Under the darkness of night, the demonic energy surged, blotting out the sun and covering the sky!

When Ye Xuan unleashed his Great Demonic World, the full moon in the sky lost its luster at this moment, and was covered by monstrous demonic energy.

Demonic energy spread out. Before the attack of the Asura King and the Grim Reaper could land on Ye Xuan's body, they were forced back by the terrifying demonic energy, preventing them from getting close to him.

Not only that, there were also enormous pillars constantly shooting out from the ground towards the Asura King, the Sun God Allocer, and the God of Death, Danates and the others. Their expressions were ugly, forcing them to retreat continuously.

A large number of devilish qi condensed into devilish dragons, devils and other creatures also drilled out from the ground towards them, attempting to chase and kill them.

"Ahh …"

"No …."

"Don't eat me!"

Shrill screams rang out nonstop. The Asura King, Death God Danube, and many of their subordinates struggled under the corrosion of the demonic energy and were constantly gnawed away by the demonic beasts. They screamed out one after another until they were finally eaten clean.

In a short span of time, dozens of people were devoured by the demonic beasts and turned into a pile of bones.

Not only that, but the Asura Domain that the Asura King had used was corroded by the demonic energy of Ye Xuan's Great Demonic World, showing signs of melting.

Especially at the place where the Great Devil Realm and Asura Domain's Asura barrier met, that Asura barrier was emitting sizzling sounds as it was being corroded by the demonic energy, slowly melting away.

Of course, Ye Xuan's goal wasn't only to use the Great Devil Realm to corrode the Asura Domain of the Asura King and force it open.

He wanted to strike the Asura King in the face and teach him a bloody lesson.

"Let's take this opportunity to slaughter those shrimp soldiers and crab generals!"

Seeing Ye Xuan display the chaos of the Great Devil Realm, Mad Demon Lin Feng's eyes flickered with coldness as he coldly spoke.


As his words fell, his feet moved, and he turned into a black shadow as he charged into the chaotic crowd, mercilessly slaughtering everyone in his path.

Li Chunyang, Qing Tian, and the others also quietly made their moves at this moment. Together with Mad Demon Lin Feng, they charged into the chaotic demonic energy crowd in front of them and began their ruthless extermination!

It had to be known that killing those shrimp soldiers and crab generals was extremely beneficial to Ye Xuan as well. The death of the enemies within the Great Devil Realm would be devoured by the demon energy and become nourishment for the Great Devil Realm, causing it to become even stronger.



An unending stream of energy poured into Ye Xuan's body, causing his aura to become even stronger.


As Ye Xuan looked at the spreading Great Demon God World and the Asura King's Asura Domain, his expression turned icy cold. He suddenly clenched his teeth and took out a Crossing Disaster Gold needle and injected it into his body, causing his aura to become even stronger.

His hands formed into seals, his right hand was surrounded by demonic energy, and a series of demonic marks appeared, suddenly pressing down towards the ground, causing even more demonic energy to flow into the ground, causing the area of effect of the Great Devil Realm to become even more vast, and setting off a demonic wind in the Great Devil Realm, causing even more demonic pillars to emerge from the ground and attack the Shura King, Death God Danatus, Sun God Allocer, and the others, wanting to completely tie them up and restrict their movements!

"Damn it!" This was the Demon Lord's Great Devil Realm … How could that little bastard display such a domain? "

As the Asura King looked at the howling demonic energy that shot out, avoiding the demon pillars that shot out from the ground, and listening to the screams of its subordinates, the Asura King had an ugly expression on its face.

One must know that his Asura Infernal Realm was actually inspired by the Great Devil Realm that Demon Lord Ye Xuan had activated.

Now that he saw that Ye Xuan had unexpectedly displayed the Great Devil Realm's Asura Domain against him, how could this not make the Asura King flustered and exasperated?

"My Lord, there was a rumor that Ye Xuan was once the direct disciple of the Demon Lord. It seems to be true, otherwise he would not have been able to use the Demon Lord's Great Devil Realm! "

Darkmoon dodged the demon pillar's attack and appeared beside the Asura King, answering with a respectful expression.

"I didn't think that this kid would actually have such a skill. No wonder Haotian and the others died in his hands!"

With a wave of the Heaven's Shadow blade in his hand, a magic pillar was cut in half at the waist, and a cold voice came out from his mouth.

"It is indeed difficult to deal with. In this world, the astral energy within my body has been completely suppressed. My battle prowess has been reduced by a full layer!"

Yun Wanli also spoke up at this moment with an ugly expression.

"If this goes on, all the people under his command will die and become nutrients for that kid!" The scorching aura around the Sun God Allocer's body blazed furiously. He punched out, forcefully pushing a large magic pillar that had emerged from the ground down into the ground.

"Don't panic. If the Great Devil Realm was really that powerful when it was used by the Demon Lord back then, no one would dare to contend against him. But the one used now isn't the Demon Lord, but that damn little bastard Ye Xuan. We just need to attack him and we can break this Great Devil Realm!"

The god of death, Danator, coldly spoke as he stared fixedly at Ye Xuan.

"Let's attack Ye Xuan together!"

Everyone's eyes lit up when they heard the words of the grim reaper, Danates. A furious voice came from their mouths.


As soon as their words fell, they simultaneously dodged the demon pillar's attack, faced the wild wind, and charged towards Ye Xuan.

