"Older brother Xuan, be careful!"

"Let's attack together and kill this Giant Armored Ape!"

Lei Xiaoyu, Bai Feng, and the others couldn't help their expressions from changing as they watched the heaven-shattering giant ape swing its iron fist towards Ye Xuan. They couldn't help but shout out.

The moment their words left their mouths, astral energy surged from their entire bodies as they unleashed a powerful attack towards the heavily armored giant ape. They turned into streaks of light and charged straight at the heavily armored giant ape.

However, the Giant Armored Ape didn't pay any attention to Lei Xiaoyu and the others' attacks. Instead, it swung its giant iron fist at Ye Xuan with an even faster and fiercer speed.

"Chi! Chi!"

Ye Xuan didn't dare to be careless. A demonic aura surged from his entire body as an exquisite magic armor appeared on his body, causing his aura to rise bit by bit. A large amount of lightning surrounded him, causing him to look extraordinary.


The instant the Colossal Armed Ape's fist smashed towards him, Ye Xuan's foot abruptly exerted force like an enraged dragon. His right hand clenched into a fist as it smashed forward with a violent force, colliding with the Colossal Armor Ape's enormous fist.

In the next moment, a muffled collision sound echoed out. Violent force surged out of the heavily armored giant ape's fist like stormy waves, causing Ye Xuan to feel as if his fist had smashed onto a steel wall.

Afterwards, he was sent flying out of his control by the giant ape's fist, smashing heavily into a nearby wall.


After the successful attack, the heavily armored giant ape let out a furious roar and completely ignored Bi Lin. Lei Xiaoyu and the others attacked it and allowed their attacks to strike its body. However, it howled as it charged forward and swung its iron fist towards Ye Xuan once more.

In the eyes of the heavily armored giant ape, only Ye Xuan was a threat to it, so it had to eliminate Ye Xuan as soon as possible.

One had to say, this heavily armored giant ape had a certain level of intelligence.

"The defense of this big guy's body is really strong …"

Shaking his numb arm and looking at the Giant Armored Ape that was swinging its iron fist towards him, Ye Xuan had an unsightly expression on his face as he spoke with a serious expression.


As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, the demonic energy surrounding his body instantly transformed into black flames. The shadows of dragons could be seen swimming in his eyes as lightning beneath his feet surged forth. He brandished his fist and charged fiercely towards the heavily armored giant ape once again.

At this moment, Ye Xuan had already entered the third level of the Bedevilment Realm and entered the Thunderclap state!

In this state, Ye Xuan's strength and speed increased in every direction.

Lightning surged beneath Ye Xuan's feet like a bolt of lightning that streaked across the sky, easily dodging the attack of the Giant Armored Ape. He appeared in front of the Giant Armored Ape and swung his fist at its face.

However, even under Ye Xuan's attack, the Giant Armored Ape didn't sustain the slightest injury. It only swung its head and a fierce force exploded, sending Ye Xuan flying.

"Ding ding ding …"


While Ye Xuan was still in the middle of his battle with the Giant Armored Ape, Lei Xiaoyu, Bai Feng, Bi Lin, and Lin Tianjie had finally finished their preparations.

The golden lightning around Lei Xiaoyu's body appeared above the head of the heavily armored giant ape. Her right leg carried the power of the Splitting Mountain Axe as it furiously chopped down at the head of the heavily armored giant ape.

These were the Thunder Dragons from the Thunder Clan's Thunder Clap. Its attack power was extremely ferocious!

Bai Feng transformed into a white stream of light and appeared in front of the heavily armored giant ape. His right leg carried a violent force as it revolved around the green colored strong wind, sweeping towards the bottom part of the heavily armored giant ape.

This was the Bai Clan's famous Wind Thunder Leg!

As for Bi Lin Lin and Lin Tianjie, a sharp longsword had appeared out of nowhere in their hands. With a sword in each hand, they attacked the heavily armored giant ape.

In the next moment, their attacks all landed on the heavily armored giant ape's body.

However, even if their attacks landed on the body of the Giant Armored Ape, they didn't cause the slightest harm to it, and were all blocked by its tough fur and armor, unable to break through its defense and inflict any substantial damage.


As the furious roar came out from the mouth of the giant armored ape, a terrifying power burst out from its body. A scorching wave of fire spread out in all directions from its body, causing Lei Xiaoyu, Bi Lin, and Bai Feng to all fly backwards as fresh red blood sprayed out of their mouths …

It was obvious that they had all suffered serious injuries from this giant heavily armored ape's counterattack.

The defense of this Giant Armored Ape, which had the bloodline of Pangolin and Wild Ape, was simply terrifying. It was hard to injure with blades and swords. Even when Lei Xiaoyu and the others used their martial skills, they were unable to leave even the slightest mark on its body, causing their complexions to be extremely ugly.

