Inside the abode, the strong auras ran rampant, and the killing intent was awe-inspiring!

Following Leng Ao Tian's command, their subordinates all charged towards Ye Xuan.

Every single one of them had the strength of a Seven Star Martial King, and there were even some eight star Martial Kings. There were sixteen of them in total, and all of them were experts in killing and besieging.

The direction in which they charged and the angle in which they attacked were also different.

Four of them attacked Ye Xuan from the bottom, while two flew above his head to attack him. Two of them attacked him from the front, four attacked him from the left and right, while the rest circled around to attack him from behind.

The sixteen of them worked together to create an inescapable net that trapped Ye Xuan within. Ye Xuan was trapped within the net, and the only way to escape was to perish under their combined attacks.

Their attacks hadn't even arrived yet, but the force and killing intent from their attacks spread out, causing Ye Xuan's long hair to fly in the air and his clothes to flutter. Especially the feeling of the strong wind blowing on his face was like a knife scraping.

Needless to say, these sixteen truly had extraordinary strength and were incomparably valiant.

Even a newly ascended Martial King would not dare to face such powerful attacks.

However, Ye Xuan didn't have any intention of dodging the attack at all. Even if he dodged it, it wouldn't be of any use. Under their attacks, he would only expose more openings and become faster.

Ye Xuan had a feeling that he'd already fallen into the trap set up by the sixteen people. If he didn't break it, then he'd be in endless trouble.

In order to resolve the crisis in front of him and destroy the web, Ye Xuan had two methods to deal with it.

The first was to open the great devil world, and rely on the great devil world's instantaneous eruption of power to heavily injure them.

However, Ye Xuan had just used this move against the Giant Armored Ape. If he were to use it now, his body probably wouldn't be able to withstand it.

The second was the Demon Lord's Dharma Idol. The might of his Dharma Idol was not something these fellows could withstand.

Without any hesitation, Ye Xuan chose to use the Devil Lord's Dharma Idol to turn the situation into a crisis.

Under the astonished gazes of the sixteen experts that were charging toward him, Ye Xuan actually ignored their danger and slowly closed his eyes. He quietly stood there without moving, as if he gave up on resisting.

"Ye Xuan, what are you doing?" Quickly dodge it! "

Bi Lin, who was chained to the side, had an anxious expression as he looked at Ye Xuan's actions. He violently struggled and couldn't help but loudly shout at Ye Xuan.

However, Ye Xuan remained indifferent and didn't move. Instead, he formlessly released his boundless soul force.

"Ye Xuan, are you powerless against their attacks? Are you in despair?"

"Ye Xuan, don't give up so easily. You have to believe that you can break through their attack. If you give up resisting like this and quietly beg for death, we'll be bored!"

"Ye Xuan, if you're afraid now, obediently kneel on the ground and beg for mercy. We'll let you off!"

In their eyes, Ye Xuan had chosen to give up because he knew he couldn't withstand their attacks. This caused a strong sense of playfulness to appear on the faces of Leng Ao Tian and the others, and they started to make fun of him.

These sixteen experts were all first-class experts. Combined with the Heaven's Net Killing Formation that they cultivated earlier, even if they were a Martial Monarch that had just entered the Martial King realm, they would still die without a doubt. They firmly believed that this killing formation would be able to kill Ye Xuan in one strike!


As the cold and harsh sounds resounded out, the swords of the sixteen experts that were attacking Ye Xuan exploded forth with resplendent sword lights. They released a sharp sword light that pierced towards Ye Xuan.

A single hit meant certain death!

At the same time, the black duke and the black shadow that were hidden at the side silently disappeared, surging into the darkness.

When the sixteen sharp swords were about to pierce into Ye Xuan's body, Ye Xuan, whose eyes were originally tightly shut, suddenly opened his eyes.

A substance like demonic energy shot out from Ye Xuan's eyes, and a berserk aura spread out. A fierce wind was formed beneath his feet, and an ice-cold voice came out from Ye Xuan's mouth.

