.

At the same time, Ye Xuan kicked out, colliding with the Heavenly Dragon Wings that were aiming to kill him.

Dull collision sounds rang out. Powerful energy spread out in all directions, causing Ye Xuan and Tian Youji to be forced back by the powerful energy.

One was on one side of the bed, the other on the other.

"Why are you here?"

Steadying himself, Ye Xuan raised his head and coldly looked at You Yi as he coldly spoke.

He did not think that the Heaven's Descent would actually dare to chase him here.

"It seems that you are very surprised. Did my arrival give you a surprise?"

You Yi stretched out her slender, pure white jade hand, stroking her bangs as she spoke with an alluring expression.

"He has indeed given me a pleasant surprise!"

Ye Xuan's eyes flickered with a cold light as he coldly replied.

The arrival of the Heaven's Serpent had made Su Xiaomeng misunderstand him. It was hard to explain.

"Looks like that little girl is very important to you. You care about her a lot?"

"Hmph." Yutang said with a sneer.

She had found this place through her connection with the Illusory Sound Treasure Pagoda.

She used the smoke to quietly bewitch the puppets outside, as well as the other people inside the villa. She silently snuck in and saw Ye Xuan chatting with Su Xiaomeng.

"Speak, what are you doing here?"

Ye Xuan didn't answer. His eyes flickered with an icy light as he coldly spoke.

"What do you think I'm doing here? Kid, since you let me go ahead of time and obediently hand over your Divine Weapon Long Blade and Illusory Sound Tower, I will spare your life!

"You … You … You … You … You …" Yutang coldly said, as he looked down at Ye Xuan from above.

"And if I don't?" Ye Xuan coldly replied. He wanted to use the Supreme Force within his body, but he discovered that the Supreme Force within his body seemed to have disappeared without a trace at this moment.

"Then don't blame me for being rude! You should have already noticed it, right? "

You Yi stretched lazily and reached out her pure white hand to gently stroke her chest, opening her mouth at a leisurely pace.

"You poisoned it?" Ye Xuan's expression became even colder.

"It's just some knockout drugs. Its name is Beauty Incense!" You Yi smiled leisurely as she lightly blew at Ye Xuan, her voice emitting words that could captivate a person's soul.

"Beauty Fragrance?"

Ye Xuan's expression couldn't help but change when he heard what Yutang said.

Beautiful man's fragrance. Within the Empire, there were 198 types of top grade knockout drugs, and this beautiful woman's fragrance was the top of these 198 types of top grade knockout drugs.

It was colourless, formless, and odorless. When dissolved in the air, even a whiff of it would cause one to be poisoned. It was extremely effective.

In a short period of time, all of the poison's energy had disappeared without a trace. It could not be used, and its four limbs had become weak. It had no ability to fight, but its consciousness would not be affected in the slightest, and it would not fall unconscious.

It sounded like there was something about this beauty fragrance that was inferior to the other bewitching drugs.

However, these were not the scariest aspects of the beauty fragrance.

The scariest part about a beauty's fragrance is that once you are poisoned, you don't have any physical desires. Once you have any physical desires, the beauty's fragrance that is a knockout drug will turn into a highly toxic substance under the stimulation of human hormones.

It was extremely painful, and if one's desire could not be vented, then the poison would attack one's heart and die, breaking the liver in half and ultimately turning it into a puddle of pus. It could be said to be one of the most cruel tortures in the world.

Beautiful women's fragrance could be said to be a poison specially created for those experts with the authority to rule the world. Who knew how many of the top experts in the world had died under this kind of beauty's fragrance?

Now that he'd heard from Tian You Yi that he'd been tricked by the beauty's fragrance, it wouldn't be strange if Ye Xuan's expression wasn't extremely ugly.

As he looked at Ye Xuan's extremely ugly expression, a tempting smile couldn't help but surface on his beautiful face. A few words of ridicule came out of his mouth.

"Ye Xuan, I presume this beauty's fragrance doesn't need me to carefully explain its uses and effects to you?"

Ye Xuan's expression was ice-cold as he tried his hardest to sense the condition of his body, but no one replied.

"You're not talking? "Do you think this is feasible?"

When he saw this, he stretched out his lily-white hands to gently stroke his bangs. He then gently pulled down the zipper on his collar, revealing the soft snow-white skin that was tightly wrapped by the black Bra.

That enchanting gully between the two snow-white was so eye-catching that it was mesmerizing.

"Do you need me to dance for you?"

You Yi lifted her leg and stepped on the bed, revealing her beautiful leg that was covered in black lace.

Her outfit, coupled with those milky-white fish-mouth high heels, was both captivating and captivating.

Ye Xuan didn't have the slightest bit of interest when he looked at the long and beautiful legs and perfect figure of You Yi. He only had an incomparable graveness, and his heart didn't have the slightest bit of desire.

If there was even a trace of desire in his heart, then he would completely activate the venom from the beauty's fragrance. At that time, the only thing that awaited him would be death.

Even if Ye Xuan had consumed the Hundred Transformations Poison Avoiding Pill before, it still wouldn't have any effect on this beauty.

You Yi had obviously come prepared for this.

To Ye Xuan, this was undoubtedly a life and death test.