"Master, how are you? Are you alright? "

Within the Black-Edge Battleship, Louis Xana seriously drove the vehicle, causing it to travel at a relatively stable speed. Then, he turned his head to look at Ye Xuan, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, and spoke words of concern.

The predicament Ye Xuan and the others were in earlier could be said to be extremely dangerous, causing Louis Xana to be incomparably worried.

She had once used a martial skill to attack the Asura Domain in an attempt to open up a green passage for Ye Xuan and the others.

Fortunately, in the end, Ye Xuan had used the Great Devil Realm and fused martial skills to break through the Asura Domain of the Asura King, otherwise, who knows what kind of dangers they would have faced.

After all, the Asura King's group wasn't someone that could be easily dealt with easily, not to mention that the Asura King had reinforcements. After all, the Leng Clan, Song Clan, and other powers hadn't made their appearance yet.

Once Ye Xuan and the others were trapped by the Asura King, they would be forced into a passive situation. After all, their forces were all lying in ambush on top of Mount Qi Yun.

What they needed to do was to lure the Asura King's group into the dragnet they had set up at the Qi Yun Mountain, then eliminate them all at once.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. It's just that my energy consumption is too huge. I'll be fine after a short rest!"

After hearing what Louis Xana said and seeing her concerned expression, Ye Xuan lightly smiled. He extended a hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead and lightly shook his head.

Using the Great Devil World and the two fusion Martial Skills was simply too draining for him, and he could not bear it any longer.

However, it was likely that the Asura King wasn't too good either. After all, if his Asura Domain was broken through then it would inevitably suffer a massive backlash.

If he were to fight with Ye Xuan again, he probably wouldn't dare to display the Asura Domain on his face. After all, his Asura Domain was simply a joke in front of Ye Xuan's Great Devil World.

If it wasn't for Ye Xuan's strength being slightly weaker and the difference in strength between the two of them, the Asura King's Asura Domain would've been destroyed long ago.

As Ye Xuan spoke, he waved his hand and a bottle of Life Spirit Spring Water appeared in his hand. He placed it by his mouth and drank it, causing his consumed strength to quickly recover.

If people outside saw that Ye Xuan had used the life spirit spring water as a beverage, their hearts would've been filled with heartache and they'd be inexplicably shocked. After all, this item was a priceless treasure in the outside world.

"This time, the Asura King and the others will suffer a heavy loss. This time, Qiyun Mountain and the rest have decided to come!"

Mad Demon Lin Feng also said while laughing at this moment.

"However, that Asura King is indeed very strong. If Young Master Xuan hadn't broken through his Asura Domain then we would have been done for!"

Li Chunyang lightly nodded, and spoke with lingering fear in his heart.

Although he hadn't fought the Asura King head on, he could feel just how powerful it was. If the Asura King were to use its full strength, then he simply wouldn't be a match for it.

"Not fun, not fun at all... I haven't even fought enough! "

As for Qing Tian, he pouted with a sullen expression. It was obvious that he didn't enjoy himself during the battle.

"Shayna, hurry and reach Qiyun Mountain and meet up with Derek and the others!"

Ye Xuan lowered his head to look at the time on his watch, then looked out the window at the pitch-black night.


Louis Xana nodded slightly upon hearing Ye Xuan's words. He stepped on the throttle and the transmission in his hand instantly changed gears, causing the Black-Edge Battleship to move at an extremely fast speed towards Qiyun Mountain like a runaway horse.

Under the unparalleled speed of the Blackpeak Battleship, Ye Xuan and the others finally arrived at the Qi Yun Mountain in the early hours of the morning.

In a clean and comfortable suite at the Qi Yun Mountain Hotel!

A fierce and burly figure was quietly lying on the sofa in the living room, leisurely smoking a cigar as he watched a TV show. A formless dignity emanated from his body, coupled with the scar that extended from his left forehead all the way to the left side of his face.

He was none other than the Holy Demon Derek, one of the Three Demons, Eight Gods of the Demonic Palace.

He had been bored to death living on top of the Qi Yun Mountain recently. If not for the fact that the wealthiest man in Philadelphia, Jack Ross, had accompanied him here a few days ago, he would have already rushed down the mountain to fight with the Wushuang Sword Sect.

"Seriously, it's so late, are those guys from Feng still not here yet?"

It's already two in the morning, but Ye Xuan and those guys haven't come yet, which makes him impatient.

