"How do I die?" "Little bastard, don't you think that you can kill us all?"

Being pointed at by Ye Xuan with the sword, Leng Gu instantly felt a wild killing intent locking onto him. It was as if his back was covered with goosebumps, causing his heart to feel cold. However, he was a person who had seen much of the world, so he forced himself to remain calm and replied with a cold smile.

"Chi! Chi!"

"Ahh …"

However, just as he finished speaking, Ye Xuan took a step forward and disappeared without a trace. Resplendent white light bloomed in front of Leng Yuanyuan and the others.

In the next moment, Leng Gu Yuan's mournful scream rang out.

Blood spurted out as Ye Xuan appeared in front of him and cut off his left arm.

"Little bastard, you …"

He let out an angry roar, and was just about to attack Ye Xuan, but he was shocked to discover that he'd already been surrounded by ten Ye Xuan's. The ten sharp black and white profound swords were already at his neck, causing him to be unable to move at all.

"You …"

Beads of sweat continuously dripped from Leng Gu Yuan's forehead, sliding down his cheeks.

At that moment, he didn't even know how Ye Xuan attacked him, much less know which one of the ten Ye Xuan's was real and which one was fake.

The feeling of ten black and white profound swords on his neck was so real.

"You … You're looking for … What do you want? "

This scene completely scared Leng Yuanyuan out of his wits, causing him to forcefully change the phrase "you are courting death" to "what do you want to do".

"Just killing!"

Ye Xuan replied expressionlessly.

"Chi! Chi!"

As his words fell, the black and white profound swords in his hands fiercely surged with his strength.

"No …."

In the midst of Leng Gu's desperate screams, his head flew up and separated from his torso, while a large amount of bright red blood spurted out from his severed neck …


Following that, under the shocked gazes of Lei Xiaoyu, Lin Tianjie, Bai Feng and Bi Lin, Leng Guyuan was turned into a headless corpse.

Fresh red blood quickly formed a map on the ground, and the air was filled with the pungent smell of fresh blood.

"Bang!" Instant kill? "

"One strike to kill a Martial Monarch in an instant?"

"This... This is too scary! "

Looking at the fallen corpse of Leng Gu Yuan, Lin Tianjie, Lei Xiaoyu, and Bi Lin all had faces full of shock. Their mouths began to tremble in disbelief.

The combat strength that Ye Xuan had displayed had refreshed their understanding of the world!

Too strong!

So powerful that they couldn't even see how Ye Xuan had attacked.

So powerful that they could only look up to it.

This is the first time they've seen such a method and such a speed.

From the time Ye Xuan made his move to the time of Leng Yuanyuan's death was only a single breath of time. Even if Leng Yuefeng wasn't too far away, he still didn't have the slightest opportunity to save Leng Yuanyuan.

Ye Xuan's actions were too fast, so fast that he wasn't able to react.

"Second Brother!"

"How can this be? "Second Brother!"

"Second brother, you have to stand up, second brother!"

Seeing Leng Yuanyuan lying on the ground in a pool of blood, Leng Yuefeng seemed to have gone insane as he roared loudly, but no matter how much he yelled, it was to no avail.

Leng Guyuan was decapitated. He was already dead!

This fellow had just lost control of his emotions and found it hard to accept the reality of Leng Guyuan's death.

In the next moment, he quickly calmed down, raised his head, and looked at Ye Xuan with a face full of hatred and shock. What did you just do? "

"How could you have survived the Icefall?"

"How can you become this powerful? Tell me, what did you do! "

"Did your father leave you that thing? That's why you changed so much, right?"

In the end, his words turned into an angry roar from Leng Guofeng.

He found it hard to believe as he couldn't imagine why Ye Xuan had become so strong.

"That thing?"

Ye Xuan's gaze went cold, and his eyes flickered with wisdom.

He suddenly thought of what his aunt Yun Yan had told him before his master died. She had told him that there was something in the Snowy Mountains of Qi Yun that he needed to retrieve.

However, because he was usually too busy and had too many things to do, Ye Xuan almost forgot about it.

Now that he had heard Leng Yuefeng mention it, he had undoubtedly thought of it and had decided to make a trip to the Snowy Mountains.

"Answer me? "Little bastard, answer me!"

Seeing Ye Xuan remain silent, Leng Guofeng became even more crazed as he roared in anger.

"Old thing, I'm not in the mood to answer your question. I think you should go to hell and ask Hades!" Ye Xuan coldly said.

"F * ck!" "Go to hell!"

Leng Guofeng was finally unable to endure the enormous pressure Ye Xuan had imperceptibly brought him, causing him to let out an angry roar. The astral energy within his body surged as he charged towards Ye Xuan with boundless killing intent.

The instant he dashed out, the ice armor on his body appeared. His fists were covered in ice and cold air swirled around him. He was like two raging dragons as he smashed towards Ye Xuan.

Frost Dragon Fist!


