"Making Ye Xuan an enemy is making an enemy out of you three families?"

Hearing the words of Old Bai, Old Lei, and the others, the expressions of the Wanxiang Ancestor, the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor, and the Heavenly Saber Grandmaster were all stunned. A hint of astonishment emerged on their faces.

It was evident that they did not expect Old Bai, Old Lei and the others to give such an explanation.

Before this, they hadn't heard such words from anyone. They'd only heard that Ye Xuan had a deep relationship with the three great families of Su Hai and the Rampage Alliance.

They really couldn't understand why Su Hai's three great families would be willing to go so far for the sake of a mere Ye Xuan, even if it meant becoming enemies with the three great sects!

How could he, a mere Ye Xuan, not only obtain the assistance of peak experts like Lin Feng and the Saint Devil Derek, but also the support of the three great families of Su Hai?

No matter how hard they tried, they could not come up with an answer.

After all, in their eyes, although Ye Xuan was outstanding, he was still nothing more than an ant!

"Could it be that you, the three noble families, are willing to become enemies with our three great sects for the sake of this little ant in front of us?"

Immediately, the face of the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor turned cold as he spoke coldly.

"That's right!"

Old Bai, Old Lei, and Old Lin answered in unison.

"Why? Why are all of you doing this for a mere ant? "

After hearing Old Bai's definite answer, the Heavenly Saber Grandmaster and the Wanxiang Grandmaster were even more puzzled.

"Because he is not only someone that we and the six stars elders of the Violent Soldier Alliance have their eyes on, he is also someone that the Sovereign King Palace values highly!"

Elder Lei's expression was indifferent as he answered calmly.

"Not only you two have your eyes on him, even the six star elders of the Violent Soldier Alliance are interested in him?"

When Old Lei's voice fell into the ears of the forefathers, it was like a sudden clap of thunder that caused their minds to go blank.

It was one thing for Saint Devil Derek, Mad Demon Lin Feng and the others to be willing to follow Ye Xuan, but there were still the three great families of Su Hai, the Rampage Alliance, and the others who looked at Ye Xuan. In the end, even the strongest faction of the western dark world, the Emperor Hall, was heavily injured by him.

What was wrong with this world?

Are they all crazy, or have they been in seclusion for too long?

"Impossible, absolutely impossible …" It's fine if you guys and those fellows from the Fury Alliance fall in love with this kid, but the Sovereign King Palace is in the western dark world, how could they possibly fall in love with this kid? This is impossible! "

Angry roars came out from the mouths of the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor and the Wanxiang Ancestor.


Hearing their haughty roars and seeing how unable they were to accept the truth, Elder Lei's eyes flashed with a cold light and he spoke coldly: "Nothing is impossible! If you really don't believe it …. Then, just prove it to them, and let them die! "

Finished speaking, Elder Lei turned around and his gaze landed on Saint Devil Derek's body.

The Demonic Saint Derek nodded his head lightly, he took a step forward, and his aura spread far and wide as he spoke in a dignified voice, "Let me introduce myself. I am not only the Demonic Saint Derek, who was once one of the nine great Demon Kings of the Asura World in the west, but also a third generation Fourteenth Blade member of the Emperor Palace of the Dark West, Code Owner Xiao! I've come to Su Hai this time to protect Ye Xuan on the orders of the third generation monarch! "

As the Holy Demon Derek's voice faded, a unique looking medallion appeared in his hand. It reflected a dazzling brilliance under the sunlight, and the word "owl" was especially eye-catching!

"How... "How could that be?"

"How could this be?"

"How could you be a member of the Forty Blades of the Sovereign King Palace?"

"The Sovereign King Palace has really set their eyes on this kid?"

After hearing the words of the Saint Devil Derek and seeing the unique Fourteenth Blade Token in his hands, whether it was the Wanxiang Ancestor, the Sky Blade Grandmaster or the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor, all of their pupils shrank to the size of pinpricks.

Obviously, they didn't think that Ye Xuan would actually obtain the protection of the Sovereign King Palace.

Even Ye Xuan, Mad Demon Lin Feng, Li Chunyang, and the others were shocked and astonished by the identity that the Saint Devil Derek had revealed.

They never thought that the Saint Devil Derek would actually hide this from them and come to the Sovereign King Palace with such an identity.

