"Swish, swish, swish …"

Following Leng Gu, who'd unleashed such a large area of effect from the Icefall, a thick sense of life-and-death danger filled Ye Xuan's heart. The terrifying frost energy was like a torrent that poured down from the horizon and enveloped Ye Xuan, completely sealing off his retreat path and attempting to devour him.

Not only that, Leng Guofeng had also discarded the long saber in his hand at this moment, and had abruptly pressed both his hands, which were covered in ice, to the ground!

Fourth martial skill of the Myriad Manifestation Frost Arts: Ice Wall Burial!

"Crack!" "Rumble!"

The earth split open as an enormous ice wall charged out from the ground and obstructed Ye Xuan's escape route.


The Rank 6 Black Flood Dragon seemed to be under their control as it let out an angry roar. Its enormous tail swung out and slapped Ye Xuan before he could dodge, sending him flying.

Afterwards, the enormous body of the Rank 6 Black Flood Dragon madly swam about like a python, tightly binding Ye Xuan's body. No matter how Ye Xuan struggled, it was to no avail.

The instant the Rank 6 Black Flood Dragon bound Ye Xuan up, a terrifying Icefall descended from the sky, swallowing up its enormous body as well as Ye Xuan's.

"Kacha kacha …"

A terrifying cold air spread out, creating a gust of cold wind. A large amount of white mist was emitted and floated within the abode, causing people to be unable to see what was going on within the abode.


Leng Guyuan lowered his head to look at the dense cold energy floating below him. He jumped down and landed on top of the ice wall. He coldly stared in front of him and coldly said, "It's the end, Ye Xuan!"

He was sure that his previous attack hadn't missed.

The reason he hadn't revealed himself after being sent flying by Ye Xuan earlier was to subdue the rank 6 Black Flood Dragon and prepare himself to execute a large area martial skill like the Icefall Burial to deal a fatal blow to Ye Xuan.

From the looks of it, their battle plan had been exceptionally successful.

"Huff, puff …"

Just as Leng Yuanyuan finished his sentence, he could no longer hold it in. A mouthful of black blood sprayed out from his mouth as he gasped for air.

After receiving the fusion skill, Spiral Lightning Flame Bullet, his body undoubtedly suffered from extremely serious injuries. The left half of his body was completely covered in the huge scars and charred marks left by the Spiral Lightning Flame Bullets. The entire left half of his body was practically burnt dry by the violent energy.

If he hadn't borrowed the force of the Spiral Lightning Flame Bullet at the most crucial moment to throw it, half of his body would have been penetrated and his internal organs would have been injured. He would have died on the spot.

Even so, he still looked like he was in a difficult situation, looking extremely miserable. His left side was destroyed, and his body was severely injured.

"How is it? Are you alright? "

Leng Yuefeng also leaped into the air and landed firmly beside Leng Yuanyuan. As he looked at his sorry state, he asked with concern.

"He won't die yet. However, that little bastard is truly difficult to deal with!" Leng Guyuan said coldly, "Disperse the mist to see if that fellow is dead or not!"

"Huff …"

Hearing Leng Gu Yuan's words, Leng Gu Feng nodded his head lightly. With a wave of his sleeve, a wild force spread out, blowing away all the white mist floating around the cave, causing the scene inside to appear clearly in their line of sight.

Under the effects of the Icefall, half of the cave was devoured by the cold energy and sealed in ice.

A waterfall formed from countless layers of ice descended from the sky and engulfed the rank 6 Black Jiao and Ye Xuan, causing them to become eye-catching ice sculptures that emitted bursts of coldness. It was extremely eye-catching, as if they were the guardians of this cave.


Looking at the Rank Six Black Flood Dragon and Ye Xuan that were engulfed by the Icefall, Leng Yuefeng carefully examined them for a moment before speaking in a low voice.

They didn't feel the slightest bit of life in the thick layer of ice. This undoubtedly meant the death of the rank 6 Black Jiao and Ye Xuan.

Furthermore, so far, no one had been able to survive from the Icefall technique that Cold Valley Yuan had used.

"Phew …" I never thought that brat would actually be able to force me to use a move like Icefall Burial … "

Hearing Leng Yuefeng's words, Leng Yuanyuan heaved a sigh of relief. He clenched his fists so hard that they made cracking sounds, as dense words came out of his mouth.

They'd still underestimated Ye Xuan's strength. They never imagined that he would force them to such a state.

"That brat is indeed hard to deal with, but unfortunately, he is already dead …" It's just that we arrived a little too late, and were unable to save Ao Tian and the rest! "

Leng Guofeng sighed gently. A dejected expression surfaced on his face as he let out some helpless words.

"Right, where are those four little bastards?"

As if he had thought of something, Leng Guiyuan turned to look in the direction where Lei Xiaoyu and the others were, only to discover that they had disappeared without a trace some time ago.