Facing Leng Guofeng's attack, Ye Xuan didn't have the slightest intention to dodge nor did he have the slightest intention to defend. Instead, he allowed this old fellow's attack to land on his body, emitting muffled sounds like thunder.

Leng Yufeng's fist smashed onto Ye Xuan's chest. Violent energy spread out in all directions, causing an intense cold wind to surge.

However, Ye Xuan, who forcefully endured Leng Guofeng's attack, didn't have a single expression on his face nor did he suffer any injuries. He didn't even move an inch.

"How... How could this be? "

"I... I actually didn't even get a single scratch from my full power attack? "

Seeing the unmoving and unharmed Ye Xuan, Leng Guofeng froze as if he'd seen a ghost, and completely lost all courage to continue fighting. Instead, he sat on the ground and looked at Ye Xuan with terror, and lost his composure.

His all-out attack wasn't able to cause the slightest bit of damage to Ye Xuan. This result was too huge for Leng Guofeng, completely destroying his faith and hope.

"Chi! Chi!"

Ye Xuan coldly looked at Leng Yuefeng, who sat on the ground and lost his courage to fight, and looked at him with a face full of horror. His face didn't contain the slightest bit of emotion as he lightly swung the black and white profound swords in his hands.

A resplendent white sword light bloomed, tearing Leng Yuefeng's body into two.

Bright red blood spread in all directions. Leng Gufeng fell powerlessly into the pool of blood.

The expression on his face still contained the despair, fear and deep doubt before his death …

He didn't understand why Ye Xuan would make such a huge change.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle …"

After easily killing Leng Guofeng, Ye Xuan didn't have the slightest expression on his face. He slowly walked towards Lei Xiaoyu, Bai Feng, and Bi Lin, who were by his side …

As he moved, he gradually withdrew from the white dragon's form, his white hair gradually returning to its original color. The white armor on his body also gradually disappeared, causing his powerful aura to gradually dissipate and reveal its original appearance.

He did not intend to use the white dragon form, but he did not expect that Leng Yuefeng and Leng Yuanyuan would be so hard to deal with.

However, this battle gave Ye Xuan a deeper understanding of his current strength.

The next time he encountered Martial Emperors like Leng Yuanyuan and Leng Yuefeng, who had just stepped into the Martial King realm, he would be able to kill them even without using the White Dragon Form. However, he would have expended a great deal of strength.

As for Ye Xuan in his white dragon form, he was able to contend with a low-level Martial King who had already stepped into the Martial King realm. He might even be able to kill him.

If Ye Xuan were to face a Medial Grade Martial Monarch, he would only be able to escape. That level of damage is too formidable, and isn't something the current Ye Xuan can contend with!

As for high grade Martial Emperors, they were more than enough to instantly kill Ye Xuan!

"It looks like I need to find a time as soon as possible to learn the Celestial Dance and then fuse the other martial skills together. This way, my battle prowess will once again increase by another level!" Ye Xuan muttered in his heart.

"Older brother Xuan!"

"Brother Xuan, you're simply too handsome!"

"Brother Xuan, you're too awesome! You actually killed Leng Guyuan and Leng Gufeng like chickens!"

Seeing Ye Xuan return to his original appearance, Lin Tianjie, Lei Xiaoyu, Bai Feng, and the others all let out a long sigh of relief. They ran out with excitement and their gazes towards Ye Xuan were filled with undisguised fanaticism and worship.

Even Bi Lin's gaze became fiery as he looked at Ye Xuan. He was deeply impressed by Ye Xuan's valiant methods and strength.

"How is it? Are you alright? "

Seeing Lin Tianjie, Lei Xiaoyu, Bai Feng, and the others walk out, Ye Xuan asked with a smile.

"With you here, how could anything happen to us!"

"That's right, big brother Xuan, your combat strength is too strong!"

Lei Xiaoyu, Lin Tianjie, and the others laughed as they answered.

"Ye Xuan, thank you!"

Bi Lin also stood out to thank Ye Xuan.

If it wasn't for Ye Xuan turning the tide, they'd be in deep trouble this time.

"It was just a small effort, what is there to thank? Furthermore, they have all come for me. It should be because of me that you all have been implicated. "

Ye Xuan smiled as he shook his head.

Seeing that Bi Lin was about to say something, Ye Xuan waved his hand and interrupted her. "Alright, let's not talk about this problem anymore. Now that you're all injured, everyone should sit down and rest first. I'll help heal your injuries." This place is an incomparably dangerous place. Just a moment ago, who knows what sort of reaction might occur from the battle, or what kind of trouble might arise. "

As he spoke, Ye Xuan had already arrived at the Life Spirit Spring. He took out a few jade bottles, filled them to the brim, and passed them to Lin Tian Jie, Bi Lin, and the others. "These are Life Spirit Springs.

"Thank you, Brother Xuan!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Lin Tianjie and the others all lightly nodded their heads.

After that, they sat cross-legged and drank the spirit spring water before beginning to refine it. Ye Xuan then gave them acupuncture and began to collect his spoils of war.

Even though this battle was tough and dangerous, the gains were unprecedented.

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