"Bullshit, my name is Ye Xuan?" Cousin, stop wasting words with this kid and kill him! "

"That's right, Big Brother Kuang Tie, stop wasting words with him. Make a move and kill him!"

Towards Ye Xuan's words, Liu Dongchuan and his brothers revealed expressions of disdain and impatience as they shouted towards Kuang Tie.

However, they saw Kuang Tie, who originally had a savage and terrifying expression, suddenly stand on the spot. He looked at Ye Xuan in astonishment. His eyes were filled with shock and terror, and he didn't do anything for a long time.

Even though Wild Iron was located in the West Street, he was well aware of what had happened in the Wild Dragon Gang's headquarters. He knew that the man who broke into the Wild Dragon Gang's headquarters and slaughtered them, causing Dragon Lord to kneel before him, was called Ye Xuan.

In the end, Dragon Lord gave the highest order to never offend Ye Xuan. Anyone who saw Ye Xuan would feel it was the same as seeing Dragon Lord himself.

Crazy Steel would never have thought that the man was right in front of him, and he had even made a move against him.


In the next moment, Kuang Tie's knees went soft and he knelt down towards Ye Xuan.

"The Raging Dragon's Association's Mad Iron greets Brother Xuan!"

Looking at Kuang Tie who directly knelt towards Ye Xuan, everyone, whether they were Liu Dongchuan, his friends, or Kuang Tie's underlings, heard the words coming from his mouth. They were all stunned on the spot.

They widened their eyes and mouths as they blankly stared at Kuang Tie who knelt before Ye Xuan. They were inexplicably shocked and astonished.

"What bullshit older brother Xuan, I've never heard of him in the underworld. Cousin, are you crazy?"

"Cousin, did you see those two beauties? As long as you kill that brat, those two beauties will be yours. "

Seeing this, Liu Dongchuan quickly came back to his senses, and said while shaking Mang Tie's arm.


However, just as Liu Dongchuan finished speaking, Kuang Tie suddenly slapped his face with his palm, and the powerful force caused his body to stagger and heavily fall to the ground …

"Cousin, are you f * cking crazy? You didn't kill this little bastard, and instead hit me?"

Liu Dongchuan spat out a mouthful of blood after being slapped by Kuang Tie. His face was full of shock. He covered his swollen face and stared blankly at Kuang Tie as he could not believe what he was hearing.

"The one laozi hit was you! "F * ck …"

"You damned bastard. If you dare to offend Brother Xuan, then I'll f * cking kill you!"

Before Liu Dongchuan even finished his sentence, Crazy Steel had already stood up and slapped him in the face, followed by another kick on his body, beating him like a dead dog, causing Liu Dongchuan's friends to be completely stunned. They didn't understand …

After all, Liu Dongchuan had called Crazy Iron over to help him...


"Brother Xuan, I was blind before and couldn't recognize you. I have offended you, so I hope that for the sake of Master Long, you will forgive my offense!"

Just as Liu Dongchuan was about to speak, he saw Kuang Tie's knees go weak as he kneeled down heavily in front of Ye Xuan. An incomparably respectful and apologetic voice came from his mouth.

As soon as Kuang Tie finished speaking, the subordinates he brought with him all knelt down towards Ye Xuan. They respectfully pleaded.

They already understood how terrifying this man's identity is. He's the one who killed their headquarters' Ye Xuan, the one who made Lord Dragon kneel!

"Brother Xuan, please forgive our offense …"

This shocking scene not only stunned Liu Dongchuan and his brothers once again, but even Su Xiaomeng and Leng Qingcheng were stupefied as they looked at Kuang Tie and the others who knelt before Ye Xuan. Their eyes were filled with doubt.

What was going on?

When Ye Xuan reported his name, the attitude of Kuang Tie and his group, who were overbearing and overbearing a moment ago, underwent a tremendous change.

Didn't Liu Dongchuan ask them to come and help him?

Why did Crazy Iron end up beating up Liu Dongchuan?

Only Ye Xuan's expression was calm as he lazily sat on the sofa with his legs crossed. He looked down from above at the group of people kneeling down, his eyes filled with undisguised coldness and indifference. He didn't speak for a long time, causing the atmosphere in the hall to become even more oppressive!

Kuang Tie and his group of brothers didn't even dare to breathe. They lowered their heads and didn't dare meet Ye Xuan's gaze. They only felt an enormous pressure envelop them, causing their foreheads to be drenched in cold sweat.

"Cousin, are you crazy?" Kneeling and begging for mercy to a good-for-nothing kid? The reason why I called you all here today is to avenge me, not to kneel to him! "

By the side, Liu Dongchuan gradually regained his senses, he could no longer bear the suffocating atmosphere and roared at Kuang Tie.


However, just as he finished speaking, Mang Tie's expression suddenly turned cold. He stretched out his palm and pressed his head against the floor, causing his forehead to collide with the floor with a deafening sound. Following which, his right elbow smashed into Mang Tie's back with an earsplitting force.