At that moment, Ye Xuan, Mad Demon, Lin Feng, and the others turned their heads in unison and directed questioning gazes at Ye Xuan.

"About that... I didn't intentionally hide my identity. I told you all that I have received the favor of the Sovereign King Palace, and that I am here on behalf of the Sovereign King Palace … "

After sensing the gazes of Ye Xuan, Mad Demon Lin Feng, and the others, the Saint Devil Derek hurriedly waved his hand and explained to them.

Saint Devil Derek's words seemed to possess some sort of magic as they echoed within the minds of the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor, the Wanxiang Ancestor, and the Heavenly Saber Grandmaster, causing them to go insane with shock. They found it hard to accept the truth of this matter.

If that was really the case, then it would be even harder for them to kill Ye Xuan than ascending to the heavens.

The situation at hand was already extremely disadvantageous to them, not to mention the fact that the Ferocious Weapon Association had not intervened yet.

Nalan Xu stared fixedly at Ye Xuan as he coldly spoke.

"Could it be that you are the illegitimate child or the illegitimate grandson of a certain Sovereign of the Sovereign King Palace?"

"Right, right, that must be it. He must be the illegitimate child or illegitimate grandson of a certain Sovereign King from the Sovereign King Palace!"

"That's right. Only in this way will the Su Hai Three Great Families, the Violent Weapon Alliance, and even the Sovereign King Palace come out to protect him!"

Hearing Nalan Xu's words, Jian Wuhen, Liu Feiying, and the Heavenly Saber Grandmaster hurriedly nodded their heads in agreement.

Only this kind of explanation would allow them to think about why these fellows would help Ye Xuan. Even Mad Demon Lin Feng and the others would follow him …

In that moment, the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor and the others had been driven mad by the situation that was unfolding before them.

All this was just an excuse for themselves to find comfort.

"That's not it, he is him. He has no connections with the Sovereign King Palace, and he is not the illegitimate child or illegitimate grandson of a certain sovereign of the Sovereign King Palace!"

"He's just Ye Xuan, that's all!"

However, Elder Lei shook his head and spoke indifferently.

As for Ye Xuan, he was coldly staring at the Sword Ancestor, the Heavenly Saber Ancestor, and the others who seemed to have lost control of themselves. He didn't say a word.

However, the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor and the others had experienced great waves before. After losing their composure for a short period of time, they forced themselves to calm down.

Sword Ancestor Wu-Shuang's eyes flickered with wisdom and wisdom. His aged face was filled with smiles as he respectfully cupped his fists towards Ye Xuan in front of everyone's gazes, and incomparably apologetic words came out of his mouth.

"Young master Xuan, this old man has been in closed-door training for many years, and did not know about worldly matters. I have eyes but did not recognize Mount Tai, and charged at you. I hope that you, my lord, can be magnanimous and not lower yourself to this old man!"

This old fellow was truly capable of yielding. Even if nearly half of his Unparalleled Sword Sect's elite disciples were killed by Ye Xuan, he wouldn't care about it anymore. Instead, he lowered his head and apologized to Ye Xuan.

It had to be said that the old thing's submission was deep to the extreme.

Even Ye Xuan, Elder Lei, Mad Demon Lin Feng, and the others were shocked by the actions of the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor.

They originally thought that this old thing would fight to the death with them in the end, but they didn't think that this old thing would give up all face and dignity. He bent down to apologize to Ye Xuan, lowering his head to plead for peace.

Even the Heavenly Saber Grandmaster, the Wanxiang Grandmaster, as well as Nalan Xu and Dao Master Jianwu were all astonished by the actions of the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor.

However, these fellows were intelligent people after all. They quickly understood what the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor was trying to do and quickly regained their senses. They similarly bent their bodies and respectfully cupped their fists towards Ye Xuan as they spoke apologetically.

"Young Master Xuan, old man Wushuang is right. We old men have been in closed-door training for many years and we have intentionally offended you. I hope that you will forgive us and not bother with us!"

"Young Master Xuan, this is actually a match with no errors, I … We really did not wish to become your enemy. This is the high level martial art, the Myriad God Fist Art, of our Myriad Gods Sect. I hope you can accept it, Young Master Xuan! "

"Young master Xuan, you have a broad heart. Please spare us this time. This is my Heaven Shadow Saber Technique. I hope it will be of some help to young master Xuan's martial path."