"Devil King's Dharma Idol!"

As Ye Xuan's words fell, a ten-foot-tall demonic god figure quietly appeared beside him.

He stood in the middle of the demonic deity statue that emanated a monstrous demonic aura. A violent aura emanated from the statue and caused a violent wind to blow, causing people to be unable to stand steadily.

"Ding ding ding …"

The sudden turn of events caused the expressions of the sixteen experts that were surrounding Ye Xuan to change. However, they didn't retreat; instead, they gritted their teeth and pierced their swords towards Ye Xuan at an even faster speed.

"Kacha kacha …"

In the next moment, a scene that shocked them all quietly occurred.

When the swords in their hands stabbed into the Fiendgods' bodies, they were actually unable to penetrate even a single inch, and even their swords were forcibly broken.


Just as they were astonished and shocked by this scene, an angry roar that sounded like it came from an ancient demon god suddenly sounded out at this moment. An earth-shattering power even burst forth from within the deity statue.

"Puchi …"

From far away, a surge of black, violent energy began to spread out in all directions from the Fiendgod Statue. It swept toward the sixteen experts, and before they could even react, it struck their chests.

Fresh red blood gushed out of their mouths and their bodies were sent flying backwards like kites with their strings cut. They smashed into the surrounding walls and created a huge cloud of dust.

When the dust finally settled, the sixteen experts had painful expressions on their faces. Their eyes were white and blood was flowing from their bodies. They had already lost their fighting capabilities and were definitely heavily injured!

The Devil Lord's Dharma Idol that Ye Xuan executed also gradually dissipated.

"This... "What method is this?"

"He broke through the inescapable killing array formed by the sixteen of them with a single strike?"

"The killing formation that can kill a Martial King was actually broken by him?"

Seeing the 16 subordinates that were injured and thrown into the wall, Leng Ao Tian, Song Jiao and the others had faces full of fear, shock and disbelief as they uttered out words from their mouths.

"What are you waiting for? Now, attack!"

Just as Leng Ao Tian and Song Jiao were shocked by Ye Xuan's powerful move, an icy cold voice abruptly sounded out.

At this moment, the Black Duke and Shadow Luo, who had been looking for an opening in their shadows, started their attacks on Ye Xuan.

Their figures moved like ghosts, transforming into two black figures that appeared from the ground without any warning and appeared in front of Ye Xuan.

The Black Duke appeared in front of Ye Xuan, and the sharp dagger in his hand appeared. It slashed towards Ye Xuan's neck with a dazzling black light.

Shadow Luo silently appeared behind Ye Xuan. His hands flickered with a cold light as a dagger covered with reverse thorns appeared in his hands and stabbed towards Ye Xuan's waist.

The two of them, one in front and one behind, launched their most fatal surprise attack towards Ye Xuan!

An intense sense of danger permeated the depths of Ye Xuan's heart, causing him to feel a chill down his spine.

It had to be said that Black Duke and Black Shadow Luo had indeed seized the opportunity and grasped the opportunity.

Even if it was Ye Xuan, he couldn't dodge all of their sudden attacks, so he wasn't able to put up an effective defense.


In the next moment, under the ecstatic gazes of the Black Duke and the black figure Luo, their weapons pierced into Ye Xuan's chest and waist respectively.

However, a scene that caused them to be stunned silently occurred.

They originally thought that this strike would be enough to kill Ye Xuan, but they never imagined that their weapons wouldn't be able to penetrate through his body. An intense golden light emitted from Ye Xuan's body, and a golden flexible armor appeared on his body.

"Holy Golden Dragon Armor?"

Seeing Ye Xuan's Gold Dragon Sacred Armor, the Black Duke and Shadow Lou's expressions couldn't help changing at the same time as they gasped in astonishment.

These two fellows had good eyesight. They recognized the golden dragon armor with a single glance.

"Congratulations, you're right!"

Hearing the words of the Black Duke and the black figure Luo, the corners of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up slightly, and indifferent words came out of his mouth.


