"Ding ding ding!"

Under the night sky, the sound of metal clashing rang out unceasingly. Ye Xuan was battling with his sword. Boundless energy spread out from the center of their battle, causing a bone-piercing cold wind to blow.

Li Chunyang's opponent was Song Xiyuan, Mad Demon Lin Feng's opponent was Leng Hongxiao, and Ye Xuan's opponent was the strongest of the three of them, Sword West.

As for the demonic slave, Qing Tian, he was clearing the barricades while Louis Xana was waiting in the distance in his Blackedge Battleship.

She was observing and waiting for reinforcements to arrive from the west.

Although they were able to charge out of the city and leave the sea of Su Hai, this wasn't the result they wanted because their target was the Unparalleled Sword Sect led by Sword West, the Sun God Hall led by Allocer, and the Death Shrine led by the Death God Darius. They'd be annihilated in one fell swoop!

If they were to leave now, it was clear that this goal would not be achieved. Therefore, they had decided to stay and fight.

After all, if they were to take care of Jian Xi and the others right now, that would be quite good. They could just treat it as the appetizer of this war.

The battle between Li Chunyang and Song Xiyuan was extremely intense. Li Chunyang's body was enveloped by a pure Yang energy, and surging waves of energy spread out from Li Chunyang's body, causing his attacks to be even more destructive and aggressive.

However, Song Xiyuan did not show any signs of fear or retreat. He brandished his iron fist and fiercely clashed with Li Chunyang.

However, from time to time, seductive beauties would surround him from time to time, distracting him and causing him to be unable to concentrate on battle, making his expression extremely gloomy and unsightly.

Even so, Li Chunyang did not have much of an advantage.

If Li Chunyang had fought against him a while ago, then it was true that he would not be able to defeat Song Xiyuan. However, with the powerful increase of his strength during this period of time, he had already broken through to a high grade Seven Star Martial King, and his battle prowess had greatly increased. Together with his cultivation of the Pure Yang Energy Technique and the Yang God Tyrant Body Technique, these two tyrannical cultivation techniques allowed him to be able to compete with Song Xiyuan.

At this moment, Li Chunyang showed the fruits of his cultivation and continued to fight fiercely with Song Xiyuan.

Compared to Li Chunyang battling Song Xiyuan, Mad Demon Lin Feng, who was fighting Leng Hongxiao, was much more relaxed.

He didn't even use the Dragon Subduing Sword - he was just displaying his Insane Fist Aura and fighting with Leng Hongxiao with the edge of his finger.

Regardless of how hard Leng Hongxiao tried to attack him with his long sword, Lin Feng only used his tiny tip blades to block his attacks, causing the blade tips to collide with the sword, causing beautiful sparks to fly out.

"Swish, swish, swish …"

Easily dodging Leng Hongxiao's attack, Mad Demon Lin Feng lightly swung his palm, and the three finger-tip blades shot towards Leng Hongxiao with a murderous intent. However, Leng Hongxiao abruptly pulled back and nimbly dodged Mad Demon Lin Feng's attack.


However, just as Leng Hongxiao was about to stand up and stabilize his body, Mad Demon Lin Feng rushed out like a black flame dragon and instantly appeared in front of Leng Hongxiao. However, just as Leng Hongxiao was about to stand up and stabilize his body, Mad Demon Lin Feng rushed out like a black flame dragon and instantly appeared in front of Leng Hongxiao.

A muffled collision sound appeared. The longsword in Leng Hongxiao's hand was unable to endure the surging force from Lin Feng's punch as it instantly caved in and bent. The berserk Fist Aura rushed into Leng Hongxiao's body, causing his face to turn pale as his body was sent flying out of control.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Every step that Leng Hongxiao took back left a deep footprint on the hard ground.

"Pata! Pata! Pata!"

Traces of bright red blood dripped down the corner of Leng Hongxiao's mouth, causing his expression to appear extremely icy cold and ugly.

Leng Hongxiao reached out his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth. His eyes were ice-cold as he stared at the leisurely standing Mad Demon Lin Feng. His eyes flickered with a cold glint as he coldly said, "Aren't you going to draw your sword?"

"You are not qualified for me to draw my sword!"

Mad Demon Lin Feng glanced at Leng Hongxiao and answered coldly.

"Extremely arrogant. You really think you're invincible?"

"Today, I will let you experience the Leng Clan's secret technique!"

When Leng Hongxiao heard Lin Feng's words and saw Lin Feng's contemptuous attitude, he felt that Lin Feng had been humiliated greatly. Killing intent filled his eyes and icy cold words came from his mouth.

As Leng Hongxiao's words fell, the bones in his entire body began to emit crisp crackling sounds, causing his body to swiftly expand. The surface of his body grew layers of emerald green scales, causing his physique to become even stronger.

In just a short period of time, Leng Hongxiao, who was originally only 7.5 meters tall, had become 1.9 meters in height. In a short period of time, Leng Hongxiao, who was originally 1.7 meters in height, had become 1.9 meters in height.

At this moment, Leng Hongxiao's strength had undoubtedly risen by more than a level, causing even Mad Demon Lin Feng to feel a sense of danger.

It was obvious that Leng Hongxiao wasn't simple.