As they spoke, these old things even took out cultivation methods from their storage rings and handed them over to Ye Xuan as an apology.

These fellows were extremely sensible and did not mention a single word about their sect disciples' deaths!

They only had one thought in their minds. If they kept the green mountains, they wouldn't have to worry about not being burned alive!

As long as they managed to avoid a crisis today, their debts with Ye Xuan's group would be slowly settled. They might even be able to repay the debt tenfold, or even a hundredfold, or even a thousand times over.

"This …"

Looking at the attitude of the Wanxiang Patriarchs, the experts of the Wanxiang Divine Sect and the experts of the Heavenly Shadow Blade Sect all stared with widened eyes and mouths. Their faces were filled with shock and they were unable to say anything for a long time …

They had never imagined that their sect's ancestor, who they thought to be a high and mighty figure, would actually show such a lowly attitude.

Was this Heavenly Saber Grandmaster before them, the Wanxiang Grandmaster, still the Grandmaster they knew in their hearts?

Hearing the words of the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor and the Wanxiang Ancestor, as well as seeing them admit their wrongs in such a low manner, there wasn't the slightest bit of emotion or joy on Ye Xuan's face. There was only an endless coldness.

If it was anyone else who saw the Wanxiang Ancestor, they might have been satisfied with his attitude and appearance. Thus, they would have let them go, but Ye Xuan wouldn't.

Two lifetimes ago, he was well aware of the cunning and cunning of these old things. He knew that their current compromise was only because of the circumstances.

As long as he let them go this time, these guys would not hesitate to turn on him and take revenge.

At once, Ye Xuan sneered. "I originally thought that you old guys would want to fight to the death with us, but I didn't think that you'd lose the last of your courage to beg for mercy. How laughable!"

When Ye Xuan's words entered the ears of the Wanxiang Ancestor and the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor, their hearts burned with fury. Killing intent surged wildly in their hearts, but their faces were still filled with smiles as they maintained a posture of admitting their mistakes …

Seeing that the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor and the others didn't say anything, Ye Xuan's eyes flashed and he continued to speak, "It seems like your apology came from the bottom of your hearts. However, since you've already admitted your wrongs, what should we do about the dead sect disciples? Don't forget, they were all killed by me! "

"They had eyes but could not recognize Mount Tai. They deserved to die in the hands of Young Master Xuan!"

"They deserve to die, I hope young master Xuan does not blame us for their deaths!"

"They are all scum of our sect. It is all thanks to Young Master Xuan that they were exterminated!"

The Wanxiang Patriarchs, the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor, and the Heavenly Saber Grandmaster all spoke out in unison.

"Royal Elder, Zhong Kui died in his hands …"

Nalan Xu's expression was ice-cold when he heard their words. His fist was being clenched until it emitted a 'ka ka' sound. He could not resist crying out in a stern voice.

"Shut up!" "He deserves to die a well-deserved death!"

However, before Nalan Xu could finish his words, the Sky Blade Grandmaster slapped his face.

Then, he hurriedly apologized to Ye Xuan, "Young Master Xuan, A'chen doesn't understand. Your excellency, please don't lower yourself to the same level as her …"

Ye Xuan took in all of these people's performances. He looked down from above at the Heavenly Saber Ancestor, the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor, and the others, without the slightest bit of emotion on his face. He indifferently said, "Very good!"

Hearing the name Ye Xuan, the expressions of Old Bai, Old Lei, and the others changed. Old Bai, Old Lei, and the others changed slightly when they heard the name Ye Xuan.

"The manner in which you all admit your wrongs is indeed very good, and your acting skills are also first-rate! However... Do you really think that I'm as easy to fool as a three year old child, and that you guys sincerely admit your mistakes? "

"All of you are just being forced by the circumstances to compromise! If I really let you go this time, you will probably plot how to take revenge after this, right? "

Hearing Ye Xuan's words, the complexions of Heavenly Saber Ancestor and the Unparalleled Sword Ancestor couldn't help but change, because Ye Xuan's words stabbed right into their hearts.

Ye Xuan ignored the changed expressions of the Heavenly Saber Ancestor and the others as he continued to speak.

"So, no matter what happens today, you must die! I will only be at ease if you all die! "