"Brat, you think that you can contend against me by changing your weapon? "Then you're too naive!"

Jian Xi's eyes flickered with a cold light as he listened to Ye Xuan's words. Then, a voice filled with disdain came out of his mouth.

Although the temperament of Ye Xuan, who'd swapped his weapon for a dragon blade, had undergone a tremendous change, Jian Xi still didn't place Ye Xuan in his eyes.

"You'll know once you try!"

The corners of Ye Xuan's mouth curled up slightly as he spoke in an ice-cold voice.

"Chi! Chi!"

The instant his words left his mouth, Ye Xuan suddenly raised the dragon blade in his hand and slashed towards the west.

Following Ye Xuan's action, a sharp sword aura that was like the silver moon exploded from the dragon blade and shot toward the west.

Wherever the force passed by, the ground would be cut and an eye-catching ravine would appear.

"It's just an insignificant skill!"

A hint of disdain appeared on his face as he looked at the incoming sword qi. A cold light flashed in his eyes as he unsheathed the sword in his hand and casually swung it, wanting to block the sword qi from Ye Xuan.


Ye Xuan's sword qi was blocked by a large tree in the distance. The tree gave off a dull sound as it collided, and was instantly cut apart by the sharp sword qi.

"Kid, isn't an attack like this a bit too trashy?!"

After easily blocking Ye Xuan's attack, a hint of a cold smile appeared on Sword-West's face as he spoke in disdain.

"Crack …" "Ka-cha …"

As his words faded away, just as he was about to sheathe the sword in his hand, a shocking scene abruptly occurred.

Under his incredulous gaze, cracks actually appeared on the longsword in his hand that was forged from top quality darksteel and thousand-year Gnomes. It finally shattered with a loud bang, turning into pieces that fell to the ground.

"How... How is this possible? The Unparalleled Sword was actually destroyed? "

He had never expected that the Unparalleled Sword that he had spent so much effort to forge would be destroyed just like that.

One had to know that this Unparalleled Sword was the most valuable treasure of the Unparalleled Sword Sect. It was incomparably sharp, incomparably sturdy, and was the king of all swords.

However, it was destroyed by Ye Xuan's sword qi. How could this not shock and shock Jian Xi.

If that sword qi landed on him, wouldn't he be finished?

That fellow changed his weapon and increased his attack power by so much?

Even Ye Xuan was deeply shocked by the might of the dragon blade. He didn't think that just a casual strike from the dragon blade would release such a destructive force. This undoubtedly made him both surprised and happy.

"Old thing, my attack is so trashy. A sword energy destroyed your weapon!"

A mocking expression appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he gazed at the shocked and shocked face of Swordqi.

"Boom! Boom!"

As soon as Ye Xuan finished speaking, he brandished the dragon blade in his hand once more. Another sharp sword qi whistled out, carrying an intense killing intent as it directly flew towards the west of the sword.

"Damn it!"

The expression on Jian Xi Lai's face changed. He did not try to face the sword Qi head on. Instead, he suddenly moved his body to the side and dodged the sword Qi attack.

At the same time, he stomped his feet and transformed into a gust of wind as he charged towards Ye Xuan.

The instant he rushed out, he beckoned with his hand. His storage ring flashed and a green longsword appeared in his hand, causing his speed to increase.

In just an instant, he'd appeared in front of Ye Xuan. He brandished the nine foot long blade in his hand and slashed it towards Ye Xuan's throat.

His movements could be said to be extremely fast, leaving behind a series of afterimages.

"Swish …"

Ye Xuan's expression was calm as he remained unmoved. As the nine foot long blade came slashing down from the west, he casually put the dragon blade in front of him to block.

In the next moment, an astonishing scene quietly occurred.

The moment the nine foot long blade in his hand collided with the dragon blade, it was easily sliced apart like tofu, splitting into two halves.


While Jian Xi was still in shock, Ye Xuan's expression was ice-cold. His right leg carried a powerful force as it viciously kicked Jian Xi's lower abdomen, causing him to spray out a mouthful of black blood. He was sent flying like a cannonball.


Ye Xuan's eyes flashed with a cold light as he stomped his feet and appeared in front of Jian Xi like a ghost. He brandished the dragon blade in his hand and slashed horizontally at Jian Xi's head, sending a series of attacks towards him.

A sword appeared in his hand, constantly trying to block Ye Xuan's attack. However, the many good swords that he treasured were like trash in front of the Dragon Blade, unable to block its attack. With a simple clash, they were split into two.

In the end, the treasured sword in Jian Xi's hand was completely broken, causing him to be completely exhausted. He could only passively dodge it and didn't dare meet Ye Xuan's attack head on.

Ye Xuan was holding a godly weapon that could slice through swords like mud. Any peerless treasure sword would be extremely weak in the face of a godly weapon's dragon blade and wouldn't be able to block its attack.

The might of the newly crafted Divine Weapon, Dragon Blade, could be said to be fully demonstrated at this moment.

