Leng Qingcheng had her hair tied up in a bun and wore black-rimmed glasses. She lazily laid on the office chair, holding a document and reading it very seriously.

She wore a white t-shirt and a short black skirt. Her long, slender legs were wrapped in black stockings, and a large white coat was draped over the top, revealing her perfectly curved and elegant figure.

What was even worse was that she took off her high heels and placed her long legs, which were wrapped in black stockings, on the desk. This simple and casual posture caused people to have endless fantasies.

Her long slender legs, which were wrapped in black stockings, were extremely alluring and eye-catching under the light, causing others to sink into her legs. Coupled with her cold, arrogant and lazy temperament, she had an unspeakable lethality.

Even Ye Xuan, who was used to seeing countless beauties and countless beauties, had an instant of absent-mindedness at this moment. He subconsciously gulped.

"Good leg!"

His throat rolled as he silently praised in his heart.

A beauty like Leng Qingcheng, just a casual posture would have endless charm!

After muttering to himself for a moment, Ye Xuan didn't knock on the door. Instead, he lightly opened the door and walked in. Looking at Leng Qingcheng, who was still seriously reading the documents and admiring her perfect figure, Ye Xuan teased her, "Qingcheng, you're still unwilling to get off work so late at night?"

Ye Xuan's sudden voice caused Leng Qingcheng, who was seriously reading the document, to be shocked. She hurriedly raised her head, and the cold face of Ye Xuan, which was just inches away, appeared in her line of sight.

"Bastard, where are you looking?"

In the next instant, an angry voice rang out from Leng Qingcheng's mouth.

That's because Ye Xuan was currently unscrupulously sweeping his gaze over her body!

"Nonsense, of course it's the chest!"

Ye Xuan teased as he withdrew his gaze from Leng Qingcheng.


Leng Qingcheng fiercely glared at Ye Xuan as she hurriedly tidied her clothes and snappily said.

Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile as he teased, "Isn't it just looking at you for a bit before calling him a hooligan? You're making it so that those true hooligans outside can't endure it."

"Boring! What are you doing here? "

Leng Qingcheng put on her shoes and coldly asked.

"Of course I'm here to see you... Oh. No, I'm here to pick you up from work! No matter what, you're my wife, and since you're so beautiful at night, how can I be at ease when you go home alone! "

Ye Xuan teased Leng Qingcheng with great interest as he admired her beautiful figure.

"I still have an emergency operation to complete in a while. It should be 2 in the morning by the time I finish it. You can go back first!"

Leng Qingcheng put down the file in her hands, raised her head, and looked at Ye Xuan as she slowly spoke.

"Since it's so late, I'll have to wait for you …" By the way, I'm not sure what kind of patient it is, but maybe I can help! "

Ye Xuan smiled as he shook his head, then walked to the sofa and lied down.

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Leng Qingcheng hesitated for a moment before slowly saying, "A patient with acute infective endocarditis who had undergone a pacemaker procedure in other hospitals.

The cause of his heart failure was due to cardiac pacemaker infection. The patient was in a very bad condition. If he wasn't treated in time then he would lose his life... "

Hearing Leng Qingcheng's words, Ye Xuan lightly nodded his head, then asked doubtfully, "Isn't it fine to just pass this kind of patient treatment to the Heart Vascular Unit? Although you're the vice principal, you're not good at the cardiovascular side, so why are you participating in surgery?"

A bitter smile appeared on Leng Qingcheng's face, "The director of the Cardiovascular Department is the one you offended last time, Director Yuan! He was the backbone of the Heart Vascular Section, the leader of the technology. He grasped extremely advanced technology and held an extremely high status! Didn't you make him fall for a joke last time?

"In a fit of anger, he found an excuse to take his team out to study, which resulted in their cardiovascular system lacking manpower …"

"And he's the only one in the department who specializes in the problems caused by pacemakers, plus the fact that the patient's pacemaker fusion wasn't done in our hospital makes surgery much more difficult.

Besides, they had already gotten off work. There were only the emergency department and doctors on duty in the hospital, so no one dared to be the main surgeon. I've just called Director Yuan and he said that he won't be able to come back if anything happens to him! "

Hearing the cause of this matter, Ye Xuan said in annoyance, "So you planned on using your own blade?"

"Although Cardiovascular surgery is not my specialty, I've been an intern in Cardiovascular surgery, have worked as an outpatient physician, and have also been involved in cardiovascular surgery …"

Leng Qingcheng hadn't finished speaking when Ye Xuan's angry voice cut her off, "Do you know that you're using your reputation and future as a joke? If the operation fails, do you know what it means to you? "

"Compared to my future and reputation, the life of a patient is more important. After all, I am a doctor, and treating and saving people is my criticism."

Leng Qingcheng answered stubbornly.

Ye Xuan couldn't help but smile when he saw Leng Qingcheng's stubborn appearance.

When this woman became serious, it was really a different story.

"Let's go. Bring me there. Maybe we won't need to use sabers!"

After pondering for a moment, Ye Xuan slowly spoke.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

Just as Ye Xuan finished speaking, a hurried knock sounded on the door. Following which, a female nurse hastily ran in, "Dean Leng, things aren't good! Patient # 18 is about to die... "

Number 18 was the patient with infective endocarditis caused by the pacemaker that Leng Qingcheng had mentioned.

"Hurry, bring me to it!"

Hearing the nurse's words, Leng Qingcheng hurriedly stood up and spoke in a low voice.

In the intensive care unit, a twenty-something year old young man was lying on the bed with a pale face. He was connected to many instruments, and the monitor showed that the data was rapidly decreasing.

