In the antique living room of the Rampage Alliance headquarters.

By the time Ye Xuan rushed over, the weapon master Yun Lan, the Red Emperor, and the Silver Emperor were already waiting for him.

"Grandmaster Yun Lan, elder sister Hong, elder Yin …"

Ye Xuan smiled as he greeted the three of them, who'd been waiting for a long time.

"Kid, you're pretty quick."

Seeing this, a charming smile appeared on the beautiful face of the Red Emperor as tempting words came out of his mouth.

"Hurry up and come over!" The silver haired old man's face was filled with a benevolent smile as he spoke.

Ye Xuan lightly nodded, walked to the sofa, and sat down.

However, in the end, he could not hold it in and asked with a smile, "Um … Grandmaster Mist, have you really finished forging the new Dragon Blade? "

The weapon master Yun Lan smiled and nodded her head. She extended her pure white hand to remove the black cloth that covered the tea table. A unique and dazzling divine weapon appeared in Ye Xuan's line of sight.

It was around six feet long, and seemed to be a combination of a blade and a sword. It possessed a domineering aura, a sharp blade, and a sword that was perfectly straight and sharp. Its entire body was made of titanium gold and ash, and the center of the blade was carved with a mysterious and ancient design.

Not only that, the color of the blade would change to different colors depending on the external factors, such as the lighting. Sometimes it would become crystal clear, thin like a cicada's wing, and it would emit a strong cold air.

It was unknown what material the hilt of the blade was made from. It was a bronze color that looked like it had returned to the past, and it was filled with a sense of history.

When Ye Xuan stretched out his hand to grasp the dragon blade, he felt a refreshing ice-cold sensation, causing his spirit to tremble. A blood-vessels connected, and the feeling of having his heart connect with the dragon blade filled his heart.

He pressed a button on the side of the dragon blade and the hand holding the dragon blade shook. At this moment, fine cracks appeared on the blade of the dragon blade. It broke and looked extremely beautiful like blossoming cherry blossoms.

Chi chi chi …

Ye Xuan casually waved his hand, causing the shattered pieces to fly to the side like a concealed weapon, hitting the large tree outside the window with a clear sound.

Ye Xuan abruptly pressed a button on the side.

The flying debris silently flew back and reformed into the body of the blade.


Seeing this, Ye Xuan's face lit up with interest as he muttered to himself.

The ability of the dragon blade was undoubtedly extremely powerful. If someone were to suddenly use this move when they collided with a weapon, they would think that Ye Xuan's weapon had shattered. Who would have imagined that Ye Xuan was actually capable of controlling the shattered pieces of the dragon blade to become a powerful hidden weapon.

This was definitely going to be of great use at a critical moment.

Not only that, but as Ye Xuan poured energy into the dragon blade, the attack attribute of the blade also underwent a change. Sometimes icy cold, sometimes bone-piercing, and sometimes emitting an intense cold.

Of course, the dragon's blade could also unleash a deadly concealed weapon!

After all, the materials to forge the dragon blade were the Void Demon Flame, the Myriad Profound Ice, and the Imperishable Dragon Feeler!

"How do you feel?"

Looking at Ye Xuan, who was eager to give it a try, weapon master Yun Lan teased.

"It's not bad, but that's not all it can do, right?"

Ye Xuan lightly smiled as he raised his head, and his gaze descended onto the weapon master, Yun Lan.

"Of course it's not only that. It has a total of three forms, the third stage of transformation. We will name it Elementary, Semi-Elementary, and Complete Explanation!" Every stage of the transformation had different killing techniques and attack techniques, and they were all destructive attacks! However, they all require a huge amount of energy to activate, which is why they have to pay a huge price! "

"As for the specific moves and energy, as well as the price they have to pay, you can see it if you fuse a wisp of soul force into them!"

The weapons master Yun Lan smiled and spoke with a deep voice.

Ye Xuan lightly nodded as he heard the words of the weapon master Yun Lan. With a thought, a wisp of his soul force entered the dragon blade, and a large amount of information about the dragon blade poured into Ye Xuan's mind, causing his eyes to light up.

Not only was there an introduction to the Dragon Blade, there was also the skill interface of the Dragon Blade!

Dragon Blade had a total of three levels, and each level corresponded to two different skills.

Currently, Ye Xuan could only see the two skills that Dragon Blade had used.

They were — God Slaughtering Dragon, Heavenly Lock of Black and White!

"God Slaughtering Dragon? Heavenly Black and White Lock?"

A faint smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he looked at the two skills. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly. He was quite satisfied with the names of the two skills.

However, what he was looking forward to the most was the half of the Dragon Blade and the complete removal. It was a pity that he couldn't check it at the moment.