"He probably met with trouble along the way …" You should also know that with their personality, they would definitely not sneakily leave Su Hai.

Hearing the words of the Saint Devil Derek, the richest man in Philadelphia, Jack Ross, who was sitting next to him, lightly sipped on the wine in his glass and spoke in an elegant and unhurried manner.

"They sure are enjoying themselves. They can make a ruckus around as they please. To think that they would be bored to death leaving me here on a cold bench..." Saint Devil Derek's face was full of resentment.

"You always like to fight and kill. Sitting here tasting wine, chatting with a girl, and then going back to do a massage and sleep, isn't that pretty good? We are all very old people, and we have to learn to enjoy life. "

The richest man in Philadelphia, Jack Roth, was enjoying the massage of a beautiful woman beside him. He was enjoying a fine wine and teasing with a smile. "Do you think I'm right?"

"Lord Jack Ross is right!"

The two beauties who were massaging the shoulders of the richest man in Philadelphia, Jack Ross, smiled.

"Come on, with your little body, sooner or later you'll die in the belly of a woman!"

Looking at the leisurely and contented Jack Ross, the richest man in Philadelphia, Saint Demon Derek couldn't help but say in a bad mood.

"Sir, Young Master Xuan and the others have arrived!"

While the wealthiest man in Philadelphia, Jack Roth, was chatting with the Saint Devil Derek, a guard came in and reported respectfully.

"Where? Quick, take me to see them! " Hearing the guard's words, Saint Demon Derek hurriedly stood up and said with an excited face.

"No need to trouble you. We'll do it ourselves!"

However, just as the Holy Demon Derek finished his words, a loud and clear laugh rang out at this moment.

Following this voice, Ye Xuan, Mad Demon Lin Feng, Li Chunyang, Louisa, and Qing Tian strode in.

"It's too late for you guys …" "Shauna?"

"It's really you?"

Enormous joy appeared on the face of Saint Devil Derek as he looked at Ye Xuan's group that barged in. When he saw Louis Xana, who was beside Ye Xuan, he went into a daze and spoke in an excited and astonished voice.

Although the richest man in Philadelphia, Jack Roth, had long been here, he had not told the Sage Derek anything about Louis Xana. His purpose was to give him a surprise.

Of course, Ye Xuan and the others didn't tell Louis the news about the Saint Devil Derek.

Now that the two of them met, they were naturally extremely excited.

"Derek? Is that you? "

"Derek, are you really alive?"

Lucia stared blankly at the Saint Devil Derek. Upon hearing the words of the Saint Devil Derek, she was also stunned, and her face was filled with excitement and astonishment.

"Of course it's me!"

Saint Derek grinned, baring his white teeth and spreading his arms.

"I didn't expect you to still be alive. This is great!"

Louisana threw herself excitedly into the arms of Saint Derek, giving him a reunion hug.

In their eyes, the other party was like a family member, how could they not be excited when they meet again?

A gratified smile appeared on Ye Xuan's face as he looked at the Holy Demon Derek and Louischana, who were immersed in the joy of reunion. He was extremely gratified by this reunion.

"Derek, let me introduce you. This is our new comrade, Li Tian. He's still not mature enough, so he's got a little temper! "

After a short meeting, Ye Xuan introduced the two of them to the Holy Demon Derek.

"Qing Tian, this is my brother, the Saint Devil Derek. You must get along well in the future!"

At the same time, Ye Xuan urged Qing Tian.

"Heh... He looks so good, I like him! "

Di Tian looked curiously at the Saint Devil Derek, as if he had discovered something new.

When Saint Devil Derek extended his hand to grasp it, the eyes of Di Tian flashed. He leaned to the side and kicked towards his head with his right leg.

A beautiful side kick.


Unfortunately, the Saint Devil Derek's reaction was fast as well, and in the instant that Di Tian's kick came, he had used his arm to block Di Tian's attack.


With his attack blocked, a hint of interest appeared on Di Tian's face. At the same time he withdrew his leg, his right hand formed a fist and punched the Saint Devil Derek.


The Saint Devil Derek had been bored and his hands were itching. Seeing that Qing Tian's strength was not bad, he was also interested and did not dodge. He just let Qing Tian's fist hit his chest.


A muffled collision sound rang out. However, under the punch from Qing Tian, Saint Devil Derek's body did not move at all. He was not affected in the slightest, causing Qing Tian's gaze to turn cold.