"Dammit! This guy is much stronger than he was a few days ago! Even if he's a newly advanced Martial Monarch, I'm afraid I won't be able to stop him!"

Looking at the heavily armored giant ape that was completely unharmed, Bi Lin Lin's expression was unsightly as he spoke.

The combat prowess of this Giant Armored Ape was probably equivalent to that of a 1-star Martial King!

"This guy's hair is already tough, his skin is thick, and his body is protected by the pangolin armor. It would be difficult to injure him, and with our strength, it's very difficult to threaten him. If we want to defeat him, we have to break his defense first …"

Lei Xiaoyu extended her hand to wipe away the blood at the corner of her mouth as she spoke in a low voice.

"Defeating this Giant Armored Ape is indeed difficult, but we don't necessarily need to defeat it. We only need to temporarily trap it. For this reason, I have prepared a great gift for it!"

Looking at Lei Xiaoyu and Bi Lin's serious and ugly expressions, Bai Feng smiled and said.


As Bai Feng's words fell, he beckoned with his hand. The storage ring on his hand flashed and a huge net made of alloy appeared in his hand. "It shouldn't be difficult to bind it with this alloy net."

"Older brother Xuan can't take it anymore. Everyone, make your move!"

Bai Feng abruptly flung the alloy net aside, then grabbed onto a corner. He looked at Ye Xuan, who was fiercely battling the Giant Armored Ape, and spoke in a low voice.


As Bai Feng's words fell, Bi Lin Lin, Lin Tianjie, Lei Xiaoyu, and the others grabbed onto a corner of the alloy net. Bi Lin, Lin Tianjie, Lei Xiaoyu, and the others grabbed a corner of the alloy net as soon as Bai Feng's words rang out.

"Older brother Xuan, move out of the way!"

Along with their shouts, Ye Xuan, who was originally excited about the giant armored ape, lightly nodded his head. His feet abruptly exerted force and quickly distanced himself from the giant armored ape, escaping the area of the alloy net.


Looking at Ye Xuan's weak expression as he fled, the heavily armored giant ape let out a furious roar. Its enormous body was like a heavy truck as it charged towards Ye Xuan. However, the alloy net descended from the sky, enveloping its enormous body within it.

The heavy armored giant ape was trapped inside the alloy net as it let out furious roars and struggled nonstop. Although under the effects of the paralyzed electricity, its movements had become a little slower, but the power that exploded out was still ferocious and powerful. Even if Bai Feng, Bi Lin, Lei Xiaoyu, and Lin Tianjie worked together to control the alloy net, they still found it difficult to endure.

"Damn it, this guy's strength is too strong, I can't hold on much longer!"

Bi Lin gripped onto the alloy net tightly. The astral energy throughout his entire body surged, and under the struggling of the heavy armored giant ape, his body shook violently as he let out an angry curse.

Bai Feng, Lei Xiaoyu, and Lin Tianjie were also on the verge of collapsing.

"Hold on for one minute!"

Seeing this, Ye Xuan's expression turned serious. The power within his body surged as he spoke in a low voice.


As the sound of his voice faded, the black and white black moons in his hands quietly appeared, and then were fiercely merged together by him.

Dazzling light exploded forth. The black and white black profound sword instantly fused together, emitting a sharp light that caused Ye Xuan's entire aura to become sharp and sharp.

Ye Xuan took a deep breath as he looked at the heavily struggling Giant Armored Ape. The demonic energy within his body surged and poured all of it into the Black and White Profound Sword in his hand, causing the Black and White Profound Sword to erupt with a resplendent sword light.


In the next moment, Ye Xuan's foot abruptly exerted force. Lightning surrounded his feet and a black and white dragon surrounded his body. The long sword in his hand strangely floated in his hand as he charged towards the heavily armored giant ape with a fierce killing intent.

The instant he was ten meters away from the Colossal Armed Ape, Ye Xuan's palm fiercely slapped down on the Colossal Armed Ape!


As Ye Xuan's palm struck out, the black and white profound sword floating in the middle of his palm that was surrounded by berserk energy pierced straight towards the left eye of the heavily armored giant ape, bringing with it an unparalleled sharpness and the image of a black and white dragon.

Dragon Subduing Sword!

A thick sense of crisis permeated the heart of the Giant Armored Ape, causing it to be restless and uneasy. It released angry roars as it tried to struggle free from the alloy net, but it was blocked off by Bi Lin, Lei Xiaoyu, and the others, causing its movement to be greatly restricted. It was unable to dodge Ye Xuan's sword!

