"Old thing, thank you for helping me cultivate the dragon clan's tyrant body!"

This sudden voice caused the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor and Swordless' pupils to constrict. When they looked towards the source of the voice and saw Ye Xuan slowly walking out of the sword formation surrounded by black demon energy, their expressions couldn't help but greatly change. Shocked voices came out from their mouths.

"This... This … He … How is it possible that he isn't dead or even injured? "

"Not only is he uninjured, he seems to have become even stronger than before. What's going on?"

Right now, Ye Xuan's long hair floated in the air. Due to his clothes being torn by the sword qi, his robust upper body was completely exposed.

There was not a single scar left on his body by the sword aura, only a lifelike golden dragon tattoo that coiled around his right chest like a divine golden dragon. The dragon looked up and opened its huge mouth as if to bite his neck.

His entire right arm was covered in golden dragon scales. Coupled with his current posture and imposing manner, it was filled with an indescribable sense of violent aesthetics, causing him to be captivated by it.

His left arm was surrounded by a black demonic aura, as if it was a black demonic dragon, making his aura even fiercer.

The invisible force surrounding him was also affected by his aura, and at this moment, it took the form of a dragon, brimming with an inviolable majesty.

This was the dragon power that Ye Xuan obtained after cultivating the Yin Yang Tyrant Body Technique to the fourth level of the Dragonform. However, he could only grasp a tiny bit of the dragon power now, and the dragon body that he condensed was only at the initial stage.

Even so, Ye Xuan's battle strength had increased by another level. This was something worthy of celebration.

After all, without the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor's Myriad Tribulations Sword Formation, it would've been difficult for Ye Xuan to condense the elementary form of the dragon clan's tyrant form.

"Older brother Xuan!"

As he watched Ye Xuan slowly walk out, joy appeared on the heavily injured Fang Wujie's face as he spoke in an excited voice.

"You rest first, leave this to me!"

Seeing Fang Wujie's serious expression, Ye Xuan frowned as he spoke in a low voice.

"How can this be? We said we would fight side by side! And I can still fight! "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, Fang Wujie stood up with difficulty and lightly shook his head.

"Power of the silver dragon, open!"

As the words left his mouth, his hands formed a seal. He didn't know what kind of secret technique this guy was using, but a mysterious power was awakening. His hair turned silver at that moment, and silver scales started to grow on his arms.

Not only that, the injuries on his body healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. His originally sluggish aura rapidly became stronger, as if a sleeping dragon was slowly awakening at this moment.

Fang Wujie had yet to fully grasp this power. Unless he had no other choice, he would not unleash it.

In just a few moments, Fang Wujie's hair had turned completely silver. His pupils had also turned silver, and they shone with a dazzling brilliance under the sunlight.

An aura several times stronger than before spread out from his body.

At this moment, Fang Wujie's cultivation had directly risen from the Martial King of the Heavenly Star Realm to the Martial Monarch of the Martial King Realm.

At this moment, Ye Xuan and Fang Wujie stood shoulder to shoulder, giving off the feeling that they weren't facing two people, but two dragons.

A golden dragon and a silver dragon!

Feeling Ye Xuan's aura and condition, the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor's expression became extremely unsightly.

He turned his head and his gaze landed on Fang Wujie as cold words came out of his mouth, "Silver Dragon Power, looks like... Your identity is not as simple as being the disciple of a Thief Saint! But, no matter who you are or what kind of identity you have, since you dare to make me your enemy, you will die! "

"Jian Wu, kill him!"

As the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor finished speaking, an even more powerful aura began to emanate from Swordless's body. His body turned into a beam of light and shot towards Fang Wujie, launching an attack at him!

"Little bastard, you go and die too!"

The Unparalleled Sword Ancestor also carried a strong killing intent as he charged towards Ye Xuan.


However, at this moment, a majestic black sword aura burst forth from the distance like a furious black dragon. It headed straight for the Unmatched Sword Ancestor and Swordmaster, causing them to pause in their charge and pass between them and Ye Xuan's group. They struck the small island in the distance, causing a deafening sound.

"Old dog Wushuang, if you want to fight, we'll play with you!"

At this moment, a cold voice quietly rang out.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

As the voice rang out, powerful figures that resembled sledges leapt over the frozen shore from afar, landing steadily in front of the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor and the rest, surrounding them.

The leader was a man with an ancient and cold face. He was dressed in black and held a Dragon Subduing Sword. His aura was extraordinary and extremely intimidating.

He was none other than Mad Demon Lin Feng!

Not only were there Saint Devil Derek, Philadelphia's wealthiest Jack Roth, Louis Shaina, Li Chunyang and many other familiar old faces, but there were also a large number of other extraordinary and powerful new faces as well. They were all reinforcements brought by Saint Devil Derek.

Every single one of them was a skilled fighter from a thousand miles to one.