"Dammit, why is the weapon in that guy's hand so sharp? It's practically unprecedented … If this goes on, I will definitely die at the hands of that brat! "

Under Ye Xuan's attacks, Swordwest was only able to dodge and retreat bit by bit without any of his previous dominance. He was in an extremely sorry state as he spoke in a flustered manner.

Right now, his clothes had been completely torn apart by the sharp sword aura, leaving behind numerous eye-catching bloodstains. Fresh blood constantly dripped down. From the looks of it, he was in an extremely sorry state.

"Swish …"

In the blink of an eye, Sword-West was forced to the side of the armoured vehicle. The instant the dragon blade in Ye Xuan's hand slashed down, he fiercely dodged it. The armoured car was easily cut into two halves like tofu.

Even at the most crucial moment, when Jian Xielai flashed out, the sharp blade radiance still left a bloody wound on his forehead.

This situation caused Jian Xi to be extremely furious. He glared at Ye Xuan as he spoke in a furious tone, "Kid, do you still have any face? Are you going to use your godly weapon to deal with me bare-handed!?"

Jianxilai had never felt so aggrieved before.

As the leader of the Unparalleled Sword Sect, he did not even have a usable sword, yet he could not unleash his full strength.

Ye Xuan laughed coldly, but didn't reply. He indifferently and emotionlessly waved his sword, forcing Jian Xi to flee in a sorry state.

"Damn it!" "Little bastard, go and die, return to the sect with ten thousand swords!"

Finally, Jian Xi was unable to endure this situation any longer. He let out an angry curse as he nimbly dodged Ye Xuan's attack, opening up a distance between him and Ye Xuan. His entire body surged with astral energy and sword energy as he fiercely pressed down towards the ground!


Following the movement of Jian Xi, the earth trembled as the Sword Qi condensed by the Astral Energy transformed into a huge torrent that rushed out from the ground without any warning and attacked Ye Xuan. There were tens of thousands of them densely packed together, causing even half of the sky to be occupied by the sharp Sword Qi.

This sudden turn of events caused Ye Xuan's expression to change. He stepped forward and without even thinking, his body transformed into a ray of light as he moved to the side.

Chi chi chi …

However, the countless sword auras that drilled out from underground followed closely behind. They carried boundless killing intent as they charged towards Ye Xuan in an attempt to devour him.

It had to be said that Jian Xi's strength was indeed extraordinary. He was even able to use such a powerful martial skill in such a situation.

However, this just happens to take advantage of Ye Xuan's heart. Since Jian Xi is so anxious to court death, I'll grant him that wish.

In the instant that the Sword Qi that filled the sky poured down like a rain of arrows, a cold light flashed within Ye Xuan's eyes. He stepped forward at high speed and transformed into a bright dragon's shadow that passed through the layers of obstructions, ignoring the rain of arrows that were filling the sky as it rushed towards Jian Xi.

Blade of the Dragon!

"Swish …"

The sound of clothes being torn apart and the sound of a knife slicing through flesh were heard.

Jianlai Lai's figure quietly froze. A fine line of blood appeared on his neck, and a large amount of blood sprayed out of his mouth.

"How... "How could that be?"

With great difficulty, he stretched out his palm to feel the fresh blood flowing from his neck. At the same time, he spoke with an incredibly weak voice.

"Plop …"

Just as he finished speaking, the life force in his body was completely extinguished. His body trembled and he fell head first onto the ground, turning into an ice-cold corpse.


"Puchi …"

The instant Ye Xuan finished off the sword, a dull explosion sounded out.

Song Xiyuan, who was fighting against Li Chunyang in the dust, spat out a large amount of blood. His entire body flew out like a cannonball and smashed into the armored car, turning into a pile of meat paste on the spot.

Li Chunyang, whose entire body was burning with a strong aura of astral energy, slowly walked out from the dust with heavy steps.

This battle was undoubtedly difficult for him, but he had persevered until the final victory. It truly could not be described as easy!

"Aren't the two of you a bit too slow?"

Mad Demon Lin Feng had already finished his battle with Leng Hongxiao and was sitting inside the Blackpeak Battleship. He stuck his head out and teased as he watched Ye Xuan and the others finish their battle.

As for Qing Tian, he had already completely cleared away all the obstacles, so that the black-armored battleship could pass through without a hitch!

At this point, the troops led by Jian Xi, Leng Hongxiao, Song Xi and the others had all been wiped out without a single survivor.

"Come on, you're almost done!"

Hearing this, Ye Xuan snappily said.

While Ye Xuan was speaking, Louisa had already brought the Blackpeak Battleship to their side. "Lord, get in. Their reinforcements have arrived. We should leave!"

Ye Xuan nodded his head lightly. He picked up the Divine Weapon Dragon Blade and wrote a few words on the ground before entering the Black-Edge Battleship!


In the next moment, the sound of engines rumbled, and they rode the Blackedge Battleship, turning into a streak of light and disappearing into the night.

They had just left just now, and large numbers of armoured vehicles were rushing over with a strong killing intent.

What kind of expression and reaction would they have when they saw the wiped out Sword West?