Within the first base, Ye Xuan, Bi Lin, and the others weren't obstructed at all. From time to time, a few soldiers would salute and cast gazes of reverence at them. After all, Lei Xiaoyu and Bi Lin were core members of the base.

Ye Xuan and the others changed into battle gear and moved forward, passing through layers of defenses and facilities. Soon, they arrived at the entrance of the demon's lair.

Lei Xiaoyu pointed at the elevator in front of them and said, "Young Master Xuan, this is an elevator made of vibrating gold. Lei Xiaoyu pointed at the elevator in front of us and said," Young Master Xuan, this is an elevator made of vibrating gold.


Hearing Lei Xiaoyu's words, Ye Xuan and the others nodded with serious expressions.

"In that case, let's go!"

Lei Xiaoyu took in a deep breath and used her palm to enter a series of access codes in front of the machine. Then, the elevator's door suddenly opened.

Ye Xuan and the others walked into the elevator.

After that, the elevator doors slammed shut and began to descend. It was pitch black all around, and it was oppressive and depressing.

"Ding dong!"

Along with a clear sound, Ye Xuan and the others finally reached the underground. A clear and serious voice sounded out from the elevator speaker. "We've arrived at the exit of the underground cave D1. The door will open in thirty seconds. Warriors, please prepare for battle!"

"Countdown begins at 30,29..."

Hearing the robotic sounds coming from the elevator, the expressions of Ye Xuan and the others gradually turned serious. They lightly tapped their weapons as they prepared to fight.

The amount of magical beasts and space beasts in the cave was enormous. They were all incomparably ferocious and Ye Xuan and the others didn't dare to be careless. They all carried large amounts of modern weapons.

Ye Xuan wore camouflage clothing and a combat helmet. On his back was a Barrett sniper rifle, and he held a pair of guns. He looked rather cool.


"Clang! Clang!"

Before the elevator's doors even open, Ye Xuan and the others could already hear the roars and muffled sounds of magical beasts colliding with each other, causing them to frown.

A cold voice came out of Bi Lin Lin's mouth. "From this commotion, we can see that there are roughly thirty Class 2 and 6 Class 3 Magical Beasts. Everyone, take care of them later!"

Upon hearing Bi Lin's words, everyone gently nodded their heads.

Generally speaking, magical beasts were divided into ranks one to nine, corresponding to the different levels of human martial arts.

For example, a Class 1 Magical Beast was equivalent to a human warrior who had stepped into the Vajra Mortal Realm!

A Class 2 Magical Beast was equivalent to a Supreme Force Warrior!

A Class 3 Magical Beast was equivalent to a Martial Marquis of the Four Symbols Earth Realm!

A Class 4 Magical Beast was equivalent to a Carefree Sky Realm Martial Ancestor, and so on …

Of course, there were magical beasts of the ninth step and above, but they were simply too rare.

"Let's go!"

As soon as Bi Lin's words fell, the elevator door loudly opened. Ye Xuan and the others quickly strode out.

Three meters in front of him was a powerful electric net. The thirty-six of them were over a meter tall, and the tiger-like tiger and wolf beasts surrounded the area, growling and roaring. They did not dare to rashly move forward.

Upon seeing Ye Xuan, Bi Lin, and the others walk out of the elevator, the eyes of the Tigerwolf Beast instantly turned bloodshot. Its eyes emitted a dense greed, grimacing in pain, and it let out angry roars.

"Lin Lin, your judgement is quite accurate. 30 Class 2 Young Tiger Wolves and 6 Class 3 Adult Tiger Wolf!"

Looking at the Tiger Wolf Beast outside the electric net, Lei Xiaoyu's face was filled with smiles as she spoke indifferently.

"Swish, swish, swish …"

As his words fell, Lei Xiaoyu was just about to pull out her gun and shoot when thirty-six bullets shot out at lightning speed from the side, accurately finishing off the thirty-six Tigerwolf beasts.

"Let's go!"

A calm voice came out of Ye Xuan's mouth.

Just now, it was him who did it.

"His movements are fast and his spear art is quite accurate!"

Bi Lin turned around and looked at Ye Xuan with astonishment as he watched the thirty-six Tiger Wolf Beasts rapidly fall to their deaths.

The instant she finished speaking, she instantly removed the restrictions on the electric net and rushed out, while Ye Xuan and the others followed closely behind.

Under the Jade Kylin's lead, Ye Xuan and the others continued to urgently move forward without stopping for a moment.

Even if they encountered a large group of Class 3 Magical Beasts along the way, they would not make a single detour. Instead, they pushed forward. Their hands were covered in blood and the smell of rotting flesh filled the air.

In such a dangerous and boring environment, without the company of his teammates, it was easy for him to fall into depression and lose his way.

As Ye Xuan and the others continued to speed forward, the surrounding light became dimmer and dimmer. A layer of faint blood-colored fog drifted in the air. The howls and screams of the surrounding demon beasts continuously rang out.

"Ahh …"

Ye Xuan's and the others' gazes couldn't help but tremble as they heard a mournful scream from afar. They turned around and looked toward the source of the sound.

However, because of the dense fog, visibility was too low, so Ye Xuan and the others couldn't see far away.

"Ah... I'll give you bastards your all, you damn bastards! "

"Da Da Da …"

The shrill screams and furious roars once again rang out at this moment, causing Bi Lin's expression to turn ugly. She abruptly gritted her teeth and said in a deep voice, "Come, let's go take a look!"

The instant she finished speaking, she moved her feet and quickly ran towards the source of the sound. Ye Xuan and the others also rushed out at this moment.

However, just as they were halfway there, a deafening explosion rang at this moment.

