Three days later, Ye Xuan and the others walked out of the catacombs and returned to Su Hai's bustling city, enjoying the comfort and relaxation that the modern city brought.

In the warm and luxurious living room, Ye Xuan, Lin Tianjie, Bi Lin Lin, Lei Xiaoyu, and Bai Feng were leisurely lying on the sofa as they ate red wine while chatting.

No one knew what kind of dangers they had experienced in the catacombs these days.

Not only did they suffer Leng Ao Tian, Yun Feiyang, and the others' ambush, they even faced the two supreme elders from the Leng Clan, and in the end, they even encountered the most frightening monster tide in the catacombs. It could be said that they had a nine out of ten chance of survival, and would not be able to return at all.

Not to mention the many treasures and life spirit spring water inside the Giant Armored Ape's cave, just the spoils that Ye Xuan obtained from killing Leng Ao Tian and Yun Feiyang were extraordinary. After all, their identities were extraordinary, and their storage rings contained extremely rare treasures as well as cultivation techniques and martial skills.

Especially the items in the storage rings of the two Great Elders of the Leng Clan, they could be said to be extremely valuable.

Ye Xuan originally wanted to take everything out to split with Lei Xiaoyu, Bi Lin, and the others, but they refused. They all said it was due to Ye Xuan's contribution.

Even so, Ye Xuan still gave them many good things that could increase their strength.

As for the treasures in the Giant Armored Ape's cave mansion, not only were there all sorts of rare medicinal ingredients, there was also the incomparably expensive spirit spring water, and there was even a unique egg in the depths of the cave mansion.

Even with Ye Xuan's eyesight, he still wasn't able to discern the origin of this egg.

Under the intense request of Lei Xiaoyu and the others, this extraordinary egg was given to Ye Xuan. The rest of the items in the cave were divided up according to the method that Ye Xuan took sixty percent and each person took ten percent.

Even if they were allocated in this manner, Lei Xiaoyu, Bi Lin, and the others would be able to reap a bountiful harvest. They would not have to go through so much danger in vain.

As for Ye Xuan's harvest, it was more than enough for him to squander for a long time.

"Brother Xuan, what do you think is the origin of this? Even after looking through so many books, I still can't find anything." Could it be the egg of the Giant Armored Ape? "

Lei Xiaoyu curiously looked at the egg on the tea table while flipping through a book. She asked with a puzzled expression.

The egg was about the size of a watermelon, and the pain from its surface was covered with purplish green markings. It was as beautiful as blue and white porcelain, but there was no sign of life in it, as if the thing inside was dead. It emitted a strange aura, giving off an extremely depressing feeling.

"It shouldn't be the egg of the Giant Armored Ape. After all, everyone of its race is born! As for the origin of this egg, I am not sure either. I will only find out after it hatches. " Ye Xuan thought for a moment before replying.

Pausing for a moment, he continued, his eyes full of doubt, "You said that when we first saw this egg, there were many snakes gathering around it to protect it. But why didn't we see those snakes when we first entered?"

"We don't know either, but when we went deeper into the cave, we did find a lot of snakes guarding this egg. That's why we ran out to call you." As for why those snakes disappeared without a trace later on, it's probably because our fight outside was too fierce, which gave them a fright! "

Lei Xiaoyu pondered for a moment after hearing Ye Xuan's words before replying.

"Could this egg be a snake egg with a Snake King inside?" Bai Feng frowned, his eyes flashing with a serious light.

"This answer can only be obtained after it hatches." Ye Xuan smiled as he put the egg away.

"That's true! However, Brother Xuan, this time we have killed Leng Ao Tian, Song Jiao and the others, and even the two Leng Clan elders have been exterminated, I am afraid this news will not be hidden for long, at that time, the Leng Clan, Song Clan, and Wushuang Sword Sect will all be aware of this, we need to make preparations. "

As if she had thought of something, Lei Xiaoyu's expression gradually turned grave as she spoke in a low voice.

Now that they were on the opposite side of the Leng Clan, the Song Clan, the Unparalleled Sword Sect and many other powers, there was no doubt that both sides had reached a point where they would not give up until they were dead.

"Don't worry, we're already preparing!" Now that everything is ready, only the east wind is left! "

Ye Xuan stretched lazily as he replied with a smile.

"Everything is prepared for you?"

"What is the east wind?"