As his words fell, his waist straightened and his spine moved like the tail of a huge dragon. His body shook and a wild power spread out in all directions, knocking away the weapons in the hands of the Black Duke and the Black Shadow Lo.

"Puchi …"

At the same time, Ye Xuan's left hand, which was wrapped in ice, and his right hand, which was surrounded by flames, pressed onto their chests as fast as lightning.

Bright red blood immediately spurted out of the mouths of Black Duke and Shadow Lou. Their bodies seemed to be out of their control as they flew backwards like two cannonballs, smashing into the distant wall.

However, the two of them had given Leng AoTian, Cloudsoar, Phantom Blade Haotian, and Song Baiyang an excellent opportunity to attack.

A long sword appeared in Leng Ao Tian's hand. His entire body was surrounded by cold air as he leapt above Ye Xuan's head. An enormous ice dragon condensed from the astral energy behind him, causing him to appear in high spirits.

Subsequently, he fiercely dived towards Ye Xuan as the longsword in his hand directly pierced towards Ye Xuan's head.

As Leng Ao Tian thrust out his sword, the ice dragon roared and howled as it charged towards Ye Xuan, attempting to devour him.

Manifestation Frost Arts' sixth martial skill: Holy Ice Dragon Sword!

The Barbarian Cow was over ten meters tall and covered in scales. Its eyes were blood-red as it stared fixedly at Ye Xuan. It looked extremely ferocious, causing Yun Fei's aura to grow even more imposing.

The dark red astral energy on Yun Feiyang's right arm burned fiercely, then he fiercely smashed his fist towards Ye Xuan!

The instant Yun Feiyang smashed his fist, the huge Barbaric Ox behind him smashed towards Ye Xuan with endless savagery and savagery.

The sixth martial skill of the Myriad God Technique: Rushing Bull!

Ghost Blade Haotian and Song Jiao appeared beside Ye Xuan on both sides.

Ghost Blade Haotian's entire body was surrounded by a scarlet aura, and the boundless energy in his body was crazily being poured into the Ghost Blade in his hand, causing the Ghost Blade to burst out with a resplendent light. A ten-meter-long blade light appeared, causing Ghost Blade Haotian's aura to be extremely fierce, as if it was Pan Gu.

Afterwards, Ghost Blade Haotian raised up the path of the ghost in his hands and furiously chopped down at Ye Xuan with wild killing intent.

In the instant that Ghost Blade Haotian's blade descended, the enormous blade light carried the howling of ghosts and wolves as it charged towards Ye Xuan. Everywhere it passed, a deep gully was forcefully carved into the ground by the blade light!

Heaven's Shadow Saber Art: Tyrant Sky Ghost Blade!

The moment Demon Saber Haotian made his move, Song Baiyang, whose entire body was burning with the True Divine Spirit Qi, pressed his right hand down towards the ground, carrying the immense power of the earth.

Following this action, an ancient Thousand-Hands Mud Man appeared behind him and pressed down its Thousand-Hands to the ground as well.

This was Song Tianyang's strongest binding martial skill - Earth Splitting Lock!

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The moment Song Baiyang used this move, the ground beneath Ye Xuan's feet abruptly collapsed, causing Ye Xuan's expression to change. He was just about to dodge, when countless tentacles suddenly appeared from the ground and wrapped around his arms and legs, binding his body, making it impossible for him to struggle.

"This is bad!"

Dense life and death crisis filled Ye Xuan's heart. Monstrous devil flames spread out from his body, wanting to burn these tentacles into nothingness. However, the devil flames didn't have the time to burn these tentacles.

In a short moment, Ye Xuan was wrapped into a cocoon!

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh!"

Not only that, there were also a large number of astral chains that emerged from the ground and bound the cocoon.

In the next moment, the attacks of Leng Ao Tian, Cloudsoar, Ghost Blade Haotian, and the others whistled over and descended onto the cocoon that trapped Ye Xuan within.


An earth-shaking explosion resounded through the sky.