"They should've seen that little bastard, Ye Xuan, being defeated and hiding in the depths of the cave …" Rest assured, they will not be able to escape.

Leng Guofeng indifferently replied, after which his gaze landed on the Life Spirit Spring, his eyes flashed with a greedy light: "I never thought that there would actually be Life Spirit Spring here, this way we can quickly recover from our injuries, and with its help, our strength can also be improved by a large amount! Let's go and test the effects of this legendary Life Spirit Spring! "

As Leng Yuefeng's words fell, he and Leng Yuanyuan strode towards the spiritual spring of life.

"Xuan... Brother Xuan, he … Is he dead? "

"Ye Xuan wouldn't really be tricked by these two old things …"

Lin Tianjie and Lei Xiaoyu, who were hiding in the depths of the cave and watching this scene, had extremely ugly expressions on their faces. Lin Tianjie and Bi Lin even had faces full of worry as they spoke.

"Relax, older brother Xuan will be fine. Although those two old fellows were very strong and their attacks were very fierce, they still weren't able to kill older brother Xuan!" I have witnessed Brother Xuan's battle a long time ago. Back then, he did not have the strength of today to fight the Evil Emperor, not to mention that he has become so strong now! "

"Based on the current situation, Elder Brother Xuan should have already used that state!"

Bai Feng's burning gaze stared fixedly at Ye Xuan, who had merged into one with the Icefall, and spoke in a low voice.

He really couldn't forget the white dragon form that Ye Xuan displayed. Too strong, too handsome, and too cool!

"What state?"

Upon hearing Bai Feng's words, Lei Xiaoyu, Bi Lin, and the others all opened their mouths with curious expressions.

"You'll know in a while. Quickly, look! There's movement in the ice!"

Bai Feng's gaze turned cold as he looked at the ice layer in the distance and replied in a low voice.

"Kacha kacha …"

Just as Bai Feng finished speaking, the entire cave suddenly trembled. The surface of the ice that sealed Ye Xuan began to crack, as if something was about to break out of the ice.

"What's going on?"

This sudden turn of events caused the expressions of Leng Gu Yuan and Leng Gu Feng to change involuntarily. They turned their heads to look at the cracks that were spreading on the layer of ice and spoke with unsightly expressions.

"Could it be that that kid is still alive?"

At this moment, Leng Guofeng also spoke coldly.

"Impossible! The Icefall is destroying everything in its path, freezing everything in its path. No one can survive this move!"

Leng Guyuan answered with a resolute expression.

"Kacha kacha kacha …"


However, before Leng Gu Yuan could finish his sentence, a resplendent white light shone from the crack in the ice. More and more cracks appeared on the ice, and eventually, it couldn't hold on any longer and exploded with a loud bang.

A resplendent white light blossomed as a berserk energy spread out in all directions, turning into ice crystals that filled the sky that slowly drifted down from the sky. It was as if snowflakes were drifting about in the cave, reflecting a dazzling brilliance under the sunlight.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

As the sound of footsteps rang out, a figure filled with boundless killing intent, seemingly cold and heartless, slowly walked out from the ice crystals that filled the sky.

His black eyes glowed with a cold light, and his slender and straight body was wrapped in a unique and exquisite white magic armor. In his hand was the black and white profound sword, and his entire body emitted an endless chill, as if he was the white god of death that had walked out of hell, causing people to feel a cold chill in their hearts. They couldn't help but unconsciously take two steps back.

He's none other than Ye Xuan in his white dragon form.


"This... What was this … What the hell? "

"No …" I don't know, but he looks good. "I think it's Ye Xuan."

Looking at the man who seemed to have blended in with the light and walked out like a white death god, Leng Guang Yuan and Leng Gu Feng felt their scalps go numb and their throats go dry. They subconsciously swallowed their saliva as trembling words came out from their mouths.

At this moment, Ye Xuan gave them a feeling of oppression similar to that of their Leng Clan's Ancestor, causing an unprecedented fear to rise from the bottom of their hearts. They didn't dare to resist in the slightest.

"This... "What the hell is going on?"

"At this moment, Brother Xuan is too … It's too strange, too terrifying! "

"I... I feel as if my soul is trembling in fear, as if I have just seen a reaping death! "

Even Lei Xiaoyu, Lin Tianjie, and Bi Lin were shocked by Ye Xuan's imposing aura.

Only Bai Feng's face was filled with excitement and admiration. At this moment, he felt that Ye Xuan was simply his idol. He was so handsome that his eyes shone, and his face was filled with fanaticism and worship.

He finally saw Ye Xuan's posture again.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

"To think that you two old fellows actually forced this form out!"

Ye Xuan's face was expressionless. Holding the black and white profound swords in his hands, he slowly walked toward Leng Guang Yuan and Leng Gu Feng. Finally, he stopped three meters in front of them, raised the black and white profound sword in his hand, and pointed towards Leng Gu Feng and Leng Gu Yuan.

"Speak, how do you want to die?"