Ye Xuan's answer stunned Lei Xiaoyu, Bai Feng, and the others for a moment and then asked.

"New Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade!" Ye Xuan replied in a low voice.

Once the weapon master Yun Lan's new weapon, the Long Blade, succeeded, Ye Xuan, would be able to launch a counterattack against the Unparalleled Sword Sect, Leng Clan, Song Clan, Heavenly Shadow Sword Sect, Death Shrine, and Sun God Palace.

Lei Xiaoyu, Bai Feng, and Lin Tianjie's gazes went cold when they heard Ye Xuan's reply. They didn't ask any further questions.

"Um …" If you need any help, I hope that I can help you with something! "

On the other hand, after hesitating for a moment, Bi Lin opened his mouth and spoke in a deep voice.

Hearing Bi Lin's words, Lei Xiaoyu, Bai Feng, and Lin Tianjie looked at each other and smiled. Then, they smiled and said, "You can indeed help Lin Lin a lot!"

It was obvious that these guys had their own plans.

"Um …" I'm a bit tired, so I'll be going back first.

Ye Xuan didn't intend to get too close to the Jade-Scaled Beast. He yawned, lazily stretched, and stood up to bid everyone farewell.

"Sigh... "Brother Xuan..."

After speaking, Ye Xuan stood up and left. No matter how hard Lei Xiaoyu and the others tried to shout, it was to no avail.

Lei Xiaoyu, Lin Tianjie, Bai Feng, and the others all had helpless expressions on their faces. They wanted Ye Xuan to get on good terms with Bi Lin Lin Lin; after all, Bi Lin's father held an extraordinary status in the military. If they could get on good terms with each other, then Ye Xuan's future path would be much easier.

After all, Old Lei regarded Ye Xuan as a seeded figure in the military.

After bidding farewell to Lei Xiaoyu, Lin Tianjie, and the others, Ye Xuan didn't go anywhere else. Instead, he took a taxi and returned to his villa.

Just as they walked into the garden, Ye Xuan was attracted by the intense sounds of fighting. It was Li Chunyang and Louis Xana that were sparring in the garden.

Their agility and agility were extremely fast and quick. As they continued to fight, waves of powerful energy spread out from the center of the battle and created bursts of cold wind in the garden. The wind caused the flowers and plants to sway, and the petals to flutter …


His steps moved, lightning surged within his body, and his body was like a bolt of lightning that descended from the sky as it struck the center of the two, causing a large amount of dust to fly into the air.

"Young Master Xuan!"

"My lord!"

At the sight of Ye Xuan's sudden appearance, Li Chunyang and Louis Xana both had expressions of intense joy on their faces as they spoke in excited voices.

"Let me see how much you've improved in the past few days, attacking me with all your might!" Ye Xuan said with a cold expression.

"Then Young Master Xuan (Master), you must be careful!"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Li Chunyang and Louis' faces were full of eagerness as they replied in an aggressive manner.


The instant their words left their mouths, they attacked Ye Xuan.

Li Chunyang's entire body was enveloped by the Pure Yang energy. He took a step forward, leaving an afterimage as he instantly appeared in front of Ye Xuan. He swung his fist, which was enveloped by the energy, at Ye Xuan's head.

Louis Xana swung her right arm and spun her body to charge at Ye Xuan like a spinning windmill. Her slender and straight whip kicks continuously kicked out, bringing up waves of sharp wind pressure.

It had to be said that Li Chunyang and Louis Xana's attacks were extremely sharp. The two of them attacked Ye Xuan from both sides, not leaving him any room for retreat.

His left and right hands were surrounded by scorching devil flames. The moment Li Chunyang and Louis Shauna's attacks approached him, he stretched out his hands like lightning, easily grabbing onto Li Chunyang's fists and Louis Xana's whipping legs as if he'd seen through their moves, blocking their powerful attacks.

"Not a bad attack, but it's a pity that it lacks destructive power!" Haven't you eaten your fill? "

Since their attacks were blocked, Li Chunyang and Louis Xana's faces couldn't help but change. Just as they were about to move, Ye Xuan's indifferent voice stealthily sounded out.


As soon as Ye Xuan's words fell, his palms abruptly exerted force, repelling Li Chunyang and Louis Xana. At the same time, his hands turned into palms as he struck out towards Li Chunyang and Louis Xana's chest with a formidable force.