The might of a dragon blade depends on how strong you are. With your current strength level, you can only let the dragon blade complete its initial release and use the two skills you learned initially. Even so, I still advise you not to use it rashly.

"As for the Half-Zongshi, with your current cultivation level, you are unable to use it. If you were able to step into the Sovereign King Realm, you would barely be able to use the power of the half-Zongshi … As for the Complete Explanation, I like it when you never use it, because it represents true destruction! "

The weapon master Yun Lan looked at Ye Xuan with a serious expression as she said this.

This time, the dragon blade she created with the help of the God of Weapons, Flans, was a true destructive weapon. To some extent, it had already completely surpassed the dragon pierce forged by his master, the master of weapons, Morin.

Therefore, she hoped that Ye Xuan would never need to use the full power of this skill.

It was because the power of the complete comprehension was too strong, so strong that even she was trembling in fear.

"True destruction? "How strong is he?"

Hearing the words of the weapons master, Yun Lan, Ye Xuan was shocked and couldn't help but ask curiously.

"This world is invincible!"

After being silent for a long time, the weapon master Yun Lan raised her head and looked at Ye Xuan.

"Invincible in this world?"

Ye Xuan wasn't the only one who was shocked by Yun Lan's words. Even the faces of the Red Emperor and the Silver Emperor nearby twitched.

The word "invincible" was simply too … Too … Too big!

Even the strongest powerhouse in the world, as well as the current monarch of the Sovereign King Palace, would not dare to say the words "invincible".

However, the weapon master Yun Lan relied on his Divine Weapon Dragon Blade to say these words.

Didn't this mean that the Dragon Blade was invincible and no one in this world could block its attack?

"Master Yun Lan, you said that you have comprehended all the dragon blades, that you are unrivaled in this world … Isn't this a bit too much? "

The silver-haired old man could not help but say in a deep voice at this moment.

"Are you exaggerating? Maybe it's a little exaggerated for you. However, the God of Weapons and I don't think so! "Perhaps, while those people were still on Earth, they could still withstand the destructive might released when the dragon blades were completely unleashed. But, don't forget, they have already left for this planet to search for the steps of those two lords and their figures …"

"Perhaps one day they will come back, but... That is already many years from now. "

The weapon master Yun Lan lazily stretched as she spoke at a moderate pace.

Hearing the words of the weapon master Yun Lan, the eyes of the Silver Elder, the Red Emperor and the rest went cold. Then, their expression became gloomy, sighing softly, and said dejectedly, "That's right, a hundred years ago the Sword Emperor and Lord Tyrant left this planet, but there was no news of their whereabouts. After that, they left too … Right now, only a few remain on this earth! "

"It's a pity that we're not strong enough to leave this planet. Otherwise, I would also want to take a look at the vast universe and explore the vast galaxies. I would have no regrets in my life!"

"With your strengths, there will eventually be a day like this!"

Looking at the dejected looks of the Silver Elder and the Red Emperor, the weapons master Yun Lan comforted them when she heard their words.

"We? "I'm getting old, I've basically reached a bottleneck!"

The Red Emperor lightly shook his head before shifting his gaze to Ye Xuan and teasingly said, "But you do have a chance … …"


Ye Xuan was stunned as he felt the Red Emperor's gaze and heard his words.

Although he knew that this world was not as big as the one he saw and that this world had many secrets, he did not think of exploring in his previous life. He only wanted to protect his most beloved, his family, and his brothers.

"That's right. With your talent in martial arts coupled with the Sacred Book of Medicine, you still have great potential to reach the pinnacle. Walk out of this world and explore the vast universe! Perhaps others might not think so, but I think very highly of you. "

The Red Emperor nodded slightly.

Ye Xuan smiled as he shook his head, but didn't say anything.

These things were too far away for him, and he had never even thought about them …

"Forget it, there are some things that I'd rather not tell you for the time being!"

Seeing that, the Red Emperor could not help but smile, shook his head lightly, and spoke again: "Now that the dragon blade is complete, when do you plan to make a move against the Leng Clan, Song Clan, and Wushuang Sword Sect? These days, they have been unable to hold back any longer! "

"Attacking them three days later, I must prepare a huge gift for them in the next few days and completely raise their hatred and anger!"

Ye Xuan pondered for a moment before replying in a low voice.

"Three days later? What plans do you have? "

The silver-haired old man's eyes flickered, and he nodded slightly.

"Your men can set up an ambush on Mount Qi Yun. Three days later, I will lure them all to Mount Qi and kill them all in one fell swoop!"

Ye Xuan's eyes flickered with wisdom as he coldly spoke.

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the Red Emperor and Old Silver exchanged a glance. Their mouths were filled with killing intent as they spoke.

"Good!" We'll have someone arrange the preparations! Attack them three days later! "