But how could Ye Xuan let them do as they pleased!

Killing intent filled Ye Xuan's eyes as he looked at the Asura King and the Death God Danube's group rushing over. His left hand quietly revolved Thousand Bird Thunder Technique as lightning crisscrossed and his right hand circulated Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique. Raging flames burned as he fiercely pressed it towards the ground.

The first fusion skill: Spiral Thunder Flame Bullet!

Following Ye Xuan's action, the earth trembled as if something was swimming underground. After being less than thirty meters away from the Asura King and the others, it suddenly emerged from the ground and charged toward them.

As it was the size of a basketball, it revolved around the power of thunder and flame. The high-speed spinning Spiral Thunder Flame Bomb appeared in the Asura King and the others' line of sight, exploding three meters in front of them.

"Get out of the way!"

A massive explosion sounded out as a magnificent flame bloomed in the air. A terrifying explosive energy spread out from the center of the explosion, creating a terrifying storm. Dust filled the air, making it hard to open!

After the dust settled and the smoke dispersed, the Asura King, the Asura of the Dark Moon, the Death God Danatus, and the Sun God Allocer reappeared in Ye Xuan's line of sight.

Although their disheveled hair appeared to be in an extremely sorry state, they did not receive any substantial damage. This was because they had all condensed their Astral Energy Armors at the critical moment and unleashed a defensive shield to defend themselves!

"Ye Xuan, it's useless. No matter what, don't even think about taking out this king's palm and accepting the judgement of the Shura!"

The Asura King looked down on Ye Xuan with an ice-cold expression and emitted a chilling tone.

Following the end of his words, a huge Blood Asura appeared behind him, causing his aura to surge explosively. Carrying a cold killing intent, he fiercely charged towards Ye Xuan.

"Today, I will cut that brat into a thousand pieces! Kill! "

Allocer, Death God Danube, and the others similarly charged towards Ye Xuan with murderous intent. They wanted to strangle him in the cradle!

"These guys really aren't that easy to deal with. They actually took the Spiral Thunder Flame Bomb without suffering too much damage!" Since that's the case, then let's try out the second fusion skill, Lunar Shadow Heavenly Saber's power! "

Ye Xuan's complexion became unsightly as he watched the Asura King and the others suffer the attack of the Spiral Thunder Flame Bomb. His eyes flickered with a cold light as he coldly spoke.

As his words fell, he simultaneously displayed the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique and the Thousand Birds Lightning Technique. Two completely different energies gathered around his left and right hands, causing their aura to wildly soar. Their long hair fluttered in the wind as their clothes fluttered.

Following that, they suddenly raised their arms and slashed out!

The second fused martial skill: Lunar Shadow!


Following Ye Xuan's actions, three enormous blade-shadows that were surrounded by endless purple lightning rushed out with murderous intent towards the Asura King and the others. They created afterimages that filled the sky. It could be said that they were extremely powerful.

Even though they were separated by a great distance, the Asura King, Allocer, and the others still felt a sense of danger. Their faces became extremely ugly, and without hesitation, they spread out to the side, dodging the attack.

The Lunar Shadow Saber missed its target as it dodged. In the end, it flew up to the sky and ruthlessly smashed into the Asura Domain, causing a deafening explosion.

"Kacha …."


The Asura Domain that the Asura King executed had already become extremely weak under the pressure of Ye Xuan's Great Devil Realm and the corrosion from the demon energy. Now, the Lunar Shadow Heavenly Saber couldn't withstand Ye Xuan's fusion martial skill any longer.

The imposing Asura Domain collapsed like a cage made of glass under Ye Xuan's attack. It turned into countless fragments that floated down, reflecting a magnificent luster under the street lights. It was extremely beautiful …


With the Asura Domain broken, the Asura King immediately suffered a massive backlash. Its face paled and it spat out a mouthful of black blood.

"Lord Asura King!"

This scene caused the expressions of the two Asura sisters to change. They extended their hands to support the Asura King.

"Don't worry about me, that guy's consumption of strength is huge after executing such an attack. Hurry up and kill him!"

The Asura King lightly waved its hand and raised its head to look at the gasping Ye Xuan. Killing intent surged from its eyes and angry words came out of its mouth.

As he spoke, the Sun God Allocer, the God of Death, and the others had long seized the opportunity to enter and start killing Ye Xuan. They wanted to kill Ye Xuan here.

However, Mad Demon Lin Feng, Li Chunyang, and Qing Tian, who had eliminated the shrimp soldiers and crab generals, were the first to arrive by Ye Xuan's side. They supported him as they moved as fast as lightning towards the Blackedge Battleship that was anxiously waiting for them …


The instant Ye Xuan and the others landed stably inside the Blackedge Battleship, its terrifying speed exploded. It transformed into a streak of black lightning and disappeared into the night sky. The wind carried with it Ye Xuan and the others' cold, playful words.

"Asura dog, don't say that no one will be able to break through your Asura Domain in the future, otherwise you'll lose face!"

"A bunch of trash, we'll wait for you at the top of Mount Qi Yun!"

Hearing the words that Ye Xuan and the others left behind, and seeing the Blackpeak Battleship rapidly disappearing into the night, the Asura King and the others had an extremely ugly expression on their faces. A furious voice sounded from their mouths.

"This bunch of damned bastards!"