"Aooo …"

Seeing the black and white profound sword whistling towards it, the heavy armored giant ape struggled, but to no avail. It could only stretch out its long hairy hand and place it in front of its eyes.

In the next moment, a shrill and furious roar came from the mouth of the heavily armored giant ape.

The sharp black and white profound sword, which brought along a black and white dragon shadow that filled the sky, easily penetrated its palm, and then it pierced its left eye without slowing down in the slightest.

"Pata! Pata! Pata!"

Bright red blood flowed out from the giant ape's palm and left eye, falling onto the ground with a 'pa da' sound.

The originally struggling heavily armored giant ape suddenly quietened down at this moment, causing a look of joy to surface on Bi Lin, Lei Xiaoyu and the rest's faces: "Did you succeed?"

Ye Xuan didn't reply. Instead, he fixed his gaze on the heavily armored giant ape.

Although this strike was successful, Ye Xuan didn't feel the slightest bit of happiness. He only felt a bad premonition and worry.

At this moment, the heavily armored giant ape's right eye gradually turned crimson as it emitted a blinding bloody light!

"Be careful!"

As if he'd sensed something, Ye Xuan's expression changed and an angry roar came out of his mouth.


The moment his words fell, an angry dawn suddenly emerged from the mouth of the originally motionless Giant Armored Ape. A wave of scarlet, wild, violent energy spread in all directions, with him as the center.

Scarlet energy crisscrossed the air. Bi Lin Lin, Lei Xiaoyu, and the others were among them. They were shaken until they vomited out a mouthful of blood and were sent flying backwards.

"Dong, dong, dong …"

The heavily armored giant ape finally regained its freedom. Its right hand slowly reached out and pulled out the black and white profound sword that had pierced through its palm and left eye. It flung the sword away and then walked toward Ye Xuan with robust steps.

Every step it took left a deep imprint on the ground.

"Clang clang!"

Just when Ye Xuan thought that the Colossal Armed Ape would charge towards him, an explosion suddenly sounded. Dust flew in the air as the Colossal Armed Ape strangely vanished at this moment.

This sudden turn of events caused Bi Lin Lin, Lei Xiaoyu, and the others to be stunned. Ye Xuan's expression changed, and a strong sense of danger arose from the bottom of his heart. His boundless soul force unreservedly spread out at this moment, searching for traces of the Giant Armored Ape.

"Bi Lin Lin, be careful!"

In the next moment, as if he'd felt something, Ye Xuan's expression changed drastically. Wind and thunder surged beneath his feet as he pounced towards Bi Lin at an extremely fast speed ….

Just when Bi Lin was puzzled by Ye Xuan's actions, the ground beneath her feet suddenly collapsed. However, the black-furred hand abruptly shot out from the ground and grabbed at Bi Lin, causing her expression to drastically change. She wasn't able to dodge in time.

An unprecedented feeling of life and death filled Bi Lin's heart. Her feet abruptly exerted force, wanting to leap to the side. However, that large hand enveloped her within, making it impossible for her to escape …

A strong sense of despair permeated Bi Lin's heart. Flying in midair, she could only watch helplessly as the enormous palm grabbed towards her …

"Lin Lin!"

"Quickly dodge!"

"Get out of the way!"

Lei Xiaoyu, Lin Tianjie, and Bai Feng's anxious voices entered Bi Lin's ears, causing a bitter smile to surface on her exquisite face. Her face was deathly pale as she muttered: "Am I going to die?"

They had never thought that the heavily armored giant ape would be able to escape from the ground.


Seeing the Bi Lin Lin Lin was about to be devoured by the Giant Armored Ape's giant hands, Ye Xuan, who'd long since dashed out, finally arrived in front of Bi Lin. He extended his hand and wrapped it around Bi Lin's slender waist, pulling her into his embrace.

In the nick of time, Ye Xuan grabbed the Jade-Kylin and escaped from the hands of the Giant Armored Ape.

Their bodies heavily crashed on the ground, rolling a few rounds before they finally stopped.

Above Bi Lin Lin, below Ye Xuan!

The two bodies could be said to have nothing more to do.

"Hey, how long are you going to keep me stuck there for?"

While Bi Lin was still in shock from the dangerous scene earlier, Ye Xuan teased him.

"I …"

"Be careful!"

Bi Lin finally came back to her senses when she heard Ye Xuan's words. She was about to speak when Ye Xuan's expression abruptly changed. He once again held onto Bi Lin's delicate body and tumbled to the side …


The instant Ye Xuan sent the Jade-Scaled Unicorn flying, the heavily armored giant ape's huge palm descended from the sky, shattering the stone slab that Ye Xuan and the others were on into dust …