When Ye Xuan and the others arrived at the place of the explosion, what appeared before them were the corpses of numerous human warriors and the magical beasts that were currently gnawing on them.

Not far away, there was a huge crater left behind by the explosion. The corpses of the magical beasts were scattered all over the ground, and they were drenched in blood. They had clearly died from the explosion.

However, although a lot of them died from the explosions, that was only a small part of it. There were still a lot of them.

It was pitch black in color, and its four limbs were sturdy and sturdy. Its entire body was covered in hard black hair, and it had sharp claws and sharp fangs. However, it had three tails.

This was one of the most ferocious magical beasts in the catacombs. Its name was the Three-tailed Green Eye Wolf. It was a Class 3 Magical Beast that liked to live in groups and eat human flesh!

Seeing this scene, Bi Lin Lin's expression became ugly. He said in a cold voice, "Looks like we're too late. This entire squad has been annihilated!"

Hearing Bi Lin's words, Bai Feng's, Lei Xiaoyu's, and Lin Tianjie's expressions darkened as they gripped their weapons tightly.

Although they were constantly fighting the dead within the catacombs, to see such a team completely wiped out in front of them was undoubtedly extremely uncomfortable.

Even Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with killing intent.

In the instant that Ye Xuan and the others rushed over, the green-eyed wolves that had their heads lowered as they ate the soldiers' corpses stopped in their tracks. They raised their heads in unison, and their greedy gazes fell onto Ye Xuan and the others.


As they let out roars, all of the three green-eyed wolves charged towards Ye Xuan and the others. Dust flew everywhere they passed, emitting an oppressive aura!

From afar, all of the three tailed Green Eye Wolves seemed to have transformed into a cloud of sharp arrows that shot towards Ye Xuan and the others. If they were struck, they would definitely suffer heavy injuries!

Needless to say, these three tailed Green Eye Wolves were indeed ferocious.

Even though they were only Class 3 Magical Beasts, their numbers were enormous and even a Carefree Sky Realm Martial Ancestor would find it difficult to deal with them. Even a Spirit Traveling Profound Realm Martial Saint would not dare to go head to head with them.

If an ant could kill an elephant, then what about a three-tailed Green Eye Wolf?

"Prepare to shoot!" There are too many of them, around three hundred or so. The moment they get close, it will be troublesome and troublesome to attack them! "

Bi Lin Lin's expression was ugly as he spoke with a deep voice.


However, just as she finished speaking, Ye Xuan took a step forward and dashed out.

"This bastard is simply acting recklessly!"

Bi Lin's expression couldn't help but change when he saw Ye Xuan charge over. He couldn't help but let out an angry curse.

She came from the military, so she disliked these kinds of people who disobeyed orders and didn't know how to cooperate.

However, in the next instant, a scene that made her feel astonished quietly happened.

Under Bi Lin Lin's shocked and shocked gaze, as the three tailed Green Eyed Wolves pounced on Ye Xuan, he stretched out his right hand. Cold air suffused the air as he pressed it towards the ground.

Terrifying cold energy instantly exploded forth and swept out. Everything it passed was sealed in ice. In the end, it completely froze the three tailed Green Eye Wolves that pounced towards Ye Xuan, causing them to become eye-catching ice sculptures that stood motionlessly in place!


As Ye Xuan lightly snapped his fingers, fine cracks appeared on the surface of all of the frozen three-tailed Green Eyed Wolves. Then they exploded with a bang, turning into dense ice crystals that floated down from the sky.

"What a terrifying cold force!"

Even Lei Xiaoyu, Lin Tianjie, and Bai Feng couldn't help but shiver. Their gazes toward Ye Xuan were filled with undisguised shock.

They knew that they could handle three hundred Three-tailed Green Eye Wolves, but it wouldn't be as easy as Ye Xuan's.

"Let's continue on our way!"

After effortlessly taking care of the three tailed Green Eye Wolves, Ye Xuan turned around to face Bi Lin, Lei Xiaoyu, and the others.

"This guy is actually this strong?"

Bi Lin quickly recovered from the shock after hearing Ye Xuan's words. He muttered to himself before quickly following behind Ye Xuan.

"Our older brother Xuan is naturally strong. With him here, our trip will be much smoother!"

Bai Feng, Lei Xiaoyu, and the others smiled indifferently and quickly followed after him.

After a few flashes, they disappeared from this world.

Not long after they disappeared, rustling footsteps came from afar, and over ten figures that emitted powerful auras appeared in that area.

If Ye Xuan was here, he would definitely be able to recognize them.

They were, respectively, the newly appointed Young Lord of the Unparalleled Sword Sect, the Young Lord of the Myriad God School Yun Feiyang, the young master of the Leng Clan, Leng Ao Tian, the young master of the Song Clan, Song Yingyang, the young master of the Heavenly Shadow Blade Sect, Saber Hao Haotian, as well as a group of experts from the Death God Shrine and the Sun God Hall.

Looking at the shattered ice crystals on the ground, a cold smile appeared on Leng Ao Tian's face. His cold voice came out of his mouth, "It looks like our news wasn't wrong. That kid Ye Xuan did indeed come here.

"Haha, that heavily armored giant ape isn't easy to deal with. It's a Class 7 Magical Beast, equivalent to a Martial King. The four of them won't be able to deal with it. We'll just have to wait until they fight to the death!"

"No matter if it's the life spirit spring or Ye Xuan's life, they're all ours!"

"This time, Ye Xuan must die!"

Hearing Leng Ao Tian's words, the crowd began to laugh coldly as they spoke.


As soon as they finished their words, they quickly chased after Ye Xuan and the others.