All the antibiotics had been used, but none at all.

"Dean Leng!"

Upon seeing Leng Qingcheng, the crowd hurriedly called out in panic.

Leng Qingcheng lightly nodded her head as her gaze landed on the monitor. She then examined the patient's body, as a grave expression appeared on her face.

"Director Leng, have you contacted Director Yuan? "The patient's current situation is not optimistic. At any moment now, her life could be in danger. Only Director Yuan has sufficient experience to deal with the current situation …"

"Director Yuan is temporarily back!"

"Then what should we do now? If Director Yuan was here, he would definitely be able to find a way... "

"Yes, that's right. In this aspect, Director Yuan is indeed the most authoritative and experienced one. With him here, the patient will definitely be saved..."

"But now that Director Yuan isn't here, what should we do?"

"That's right. Dean Leng, hurry up and think of a way."

Everyone started talking at once and their gazes fell on Leng Qingcheng. The doctor in the Heart Vascular Department seemed to be intentionally targeting her to raise Director Yuan.

"Hmph, he's just a lunatic, is he worth your praise?"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan, who stood at the side and didn't say anything, couldn't help but snort.

"You … You. You are? I seem to have seen it somewhere before! "

"Oh right, I remember now that he's a security guard at the entrance of the hospital! This is an important ward, how did a security guard like you get in! "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, many doctors at the scene cast their gazes onto Ye Xuan. Some of them couldn't help but ask.

"I let her in. Do you have any objections?"

Leng Qingcheng's eyes flashed, as she icily stated.

"But... Dean Leng, he's just a security guard, it's not in accordance with the rules for him to come to the Intensive Care Unit! " In order to protect Director Yuan, the doctor with Heart Vessel Department couldn't help but ask.

"The last time he cured Professor Lei, so many of you experts were there. Did he come up with a solution?"

"Have so many of you gathered around the patient to come up with an effective solution? "I only know how to say Director Yuan!"

Leng Qingcheng's countenance was as cold as frost, her tone filled with exasperation.


Everyone was shocked when they heard Leng Qingcheng's words. They had long heard that someone saved Director Lei with a silver needle and made Director Yuan call me a lunatic. However, they didn't expect that it was this little security guard in front of them.

"Ye Xuan, I'll leave this patient to you!"

After that, Leng Qingcheng's gaze fell onto Ye Xuan as she spoke.

"Don't worry!"

Ye Xuan smiled as he nodded, then walked over to the bedside to carefully examine the patient's condition and check her pulse.

After a short moment, Ye Xuan was very familiar with the patient's condition. Under everyone's gaze, he took out a nine inch long silver needle from his watch belt and pierced it into the patient's heart.

Thirteen heaven defying needles, dispelling wind to suppress the Evil God!

Wisps of invisible energy flowed through the silver needle that Ye Xuan controlled and entered the patient's body, repairing his body that was infected by bacteria.

Beads of sweat flowed down Ye Xuan's face …

Half an hour later, Ye Xuan's treatment was finished. He also let out a long breath of relief as he calmly said, "The patient's condition has basically stabilized, and there's no need for surgery. Antibiotics Tetracycline, Chloramphenicol, Polypeptide, Lincomycin are combined to synthesize antimicrobial drugs to be used in the treatment of fluoroquinone and fosfomycin."

As Ye Xuan's words fell, the surrounding doctors were shocked to see the various indicators on the monitor slowly rise before stabilizing. This undoubtedly meant that Ye Xuan's treatment had played a great role …

Not only that, the patient who had been unconscious also woke up at this moment. He gradually opened his hazy, sleepy eyes, shocking the surrounding doctors.

What kind of method was this?

Was this guy really just a security guard?

At this moment, there were too many questions in everyone's hearts. Even Leng Qingcheng's eyes flashed with shock and astonishment. She didn't think that Ye Xuan would actually be able to cure the patient …

"What are you all still standing there for? Hurry up and follow Ye Xuan's orders to use the medicine. If there's any other circumstances, inform me … "

Looking at the shocked and stunned faces of the doctors, Leng Qingcheng said a few words before bringing Ye Xuan out of the Intensive Care Unit.

"Buzz buzz buzz …"

As soon as they left, a doctor's phone vibrated. He looked at the caller ID and quickly went to the side to listen to the unattended call, "Director Yuan …."

"How is the patient? Did that girl Leng Qingcheng take the lead? I am currently on my way back to the hospital, and there are only ten minutes left before I reach there. For the safety of my patients, I must not let Leng Qingcheng go easy on me. " Director Yuan's voice sounded from the phone.

Upon hearing Director Yuan's words, a wry smile emerged on the face of the heart and blood vessel doctor, "Director Yuan, you don't have to come anymore. The patient's condition is basically stable and there's no danger to her life!"

"What?" "What's going on?"

It was the voice of Director Yuan who had lost his composure.

He had planned in his heart to forcefully return to save the patient when Leng Qingcheng had no other options. In order to revive him, Director Yuan, so that Leng Qingcheng would know how formidable he was, he would teach her a lesson.

But now, he heard that the patient's condition had stabilized. He didn't need to come anymore. Didn't this cause him to travel thousands of miles to come all night for nothing? Wasn't his plan a failure?

Hearing the voice on the phone from Director Yuan, the doctor gave a brief account of what had happened...

"It's that damned bastard again …"

On the highway, with an Audi A6 running at full speed, Director Yuan sat in the car and threw the phone violently onto a seat at the side. Angry words came out of his mouth.

"Stop, turn around!" "Go back!"