Their auras were intertwined and intertwined together like a huge black tortoise. It was steady, heavy, and incomparably powerful. It made people tremble, and they didn't dare to make an enemy out of it at all.

Even the Unmatched Sword Ancestor and Swordmaster felt an invisible pressure at this moment.

They knew that none of the people Lin Feng, Derek and the others had brought were weak. They had all experienced hundreds of battles and massacres, and simply could not be compared to ordinary Martial Kings.

"Greetings Young Master Xuan!"

In the next moment, under the embarrassed gazes of the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor and the others, the 168 experts led by the Saint Devil Derek cupped their fists towards him. They knelt down on one knee, and earth-shaking words came out of their mouths.


Their voices were like the ringing of a great bell, and their imposing auras caused everyone's ears to tremble and their scalps to go numb.

The ten thousand year Black Tortoise that was condensed from their auras let out a roar towards the sky, completely revealing their auras and causing Swordless to subconsciously take two steps back …

"Xuan, how was it?" Are you alright? "

"Wujie, are you alright?"

Words of concern came out from the mouths of Crazy Devil Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek, and Li Chunyang.

Ye Xuan and Fang Wujie looked at each other and lightly shook their heads.

As he looked at Ye Xuan, Mad Demon, Lin Feng, and the others, the face of the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor couldn't be any uglier. He didn't think that Ye Xuan would have a bunch of helpers in front of him.

Even if his strength was extraordinary, it would still be extremely difficult for him to finish off Ye Xuan and the others.

If the Asura King, the Leng Clan's first generation ancestor, and the Song Clan's first generation ancestor were here, they wouldn't be afraid at all. Unfortunately, they had all died miserably in Ye Xuan's hands.

It had to be said that Ye Xuan's series of plans and methods had greatly weakened the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor and the others' combat strength …

"Ancestor, what should we do now?"

Swordless couldn't help but ask in a low voice.

Unparalleled Sword Ancestor did not say anything, but his cold gaze fell on the people from the Insane Demon Lin Feng, the Demonic Saint Derek and the others. You want to wade in this muddy water? "

It was obvious that this fellow did not know Crazy Devil Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek and the others because he had been in closed-door seclusion for many years.

"Old thing, have you lost your mind? You don't even know Lord Devil, Lord Saint Devil and the others? "

Hearing the words of the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor, the many subordinates that the Saint Devil Derek had brought could not help but sneer.

"Insane? "Saint Devil?"

Hearing that, the face of Swordless, who was beside the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor, changed, as he said in shock: "Could it be that the Berserk Demon and Saint Devil among the nine great demon kings of the Asura World of the West? Didn't they already die? How could they still be alive? "

After hearing the words of Daoist Master Jian, the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor remembered the news regarding the Berserk Demons and the Holy Demons. After all, although he did not ask about the matters of the martial arts world, he had heard about the destruction of the Demonic Palace three years ago and knew some things.

Immediately, the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor's gaze fell on Lin Feng, the Demonic Saint Derek and the rest. His eyes flickered with a sharp glint as he said in a cold voice: "Back then, when the Demonic Palace was destroyed, the two of you escaped death and were unable to escape in the Western Asura World. Did you come here to meddle?"

"Mind your own business? "It seems like you're not well-informed. Let me tell you the truth, Ye Xuan is the new ruler that us brothers will support!"

Upon hearing these words, the corners of Mad Demon Lin Feng's mouth slightly curled up as he coldly spoke.

"Is he the new monarch that you're aiding?"

Upon hearing the words of the insane devil Lin Feng, the faces of the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor and Swordless both changed, as words that lost their composure came out of their mouths.

They really couldn't understand why this Ye Xuan would be able to obtain the assistance of the Crazy Devil Lin Feng and the Saint Devil Derek, and recognize him as the new monarch.

Apart from the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, Mad Demon Lin Feng, Saint Devil Derek and the others were all terrifying existences that could be revered in the Western Asura World.

This news was simply too explosive for the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor and the Sword Saint.

However, they quickly forced themselves to calm down. The Unparalleled Sword Ancestor stared coldly at the Crazy Devil Lin Feng and the Demonic Saint Derek, a cold light flickering in his eyes, as he said with a voice filled with killing intent: "Then, from what you guys have said, are you determined to become enemies with me?"

"I am not determined to be your enemy, but I have always been! "Old thing!"

Saint Devil Derek replied coldly.

The moment the Saint Devil Derek's words fell, he took a step forward. Powerful energy spread out in all directions, and his body suddenly disappeared from where he stood.

When he appeared again, he was already in front of the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor, swinging his powerful iron fist and threw a heavy punch at him.


This sudden turn of events caused the face of the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor to change slightly. In the next instant, he swung his fist and collided with the Saint Devil Derek's fist.

With the two of them as the center, a tremendous energy that could topple mountains and overturn the seas spread out in all directions.