"From what I see, this isn't just the Leng Clan's secret technique, you've also fused with a genetic mutation to modify it?" You are no longer alone! "

Seeing Leng Hongxiao become so powerful and ferocious, Lin Feng furrowed his brows and spoke in a cold voice.

"What is it? Scared? "

"Since you're afraid, then obediently go to hell and repent to me!"

A cold smile surfaced on Leng Hongxiao's face when he heard Lin Feng's words. An icy cold voice was emitted from his mouth.


As his words fell, a terrifyingly powerful energy exploded out. His entire body was like a tyrannosaur wielding a longsword as he charged straight towards the insane devil, Lin Feng. Everywhere he passed, cold air flowed, and even the hard ground was sealed in ice.

It had to be said that Leng Hongxiao had indeed become quite a bit stronger at this moment.

"Do you think you can defeat me just like that? That's ridiculous! "

Seeing this, a smile surfaced on Mad Demon Lin Feng's cold face. His eyes flickered with an ice-cold glint as he coldly spoke.

The instant his words left his mouth, he rushed out like a black flaming dragon to battle with Leng Hongxiao.

So this guy had no intention of using the Dragon Subduing Sword.

Just as he had said, Leng Hongxiao was not qualified for him to draw the sword.

Even now, Leng Hongxiao had become much stronger.

Compared to the intense battle between Mad Demon Lin Feng and Li Chunyang, Ye Xuan's fight in the distance was much more nimble and graceful. After all, whether it was Ye Xuan or Sword West, their movement speed was top-notch.

It had completely broken through the barrier of the Void Star Realm, broken through his bottleneck, gained his own attainments and comprehension in the way of the sword, and broken through to become a Martial Monarch at the Martial Emperor realm. This made his strength even more ferocious and powerful, and his destructive power even more frightening.

Even if Ye Xuan's strength had greatly increased, without the use of the Great Devil World, it would still be difficult for him to contend against Jian Xi. Now, he was suppressed by him.

"Ding ding ding …"

The longsword in Jian Xilai's hand ceaselessly swung about, bringing about sword images that filled the sky as he attacked Ye Xuan. Ye Xuan could only enter a defensive state with the Black Tortoise in his hand as he was forced back by Jian Xi.

The Black Black and White Wings and the Black and White Wings Sword collided continuously, emitting a clear and pleasant sound. The frightening power from the Black and White Wings shook it until even Ye Xuan's hands became numb from gripping it.

If Ye Xuan didn't have the protection of the Magic Armor, the sharp sword aura would've torn his clothes apart and left eye-catching wounds on his body.

Even so, there were traces of damage on Ye Xuan's shockingly powerful black magic armor.

In a short period of time, Ye Xuan and Jian Xi had exchanged over a hundred rounds.

As Jian Xi looked at Ye Xuan, who was passively defending, a playful smile appeared on his face as he spoke with a playful voice, "What? "Kid, you only have this little bit of strength and power?"

This fellow's will in the way of the sword is extraordinary. The illusionary beauties that Ye Xuan created with his Celestial Dance continuously teased and seduced him, but he wasn't affected by the slightest bit of seduction, causing his single-handed sword skills to reach perfection.

"If that's all you've got, go to hell!"

With a cold expression, the longsword in his hand abruptly changed moves. Boundless astral energy gathered on the longsword, causing it to emit a resplendent light that carried a dense, sharp aura as it furiously slashed down towards Ye Xuan.


"Tap, tap, tap …"

Ye Xuan's expression turned cold. He crossed his black and white battle axe to block Jian Xi's attack, but he was still sent flying by the powerful force. He had to retreat more than ten steps before being able to stabilize himself.

He extended his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, then raised his head to look at the sword in his hand that was facing the wind. A trace of coldness appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he coldly said, "It's only gaining the upper hand with a weapon. What's there to be proud of?"

The range of the Black and White Wings was far less than the range of the longsword in Jian Xi's hand. That was why he appeared to be in such a passive position.

If it were a different weapon, the effect would definitely not be the same.

"Brat, you're really sharp tongue. However, just having a strong mouth is not good enough. You have to show your strength!"

Jian Xi looked down at Ye Xuan from above and sneered.

He'd already figured out Ye Xuan's strength in the previous exchange, but he didn't place any importance on Ye Xuan now, even though Ye Xuan was much stronger than the first time they'd met in that hotel.

"I'm afraid that once I show you my true strength, you'll die too quickly!"

Ye Xuan coldly replied.


The instant his words left his mouth, the black and white Mystic Tortoise disappeared from his hands and was replaced with a brand-new divine weapon, the Dragon Blade!

With the dragon blade in his hand, Ye Xuan's entire temperament instantly underwent an earth-shattering change. His long hair fluttered in the wind, and his clothes fluttered without wind. A peerlessly sharp aura spread out from his body, causing him to look like an unsheathed peerless sword.

As Jian Xi watched Ye Xuan's aura undergo a shocking change, he furrowed his brows. An intense sense of danger rose from the bottom of his heart, as if the Ye Xuan before him had become a completely different person.

Just as he was about to speak, Ye Xuan sneered. He raised the dragon blade in his hand and pointed it towards the west as a domineering voice came out, "Old thing, it's time for your death! "Next year, today will be the day of your death!"


At this moment, Jian Xi Lai's expression turned cold. He let out an angry shout, and with a step, he turned into a gust of wind as he charged towards Ye Xuan.