The next morning, when the morning sun's rays scattered down from the horizon, Ye Xuan and the others had already woken up and tidied up the messy villa.

"Xuan, what happened last night?"

Lin Feng asked Ye Xuan in confusion as he sat in the dining room and ate the beef noodles cooked by Louissiana.

They'd already rested and slept at night. Although they'd been struck by the beauty's fragrance, they weren't conscious at all. If Ye Xuan hadn't come over to give them the antidote, they'd still be in deep sleep.

Hearing Mad Demon Lin Feng's question, Li Chunyang and Louischana cast curious gazes at Ye Xuan, waiting for his reply.

Even the puppets looked at Ye Xuan with a puzzled expression.

"Actually, it's not that big of a deal. It's that woman, You Yi, coming here to seek revenge!" Ye Xuan lazily stretched his waist and lightly replied.

"I'm done eating. Bai Feng and Lei Xiaoyu have already arranged to meet me. Let's go!"

Before Crazy Devil Lin Feng and the others could continue their questioning, Ye Xuan put down his chopsticks, stood up, and walked out of the villa.

Looking at Ye Xuan's departing back, Mad Demon Lin Feng and the others couldn't help but frown. They had a feeling in their hearts that Ye Xuan was hiding something from them.

It was a place with an excellent location, a beautiful environment, and extremely popular. Just by sitting by the window, one could see all kinds of beautiful women walking along the business street, and there were often all kinds of rich second generations coming and going to pass the time.

When Ye Xuan arrived, Bai Feng, Lei Xiaoyu, and Lin Tianjie were already waiting for him.

Of course, along with Lei Xiaoyu, Bai Feng, and the others, there was also a beautiful woman wearing a calm training camouflage dress. She had a head full of short hair that made her look valiant and valiant.

"Older brother Xuan!"

"Older brother Xuan, this place …"

Lei Xiaoyu, Bai Feng, and Lin Tianjie hurriedly stood up and beckoned to Ye Xuan when they saw his arrival.

As for the camouflage clothes beauty, she calmly sat on her seat, gently stirred the coffee in her cup with a spoon as she sized up Ye Xuan with interest.

"You guys came so early?"

Ye Xuan walked to the table and said with a smile.

"Older brother Xuan, we've also just arrived. Older brother Xuan, do you have anything to drink?"

Lin Tianjie smiled as he handed the menu over to Ye Xuan. He then turned his head towards the attendant and shouted, "Waiter, order!"

"A cup of Blue Mountain coffee!"

Ye Xuan had ordered a cup of Blue Mountain Coffee, causing the camouflage dress beauty's eyes to flash with a trace of surprise.

"Brother Xuan, let me introduce you …" This is Bi Lin Lin, an important member of the military, a preliminary member of the Hidden Dragon Special Forces. He has been active in the alien race's Underground Demon Cave and has fought against the alien race all year round, so he is extremely powerful! "

"Lin Lin, this is Ye Xuan. We all call him Brother Xuan!"

Lei Xiaoyu introduced Ye Xuan and the camouflage dress beauty.

Hearing Lei Xiaoyu's introduction, Ye Xuan smiled as he nodded. He extended his palm towards Bi Lin in a rather gentlemanly manner. "Hello, I'm Ye Xuan. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Bi Lin's brows furrowed as he looked at Ye Xuan's outstretched hand. He hesitated for a moment before reaching out his hand to grasp Ye Xuan's hand. He indifferently said, "Bi Lin!"

Afterwards, Bi Lin Lin withdrew his hand as if he didn't like Ye Xuan, causing Lei Xiaoyu, Bai Feng, and the others to laugh bitterly.

Just as they were about to speak to dissolve the awkward atmosphere, Bi Lin stared at Ye Xuan with doubt in his eyes. "I heard Lei Xiaoyu and the others say that you're strong? I can see that your aura has only just stepped into the Void Star Realm. "

She'd heard from Lei Xiaoyu and Bai Feng that Ye Xuan was very strong, which was why she'd come looking for him.