Just as Di Tian was about to use his strength again, Saint Devil Derek's waist straightened, his spine shook, and his body shook violently. A strong physical strength suddenly exploded and pushed Di Tian back.

However, after retreating, the figure that was shining under the light suddenly disappeared without a trace, causing the Saint Devil Derek to raise his eyebrows.

When the figure of Qing Tian reappeared, he had already appeared behind the Saint Devil Derek. His sharp claws suddenly reached out towards the Saint Devil Derek's throat, attempting to strangle it.

However, the back of the Saint Devil Derek's head seemed to have a pair of eyes. As the claw approached, his body suddenly leaned back, dodging the attack of the Saint Devil Derek. Both of his hands formed a palm and struck towards the chest of the Saint Devil Derek at lightning speed.

Facing this powerful blow from the Saint Devil Derek, he thought that it was very interesting to see how the Saint Devil Derek did not dodge his fist and did not dodge. Instead, he allowed the Saint Devil Derek's palms to land on his chest.

"Boom! Boom!"

Terrifying palm power erupted. Qing Tian felt as if his body was struck by a powerful force. He couldn't control his body and was knocked flying backward. He had to take more than ten steps back to stabilize his body.

He raised his head and looked at the Holy Demon Derek who was smiling as he crooked his finger at him. A trace of displeasure appeared on the face of the Heavenly Mystery.

In the next moment, Di Tian's eyes turned cold. He stomped his feet and rushed towards Saint Devil Derek.

The moment he rushed out, his skinny body suddenly swelled up, and instantly turned from a small piece of flesh to a muscular man over two meters tall. The muscles on his arm bulged, veins popping out as he swung his iron fist towards the Saint Devil Derek.

As Qing Tian punched out, the air was compressed and produced an ear-piercing explosion sound. One could imagine just how powerful the strength behind the fist was.

The sudden change that occurred to Qing Tian had undoubtedly scared the Saint Devil Derek into a jump, which caused a trace of astonishment to flash across his face. Looking at the fist that came whistling over with a great power, the Saint Devil Derek's eyes burned with fighting spirit.

He hadn't met such an interesting opponent in a long time.

A sonic boom also quietly sounded out when Qing Tian smashed his fist!


In the next moment, under the gazes of Ye Xuan and Mad Demon Lin Feng, the Sage Devil Derek's fist collided with the fist of Qing Tian. A thunder-like explosion sounded out.

Terrifying amounts of power spread out in all directions from the fists of Qing Tian and Saint Devil Derek, causing a violent wind to blow in the hall, making it hard for anyone to open their eyes.

The red wine, wine glasses, and other glassware in the room were all shattered by the energy.

"Tap, tap, tap …"

Soon after, an even stronger power erupted from the fists of Saint Devil Derek and Qing Tian.

Qing Tian's body was no longer under his control. He was forced back more than ten steps by the powerful force before he managed to stabilize himself.

On the other hand, Saint Demon Derek only took half a step back.

The difference between the two was obvious!

Evidently, the Saint Devil Derek's body was a little better. After all, he hadn't completely absorbed the effects of the grandmist liquid.

However, with the genetic modification from the grandmist drug, he would undoubtedly become more and more powerful.

This result obviously caused Qing Tian to be extremely dissatisfied. He was just about to attack the Holy Demon Derek again, but was stopped by Ye Xuan. He smiled and said, "Enough, Qing Tian! You can't beat him. If you let the two of you continue fighting, this entire room will be destroyed by you. "

"Hum, hum, hum!"

Di Tian glared at the Saint Devil Derek, his face full of unhappiness. His huge body gradually regained its original strength.

"This boy's strength is quite strong. He has a chance of surpassing me!"

Saint Demon Derek said with a smile as he reached out his hand to pat Qing Tian's shoulder. It was obvious that he admired Qing Tian a lot.

He had just fought a battle, but it had caused him to feel refreshed …

"You bunch of brutes only know how to fight and kill. Let's go, let's quickly eat supper and go drink!"

Upon seeing this, the richest man in Philadelphia, Jack Ross, lazily stretched his back before standing up and speaking in a low voice.

"Come, let's eat supper and go drink!"

Hearing the words of the Philadelphia wealthiest man, Jack Ross, everyone was filled with excitement as they strode towards the dining hall …

[It's rare to meet again, I must get drunk!]