"Liu Dongchuan, although I'm your cousin, if you want to die, don't pull me. Why aren't you kneeling to Brother Xuan?"

"Kuang Tie, I'll f * * k you!"

The intense pain caused Liu Dongchuan's expression to become incomparably insolent and sinister. He struggled violently as an angry roar came from his mouth.

In the next moment, Liu Dongchuan's voice suddenly stopped, because a dagger had appeared in Mang Tie's hand and was resting on his neck.

"Watch... Cousin... You. What are you doing? "

Liu Dongchuan felt the cold feeling on his neck, and his body suddenly trembled as he spoke in a hoarse and dry voice.

At this moment, he was truly afraid. He could feel that Kuang Tie truly wanted to kill him.

"Obediently kowtow and apologize to Brother Xuan!"

Mang Tie coldly said.

"Elder brother Xuan?" Ah … Which Brother Xuan? "

Liu Dongchuan swallowed his saliva with difficulty.

"Nonsense, of course it's Brother Xuan in front of you. This is an existence that even Lord Long doesn't dare offend."

Mad Iron reminded them kindly.

Liu Dongchuan's body suddenly trembled as he looked at Ye Xuan in shock.

He never thought that this man was an existence that even Lord Dragon wouldn't dare to offend.

Perhaps others might not know who Lord Dragon was, but he knew very well that he was the boss behind his cousin, the head of the Raging Dragon's Association!

"F * cking hell, big brother Xuan, this daddy has never heard of it before. Mang Tie, you're too scared. If you don't want to take revenge for me, then just say so. Do you think this daddy is stupid?" Forced? You want to use this excuse to scare me? "

After a short period of shock, Liu Dongchuan's expression suddenly became crazy as he yelled at Kuang Tie.

The effects of the alcohol and the unwillingness in his heart had already made him unable to see the reality before his eyes.

"Liu Dongchuan, you f * cking want to die, don't pull me. CNM!"

"Ahh …"

However, before Liu Dongchuan could finish his sentence, Wild Iron suddenly waved the dagger in his hand and cut off one of his ears.

To this, Ye Xuan was expressionless. He took out a cigarette, lit it up, and put it in his mouth, letting out a puff of smoke.

"Older brother Xuan, they failed to recognize you. Now that they have received their due punishment, please spare them!"

Kuang Tie respectfully knelt before Ye Xuan and couldn't help but plead for Liu Dongchuan.

He'd cut off one of Liu Dongchuan's ears to save his life. He was well aware of how terrifying Ye Xuan was.

"Kuang Tie, you damned coward, how dare you kneel to such a useless person. Is he your father?"

However, Liu Dongchuan didn't appreciate the gesture at all. He covered his ears and started cursing madly at Kuang Tie.

"Chi! Chi!"

Kuang Tie's face was cold as he used the dagger in his hand to swipe across Liu Dongchuan's neck …

"You … You. You. You actually dared to kill me? "

Blood was pouring out, and Liu Dongchuan was clutching his neck as he spoke with a hoarse voice.

"Plop …"

As soon as he finished speaking, he could no longer hold on. He fell to the ground as a cold corpse, completely dead.

"This …"

This scene frightened not only Su Xiaomeng and Leng Qingcheng, but also those friends of Liu Dongchuan.

They never thought that Crazy Iron would actually kill Liu Dongchuan.

This guy was truly decisive.

"Brother Xuan, I'm really sorry for disturbing your rest with my two sister-in-law today. We'll be leaving now!"

Kuang Tie respectfully said as he looked at Ye Xuan.

"Go, throw him into the mountains and feed him to the dogs …"

In the next moment, Kuang Tie waved his hand and turned around, bringing his men with him as they walked out of the room.

"Did I tell you to leave?"

Ye Xuan coldly said with an expressionless face.

"Older brother Xuan, do you have any other instructions?"

Kuang Tie stopped and bowed.

"Find me a villa near the river, I want to move tomorrow!"

Ye Xuan coldly replied. Then his gaze descended onto Liu Dongchuan's group of friends who'd already been scared silly. "Also, cripple them."

Although the culprit was Liu Dongchuan, these people were still participants. If it wasn't for Ye Xuan, the consequences would've been unimaginable.

"Older brother Xuan, I beg you, please spare us!"

"I have 5 million in my card. It's a form of respect for you, big brother Xuan. I'll make it up to you …"

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the expressions of Liu Dongchuan's friends changed drastically as they spoke with faces full of shock.

"Qingcheng, Xiao Meng, this place is too dirty. Let's go to the hotel to sleep tonight."

However, Ye Xuan didn't even glance at them or their bank cards before bringing Leng Qingcheng and Su Xiaomeng out of the room.

"What are you all standing there for?" Cripple these scum! "

As he watched Ye Xuan's leaving figure, Kuang Tie took a deep breath. His gaze descended onto Liu Dongchuan's group of dog friends as he coldly spoke.

"Ahh …"

In the next moment, a mournful scream reverberated in the room.