Following a voice filled with killing intent, a crisis descended. The dense guards were like a swarm of locusts that covered the sky as they charged at Ye Xuan, completely sealing off his escape route.

Blades and guns flashed everywhere. They emitted an icy cold light that shined on Ye Xuan's face, causing his expression to become ice-cold and his eyes to surge with chilliness.

He stomped on the ground, and a terrifying cold air began to spread in all directions with him as the center. It created a violent gale in this area.

Frost Domain!

The cold aura spread out, and the strong wind blew. The guard that was originally approaching Ye Xuan with a weapon in his hand was instantly frozen into an eye-catching ice sculpture.

Afterwards, Ye Xuan's whip kick swept out and descended onto their bodies, shattering his body into dust and turning it into ice crystals that filled the sky that floated down.

Dozens of guards were killed by Ye Xuan in an instant.

However, a large number of guards continued to surround Ye Xuan, leaving him with no time to catch his breath, especially since he was heavily injured like this, Fang Wujie.

If the Ye Xuan before him wanted to bring Fang Wujie out of this predicament, then it would undoubtedly be extremely difficult.


Looking at the long spears and sabers coming at him, Ye Xuan's eyes flickered with a cold light. He bent his legs and stomped forcefully, causing a violent force to spread out and make Ye Xuan leap into the air with Fang Wujie like a roc spreading his wings. He rushed into the sky, wanting to break out of the encirclement.

Chi chi chi …

However, how could these guys be able to make Ye Xuan do as he pleased?

In the instant that Ye Xuan leaped into the air, their bodies jerked backwards. They raised the spears in their hands high up into the air and threw them towards Ye Xuan.

The spears that were thrown out were like sharp arrows that brought along a chilly killing intent as they flew towards Ye Xuan, causing his expression to become even uglier.

These fellows were all experts. They were well-trained and extremely difficult to deal with.

Seeing the long spear that was about to hit Ye Xuan and pierce his body, Ye Xuan's expression suddenly went cold. His body fiercely trembled as a violent aura spread out from his body and knocked away all of the lances that were charging at him.

Not only that, Ye Xuan had even taken out a Crossing Disaster Gold Needle and pierced it into Fang Wujie's body, triggering the thirteen Heaven Defying Needles.

Thirteen Heaven-defying Needles - Four Needles for Bones!


A rich life force flowed from the Crossing Disaster Gold Needle into Fang Wujie's body, rapidly healing the injuries within his body. At the same time, it also eased the pain within his body, freeing his mind and relaxing his mind.

"Older brother Xuan …"

Under Ye Xuan's treatment, the severely injured and weakened Fang Wujie gradually opened his eyes as weak words came out of his mouth.

"Don't talk, carefully feel the situation in your body, I am healing you! Only by curing you will we be able to open a path of blood! "

Ye Xuan said in a low voice.

As he spoke, he stuffed a healing medicine into Fang Wujie's mouth, and at the same time, poured a bottle of Life Spirit Spring into Fang Wujie's mouth, speeding up the recovery of his body, allowing Fang Wujie to clearly feel that his originally weak body was gradually recovering.

However, the recovery rate was still too slow for Ye Xuan.

The instant that Ye Xuan and Fang Wujie dodged the guards' attacks, he took out another Crossing Disaster Gold Needle. The Medical Scripture in his mind rapidly flipped through, activating the thirteen heaven defying needles' mental cultivation method as he pierced the Crossing Disaster Gold Needle into Fang Wujie's heart.

Thirteen heaven defying needles - five acupuncture potential was born!


With Ye Xuan's action, a large amount of life force in his body was sucked out by Fang Wujie and injected into his body through the Crossing Disaster Golden Needle. The needle quickly healed the injuries in his body while also changing the condition of his body.

At this moment, Fang Wujie only felt that his body had undergone an earth-shattering transformation. The cells in his body started to rapidly become active at this moment, and his potential was fully released at this moment, as if some kind of power was awakening, causing his slightly narrowed aura to rise bit by bit. At this moment, his body gradually became stronger.

Ye Xuan's forehead was covered in cold sweat. He didn't expect the fifth needle to consume such a massive amount of energy. However, seeing how Fang Wujie's injuries were recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye, Ye Xuan let out a long sigh of relief!

As long as Fang Wujie recovered his fighting strength, it would be much easier for them to deal with the current situation.

After all, Ye Xuan didn't plan on having Mad Demon Lin Feng, the Red Emperor, and the others come to his rescue. After all, if Ye Xuan were to completely detonate the dragon core within Flowing Shadow's body, the force of the explosion would be devastating.

The reason why Ye Xuan hadn't detonated the dragon core bomb in Liu Ying's body yet was because the time wasn't right. After all, the ones who'd appeared now were only the Asura King and the Leng Clan's first generation ancestor.

What Ye Xuan wanted to do was to wait for the Asura King and the others to gather all of their experts, then detonate the Dragon Core Bombs and finish them off.

As Ye Xuan brought Fang Wujie to dodge the attack, he healed Fang Wujie, leaving the guards helpless against him.