The attack was fierce and swift, and it was accompanied by a series of afterimages.


However, Li Chunyang and Louis Xana's reactions were swift. They didn't dodge Ye Xuan's attack, but instead launched an effective counterattack.

Li Chunyang bent his legs, leaned forward, and maintained his dive position as he punched towards Ye Xuan's palm.

Louis Xana took a step back. Her body spun as her right leg was enveloped by a black energy. With a beautiful side kick, she collided with Ye Xuan's palm, causing a muffled explosion.

Time seemed to come to a standstill at this moment. The movements of the three people could be said to be extremely cool.

"Huff …"

A violent force spread out in all directions with the three of them as the center. It created a violent wind in the garden, causing the flowers and trees to tremble slightly.

"It's a quick reaction, but it's a pity that it still doesn't have enough attack power!"

Ye Xuan's expression was still as cold as ever, and his ice-cold voice sounded out.


As his words fell, he straightened his waist and fiercely shook his arms. Dragon scales actually appeared on his arms, and a wild power exploded out from the center of his palms.

Li Chunyang and Louis Xana's expressions changed at the same time, and they were sent flying by Ye Xuan's sudden burst of energy.


However, just as their bodies landed on the ground and before they could even stabilize themselves, Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. His right hand was covered in ice and he fiercely pressed his hand onto the ground.

Terrifying cold air whistled in all directions. Layers of thick ice instantly formed on the ground, and the ice even spread out in all directions.


Two ice dragons made from frost elemental energy rushed out from the ground without any warning and entangled Li Chunyang and Louis Xana. They didn't even have time to react before their bodies were entangled.

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Seeing this, Li Chunyang's expression turned cold and his eyes burned fiercely. His body shook as a violent aura burst out from his body. The scorching Pure Yang energy spread out from his body and crushed the ice dragon into powder.

Louis Xana's body shook violently as well, and a torrential amount of black energy exploded from her body. At the same time, the ice dragon that was coiling around her body shattered into pieces.

Following which, their bodies landed firmly on the ground.

"Not bad, you have improved!" "It seems like you haven't been slacking off these past few days …"

Ye Xuan's face was filled with smiles as he looked at Li Chunyang and Louis Shauna, who were both nearly unharmed, and he nodded in praise.


As Ye Xuan spoke, the storage ring in his hand flashed and took out two jade bottles, which he tossed over to Li Chunyang and Louis Xana.

"Master, what's inside? It is such a rich life force. Just a whiff would make people feel relaxed and happy! "

After catching the jade bottle that Ye Xuan threw over, they opened the bottle's lid and smelled its rich fragrance. Louissiana and Li Chunyang felt refreshed and asked curiously.

"The Life Spirit Spring will greatly help increase your strength, and it will also improve your physique!" Ye Xuan replied with a smile.

"The spirit spring water of life? It is actually the Life Spirit Spring. Rumor has it that this is a rare treasure that can improve a person's physique, prolong their life, cure them of a hundred diseases, and after a martial artist consumes it, they will be even … "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, strong shock and ecstasy appeared on Louissiana and Li Chunyang's faces. Their mouths were filled with excited words.

"That's right, it's the Life Spirit Spring! Take your time and use it! "

Ye Xuan lightly nodded, then took out six jade bottles from his storage ring and tossed them over to Louis Xana and Li Chunyang.

"This... Young Master Xuan … "So many …"

Holding so many bottles of Life Spirit Spring Water, Li Chunyang seemed to be at a loss of what to do.

"Take it and use it slowly. I'll come and get it after I finish using it. I have a lot here!"

Ye Xuan lazily stretched as he lightly said.

They had taken all of the life spirit spring water in the Giant Armored Ape's cave abode, there was simply too much for them to use.

"Yes sir!"

Louischana and Li Chunyang quickly nodded.

"Right, where's Qing Tian?"

As if he'd thought of something, Ye Xuan's gaze swept the surroundings, yet didn't notice the figure of the puppet holding up the sky. His brows furrowed as he curiously asked.

"There's something wrong with him. We locked him up! "

Li Chunyang and Xia Na looked at each other and bitterly smiled as they spoke.

Ye Xuan's gaze went cold.

"What's going on? "Bring me there!"

Li Chunyang and Louis Xana lightly nodded before bringing Ye Xuan to the basement …