"Because my cultivation method and cultivation technique are different from yours, my battle power and strength are also different!" Ye Xuan replied with a smile.

"Bi Lin, could it be that you're still worried about the person I'm introducing?"

Lei Xiaoyu's expression was displeased when she saw Bi Lin actually suspect Ye Xuan's strength. She had an expression of dissatisfaction as she spoke.

"It's not that I don't trust you, but this operation is a matter of life and death. If he were to drag us down, then our operation would be a complete failure!" So, it's up to you to decide his strength, but it's up to me to decide! "

Bi Lin Lin turned his head and glared at Lei Xiaoyu as he snappily said.

As Bi Lin's words fell, her right hand clenched into a fist as she smashed it towards Ye Xuan with lightning speed. It caused the expressions of Lei Xiaoyu and Bai Feng to change; they obviously didn't expect that Bi Lin would actually attack Ye Xuan.


"Bi Lin Lin, don't go too far!"

Upon seeing this, Lei Xiaoyu's expression turned cold. She quickly extended her palm to grab Bi Lin Lin's fist and angrily roared at her.

"Lin Lin, don't worry. If Elder Brother Xuan's strength is going to drag us down, will he let us live?"

"That's right, Lin Lin, you don't need to doubt Big Brother Xuan's strength. We trust in his strength, so there's no need to test anything!"

At this moment, Bai Feng and Lin Tianjie also spoke up.

On the other hand, Ye Xuan was a little confused. He didn't understand why Lei Xiaoyu and the others had invited him here, so he couldn't help but have doubts in his heart.

"Alright, since you all want to vouch for him, I won't try him anymore. Once he is in that place, don't even think about me trying to save him if he is in trouble!"

Bi Lin shook off Lei Xiaoyu's grip on her fist and coldly said.

"Older brother Xuan, Lin Lin is a little arrogant. Don't lower yourself to her level!"

Lei Xiaoyu quickly smiled and said. He paused for a moment before continuing, "Brother Xuan, this is what happened. "Not long ago, we discovered a cave in Su Hai's devil cave. After a few days of initial exploration, there should be a lot of heavenly and earthly treasures inside the cave, and there might even be a life spirit spring, this kind of rare treasure inside!"

"However, there is a Giant Armored Ape that has the strength of a human Sovereign King residing in the cave. With the Life Spirit Spring Water protecting it, we have no way of dealing with it! This time, the reason why we called you over was to discuss how to deal with this Giant Armored Ape. The heavenly and earthly treasure within the dwelling.

"Yeah, Brother Feng!" That Giant Armored Ape is very fierce, its strength is unparalleled, its defensive power is astonishing, and it has the ability to drill into the ground. It is extremely difficult to deal with, and not long ago, we led a large group of people to fight with it for three days and three nights without any results.

Bai Feng and Lin Tianjie also spoke up at this moment.

"The Giant Armored Ape of the Demon's Cave, the Spring of Life?"

Hearing the words of Lei Xiaoyu and the others, Ye Xuan's brows tightly knitted together. He couldn't help but sink into a long period of silence and contemplation.

Ye Xuan was extremely curious about the other races underground.

When one spoke of an alien horde, one would first have to mention the alien Outsiders.

With the advancement of human beings and the development of technology, people had long known that there was not just one race in the vast universe, but other races as well.

Every 10 years, Earth would be invaded by space aliens, and the way they invaded Earth was through the demon lair that they left behind.

It was rumored that the Otherworldly Demonic Cave was a passageway left behind by the alien Outsiders when they invaded Earth. It was connected to the void, filled with great dangers and challenges, and was spread all over the world.

As each region was different, the hidden dangers in each cave were also different. They were the gateway for other races to invade Earth, and they needed powerful manpower and armies to suppress and sweep this place.

Even at his peak, he had only entered a few times. He knew that it was extremely dangerous and he didn't dare to venture too deep into it.

As for the life spirit spring water, it was a heavenly treasure. Ordinary people only needed to take one drop and they would be reborn. They would not be able to live for a hundred diseases, extend their lifespan, and increase their lifespan by twenty years!