After all, although the guards' strengths weren't bad, and their attacks were tight and orderly, the difference between their strengths and Ye Xuan's were too great. They weren't able to do anything to Ye Xuan for a short period of time.

On the high platform, the Asura King looked coldly at Ye Xuan, who was being surrounded and killed by the guards. Its eyes flickered with a cold light. Have you detected the movements of those Rampage Alliance and Berserk Demons? "

"We haven't been able to detect any of their movements or news for the time being. It's as if they've disappeared!"

Hearing the Asura King's words, a young man in silver armor answered with a respectful expression.

He was the direct subordinate of the Asura King. His code name was Ancient Silver and his strength was extraordinary!

"How is Liu Ying's injury?" The Asura King continued to ask.

"The injury is very serious. There are many bones in the body, but it's not life-threatening. It's currently being treated!" Gu Yin replied respectfully.

The Asura King lightly nodded its head as it coldly stared at Ye Xuan, who was constantly dodging the attacks. Its eyes flickered with a cold light.

"Lord Asura King, just by relying on the power of those guards, it will be very difficult for us to capture that boy. Could it be that we'll have to let him continue escaping from that place?"

"We would like to invite you to battle, and cut off that brat's head!"

Looking at Ye Xuan, who was constantly dodging attacks from all sides, Wu Zhongkui and Yun Wanli, who were beside him, had killing intent surge within their eyes. Taking a step forward, they spoke in a low voice.

"Go, torture him well first. Don't kill him. After all, we still need to use him to lure out the people from the Wild Soldiers Alliance!"

The Asura King nodded, coldly speaking.

"That's right!"

Hearing the Asura King's words, Wu Zhongkui and Yun Wanli exerted their strength through their feet and jumped down from the high platform, bringing with them a cold killing intent as they charged straight at Ye Xuan.

"I'll go help too!"

A cold light surged within the Sun God's Allocer's eyes as he leapt forward. Flames surrounded his entire body as he transformed into a fire deity and charged towards Ye Xuan.

These guys finally couldn't sit still anymore and wanted to surround Ye Xuan!

At this moment, Ye Xuan had already defeated close to a hundred guards. The other party's healing had also gradually come to an end, causing Ye Xuan to secretly heave a sigh of relief.

"Ye Xuan, die!"

However, just at this moment, an angry shout filled with killing intent suddenly sounded in Ye Xuan's ears.


Following the furious roars, the Sect Master of the Heavenly Shadow Blade Sect, Wu Zhongliao, and the Sect Master of the Wanxiang Divine Sect, Yun Wanli, rushed in front of Ye Xuan.

As he continuously infused energy into the longblade, the longblade suddenly burst out with a resplendent light. An enormous blade light that was a hundred meters long suddenly exploded out, and as Wu Zhong slashed out, it fiercely slashed towards Ye Xuan.

One Slash from Heaven's Shadow!

Golden light surged from the head of the Myriad God School. The appearance of the golden Buddha behind him made him look extremely majestic. He stretched out both of his hands and continuously struck at Ye Xuan.

In an instant, golden palm prints that covered the sky bombarded towards Ye Xuan, completely sealing off his escape route!

Tathagata Divine Palm!

This sudden turn of events caused Ye Xuan's expression to abruptly change. He was just about to take action when the layer of ice beneath his feet suddenly exploded.

The chains formed from dark energy shot out from the bottom of the sea without any warning and coiled around Ye Xuan's legs, causing him to be unable to move in the slightest. However, the Death God Danube seized this opportunity to launch a surprise attack at Ye Xuan, completely restricting his movements.


The originally clear sky was suddenly set ablaze. At this moment, the Sun God Allocer appeared above Ye Xuan's head like a falling fire god.

Flaming fist lights that overflowed the heavens enveloped Ye Xuan's entire body!

A crisis had arrived, and the grim reaper had arrived!

This was the ultimate attack that the four experts, Wu Zhongkui, Yun Wanli, Death God Danates, Sun God Allocer, and the others, had joined hands to attack Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan lowered his head to look at the shackles that bound his legs, then raised his head to look at the absolute attack that enveloped the sky. His expression was unsightly to the extreme, and a thick sense of danger filled his heart.

With the four of them working together, Ye Xuan had nowhere to run.

"Older brother Xuan, don't worry, leave it to me!"

Seeing that Ye Xuan was about to use the Great Devil Realm, Fang Wujie, who was originally quietly recovering from his injuries, suddenly opened his eyes. Calm words came out of his mouth.

The instant Fang Wujie's words left his mouth, the Crossing Disaster Gold Needle that had pierced his body shot out. His injuries were all healed and a powerful aura spread out from his body without any warning, causing his long hair to flutter despite the lack of wind.

The moment the all-encompassing attack closed in, Fang Wujie's eyes flashed and his body shook. His body actually split into ten.

Following that, they moved their feet and exerted their strength with their feet, transforming into shadows that covered the sky as they charged towards Yun Wanli, Allocer, Wu Zhongkai, and the others …

At this moment, Fang Wujie's ice-cold voice resounded throughout the world.

"Bastards, it's time for us to settle our debts!"

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