If he had this Life Spirit Spring, the injuries on Lin Feng's body would undoubtedly improve and recover!

Therefore, no matter how dangerous this underground cave was, Ye Xuan had to obtain the life spirit spring water.

"What is it? Scared? "

Bi Lin rolled his eyes at Ye Xuan as he looked at Ye Xuan, who'd sunk into deep thought.

"Do you think I'm someone who would be afraid of that?" Ye Xuan couldn't help but helplessly shake his head when he heard Bi Lin's words.

"Do you dare to accompany us into that dangerous place inside the demon's lair?"

Bi Lin asked again.

"Of course not!" Ye Xuan didn't have any intentions of exchanging Dou Qi with Bi Lin. Instead, he carefully savored a mouthful of coffee before slowly replying.

Pausing, he continued to ask, "When are you planning to leave?"

"It's not just the few of us who know about this place. If it's too late, I'm afraid others might get there first, so we've decided to set off tonight and enter the underground cave! "Do you have any questions?"

Bi Lin asked in a deep voice.

"Of course I'm fine with it, even if you want to leave now!" Ye Xuan yawned, lazily stretched, and said at a moderate pace.

"Since that's the case, we have a deal. We'll gather at the intersection in the western suburbs at 8 o'clock tonight and set off on time!"

Bi Lin said without hesitation.


Ye Xuan, Lei Xiaoyu, and the others glanced at each other, agreeing with Bi Lin's suggestion.

"I'll see you tonight then. I still have other things to do, so I'll be leaving first!"

Bi Lin lightly nodded in response. After finalizing the matter with Ye Xuan and the others, he stood up and walked out of the coffee shop, disappearing from their line of sight …

"Older brother Xuan, Lin Lin's temper is just like that. Don't lower yourself to the same level as him!"

After Bi Lin left, Lei Xiaoyu and the others bitterly smiled.

"Don't worry, I won't be so stingy as to lower myself to the same level as a woman!"

Ye Xuan replied with a smile.

Eight o'clock in the evening. The moon was like a silver plate as stars filled the sky!

A black armored horse galloped across the wide road like a galloping wild horse.

Ye Xuan sat in the front passenger seat and watched the scenery gradually become cold and cheerless outside the window. His brows were knitted tightly, and he could feel the oppressive aura that filled the air.

Bai Feng and Lin Tianjie sat in the back, sleeping. As for Bi Lin Lin, he drove along with an indifferent expression, neither of them saying a word.

"It's already seated, let's start digging!"

Ye Xuan and the others felt the body of the carriage shake as the cold and clear voice of the Jade-Scaled Beast sounded out. Their vision went dark as the car entered an underground tunnel that continuously extended downwards.

Looking around, the surroundings were dark and dark. There was not a single person in sight. Only the walls of the tunnel were painted with a bloody picture. It made people's hearts heavy. The atmosphere in the car seemed to have become even more oppressive.

Time passed. In the blink of an eye, an hour had passed and the car was still moving down the tunnel.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

At this moment, the originally pitch-black surroundings suddenly lit up, and an enormous underground base appeared in Ye Xuan's line of sight.

The other special forces soldiers were all armed with weapons. They stood very straight and emitted a strong iron-blooded aura, which made people feel respect.

"Clang clang …"

There was a parking inspection entrance in front of them, but the black armoured vehicle did not show any signs of slowing down. Bi Lin stepped on the gas pedal and sped up with the transmission in his hand, driving the black armoured vehicle without any obstructions through the inspection entrance and into the huge military base.

At the center of the base was a two hundred foot tall, dazzling mecha. It was made out of unique materials, and it had experienced a lot in the battlefield. It was the Battle Mecha of that woman, Su Hanyan.

Its name was the sea goddess!

Once upon a time, Su Han Yan drove it deep into the catacombs to defeat the alien race, and fought for thousands of miles, making a great contribution to the country.

The name of this base - Sea God Base 1!